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1  Economy / Digital goods / Targeted Email Marketing List! on: February 08, 2016, 05:59:52 AM
I have a list of 50 Thousand Emails. All individuals whom have searched, Bitcoin, Computer hacking, targeted individuals, Paypal, Credit card.

ect.... I"m looking to sell this list, 50 Thousand Email addresses no joke.

I can provide you with a free sample of 10 or 20 email addresses.

I can also get lists with different topics.

Looking to sell for 0.25BTC

Or best offer.

2  Economy / Securities / Personal Credit Info on: January 20, 2016, 02:07:06 AM
I have the private credit information on hundreds of individuals.

What you are buying is the legal rights to collect on this delinquent debt.

Basically these are individuals whom lived in a college dormitory, and was unable to pay the rent and now owe the college thousands of dollars. I regularly buy this kind of charged off debt and collect on it.

These files are worth approximately 1500-3000USD face value. I have several hundred of these files.

The files can be bundled together and for credit and collateral purposes. I have the full information on all files.

They contain sensitive information such as birthdays, social security numbers, credit scores, home addresses, mothers maiden name, place where they went to college, what they studied, how much they were charged for living in the college dormitories. ect...

Some files contain information pertaining to criminal records past judgements and bankruptcies. ect...

Once purchased, the files are the sole property of the owner, and you can do as you wish with these.

You can call and collect the amounts in the files or you can get an attorney and sue to collect.

These files also contain the residential lease agreement between the debtor and the college, which is the main legal document that allows you to call, collect and sue these debtors if you should so choose to.

By purchasing this debt portfolio, you are specifying that you will follow all "Federal Fair Debt collection practices act"
And that you are an duly authorized debt collector in your home state, and that you will follow all state laws regarding debt collection.

I am asking 0.5 BTC for this file.

BTC address 1N5ND9dVb1JZnr8Utoxy747LrEtyJhjhys

LTC address LLemaXQQK8jRVGCxnGaEhwTqTkjwaqNPcq

The attached images are sample images. The actual file is 20 pages of information.

3  Economy / Goods / Winchester Ranger Law Enforcement Ammunition on: January 19, 2016, 01:04:05 AM
Brand new In box Winchester Ranger P+9MM Law enforcement only.


I only have a few boxes of these.

These are premium 9mm P+ Full metal Jacket Ammo.

Only use in modern 9MM guns rated for P+
Pressures exceed industry standards.

Asking 0.45 BTC for a box of 50 Rounds.

0.05BTC shipping for Hazmat fees

By ordering ammo you are stating that you are at least of 21 Years of age.

Will ship to your front door. Anywhere USA.

4  Economy / Goods / Remington Rifled Shotgun Slugs on: January 19, 2016, 12:32:44 AM
Great deals on a box of 5 Shotgun Slugs. These are high brass loads.

2.75 Inch works in any standard 12 gauge shotgun.

These are rifled slugs, the rifling helps stabilize the slug during its flight path to target.

These slugs are solid lead.

Can ship to your doorstep.

You are responsible for obeying the laws of your jurisdiction.

Can ship continental USA.

By purchasing this ammo you are specifying that you at at least 18 years of age and Not prohibited from obtaining firearms ammunition.

0.15 BTC for a box of 5 slugs.

0.05 BTC for shipping

Deposit address as follows.

5  Economy / Goods / 9MM P+ Remington Golden Saber. on: January 19, 2016, 12:26:17 AM
I have several bags of Remington Golden Saber P+ Hollowpoint ammunition.

These are factory loaded to excessive pressures. These are some of the most LETHAL Hollowpoint ammunition available.

I am selling these in 20 Round batches. They will come in loose packaging.

Only fire in 9MM handguns capable of handling the excessive power of P+ Loads.

Will ship to your doorstep across 50 States.

Must ship UPS ground hazmat fees apply.

Asking 0.25 BTC per batch of 20 rounds.

0.05 BTC shipping and hazmat fees.

Just pay the BTC provide an address, and I will provide UPS tracking in 48 Hours. No questions asked.

You are responsible for following all applicable laws in your area. Must be 21+ to order handgun ammunition.

6  Economy / Goods / 12 Guage Ammunition Brand NEW on: January 19, 2016, 12:19:20 AM
Hello, Now Shipping 12 Gauge Centurion shotgun Slugs.

Box of 10 Slugs. 1400 Feet per second. Standard 2.75(70MM in length)

USA shipping only No international orders.

Charging 0.30BTC per box.

0.05BTC Shipping and hazmat charge.

NO FFL required.

Can ship to your doorstep.

You are responsible for obeying the laws of your jurisdiction.

By purchasing this ammo you are specifying that you at at least 18 years of age and Not prohibited from obtaining firearms ammunition.

7  Economy / Lending / Looking for a 5.0 BTC loan on: January 18, 2016, 10:23:35 PM
Hello, I'm looking for a 5 BTC loan, a few developer friends of mine are working on a proprietary trading software which monitor's global events. We are using this aggregate data to predict selloffs in today's FIAT currency market. Anytime there is a panic or run in the national markets, there is a bull run for BTC. Currently we are using the software to monitor and short the global oil prices of $28 per barrel. We are in the beta testing stages for this software system, and have not placed actual trades in the oil markets, simply to see if our software is successful.

In addition to attempting in predicting large market changes, we are also attempting in modifying existing trading bots to include human behavior, such as sleep. Looking at global bitcoin markets based on time zones, we can predict when human traders are sleeping in their respective local time zones. This accounts for a significant drop in market buy and sell orders. Such large drops in orders account for lower prices on certain bit-coin and lite coin exchanges. Using the predictable yet unbelievable simple factor of human sleep, we are able to commit market arbitrage across the globe in a highly predictable manner. I will not be naming the exchanges on which we perform such activities with our automated trading software.

I can only say this project is in the development phase, and we are adding more developers to the team.

I have ready the forum rules completely and I understand that I am a new member to this forum. Therefore I have decided to do this fundraising round in steps. I'm looking for a first loan of 5BTC, to further leverage our trading arbitrage, to pay certain developers, and to further our project. There will be additional rounds to invest in.

I can offer collateral or repayment in a few ways.

I can offer a repayment of 1 BTC per month for the next 6 months. For a total repayment of 6BTC. 1 BTC profit. Again this is only the first round of fundraising. If this proves to be successful, I can offer higher returns.

Please deposit all loans to this address.


I can offer collateral in the form of precious metals for anyone whom invests more than 1 BTC.

Precious metals are in the form of one 10 Gram Credit Suisse 0.999 Find gold bar.  Currently worth aprox the same amount as 1 BTC. $379 USD as of the time of writing this.
I only have 2 of these gold bars. To anyone else whom invests in this project or invests less than 1 BTC. I have various other gold and silver items. I started trading from being a precious metal dealer.

This loan should help get my trading project off the ground thanks for the help.

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