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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Ethereum Classic Light Wallet on: July 25, 2016, 04:22:00 AM
Ethereum Classic Light Wallet? 

I mine ETH at with a browser wallet
I want to mine ETC at but have no Ether Classic Wallet.

I don't wan to mine to an exchange address because they charge for making each deposits and mining means small and frequent deposits.

I was going to post in the Altcoin Mining section but i wanted to open the question of wallets up to all ethereum users, Classic and Bailouts
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Eth difficulty down by 10% but Hashrate only down by only 3%.... Why? on: June 18, 2016, 09:00:55 AM
How can this be?  The chart shows Eth difficulty down by 10% but the Hashrate is only down by only 3%
3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / What Coin to Mine now ethereum has gone? on: June 18, 2016, 08:14:52 AM
Ok so i am one of the lucky ones.  I moved all my eth to btc last weekend so i have not been caught up in this crash....  As a miner, I had been active on  but got spooked and pulled the plug.   The whole forum was in a state of "group think" (those psychology classes at college sure paid off for me).
Well i did end up with 119 finney (0.119 eth) exposure but i'm gona call that a loss.  My gut told me it was a ponzi at the get-go but that's cool, i love a good ponzi!  Good pickings for those that quit early.  Not so good for those that reinvest their winnings. If you are going to have winners, you're gonna need losers, lots of them, that's life!  Well someone has to stump up the capital for the winners.  Anyway, ethereum mining will soon be history.

I am now looking for a new coin to GPU mine.  Monero is up on the traiding platforms, but acording to
Feathercoin looks the best to mine right now. With ethereum in 2nd place.

What to mine next?  ideas?

4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / Proliant DL830 G5 server running Ethereum in my kitchen (what am I gona do!) on: April 03, 2016, 05:48:40 AM
Please Help.

I have a HP Proliant DL830 G5 server in my kitchen with Windows 7 Pro 64bit running on it.  Yes I know it is designed for OS "Windows Server 2008" but all drivers loaded ok other than IPMI (probably not supported by Windows 7 ) and I consider that a security risk anyhow.
It has....

8  RAM
Two Quad-Core Intel (R) Xeon (TM) Prossesors (2.5 Ghz/1333 MHz, 2x4MB L2)
Embedded Graphics  card ATI ES1000, 32MB video standard
Three, HP AMD Radion HD 8350 1GB Graphics GPU cards fitted in pci-e riser
and one AMD Radeon HD 7870 Dual-X 2GB GPU in the process of being fitted externally (I have to mod the two power supplies with a pair of 6pin pci-e power feeder cables and a molex feeder cable with a voltage regulator to get 5V from the 12V for the x1 to x16 pci-e powered riser usb3 pcb). 
It has 2 x 1000w PSUs

I am monitoring the systems power consumption with a watt meter to try tell what it is up to.  The machine uses 294w at idle with monitor on.

When I run “ethminer -G”  I get... “No GPU devices with sufficient memory was found. Can't GPU mine, Remove the “-G” argument” displayed. (power consumption = 294w)

When I run “ethminer” I get lines of hashing ~185,000H/s = 132,000hashes (power consumption = 347w) so I guess this is my 8 cores of CPU as the mouse becomes sluggish and windows explorer takes­ ages to open.

When I run “ethminer –opencl -device 1”  I get lines of hashing ~53,000H/s = 28,000hashes (power consumption = 311w), I guess this is one of my  HD 8350, 1GB Graphics GPU cards hashing?Huh Not sure?Huh  Anyone know what figures I should expect?   I understand this command turns off my embedded GPU and instructs to mine on one pci-e card?  Windows explorer works without haste.

I tried to run “ethminer –opencl -device 3” but also got lines of hashing ~53,000H/s = 28,000hashes (power consumption = 311w).
I understand this command turns off my embedded GPU and instructs ethminer to mine on three GPU pci-e card?

Then I tried to run “ethminer –opencl -device 3 –mining-threads 3” and got ~123,000H/s = 71,000hashes. (power consumption = 348w).   Is this the three  HD 8350 GPUs running?  Not much for 3Gig. Windows explorer works without haste.

Q)   If it is the three GPU cards... they are less than my CPUs, No???  Can I run three GPU cards and 4 of my 8 cores as well, maybe in another instance of “ethminer”?Huh?

Q)  When I fit the  AMD Radeon HD 7870 Dual-X 2GB... will the command  “ethminer –opencl -device 4 –mining-threads 4” include the HD 7870  in the total hashing power?

Also am I right in thinking  123,000H/s = a miserable 0.123MH/s

I looked “ethminer --help” in I know I ask a lot but have gone as far as I can go on my own,

Thanks in advance, Paula.
5  Other / Meta / deleted posts are not good for freedom of speech on: March 07, 2016, 04:45:06 PM
Do not start threads about Slushpool in the mining>pool area. it will be locked or deleted.
The moderator owns pools in competiton with slush.  He has multiple threads about his pool but  multiple threads  on other pools are not alowed.  So much for  freedom of speech
6  Bitcoin / Mining speculation / Ecology & Bitcoin Mining - What is your CO2 Footprint? on: March 03, 2016, 08:24:40 PM
Ecology & Bitcoin Mining - What is your CO2 Footprint?

If you mine bitcoin are you helping to destroy OUR environment?
Is the coin you get worth the damage we cause to our planet?
Do we cause less damage than the Despotic Kleptocratic Banksters?
Will we be be closed down by pressure from organisations like Friends of the Earth?
Is it time to unionise?

Thoughts appreciated.
7  Bitcoin / Mining / How to Increase Bitcoin Mining Profitability with IBMU on: March 03, 2016, 06:22:42 PM
How to Increase Bitcoin Mining Profitability with IBMU

There are many posts about the profitability of mining and how hard it is to make coin.
Many feel helpless, so think about closing down.

I also have friends that spend and receive BTC on a daily basis.  They complain on how long transactions take to get confirmations.  Some are not computer literate.  The only reason they use BTC is because of anonymity and / or it takes power away from the corrupt banking sector.  (Remember; in Iceland the bankers that crashed the economy went to prison while in other countries they were bailed out by taxpayers) Also, now that interest rates are negative, when you deposit money with these banks they charge an annual fee.

Many of these people have started to increase the default transaction fee on their wallets.  From 0.0002BTC (1/5mBTC) to 0.0005BTC (1/2mBTC) or even 0.00075BTC (3/4mBTC).
This will get them faster confirmations but it is often the pools that benefit from this and not the miner.  Soon the blocks will half from 25BTC to 12.5BTC so we need to think about what (if anything) we can do to increase mining profitability.

I am sure pools will change their approach if there is a shift to solo mining but only those with peta-tonnes of hashpower have any real leverage. 

Unless we Unite..?
If both small and large miners unite and form an International Bitcoin Miners Union (IBMU) we may have a voice.
Yes I understand that so much of the hashpower now comes from China, but now China is hurting too and,... we may get their support yet.

“Miners of the world unite, you have nothing to loose but your (block)chains”

I am interested in the views of miners and pool operators.
I am interested in proposals for industrial action.
If you speak a language other than English, Please translate this post and use it to start a thread in the “local” area of this forum. You may also give feedback here of what the non English speaking feeling is on this issue.

Remember not to go off topic. Keep all posts related to:
“How to Increase Bitcoin Mining Profitability with IBMU”
If you do not mine, DO NOT POST (start your own “Friends of IBMU or FIBMU”)

Thank you and remember, Bitcoin loves you.
8  Bitcoin / Mining support / HELP NEEDED - Solo Mining Rig Problems - Earn Yourself 0.03btc Reward! on: February 23, 2016, 11:22:06 PM
Hi there, i hope someone out there can help.
I am trying to solo mine with bitcoin-qt and cgminer.  I have bitcoin-qt running on one PC and cgminer on a different PC (both PCs are on the same home network)

I can mine to pools ok so i know my mining rig is working.  It's a HP mini 210 / 2core 1.6Ghz prossesor / 2gb RAM - 32bit, with no Hard drive fitted.  The OS is on a USB stick and is Windows 7 Starter.  I am running cgminer-4.9.2-windows.  I have two bifury 4gh and one U3.  A total of about ~65gh.  (I also have a S1 and an S3 that i would like to solo with too). Anyway....

My cgminer.conf looks like this:
"pools" : [
"url" : "",
"user" : "redstar",
"pass" : "XXXXXXXXX"
"url" : "stratum+tcp://",
"user" : "XXXXXXXXXXX",
"pass" : "12345"
"url" : "stratum+tcp://",
"user" : "15z9mzGXqSY3hpprvU7Aiah3rr5Jf1j4n7",
"pass" : ""

"suggest-diff" : "42",
"failover-only" : true,
"no-submit-stale" : true,
"api-listen" : true,
"api-port" : "4028",
"api-allow" : "W:,W:",
"au3-freq" : "225.0",
"au3-volt" : "775",
"bxm-bits" : "55"

(XXXX) hiding my credentials.

Ok, so when i start cgminer.exe the conf file loads and i get a message "No stratum, GBT or solo support in pool 0 unable to use"!
failover works and it mines to (pool 1).
So... I am guessing this end is working as it should.

Now to my full node.  This is a Dell inspiron 1.8Ghz single core prossesor / 2g RAM  / Small 30gb HHD running Windows 7 Prof / bitcoin-qt (Satoshi 0.11.2)
The Bitcoin blockchain directory is on an external 120gb HHD.

The bitcoin.conf is saved to C:\users\user\Appdata\Roaming\Bitcoin and looks like this.
I start bitcoin-qt and within 15min i have 20 conections and my node ( checks out ok on so all looks good.
Port 8333 is open on my router and my firewall has TCP 8332 both incoming and outgoing ports on this PC

All i need to do is point my hashpower at it.  Where am i going wrong?Huh?
Thanks in advance

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