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1  Economy / Economics / Can Elections lead to major changes in Crypto Currency ? on: February 08, 2019, 06:35:02 AM
With the fact that elections are on the way in most of the countries like India, do you guys really think that it can affect the crypto currency and its market?

I am referring this in terms of political campaigns where huge money is flooded on the campaigns to attract Votes and give them reason to vote really.

For example, inhere, politicians may start building new projects for roads, highways, infrastructure, parks which will ease the life of people and thus will create a sense of working in their hearts. This is more or less bribing in white way but yeah whatever.

In this case, would they be accepting crypto currencies or giving legal status to use the crypto so that it can attract crypto people to the political parties and earn some votes for it ?
2  Economy / Economics / What exactly needed from Crypto Currencies to Drive Positive Economics! on: October 23, 2018, 10:24:20 AM
Its been a while since crypto currencies are now existed but all we know that there has been completely misuse or what can we say, misleading approach towards the crypto.


1) Bitcoin started at the first and made its way from testing phase to reality with the help of blockchain. The coded coin got little attention at the first.
2) Bitcoin wasn't even recognised in the news properly. It was just fun for the tech lovers and new technology enthusiast.
3) People who were engaged in it ( believe tiny fraction of population whose engaged today) has some interest because they believed in it.

One of the stories that I found from the 2009 article stated that, 
Analysis of energy usage indicates that the market value of Bitcoins is already above the value of the energy needed to generate them, indicating healthy demand. The community is hopeful the currency will remain outside the reach of any government."
where people used to think its profitable currency to mine. And that was but obvious back then. Energy was not much needed as all you had to do was to engage your desktop with the network.

4) However, this went well only for the next two to three years until the 2012 by the time more people got engaged and thought about it as more or less trading asset, store value, something that can give money for the HODL process and much.

5) Seeds of such thoughts got sown by many and thus it was the very first time when crypto took completely alternate future for themselves.

6) With ETH platform up rise and generation of smart contract tech more and more coins started to exist and thus it became very usual thing to invest in them and drive all of the national money into blockchain.

7) This is the first time when Government, Financial Institutes, Stock-Forex Exchanges and Central Banks got trapped into circles of blockchain and crypto created such ways.

Cool None of them even interfered with the blockchain until they started to burn their own businesses due to crypto investments which was made by the people. The public ledger was now subject of interest for such institutes around the globe.

9) Not so far until 2016-2017 huge scams started to happen around the crypto sphere and thus most of them started to see worst side of the crypto use. Money laundering, drugs supply, black market emerged with great power and thus shook the real world market.

10) Now this is something which created devil thoughts in Governments Agenda where they are responsible for banning or abolishing the crypto.

11) Crypto currencies are now no longer entertained with the same energy as they used to be back ago.

Thus, it led bitcoin and others to kill the market and drive economics to worst situation rather than taking to positive one.

Conclusion :

- There needs an anticorruption out throw so that crypto currencies can only be used for the products and services that are legal one. This will help circulate the real world money within the nation under taxed portals and thus will keep healthy circulation all the time.
- It wont digest the taxes, it wont stop the national development.
- Government will help crypto currencies to go public for the sake of using new technology and more open sourced information.
- To recover the money entered into the crypto sphere, there needs a system which can bridge the gap between crypto and real world banking itself which is approved by the government themselves.
3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Are altcoins are bridging the Gap between Real world and Crypto World ? on: October 05, 2018, 09:25:25 AM
Who thinks that the title is at least 90% true here? I mean have you ever seen the Whitepapers and Idea behind the projects that altcoins put to the life? All of them are trying to make the projects which are actually based on the real world stuff.

For example, Debit card that works on the blockchain, Renting through blockchain, Making real estate deals why blockchain and much more projects like these which are trying to connect their crypto coins with the real world payment solutions. I mean if you are going to use the blockchain for the real world application then they do make their coins as payment sources and thus theoretically its like bridging the crypto currencies with the real world!

Do you think this is what happening, either intentionally or unknowingly?
4  Economy / Economics / Crypto currency may not disrupt the Trillion Dollar Global Market on: August 21, 2018, 05:30:36 AM
As we know for sure that global market is counted in multi trillion dollar industry and this keeps getting higher in value day by day and year by year, I doubt that crypto currency may at a time will disrupt this industry,

The doubt is but obvious because crypto currency as a whole including BTC + ALTCOINS together is not even amounting to the trillions or so and thus it is just little toy in a big toy shop. It may not even impact it because it is global stuff, and traded all over the world at the same time and hence also gets too much diluted over the time.

This is why crypto may not have any impact over the global Economy whatsoever.

Any thought reading this?
5  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Altcoins and Their Rugged yet Graceful Journey | Short Story! on: August 13, 2018, 10:27:08 AM
Altcoin, in most generalised way people know this coin as a coin which is created after the bitcoin or other than bitcoin. Now there are versatile definitions for this type but in the end it turns out to be anything other than bitcoin as we see it today. Altcoins really amazes me in a way they are existing today because there had been long journey of some of the first altcoins. Now a days also whenever there is an altcoin which is coded over smart contract it starts its journey from scratch to big block!

There is big conspiracy behind an altcoin existence and their journey is always rugged no matter what people say about it. Many people come with an attitude that "altcoins are shitcoins and they should not exist". Some of them start throwing the stones as soon as they are created in the market because they are the one with bad experience from the previous altcoins in which they might have invested earlier. Besides this, there is still a group of people who are very much pleased to have an altcoin because they think bitcoin is too costly and they see bitcoin's initial stages in an altcoins and thus might get to see pumps like those of bitcoin, and thus it becomes blessings for them rather than any sort of shitcoins.

This all exist and is group of different people with different opinions. Most of them are worst and few of them are cool with an altcoin investment.

How an Altcoin Starts its journey?

Most probably it is coded over smart contract over a selected blockchain. Then its tokenomics is decided where its price, circulating supply, sale pre-allocation, ICO-allocation and stuff related to its purchase and sell is pre-decided. Then comes the symbolisation of the same. Here many ICO's put forth competition over the forum for creating the bets logo for altcoin. Then bunch of people jump in with their tools and weapons of designs and start raping the altcoins concepts. Literally! After election of a sign there starts a war that the coins design was selected on unfair basis where there are far better coin designs and voting was cheated. And this is where an altcoin realise its been raped badly. Lolz.

Altcoins in Bounty

This journey starts when most of the important stuff is finalised for an altcoin and its project. Here % of whole circulation of altcoin is allocated to bounty programs where small and big hunters jump in and try to grab as much altcoins as they could. This they do with a dream that they will become billionaires or millionaires by gaining more and more altcoins. So war begins with killing other bounty hunter and trying to get as many coins as one could from all the possible campaigns.

Altcoin are Cursed before Distribution

After heavy war over bounty,  stakes are allocated to everyone and then altcoins per stake are calculated.
Due to heavy shit loads of people participating in single bounty most of the time one stake equals to 1/10th or 1/20th of altcoins. Thus, it rages fire among the participant and they start ruining that altcoin with big curses, abusing its quantity and quality in all the possible way. They create headache among the managers and become too sticky around the telegram chat groups and kill the altcoins by abusing their project ideas and quality.

Altcoin are Cursed after Distribution

After one month or two altcoins starts dropping into the various wallets and then starts the fire of "When exchanger listing". lolz.
If that altcoin is not listed real soon in an exchanger then they will start abusing altcoin by saying that its fake currency and it wont work and this project is scam and much more abusive statements are made against that altcoin.

Keep on reading, altcoins journey is still harder . . .

Altcoin are Cursed after Exchanger Listing

So if finally by any chance an altcoins made it through hard way above and got listed over an exchanger then it is dumped hard by all the participant. Its value which looks like premium one at the first time get devalued and literally that altcoin becomes tradable at 1/10th of ICO price. People start abusing the managers, admins of project, team members, and that particular altcoin by appealing that it is the worst coin in the market. It is scam because it got dumped so quickly and stuff like that.

Altcoin are Graceful

After being tortured, abused, cursed and killed these are the altcoins which make it through the exchangers, starts receiving good volume some day (this could be year or after millennium  Roll Eyes ) and then new people jump in and starts calling it as legit project.

Most of them start creating new topics about that altcoin and start calling it the next bitcoin.  Cool

Thus, that Altcoin receives its respect at the end after such rugged and non realistic journey and it stays happy thereafter.


P.S. This is just a story of general altcoin for fun purpose and at the same time to understand what it means when we say An Altcoins.
6  Economy / Trading Discussion / Trading In the Bear | Checkout Whats Good & Bad | on: August 13, 2018, 07:51:28 AM
Year 2018, its been rough year until now starting from the first day. When December 2017 hike came into effect then everyone thought that next year bitcoin and most of the Top altcoins will spike themselves by doubling themselves in volume. With that thought in mind most of the people invested heavily at wrong time.

That was the initial event when 2018 started. We surged through mega dump in the period January to February by dropping ourself to 16,000 USD and then 10,000 USD all the way down to 30-40% from ATH of December.

Traders Who Invested in December :

These people suffered a lot due to this kind of drop. They already went down by 40% from initial investment and there is no way they are going to recover that investment until the time they see 16K plus prices. But according to what I read over the forum most of the people with hard truth sold their coins already in the bear and incurred with huge losses ranging from 20-40%.

Learning : This event taught us that whenever the market goes many folds high then its the worst time to invest. Do not think that if the market has hiked itself heavily means it has become stronger and it will grow even further. No, that is the worst outcome you can predict from that. So whenever the crypto currency is in bull run ( ~ 20% + high from initial value) then its not the time to enter the market but to halt your trading operations.

Traders Who Invested in February to May :

These were the traders who had the excited state after the ATH's. They made investment whenever the price dropped below 10K USD during this period. We had 4-6 such occurrences when the BTC price moved from 10K to 8K USD and it was the exact time when you will see heavy rush in the market and more 24 hours volume than any other period. However this was too soon to predict that the BTC might go boom at anytime after tomorrow, then after day after tomorrow but nothing like that happened and BTC dropped even further to lowest of 2018 that is 6K USD by April midway. People took further shot of investing at this period and then this pumped the market to 8K USD by the end of May. They had great time with this peak because most of them got the profits as they invested during the trough and sold at crest. Perfect trade! But not the best one.  

Learning: Investment should not be done in excitement because it may result in some sort of loss which could be unprecedented. In this group not all the people got benefited because many of the bought the coins at 10K USD which was still the highest point until the May. However there were people who bought the bitcoin by looking at the bottom price of BTC which was around 6K USD. Nonetheless they made great profits after BTC started its wave off the trough reaching 8 to 10K USD. So the second group here analysed the situation by somewhat studying the bottom price and made the profits.

Traders Who Invested in May to August :

These are the group of investors who have already understood that this year is not so good for bitcoin and it is all surrounded with the Bearish Trend of bitcoin and even other coins indeed. This taught good lesson and people have now created strategy of buying bitcoin by investing only when they see the bottom rates. Sometimes it is hard to see the bottom rate but with the current years movement it is finalised that bitcoin will never go down to 5.5-6K USD looking at the current trade volume of bitcoin. This group will benefit the most in this year because they are probably holding their coins, they know very well 8, 10K USD is nothing but illusion and what they need to do is, to wait and see BTC moving above 10K USD to have proper sell of from the bear trend.

Leanring : The best thing to do is, research your "trade trend". After looking at 8 months of data one can surely state that we are not going off the bearish trend so easily and thus it might get difficult to get profits in such time. So the best way to keep buying at the troughs and whenever you see the bottom price. DONT rush the bitcoin selling whenever you see little green spikes, that would be mad decision to take because you are still selling in the Bear trend and not profiting with great % share.

Bear Fear

For those who are not capable of having control over their investment can do one easy stuff : They can go for the short term trading along with the swing mode.  Though we are in the bear mode then also crypto currencies keep fluctuating within that bear wave by 5-10% on a day or two basis. It can be done with careful selection of coins with such volatility and still have profits being in the bear. With the time you may think that Bear is nothing and just nausea which can be overcome very easily.

My Conclusion from 2018 "Trade Trend"

I was very much disappointed when I first saw the dumpsters in crypto currencies as my investment in versatile coins was going down very crazy. But over the period I did notice these troughs and crest and cant tell you how important they are while investing into the crypto. Whenever I see wide open graph of BTC or any currency then we can clearly see that from January to August every coin has made a wavy pattern with long troughs and crest and then you realise that you could have bought at lowest rates and that too many times and could have sold at high rates many more times. This way profiting yourself multiple times and by re-inevstign your profits.

Key Notes :

1) There is still great possibility that this trend will continue.
2) There is NO POINT in asking when moon will come, because you can still gain profits whether its bear or bull.
3) Bearish trend is just your fear, it doesnt matter for how long it will stay.
4) Try to look at the smaller picture rather than bigger one, because no one knows the future trends.
5) You don't really need TA and other analysts to let you know whats coming, because you can predict whats the trough and when is the crest to buy and sell.
7  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / With Red, REMME drops further - Perfect Buy Opportunity on: June 14, 2018, 05:13:11 AM
I am not sure how many people has got introduced to the REMME project by now but I am striving to get into this project all the time. With the current valuation the prices have dropped even further and thus gotten me all new opportunity to buy more and more REM coin.

REMME is already project with status quo and is hyping amongst the big investors. Thus, its success is already set by that means and for the new investors like us it is more than gold mine!

Who is watching REMME like me?
8  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Selecting Bounties - A pocket guide! on: May 30, 2018, 12:01:13 PM
Bounties :  A free way to get your preferred projects' tokens or stakes at the expense of your time, efforts, social out reach, skills and quality of your work.

Bounties are mostly performed as part of marketing strategy where more than thousand participant can join the program and publish the ICO's that is being developed newly. They afford such high participation as they pay you Stakes/Tokens allocated as part of the marketing funds.

Basically when the ICO raise funds then depending upon that they will allocate the price to each token and depending upon that they give X% to the bounty share. Thus they loose nothing from their pockets as such as they just take it from the investors and give it to the bounty participants.

A Good Bounty :

Bounties those allocate only 1% or less than 5% of total share of the created tokens or raised funds has got big chance of getting successful and hence its better to look for such bounties only. These bounties become successful because less % is spent on the bounty participant and more % of funds will be available for the project development, further marketing phases and open beta, alpha launch etc. These need heavy investment and thus having more % available as result of less % allocation to bounties is success mantra for them.

A Best Bounty :

Bounties those spend less than 5% on the bounty itself however focus more on the campaigns based on the BTC payout are successful one because they pay the money directly to the participants. They dont allocate their tokens in mass amount and thus get less chances of dumping when they get listed over the exchangers.

A Bounty with Moderate Chance :

BBB is new success mantra for the bounties these days. The BBB stands for the Bounty Buy Back programs. This is published at the start of the bounties that bounty participants will have the chance to return the tokens at the ICO prices through the BBB program. Thus at any cost bounty participants will be able to sell their tokens immediately to the ICO company and ICO company themselves will put the money into this program. Thus it raises the funds heavily and there is no as such dump that occurs in such bounties. They get good success rate in the later times.

A Bounty to Stay Away from !

Bounties who are managed by the team member and who cant afford to pay a bounty manager could be suspicious one. I mean if they decide to manage the bounties by all themselves and start with brand new account here then it becomes really untrustworthy or ambiguous to focus on such bounties. They could turn out to be scammers at any time.

A Bounty to Avoid !!

Bounties with poor communication, no regular updates and basically dead social network can be first sign of fishy ICO's. If ICO has to be successful then first thing it needs is the investors base. If you see almost no regular followers of them, dead ANN section, threads with less than 100 replies can be dangerous bounty to invest in.

______________________X_______________________X______________________X_________ ____________X______________________X______________X

Conclusion :

Dont be just foolish enough to join each and every bounty that you see in the forum. You always should think twice when you press that reply button and start applying to the bounty programs.

Being responsible while studying the bounties can be good for you and to the forum members also. Speak out when you sense some thing suspicious about a bounty program, start posting if you see something good about a bounty!

Both can make you aware of proper bounty planning and participation.

9  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / REMME : All the things you need to know about it! on: May 30, 2018, 10:14:52 AM
REMME or REM coin is recently formed ICO with successful fund raising over 14 million dollars. They have successfully executed the project and have customers on board. For example, exchanger is using this service since very long.

Remme is one click option for you to get logged into your exchangers, services or any digital product that you have online. REMME secured your device or identifies it with a SSL certificate and 2FA passkey. This makes it extremely secure one and thus only you can access the digital world on your devices.

As the SSL certificate is created within the blockchain then it becomes almost impossible to hack if anyone tried to do so. This is safer than any security system available out there and thus you can rely on it for all your security needs.

Jon the REMME at

As investors I would say it is worth investing into.  Smiley
10  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Undervalued Coins with Best Investment Returns! on: May 25, 2018, 08:07:34 AM
Recently I have started the hunting of cheap coins in the market but with best project portfolio only. The list I have mentioned in the portfolio is something that you should be watching out for.

REMME is really getting into my nerves these days and im putting more and more efforts to get as much coins as I could from my side. They have working model and there service is completely live in the market. This makes them far trusted and ever growing project. My recommendation would be to join this project asap. The recovery of the coin is very fast and as an investors you need nothing but upward growth of your investment.

If you are here and want something like this then go ahead visit the remme official page here
11  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Remme - Revolutionary Security Based on Blockchain on: May 19, 2018, 06:27:10 AM
As they say we have entered into the world of Hacks and Unsecure protocol. But most recently I have found project named REMME who excels in providing the security to big companies and all the people under there in !

There tag line follows as quoted below :

No more passwords  —  no more break-ins. REMME implements unbreakable, foolproof user authentication to protect your users, employees, and company’s data from cyber attacks.

Its not just about that, but they have really created unique protocols based on blockchain which creates unique interface locking everything in one place.

This is why "Whether you are a start-up or a large company, REMME has what it takes to prevent breaches and keep your data safe."

So say hello to REMME and say no to weak passwords which can be stolen, forgotten or even breached with human error!

More about the REMME here :

REM Tokens are listed on the exchanger with value of @ 0.0145 $ and worth investing this year!
12  Economy / Economics / Holding | Trading | Gambling - All things you need to know! on: April 25, 2018, 01:26:03 PM
Funniest Way to Understand

Recently I have started reading a lot of posts asking for the help whether they should be Holding | Trading | Gambling of their money that they put into the crypto currencies. I think people are just making it way difficult than what it looks like in the first place and they shovel really keep reading through this article if they wanna stop creating the confusing mega threads.

For better visualisation I am comparing the three so that you can differentiate and choose the best fit for you!


Imagine yourself surfing a boat on which you are the last person blending through the wild ocean waves and storms! You know very well that you are going to hit the beach or island soon where you will get everything that you need to survive your rest of the life! In such situation on the boat you carry a gun with one bullet in it. You can either kill yourself or just hold the bullet until you hit the island and enjoy the pleasures of life!


Now, imagine yourself in the same boat but this time you have got lots of bullets in your gun ( many chances to kill yourself) but there is miraculous power you have got which gives you chance to live another life. The storms are stronger, far more wavy and too much resistance. However, you have got huge islands along the way but you have only few of the islands where you can actually live the pleasuring life. Now, its like having multiple lives, multiple deaths and multiple stops to live your happy life!


Here we are, with another boat with the worst scenario than previous one. Here you are having one bullet to kill yourself and unfortunately there is no island along the way and no land anywhere on the earth! Storms will get worst and worst as you go ahead and what you have to save your life is to hit the storm free zone that too with your luck or a land out of your imagination that too with your luck and nothing else.

Now here is the game, each time you start Holding | Trading | Gambling then imagine that you are putting yourself in the above situation. That will give you exact estimate of what you can earn, how you can earn, how many chances you have, how much life you have got, how easy the stuff is and how lucky you are! Its just everything that you need to know to work with one and find the best one for yourself.
13  Economy / Economics / Choosing the one | What I think! - Real Job or Full Time Crypto! on: January 26, 2018, 02:24:25 PM
I have read many threads talking over this subject and came to know that many people are very confused about their real job and the crypto world. So out of the panic they have started creating many threads like this. I thought to write some suggestions and kind of roadmap so that people can actually choose what is right and wrong for them. Hope this will help.

If this questions concerns a lot to you then you should know the difference between two.

                                                        _____Real Job______.           
|.    _____Crypto Job_____

                                                            1. Secured fro lifetime.                       
| 1. Unsecured for lifetime
                                                            2. Gives you fixed Income.                 
| 2. Income is not fixed
                                                            3. Promotion Opporutnities.               
| 3. Not Applicable
                                                            4. Yearly Hikes in the Salary.               
| 4. Not Applicable
                                                            5. Recognition in the Colleagues.       
|5. Not Applicable

These are the most vital points in both of them or at least this is what concern a lot to us while following both of them.

However I believe that what matters is the output which is "Money" And when you have enough money then that = Stability in your life.

This can be achieved in easiest way when you have all the point that are covered under the list of "Real Job". I mean if Im coming home everyday with hard work and for which I will get the sure shot salary at the month end then I would be happy for that and will loose most of the tension over that fact.

Lets consider the same case with the crypto currencies and earning through that.

What options do we have under the Crypto venture?
1. Signature Campaigns
2. Social Media Campaigns
3. Bounty Programs (Same thing with token payout)
4. Media Publications
5. Trading
6. Gambling
7. Lending
8. Hardware Mining
9. Coding (Hardest One to get in)
10.Becoming Managers (Very Stable but tougher to reach that level).

Woof! Thats lot of ways with which I could actually earn from the crypto currency. So I might just think that I will leave my job and will focus on all of them.

But what, lets think about it for a moment! Are they really reliable sources with which we could really go for rest of the life? Im pretty sure most of you will say may be, or some of you who are already very old in this field might just say yes. But, I believe its not that easy to work with all if them altogether and you have no assurance that you will get into campaigns all the time and you may not earn the fixed income form these options creating the instability in your house.

Most of the options above need initial investment and some of them are not even fool proof.

We have to agree that becoming manager here is not everyones play so we should consider that option equal to null.

However, real job salary covers all the points in it and we could easily survive! Thats the whole point.

The End Results?

I wish I could have easily said that we can live happy life just on the crypto currency. Unfortunately, I believe that real job is better than the virtual games. I would really suggest that we should look after the family planning, house stability in all possible ways. There is no way we can have that much stability with just crypto world.

You can make it part of your life, but you can push your life depending on it. Not at all!

Suggestions are all welcome!
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