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1  Bitcoin / Press / 2013-08-20 SovereignMan: This is the way they'll 'nationalize' gold on: August 21, 2013, 08:17:35 AM
This newsletter from Simon Black is very interesting because he is getting more and more indepth about bitcoin to his newsletter subscribers.  (I believe he has a huge following)

Nationalizing Gold
August 20, 2013
Rome, Italy

It was just last week in the Land of the Free that a Federal judge declared Bitcoin to be a currency.

And almost immediately after, the SEC announced ‘investigations’ into the digital currency.

(You remember the SEC, the guys who are tasked with protecting the public from dodgy investments… yet they routinely give their blessing to the likes of Madoff, Enron, toxic mortgage bonds, etc.)

This seems to have started a chain reaction.

Yesterday the German government took formal steps to recognize Bitcoin as form of ‘private money’, and subsequently rolled out steps to tax it.

TRUTH: These moves have nothing to do with consumer protection. Or raising tax revenue, for that matter.

What they’re really trying to do is send a clear message– if you use Bitcoin, there will be consequences.

This isn’t even really about Bitcoin. The big picture issue is that governments are scared to death of currency alternatives catching fire.

With so much debt and monetary stress in the global economy, it’s becoming increasingly clear by the day that the current fiat experiment is in serious trouble.

The only reason it still works is because (a) people continue to have confidence in the system, and (b) there really is no mainstream alternative to holding paper currency.

This last fact is paramount. If a viable currency alternative were introduced that became mainstream and popular, governments would no longer be able to perpetrate the fraudulent monetary system. The game would be up.

Consequently, they have a huge incentive to stomp out any currency alternative at the first sign of going mainstream.

Bitcoin is one such currency alternative that has started to creep into the mainstream press. As such, Western governments are now working diligently to eliminate its appeal as quickly as possible....

The article then goes on to talk about Gold more and less about Bitcoin...

Still very interesting!
2  Economy / Services / Bitcoin REWARD! ($1000 worth, that's about 71 btc at today's rate!) on: January 11, 2013, 12:45:46 AM
I just found this site!!! -- okay, not exactly Smiley   I was talking to Halden about life, the world, and everything that is awesome in it, and he mentioned that he is flipping the world of job hunting upside down, and letting employers find him (with the help of a "finder's fee")!

I convinced him to offer his reward in Bitcoin, and thus forced him to read, learn, and inquire about them.  The result:

If anyone helps him to be "discovered" by his next employer... you will get 71 BTC @ $14/btc (basically $1000 US in BTC)

I know I am not a "senior" or "hero" member here, but I have been around, and I will vouch the legitimacy of this reward.

GOOD LUCK, and I hope someone here helps make the connection!

If you have any questions, you can contact Halden directly (see his site please), or ask here, and I will try and help.  

3  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Bitcoin's are totally useless once you have a state of WAR! on: September 06, 2012, 06:38:30 PM
...continued from my previous post from heated/fun debate about Bitcoin with a friend who is well and good in the current economic system...

The point my friend is making (and quite convincingly if I do say so myself) is that the current system cannot be taken/viewed from an extremist's point of view and simply written off as "evil".  Our current system is here, and it is working.  The main fault with it, in his view, is that it can be used to create wars to eliminate unwanted and unfriendly (non)participants of the current system.  Once that takes place, you have only participating players left, making the current system... well... "The current system!" Smiley

In order for Bitcoin to succeed, it has to topple, beat, replace, compete with the current system which is really good for WARS!  And, my friend suggests, Bitcoin will not succeed because:

Bitcoin's are totally useless once you have a state of WAR!

What do you think? Where is he right/wrong?
4  Economy / Economics / Doubt about Bitcoin's growth potential on: September 04, 2012, 06:32:38 PM
Please help me understand/explain to an economist friend of mine...

He argues that Bitcoins have no chance in global success because a this system be used to create credit.

Bitcoins cannot be used to leverage. --> You cannot use Bitcoins to create credit.  ---> It can't replace existing credit already created by the current system.

For Bitcoins to be successful, it has to be able to replace the existing debt!

Please help me:

Where is he right/wrong?
5  Economy / Services / Beijing night life meets BITCOIN on: July 04, 2012, 02:03:30 AM
Not sure who to write to, or where in the forum would be appropriate, I convinced a party organizing company who would sell tickets to their next event in Bitcoin for July 14!

Does anyone know how I could best reach the Beijing/Chinese Bitcoin community to let them know about this?  I think it would be a great way to promote Bitcoin, by letting people to have a chance to buy tickets.

The event is a Mud Wrestling Contest (for girls) to promote a new bar.  They do not have the "We accept Bitcoin" logo, yet... but once they see a few sales happen (which I will help them with), they will be even more interested! Smiley

6  Bitcoin / Press / 2012-04-13 Last day to win with Samsung Name and Share on: April 13, 2012, 08:46:38 AM
I am posting this one last time, as it is the last day to possibly win something AND help bitcoin information to a whole new audience through Samsungs NX page (more than 800000 likes!) on facebook:

Boris Austin put up a series of 10 pictures explaining why the world needs Bitcoin!

(To find the photos: Like the page, enter the gallery click on Boris Austin, enter his gallery, it's on the left wall)

If you like the photos and the girl in it; 'Like', comment and spread the message! You can even enter the Name & Share contest, and win something from Samsung. Just ad a good title for this photo in the comments:

7  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / How do wallets work? -- help the newbie with a multiple backups of diff. wallets on: June 19, 2011, 10:45:03 AM
Dear Techies,

Please explain, how these wallet.dat files work.

for example:

I bought some bitcoins now 4 different times.  I also have been 'playing' and demonstrating the bitcoin client to family and friends.

So, because I read that it is important to backup your most recent wallet file, and really hide your 'big stash' which for me is about 100 BTC... I now have about 7 different backups, with different times and dates and amounts.

Some contain 0.24 BTC, some contain 100 BTC, and some have 22.34 BTC.

The confusion is that as I was backing them up into an encrypted ZIP file, I named each file where the ##.## shows the total at the time of backup.  I saved these files in 3 different places, and so now I have about 10 files with different amounts and I am not sure which goes with which because some were brand new wallets, some were backups of those I kept adding to, and playing with, and saving at different times.  Is there a way to make sure I don't spend from the wrong one and invalidate another 'backup' of the same wallet, and somehow loose bitcoins.


Am I safe to try and spend all the backups into one MAIN (new) wallet.dat file and collect everything into one?  (and those that I double spend will simply not work or something)

Please help!

8  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Mt. Gox - what order do buy/sell transactions get processed? on: June 11, 2011, 09:34:49 AM
In what order buy transactions are processed?

Like, if I have a buy order at $30, and so do you... who gets it, if there is only 1 sell at $30.


If I have a buy order at $30 for 100 BTC, and you have a buy order at $30 for 50 BTC and someone wants to sell 25 BTC at $30, who gets it?
9  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Liberty Reserve - Which exhanges are 'good' or easy to use? on: June 11, 2011, 09:04:00 AM
I am trying to not have to worry about the delay in Mt. Gox's SEPA transfer, and perhaps Liberty Reserve purchase through another exchange may be easier (Nanaimo?)

But I just can't figure out how to use Liberty Reserve Exchanges... actually, I just don't know which exchange to TRUST

Huge difficulty in sifting through all the options.

which LR exchange do you use?  How do you verify their "trustability"?

I would like to try depositing some CAD or USD or EURO

Which is best for each?  Anyone have any experience?

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