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1  Bitcoin / Project Development / [ANN] Knights of Satoshi - Independent Online Teamwork Organization on: November 24, 2016, 02:23:40 PM
Knights of Satoshi Bitcoin Talk Overview

Bitcoin - one simple word that embodies new beginning, freedom, hope, justice, humanity, technical progres and democracy in its pure form and even more - what about equality. "We are led by very, very stupid people!" - 45th US President. Let me rephrase this a little. "We are led by very, very gready and ravenouse people!" They do not care about our families, about our children, about our fate, health, education, food, shelter etc. Governments, Banks, Monopolists, "Big Pacifist Organizations" abuse our dignity, squeeze our souls, drain our dreams and in their place build "powerful" illusions ... until 2009 when someone "kicked the hornets nest", fear the Fear itself and brought the Light in the world of eternal darkness. This new Prometheus - Satoshi Nakamoto brought the Fire of Hope to one desperate world.

Knights of Satoshi is inspired by Satoshi Nakamoto. It belongs to all bitcoin believers as cryptocurrency belongs to the world. Because Bitcoin is the reason all of us to be here and to contribute to the community.

Knights of Satoshi is a newborn Independent Online Teamwork Organization created by enthusiasts, technocrats, dreamers, investors, dedicated to crypto currencies. We know every character is important part of the perfect teamwork. Let me give you an example: John can code on JavaScript, but he is not as good with the design. Mike is an awesome designer. Well if they both work together, they can create a great product. While they develop it, they can ask the community about features and options and even to find another team member to help them. After they finished the product everyone can use this product for free and  in the same time this product has value. Yes, it is possible with the help of Knights of Satoshi free distributed token.


Name: IFIT ( International Freedom of Information Token )
Currency Class: Counterparty Asset
Token Supply: 199 854 units
Representation: Official Token of Knights of Satoshi - Independent Online Teamwork Organization
Created on: 5/23/2016
Role: Store and represent value

I F I T  E X P L O R E R

W E B  B A S E D  W A L L E T

The IFIT token is managed with the official Counterparty Wallet.

A N D R O I D  W A L L E T

We used Counterparty Platform to create 199 854 IFIT tokens. The limit is final and no more are going to be issued. These tokens are going to be distributed for free to everyone who just ask for it but on one condition:

To help The Community develop this project, we have decided as 10% of all IFITs for giving away to community members who significantly contribute to the cause. We are not going to touch it by personal desire. We are going to use them after community board voting only.

Now let’s talk about IFIT value. Yes, you can sell it on Counterparty exchange market but also you can make it more valuable because community and good products add value. So we have a value based on creativity and teamwork – sounds great isn’t it?[/center]

1. Satoshi Journal is the first user-based online media about crypto currencies with respect to different points of view you can be part of and has a piece of it in the same time. Please welcome to share your knowledge, thoughts or vision about crypto currencies supported with solid arguments. Let's strenghten the popularity of crypto currencies. and prepare a lot of people for incoming future. Satoshi is maintained entirely by the Knights of Satoshi community.

2. Cryptocurrency Applications for Webmasters

The problem we solve is that cryptocurrencies have advanced features, but mostly low level difficult to use APIs and command line tools. There are very few high level implementations that allow webmasters to integrate a cryptocurrency without coding.
We are working to build not just a plain asset but also a practical token with web services around it. These services will help webmasters integrate IFITs and cryptocurrencies into their web sites with minimal or no coding – for free.
We are in process of developing a WordPress plugin that will allow webmasters around the world to integrate IFIT and other coins into their products and monetisation strategies. The first plugin beta is available open source, peer reviewed and approved at You can actually download it at:
The next version is under development. It will allow receiving donations on your web site in multiple cryptocurrencies, receiving payments in multiple cryptocurrencies, showing cryptocurrency exchange prices that will work with hundreds of cryptocurrencies and all popular flat currencies, cryptocurrency price conversions will work out of the box and will be available to end users as a calculator.

To avoid of monopolisation based on multiple requests from one user, we are going to give tokens only to people with accounts older than 3 months  counted from 24 November 2016.

To reseive your tokens just send a request using social networks or contact us (below you will see our official social network coordinates) and you will have you 10 absolutely free IFITs (they are divaidable too. We will send it in next 24 hours). The free distribution ends on 31 December 2016 at 12:00 PM GMT. Any request after deadline will be not executed.

500 IFITs for creating a seperate explorer to store information about holders

25 IFITs for Satoshi Journal Publication Just follow these simple rules. allows you to easily edit and submit an article with our web platform. Submission is done in two easy steps as described below:
Register at the web site and you will receive a password in your email. Log in with the password.
From the menu select “Posts” \ “Add New” and write your article. Then submit it for approval by our editors.

Submission rules:

All articles must meet the following requirements:
- Must match the topic of cryptocurrencies, tokens, invetments, trading.
- At least 350 words and not longer than 3500 words.
- Unique content (no plagiarism or copy-pasted texts allowed).
- Quality content – the text must be logical and easily understandable and it must not state false claims.
- Up to 5 images and figures are allowed per article. It is the author’s judgement whether to use images or not. Maximum allowed size per is 250 Kb per image. All images must be owned by the author (no plagiarism allowed).

Every article submitted before 31.12.2016 gives 25 IFITS if approved.

25 IFITs reward for translatation work. Translate btc talk thred to:

Official Website:
Knights of Satoshi Facebook Closed Group

2  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / What or who is Satoshi? on: February 03, 2016, 12:14:40 PM
Well friends sometimes is really hard to see the simplest and  obviosuly facts. The Bitcoin is a genius creation from organization using pseudonim Satoshi. This is not a single person or a group name. This is an abreviation of the name of the project. So here it is white as snow what this mean.

System with

What does really mean for us? Look at the last two words Hidden Identification. In the world wide web this is a great power ,a great possibility, a reason bitocoin to grow step by step.Lets exclude the speculation this is just a simple waving of the price.  They are watching us - For example Google knows the name of the your pet, your blood type, your favourite pornstar. Use this wise  be a part of the new stealth paying secured system and keep buying. Every day bitcoins lower its quantity. Stay for the price and see watch will rise. I don't need to write more about this. Be prepared. Don't listen
the rummors think with your heads an someday all of you will be rewarded.

Best Regards: Emil Samsarov
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