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1  Economy / Exchanges / Mtgox payouts choice on: January 01, 2023, 11:43:54 AM
Hi folks,

Is there anyone here that can shed some light on the Mtgox payout options?

I must say that I don't understand them...

Proportional Repayment Amount
Regarding the balance remaining after the Base Repayment Amount in 2.(1) above is deducted from the allowed rehabilitation claims amount in 1.(2) above, you can receive proportional repayment in the form of either (a) Intermediate Repayments and Final Repayment or (b) Early Lump-Sum Repayment according to your selection. Please note that if you do not select either (a) Intermediate Repayments and Final Repayment or (b) Early Lump-Sum Repayment, pursuant to the Rehabilitation Plan, it will be deemed that you selected (a).
You can toggle between displays of the repayment amounts for (a) Intermediate Repayments and Final Repayment and (b) Early Lump-Sum Repayment by clicking on the tabs below.
If you select Intermediate Repayments and Final Repayment
As an Intermediate Repayment, you will receive repayment based on an Intermediate Repayments rate of 6% at the same time as the Base Repayment, and you will receive the remaining portion of the proportional repayment as the Final Repayment after it is determined whether or not all dispute claims of all rehabilitation creditors actually exist and the amount of such claims, and after the Rehabilitation Trustee completes the conversion of all non-converted assets of the rehabilitation debtor that the Rehabilitation Trustee determines to be appropriate for conversion. (Please note that in some cases, multiple Intermediate Repayments may be made prior to the Final Repayment, but there are no such plans currently.) Please note that the intermediate repayments are the advance payment of a portion of the Final Repayment. For example, if the Final Repayment rate is 23%, because 6% will have already been paid as the intermediate repayment, in the Final Repayment, the difference between these figures, i.e. 17%, will be paid.
The timing and repayment rate for the Final Repayment will be decided depending on the time when the claims determination proceedings (assessment procedures and opposition litigation) for all disputed creditors are completed, the particulars of the disputed claims determined through the claims determination proceedings, and any changes going forward in the value of Rehabilitation Debtor’s property, and thus at the present time the timing and repayment rate for the Final Repayment are undetermined. However, on the screen that appears when you click on the “(a) Intermediate Repayments and Final Repayment” tab, you can run a simulation of changes in the Final Repayment amount that might be paid to you depending on the amount of your disputed claims that are determined. Please note that there is no guarantee of repayment of the amount appearing in the simulation, which merely displays, for reference purposes, a rough estimate of the Final Repayment amount.
If you select (b) Early Lump-Sum Repayment, you will receive repayment based on the 21% Early Lump-Sum Repayment rate at the same time as the Base Repayment, and repayments to you in principle will end with that. You will not be eligible to receive the Intermediate Repayments or Final Repayment.
The BTC Claim/BCH Claim amounts indicated below are the amounts that will be the basis for calculation of the repayment amounts to rehabilitation creditors; the amounts indicated here are not the amounts that will actually be paid to you. If you have BTC Claims/BCH Claims, after making a selection on this screen for proportional repayment, you will be taken to a screen for selecting BTC Claims/BCH Claims repayment method. See the explanation there as well for details.

The choices are:

A. Intermediate Repayments and Final Repayment
B. Early Lump-Sum Repayment

Choice B is a much larger amount. Why would anyone choose A?

2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Discussion (Altcoins) / - is it a scam site? on: December 19, 2020, 12:00:09 PM
Hi all,

I'm new to EOS, but I bought some in the past.
Now I come accross this site:

I have profited from airdrops in the past, but... is this safe? I read a lot about which was a scam, but not about this site.

It says:

Claiming tokens for xxxxx. Due to the network congestion please allow up to 1 min for the transaction to appear.

Your account is eligible to claim x.9040 EOS. Please sign the request.

I'm suspicious....

What is a legit EOS site?
3  Economy / Collectibles / How to sell a Casascius coin in The Netherlands (or Europe) on: May 29, 2019, 07:32:01 AM
From what I've seen in this section, most sellers and buyers are located in the USA.

Are there any people here interested in buying a 1 BTC Casascius coin from Europe?

(Specifically, The Netherlands, Belgium or parts of Germany, maybe France or the UK if the price is good.)

Shipping an item that valuable via postal services does not seem a great idea.
So, as some suggestions go, personally delivering the item would be the best option.
How would this go about?

Meeting at an airport restaurant and making the transfer there, using an app?
I'm just wondering how other people do this Smiley

I am not a newbie, but I haven't been very active here lately. I do not know any other (prominent) forum members personally either, but serious buyers would receive more personal information.
4  Economy / Digital goods / Bitmain coupons available on: April 04, 2018, 07:50:35 AM
Any reasonable offer:

I have 9x 200 USD, 10x 125, 2x100 USD coupons.
5  Other / Beginners & Help / Squidnet (TimothyA) - is he to be trusted? on: November 20, 2012, 12:43:35 PM
In the past year, I used as a pool for mining ltc and btc. It was suddenly down and has not come up since. I had about 5 bitcoins in it. I got no email or other notice from TimothyA. When contacting him on IRC, he told some story about how his very expensive hosting provider ($3000 for a couple of months or so) corrupted (in his words "fucked up") his database. That hosting the site would be so expensive seems unlikely and would point to a scam but well... I trust people unless there are reasons not to.

You can find the conversation here:

According to TimotyA a new site would appear ( I registered there (the site is quite broken but you can register), but I haven't gotten my bitcoins back.
Since October 5 (when I registered on, I have not heard a thing from him. It doesn't seem like TimothyA is doing a lot of effort in returning the bitcoins.

Does anyone know what the current status is? Is TimothyA to be trusted (in other words, was it bad luck and is he really trying to return the bitcoins) or is his story full of bullshit and has he run off with the money? Thanks.
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