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1  Economy / Services / Lifetime Spotify Premium for 0.03 BTC on: April 07, 2017, 05:15:37 AM
For once-off 0.03 BTC, your account will have Premium for lifetime.

I am 100% fine with escrow. I'm a new member here and I don't mind using escrow at all; any trusted middleman will do.

Fine print

- if your account is from the USA, the UK, or Australia, I don't need to login to give you lifetime Premium
- if not, I will need to login; you can change your password before and afterwards but sadly that's just how it works
2  Economy / Services / [$25] MITM CASH | $1500+/WEEK | SEMI-AUTO STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE | 1-ON-1 | PROOF on: April 03, 2017, 07:08:27 AM
Payment proof

This is from the original author on HF.

This method - unless you want to make scraps - is unethical. Greyhat, if you know the term.

I'm the authorized reseller for this forum for the original author. To satisfy your curiosity: I earn commission off each sale which is good enough for me.

To answer some questions I had myself:

If it's not hacking or exploiting something, where do all the profits come from?

You buy something *very* low and sell *very* high. This is in a multi-billion dollar market that won't die out anytime soon. Method is very repeatable.

Is this blackhat? Is it legal?

No, and yes. Depending on how much you abuse it, it may be unethical. You've been warned. Pure, loving members of society who want to enrich everybody, this isn't your piece of cake.

How soon can I start earning after I purchase this method?

The very same hour.

How do I know this isn't a public method?

This method must go through me. Every time you repeat it, you contact a small team of administrators on a private forum; we facilitate your earning and anyone who has not purchased the guide cannot perform this step because we check.


- PM

3  Economy / Digital goods / [$40] UNSATURATED/SCALABLE METHOD | AMAZON KINGPIN | AMAZON.COM GC'S 95% OFF on: March 29, 2017, 08:33:03 AM
You get them free, but you'll need an investment to get started, so they're practically 95% off.

You need:
  • 30 minutes everyday
  • ~$2 to get started (after buying this method)
  • Computer, brain, and internet

This method works worldwide and *will* work repeatedly or simultaneously if you choose to put in more work for more reward.

I am fine with escrow. Escrow receives PDF and funds, escrow verifies PDF is what it is and forwards both items to both parties. Any trusted MM here suits me just fine.

Not the first forum this is being sold on. Proof with refresh (no inspect element):

This was what a customer earned within 25 days.

P.S. method does take a while to mature, but once you find it out you'll know that you're guaranteed your cards.
4  Economy / Services / [$5/mo] Automatic Instagram Likes || Instant Likes Whenever You Post on: March 15, 2017, 10:56:26 AM
How this works

All I need is your public Instagram handle. Whenever you post a picture from now (or then*) on, you will receive whatever amount of likes you ordered within a couple of minutes - literally. Within 120 seconds or so, the picture will receive the full amount of likes ordered.



All these packages are monthly. Unlimited posts; 1 post a month will get you 100 likes that month. 100 posts will get you 10,000 likes. You get the idea.

I'm open to escrow with any trusted escrow. Will only deal over forum PMs.
5  Economy / Services / Pokémon GO Boosting Service | Fast | Powerleveling | Safe on: July 28, 2016, 04:23:41 AM
If you feel like spoiling the game for yourself, you've come to the right place. My boosting service involves logging into your account (Pokemon Trainer Club OR Google) and using GPS-spoofing software to "play" the game from a different geographical location. I do take utmost care in this so that you don't get softbanned, let alone permanently banned. Please note that generally the leveling is done by a bot. If you do get penalized permanently, a full refund will be issued.

Package A - 0.01 BTC

  • Level 1 (or current level) to level 20
  • Guaranteed at least 3 1000+ CP Pokemon
  • 48 hour delivery*

Package B - 0.02 BTC

  • Level 1 (or current level) to level 25
  • Guaranteed at least 8 1000+ CP Pokemon
  • 72 hour delivery*

Package C - 0.035 BTC

  • Level 1 (or current level) to level 30
  • Guaranteed at least 10 1000+ CP Pokemon
  • Guaranteed at least 3 1500+ CP Pokemon
  • High chance of a rare Pokemon (Snorlax; Dragonite)
  • 120 hour delivery*


If you require a specific pokemon, I can help you obtain it. Contact me; we'll work out a price.


Escrow with any major escrow here. Released to me after a successful job. I'm not a scammer, I'm very open to other proposals. I don't ask for any money upfront and if you don't trust me you can provide me a brand new, clean Pokemon GO account to level up instead of your main.

* Excludes time after leveling where you have to wait before you login at your location. Logging in immediately will set off red flags since you'll effectively have teleported across the world. Once I've completed the leveling, I will notify you of the time when you can login again.

Don't want to pay? Here's a bot for you to use:

As of a few API versions ago, free bots no longer exist. Most are freemium and heavily restrict usage if you don't pay or "donate" and some outright charge exorbitant fees for their use. This service actually makes sense if you want to safely level up *your* account.

This is an extremely reputable account shop if you don't mind buying a pre-botted account. They're cheaper than this service but the drawback is they may not be completely safe. After all, you don't know where they were botted (location-wise) and how far away that location is from wherever you play.

To be safe, use this service.  Grin
6  Economy / Services / CHEAP VPS/RDPs | 1 TB HDD | 64GB DDR3 | Octo-core 16-threaded | 1 GBPS Unlimited on: June 28, 2016, 10:01:35 AM
Specs in title are max specs, not the cheapest/lowest. Forgive the semi-clickbait.


  • HDD storage
  • Duo Intel E5620 (2.4GHz each)
  • Octo-core, 16-threaded
  • 1 GBPS port
  • Unlimited bandwidth


$15/mo: 50 GB
$20/mo: 100 GB
$30/mo: 200 GB
$35/mo: 300 GB
$50/mo: 500 GB
$65/mo: 1 TB / 1000 GB


The servers are all based in the Netherlands and run Windows Server 2008 only. No exceptions.

These aren't my servers, I'm reselling as a 3rd party to my supplier (we're not friends or anything). I vouch for them, though at the time of this post my vouch is worth close to nothing at all. I will not accept escrow, (red flag, keep reading), because: what you pay is me used to buy the server and I keep a margin. I don't have the capital required to accept post-pay and looking at the loans section I certainly do not qualify for a sizable loan big enough to cover even the smallest of these plans.

Therefore, this is what I ask of you. I request you don't instantly start calling "scammer scammer" but rather at least give me the benefit of doubt. I don't expect you to purchase, but I expect you to act like an adult and not sully the reputation of a new member just because he's posting a sales thread with no escrow. You're welcome to speculate, but please do so objectively and with no hate comments. I understand scammers do frequent this forum and I also understand if no one wants to buy... just putting this out there.

Here's what I propose if you want to buy but can't trust me: if you can find an escrow I trust as well, I don't mind you sending the money to him first. Wait, I know I said I don't accept escrow, but keep reeeeadddding. I will direct him to send the exact server payment to an address (in doing this I will also have to disclose my supplier, so he can verify the invoice is legitimate). This way, the only thing you risk is me keeping the server for myself... but I gain really nothing from that, so I have neither gain in nor motive to do so.

If it makes you feel more secure for some reason, I do own a TREZOR (I can prove this, PM me if you want). I'm not new to cryptocurrency or virtual private server management.
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