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1  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / New "Choose your wallet" page on on: July 17, 2014, 03:15:45 AM
A new reworked "Choose your wallet" page has been submitted for review on .

Live preview: (Edit, now merged)

Descriptions for the changes can be found below. Hope you all like the result, more testing, opinions and feedback is always welcome!


This new layout is addressing many issues and feedback, with a focus on the following points:

- Providing increased transparency about security and the zero trust model.
(making it a better education material and providing incentives to developers to improve their wallets over time.)

- Easing the selection process for the visitor.
(by simplifying the page and allowing users to filter wallets by platform, with access to clear information and screenshots.)

- Allowing the page to scale with the increasing diversity of wallets.
(by not isolating wallets into single categories anymore and introducting anticipated hardware wallets.)

- Encourage diversity and decentralization.
(by not recommending a single wallet anymore, and by rotating wallets daily by « zero trust levels » - full nodes followed by SPV wallets followed by hybrid & multisig wallets followed by web wallets.)


The following points are reviewed for all wallets:

- Private keys
What control the user has over his bitcoins?

- Block chain
How secure and « zero trust » is payment processing?

- Transparency
How transparent and « zero trust » is the source code?

- Environment
How secure is the environment of the wallet?

- Privacy
Does the wallet implement change addresses properly? (for now)


Web wallets controling users private keys were previously hidden behind a strong warning.

The new page is displaying the same warnings and a few others from the wallet bubble. Web wallets are sandboxed out of all categories unless they provide control over private keys to the user and a native app that signs transactions locally. Future certification standards could possibly allow web wallets to provide enough transparency to be listed outside of the sandbox in the future.


Bitcoin Core previously had a complete paragraph inviting users to adopt full nodes.

The new page instead always displays Bitcoin Core as the first wallet and the reasons why users should choose Bitcoin Core are better outlined by its good zero trust score. Bitcoin Core is also contextually linked from other wallets' disclaimers.


This layout has been tested on recent and older versions of CH, FF, OP, IE, SA, Android & iPhone. A few small bugs exist for older browsers, IE6-7 isn't supported for now.
2  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / New Developer Documentation on on: May 24, 2014, 03:34:54 PM
More than 80 pages of developer documentation have been merged today on!

It's been two months since this project started and received a good amount of positive feedback.

We hope this can prove useful to many developers or technical readers.


Future improvements: Many future improvements are planned:

Reporting issues: This documentation is in BETA, please report any issue or inaccuracy on GitHub:

Mailing list: More general discussion, feedback and ideas for improvements are welcome on the mailing list:!forum/bitcoin-documentation

Many thanks to all of the people who worked hard to make this possible!
3  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Developer Guide on writers/reviewers needed on: March 12, 2014, 01:40:48 AM
Update: Developer documentation has been merged on


The goals of this project is to improve access to good quality documentation for developers.

A lot of useful information is spread accross wiki pages, BIPS GitHub pages and BitcoinTalk threads. It would be nice to gather all this information in a single place with a consistent structure or a set of pages with a single table of content. A good "API Reference" page with code snippets would be useful too.

Good writers are needed to make this project happen. If you can help with this project, please PM me or comment on this thread. Some of this work can be paid work as the Foundation is providing a 2000$ monthly bounty ( some of it is already assigned to server and translation expenses ).

Work is already ongoing but needs more contributors to be completed. Not just writers, actually a lot of work will be to review, discuss, edit and organize all of this information.

Live preview

You can preview current work in progress here:

General Discussions

You can join general discussions on this Google group:!forum/bitcoin-documentation

Style Guide

General writing guidelines are discussed and edited here:
4  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / The Foundation sponsoring on: February 17, 2014, 02:07:24 AM
There has been some discussion about sponsoring and the Foundation has been willing to offer a 6 month sponsorship as a part of their grant process before March 1st. This idea sounds good to me, so I'm starting this thread to see if anybody wants to share some thoughts on this matter.

This sponsorship would be used to pay for server expenses, translation bounties, or any other significant work done on, and could potentially be renewed over time. Sponsorship link would look as follow: (edit, now live) . Commercial sponsorship is also another option which could be considered in the future.

For the record, the Foundation is not gaining any control or influence over the domain, server or content of the website. And as far as I'm concerned, I think should remain independent and open-source.

Any thoughts?
5  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / needs more help with translations! on: November 28, 2013, 12:28:01 AM
Many existing translations need to be updated and new languages are welcome.

Why this is important

The future of Bitcoin is closely related to decentralization. Not just the network, but the jurisdiction of all of its users, miners and businesses. Widespread adoption increases resilience and provides incentives for countries and businesses to compete in a free market. Making sure everyone can benefit from Bitcoin is also important to create a fair and sustainable economy. Yet, most countries don't have as much information available in their own languages. can help to make a difference on this level. is one of the most visited website in the world, this is a great chance and opportunity for the Bitcoin community.

How to help

If you speak a language other than English, or if you know anyone who does, you can go to Transifex : and click to join the team for your language. You can then translate texts and review / improve existing translations. New coordinators (with a good level of experience for their respective language) would be helpful for some of these teams.

When a translation is nearly complete, I usually create an editable live preview to help translators to complete their work. A few good quality translation is always worth more than many poor quality translations. All texts need to be translated and reviewed by at least two different persons (peer-reviewed), unless perhaps if you're a professional translator. It's also always welcome to ask for questions if you are unsure about anything, this can help preventing accidental changes.

BTW, there is also many other projects listed on this page which can be translated:

Donations / Bounties

Feel free to offer a bounty if you want to incentivize people to work on translations. You're also very welcome if you want to pay a professional translator directly (here's some accepting bitcoins) . With the recent rise in the price, there is probably some bit-millionaire who would like to help Bitcoin reaching new horizons?

Live previews / Diff

Live previews are updated hourly on, please contact me to add your language.

Differences with version published on can be viewed by appending /diff to the url (e.g.

Simple changes can be previewed without waiting for the live previews to update:

Edit: If anyone here can forward this message in the local subsections of bitcointalk, that would be a very useful thing to do.
6  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Wallet redesign mockup on: November 20, 2013, 05:34:58 AM
It seems like nobody noticed this mockup / redesign attempt for Bitcoin-QT:

Of course, that's just a mockup and they're designers, a developer is needed to make this happen (I mean, a new developer, current developers have much more important stuff to work on). But I think this looks very good and I thought it deserved a mention. What do you think of it?
7  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Wallet recovery - Photorec now support .wallet files on: September 02, 2013, 08:33:16 PM
For anyone who lost a wallet file, or might be faced in the future to hard drive failures or accidents and mistakes, it is worth to note that photorec just added support for .wallet files in its 6.14 release published last month.

For those who don't know testdisk and photorec, they are certainly one of the most, if not the most advanced software for data recovery. It was already possible to tweak photorec to make such recovery possible, but now it is part of the software.

So if you hear someone having troubles, this might be a very good resource.
8  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Review for FAQ on: August 24, 2013, 03:32:02 AM
I have just completed a second draft for a FAQ on
The result can be previewed live here : ----
Edit : After weeks of review, the FAQ is live: Thanks everyone!

More reviews will be useful. If you wish to, please leave a comment and concrete suggestions of improvement if you find:

- More or less accurate or ambiguous assertions.
- Texts that you think are unrelevant.
- Sentences that are poorly written or typos.
- Missing important informations.


The goal for this FAQ is to remain an accessible, objective and concise informative resource with a special interest about recurring myths and concerns.

Once completed and published, it will also be possible to translate this FAQ just like the rest of the website, allowing us to potentially have a good international FAQ.

Thanks in advance
9  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Review for FAQ on: August 22, 2013, 08:33:53 PM
I have just completed a second draft for a FAQ on
The result can be previewed live here :

More reviews will be useful. If you wish to, please leave a comment and concrete suggestions of improvement if you find:

- More or less accurate or ambiguous assertions.
- Texts that you think are unrelevant.
- Sentences that are poorly written or typos.
- Missing important informations.


The goal for this FAQ is to remain an accessible, objective and concise informative resource with a special interest about recurring myths and concerns.

Once completed and published, it will also be possible to translate this FAQ just like the rest of the website, allowing us to potentially have a good international FAQ.

Note: I might not answer all comments if I'm flooded with suggestions, given the large number of texts, but I will read everything.

Thanks in advance

Edit: Moved in Bitcoin discussion,
10  Economy / Service Discussion / What is happening with paymium? on: August 10, 2013, 12:27:59 AM
It's been at least a week that and are offline.

Recently, bitcoin central showed a refreshed layout announcing upcoming partnerships. But right now, it seems that we've got back to the old bitcoin central website.

Any idea about what is happening there? I didn't find a thread about it.
11  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re-structure design and layout on: July 14, 2013, 05:48:39 AM
I've been working hard to prepare an important update for .

Here is a preview for those who want to give feedback : EDIT, Now published


Most important changes:
- Right buttons are removed and merged with the menus.
- A new introductive home page with WeUseCoins video.
- A new "Getting started" page with links to external merchants and exchanges directories.
- A Re-design for "Community", "Resources" and "Download" pages.
- New links to, coindesk, thegenesisblock, and
- Titles and pages summary are consistent and centered.

This work has been done with the following goals in mind:
- Provide a better introduction to Bitcoin.
- Bring users to inform themselves before anything.
- Link more contextual useful resources with an acceptable level of warnings.
- Offer a more consistent, sober and readable layout.

Tested browsers:
IE 6+
FF 3+
OP 10+
SA 3+
CH --
Android 2.3

Future improvements:
I planned to replace the About page by a FAQ later, and rewrite the Innovation page.

Deprecated transitional HTML and CSS code is isolated in such a way that previous layouts will remain online for translations until they have been updated, after what it will be possible to drop this code.
12  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Events page on on: June 23, 2013, 08:20:58 AM

I'd like to add an "Events" page on for important conferences and other events focused on Bitcoin.
Preview :

Yet, I'm sure that I'm missing some. So if you have any suggestion.
Of course, only events focused on Bitcoin with enough participants and/or known attendees. Smaller events can already be published in the meetups section of this forum and the Events page link to it.

Unfortunately, the Wiki conference page is not up to date, in case someone is interested to maintain it :
13  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Bitcoin wiki bug - leads to blank pages from Google on: June 04, 2013, 05:02:24 PM
If your web browser language is set to any other language then english and that you click on any wiki page in Google search results, you end on a blank page. I suspect that this might happen quite often. This is due to how urls are referenced by Google and how the bitcoin wiki handles url translations.

For instance if you get this url from Google :

The Bitcoin wiki will automatically convert it to : or based on your browser language.

In the later case, the page doesn't exist, therefore it is a bug.

The bitcoin wiki could be modified to 301 permanently redirect to english, or to temporarily redirect (302) to the right translated page and fallback to english when the page doesn't exist. Is there someone with sufficient access to allow such a fix?
14  Economy / Service Discussion /, phishing? on: June 03, 2013, 04:37:11 AM
I've noticed some new Google ads showing

(Notice, mt-Qox and not mt-Gox)

The website is completely duplicating the real one. It looks like a very well done phising attack..


WHOIS Query :

Registered through: eNom, Inc.

Domain name:

Administrative Contact:
   Connect-O Inc.
   Cristian, Talle (
   196 Judith Ave.
   Thornhill, ONTARIO L4J7G2

Technical Contact:
   Connect-O Inc.
   Cristian, Talle (
   196 Judith Ave.
   Thornhill, ONTARIO L4J7G2

Registrant Contact:
   Connect-O Inc.
   Cristian, Talle ()
   196 Judith Ave.
   Thornhill, ONTARIO L4J7G2

Status: Locked

Name Servers:
Creation date: 03 Jun 2013 01:09:24
Expiration date: 03 Jun 2014 01:09:24
15  Local / Vos sites et projets / Révision des traductions sur on: June 02, 2013, 08:18:08 PM
Bonjour tous,

Le site est actuellement traduit dans plusieurs langues, incluant le français dont je suis en charge.

Ceci dit, je suis actuellement le seul traducteur et personne n'est attitré pour faire la révision de ces traductions (non seulement pour corriger les erreurs grammaticales, mais aussi pour améliorer la qualité des traductions).

Alors si vous voulez me donner un coup de main, votre aide est appréciée. Il vous suffit de vous inscrire chez transifex et de demander à être membre de l'équipe de traduction :
16  Local / Deutsch (German) / übersetzen on: May 27, 2013, 08:21:45 PM
Hallo zusammen,

es gibt eine vollständige Übersetzung von, die kurz vor der Veröffentlichung steht. Allerdings werden ein oder mehrere deutsch- und englischsprachige Menschen gesucht um die Übersetzung überprüfen, bevor sie live gehen kann.  Wenn jemand von euch kurz- oder langfristig ein wenig helfen möchte, ist ein Beitrag sehr gerne gesehen. Du kannst dich einfach bei Transifex anmelden und darum bitten zum "German Team" hinzugefügt zu werden:

Danke für deine Hilfe,
17  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / / - Call for translations ! on: March 26, 2013, 07:23:40 PM
There has been serious work done to make both and weusecoins translatable. This previous goal is now a reality!

It is now time to go with phase 2, both websites are ready to be translated in as much languages as you can.

You can find the instructions and the guidelines in the README of both website github repositories :

Please provide high quality translations
The meaning of many texts is sensitive. Providing accurate and clear translations is very important. As much as possible, and especially for, it is highly recommended that each translation is reviewed by other native speakers for your languages.

Working in team
Working in team always lead to the best possible results. If you are working on a translation, you can show your ongoing work by opening an issue on the github repository so that you can receive feedback and help. And so that we don't uselessly duplicate efforts and end up with two seperate translations.

If you don't understand command line, git or HTML
You can very well translate human-readable texts in each file and ask for someone else to integrate your work and make a pull request for you. Don't hesitate to ask help of others on this thread.

Proposing changes in the meaning for
If you feel some texts require improvements on, please prepare a good replacement for the original english version and create a seperate pull request so that your changes can be discussed. This way, each translation will keep up-to-date with each other, based on a text that gets the best consensus.

Keeping translations up-to-date
The history of all changes in the english files can be easily seen on github.

Building a translation team?
If enough people participate to this project, perhaps could we create a bitcoin-translator group? Our mission being to make bitcoin accessible everywhere on this planet.
18  Bitcoin / Legal / Legal revision of the new on: March 07, 2013, 08:21:22 AM
Hi there,

A lot of work has been done to upgrade our current website The new one contains a lot of texts. And consequently, if any of you have some legal expertise, it would be appreciated that you read the texts and give us your thoughts and feedback.

Thanks in advance,
19  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Upgrade on: March 03, 2013, 03:32:44 PM
This thread is now 3 weeks old at the foundation and it gained some interesting discussions. It's now time to ask feedback from the community :

Given the mission of the foundation :

- Standardizing Bitcoin
- Protecting Bitcoin
- Promoting Bitcoin

I think we need a strong website with high quality presentation for the following purposes :

- Help develop sustainable Bitcoin ecosystem everywhere in the world, in all languages.
- Publish official specification, documentation and recommandations.
- Present a good summary about Bitcoin that is contextual to the visitor category interests.
- Try to put a end on the "cannot get to explain Bitcoin correctly" problem that happens once every minute in the world.
- Protect Bitcoin better against "misunderstandings, misinterpretations and misrepresentations" (from the Foundation mission statement)

But lets go concrete. I built what could be the seed of the next :
Edit : Made it, after a month of work, there is the new

The entire previous website content has been recycled. You can notice the following improvements.

- The "Some things you need to know" page, that gives good practises to users and prevent common mistakes about Bitcoin.
- The "Support Bitcoin" page to attract more resources for the bitcoin project and the foundation
- More visibility to the foundation everywhere.
- A contextual presentation of Bitcoin for each user category (Individuals, Organizations, Developers, Enthusiasts)
- The "How it works" page that tries to give the shortest and simplest explanation possible (a real challenge).
- A more complete and representative history in the "About" page and updated statistics.
- An improved "Choose your wallet" that helps new users to get started with ease.
- A language menu bar and the /en/ prefix so that the website can be translated in many language by the community and/or professionnals.
- A vocabulary page that can help confused people to get back their happiness.

Any thoughts and comments are appreciated
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