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1  Economy / Goods / RedKeyUSB® - Discount offer! on: September 29, 2018, 09:37:05 PM
Hey everyone!

Just thought i would let you guys know there is a discount on the Redkey USB. I’ve used this product before and it is fantastic. It allows you to wipe all the data from any PC using just a USB drive, perfect for crypto guys who like to keep their data safe.

I was one of the earliest backers of this product and managed to secure a discount for you guys directly with the CEO Mr. Gareth Owen.

Forum members (and not only) can use the code BITCOINTALK at to get a 10% discount on their order. Wink

[Disclaimer] I’m not getting paid anything to promote this, i genuinely believe it is a great deal to take advantage of.
Also i'm not sure how long the discount will run, as they (RedKeyUSB) have limited stock at this time, but they have activated the promotion and can be used immediately. Enjoy!
2  Economy / Services / Need someone with PayPal account [11$] - [700$] on: September 27, 2018, 09:57:39 PM
Hello to all.

I need to make 2 buys by using PP, which i don't have. Undecided The first payment is 11$ and the second it will be around 700$.
I will pay the amount plus any interest agreed with BTC, to a member with a Hero+ rank and with some trade history.

Please post your offers here and i will contact the member of my choise. Thank you for reading this.
3  Economy / Goods / 📯⭐📯CRYPTOON PUZZLES-JOIN THE RIDE📯⭐📯 on: February 20, 2018, 03:38:52 PM

Unassembled            Assembled

Unassembled            Assembled

Unassembled            Assembled



ETH - 0x2e1C8e599DbeEf35837067de1Aa441CcFFB84eDa

DASH - XiHt5PzxX2UGaxSYbLCV1ovhdAdRze3qiZ

VIA - VuQoyUShUJJv7GEG5gm31Pb2PCJ2vXdh2d

BSD - i9f3HbE1oKpHeBkzVs3wGqgGpd3iXCroeC
4  Economy / Lending / ★ ★ ★ LENDING ► CONDORAS SERVICE ◄ ESCROW ★ ★ ★ on: August 25, 2016, 02:32:55 PM

Feel free to make a request. I reserve the right to deny requests i dont like.

Things you might need to know:
Security Log
Activity and Ranks
Bitcointalk Escrows
BTCT Account Pricer
Known alts of everyone
How to sign a message
Stake your Bitcoin address here
The Ledger, listing open and defaulted loan
Bought an account that was stolen? Burden is on buyer!
BitcoinTalk User Potential Activity Calculator (Download) (Thread)
[EDU] The Rule of "No Collateral, No Loan" - IGNORE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Availability Always in Flow...

Personal note: I don't care what other members think about who I lend money to, it's not their business. I dont care if you need a loan over and over again as long as you repay.

No collateral, no loan!
Valid collaterals are stable and well traded alts(Depending on my opinion).
I will accept accounts too but it depends. Singed message needed! Check notes for estimates and how to sign a message.
The estimated value of the account needs to be at least 120% or more!
I accept gold via BitGold as collateral at 150% of the loan value! Does not work for US citizens.
I accept physical collaterals! You have to ship them to me, your loan will be paid out when the item arrives at my location OR to a location that i have someone that I trust(Greece-England-Italy)!
The costs for shipping stuff back and forth are on your side and have to be paid upfront!
Collateral amount should be a minimum of 120%.

Maximum 7 days period, 9% interest
Maximum 15 days period, 11% interest.
Maximum 20 days period, 13% interest.

If you miss to pay back in time without contacting me and three days passed, collateral will be sold or kept!*
If you are late and missed to let me know, there will be a penalty fee of 1% compounded interest per day.
Negotiations only in public, PMs or Skype requests regarding loans will be answered but will not get granted!
All addresses for payback are signed! Only use the signed address you get from me, no other!
Escrow accepted, if they take fees you will have to pay them.
Terms can change at any time, but wont affect running deals.

(*If i get more BTC for your collaterals by selling them as the actual loan was worth i will keep it for the hassel!)


Due the increase in transaction fees, EVERY REPAYMENT AMOUNT will be charged with the 50% of them.
The percentage can be negotiated for Loan Amounts up to 0.1BTC until further notice/update.

Your account will be checked with the BTCT Account Pricer. After doing this i will decide if i can fullify your request or post an offer.

Message to sign for accounts as collateral:
Private loans are only for people i traded severals times with and are highly trusted by me.

Code: (LOANS)
I am YOUR_USERNAME from, today is CURRENT_DATE. I am asking for a loan from condoras with my account as collateral. If i default my loan, condoras will be the new owner of my account.

Repayment addresses will always be signed with 1D2mFapJVNz87yV4CrXGab2kkFzWgB3xgc

This is condoras from and today is 21/08/2016 . I sign this address for any Loan Repayment for my Lending Servise in this forum .


[b]Loan Amount:[/b]
[b]BTC Address:[/b]  
[b]Term Length:[/b]

1. Post your request with the details that are needed
2. If i accept your request, i will post a quote of your post along with the details and info about the deal.
3. You have to quote that post of me to verify you accept the terms.
4. I will send the funds and post another quote of your last post with a TXID.
5. If you want to repay your loan earlier, post it and you will get a discount on the interest rate.

This is to ensure the details about the deal are bulletproof and cant be edited later. If you have to provide a collateral, the funds will be send after they are secured.

Regards Condoras
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