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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / With this possibly upcoming crisis in mind... on: October 18, 2019, 09:46:11 PM
With this possibly upcoming crisis in mind, what you guys think about investing in stable coins standardised with fiats?
Is is even a thing, that they will sink like a stone, just like fiats will? Are there any mechanisms that can protect such stablecoins?
Or maybe, I have a misconception of the reasons for their existence and nobody is actually hoarding st.coins?
2  Other / Politics & Society / Global warming explained once and for all. IPCC says: nothing to worry about on: October 04, 2019, 04:44:12 PM
poptok1 along with the scientist counter Greta, don't panic!
Human activities are estimated to have caused approximately 1.0°C of global warming above pre-industrial levels, with a likely range of 0.8°C to 1.2°C. Global warming is likely to reach 1.5°C between 2030 and 2052 if it continues to increase at the current rate. (high confidence)
300 years or us burning stuff, made Erth to worm up a bit - big shocker  Roll Eyes
If we continue our way of living, Erth will get warmer +0.3°C, and that's it, look at the official chart below.
Turn off the electricity, stop the production, go full caveman and cool the planet down about 0.3°, or do nothing and enjoy your v8's?
Warming from anthropogenic emissions from the pre-industrial period to the present will persist for centuries to millennia and will continue to cause further long-term changes in the climate system, such as sea level rise, with associated impacts (high confidence), but these emissions alone are unlikely to cause global warming of 1.5°C (medium confidence).
Are they suggesting that the peak of warming has already have happen? I looks to me this way. There is a natural resistance, the wall to the warming. We can't warm the planet beyond a certain point, even if we wanted to. Sure, there are some consequences, AC is a must have basically and few rare bugs will be lost. I like my PC better anyway.   

Quotations taken from the official IPCC report.
Funny thing is that this is the exact report that this fear mongering girl is citing.
Read it for yourself as she asks... now to think of it, maybe this is her plan all along, to stop this madness by being mad?
Smiley Huh Cool

3  Other / Meta / Special badge for signature campaign managers? on: September 17, 2019, 08:05:39 AM
Special badge for signature campaign managers would be quite useful feature, i think but...there is always a but.
I have found myself posting to or about people who are not managers, or at least not the managers of the campaign in question.
Can something can be done about it? More importantly, should anything be done to address the issue?
Special colour codding for the coins, for the most renown people, may not be the best solution, it will only indicate that someone is a manager but question will remain, of which of the campaigns.
Requirement for the signature marker, maybe? But that would mean that introduction of a new global rule is mandatory.
How to tackle this? I know that most likely the best solution is no solution at all... but Cheesy here we go again.

If similar topics where discussed before, please link me to it.
4  Other / Ivory Tower / 22-04-2019 the day when something died on bitcointalk on: April 23, 2019, 12:09:33 PM
Signatures containing "" are banned for 60 days.
local rule: (╭☞σ ͜ʖσ)╭☞

Extra, extra, read all about it!
              A collective responsibility was instantiated on famous discussion board, known as "the birthplace of Bitcoin" (electronic currency), in order to protect quality over quantity. It was reported that pressure from the community arose dramatically, rumours of wide spread, so called red tags, started to appear. Commotion among members of all ranks started from inconspicuous restart of defamed crypto-exchange known as Yobit. 
             The administrator of the forum decided to introduce a censorship for particular phrases, as a countermeasure to mob's dissatisfaction. Our reporter say; so far "only" signature box was bounded by the restrictions, future curtailments are yet unknown". An anonymous member in the rank of a Hero, called poptok2 (name altered for protection) states as follows; you don't get it, today another, tiny portion of your freedom was taken away from you, by force! Don't believe me? Look below, I did not typed this in to my(?) sig-box (advertising spot for members to promote various projects). When "they" will come after your sig-space, who will defend it? Censorship and false impression of handling things, that's what it is. This will continue and bitcoin will fall, mark my words (original spelling).
             Experts ask, what future awaits one of the last enclaves of free-speech throughout internet? Are people aware of the danger and unprecedented paradigm shift? How can this influence the image of exciting cryptocurrency world? What would Satoshi Nakamoto said to this potential debacle? Expect more reports on the matter in the upcoming weeks.

Werther forecast
Monday - sunny
Tuesday - partially cloudy
Wednesday - Huh  Grin   
5  Other / Meta / [code] function breaks the last posts list on: April 17, 2019, 07:07:35 PM
Was googling for solution, without any success.
I'm more than sure it was mentioned before, its just hard to find.
Are there any means to prevent such horrible page starching?
Any way to limit # code box, to make it look like a regular post?
6  Local / Polski / Ustaw[k]a 447 i bezpodstawne izraelskie roszczenia on: March 07, 2019, 06:18:27 PM
Ciężki temat w sekcji Eng/politics and society. Kto może niech się wypowie, niechaj społeczność międzynarodowa zobaczy.
Apeluję o kulturę wypowiedzi i zapraszam do analizy, krytyki lub uzupełnienia treści.
7  Other / Politics & Society / Israel wants to extort 300,000,000,000 dollars from Poland on: March 07, 2019, 02:51:17 PM
     For a few decades Poland has been pressed by Israel, and recently even by USA, to pay compensation for heirless properties that in accordance with Polish inheritance law, were rightfully taken over by the Polish state.
Poland keeps refusing paying any compensation but the demands made by Jewish organisations only keep on growing, so clearly Poland needs to do something about it but fulfilling the demands would mean for Poland to be be literally colonised.
Heirless properties vs properties with heirs

     For clarity, any heirs have legal paths to claim compensations from Poland and many of them did that. The issue is about compensation for heirless properties. The amount demanded by the state of Israel is about $300 billions.
It is a multiplicity of Poland's budget.

Jews in Poland - a historical note.

     Jews have been living in Poland for at lest 750[1] years. They assimilated rather well with the society, mostly spoke Polish language and were good citizens. Jews in Poland have been enjoying full liberties as other Polish citizens did. Because Poland was their homeland Polish citizenship was the only citizenship they had. They were Polish citizens. In the census from 1931[2], out of 30m of Polish population around 3m were Jews. Poland had the highest number of Jews living in any country in the world, clearly, there must have been a reason why Jews chose to live in Poland in such great numbers. Jews were free to move to other countries but for some reason they chose to stay in Poland. The reason was obvious Jews knew that no other country would offer them greater freedom and privileges than Poland. So they did not move anywhere[3].
     During WW2, 6 millions of Poles died, of which 3 millions were of Jewish origin, that means overwhelming majority of Jews living in Poland died. Because most of Jews left no heirs, by law, properties they owned was taken over by Polish State. Such move was in accordance with Polish inheritance law that is no different that inheritance law in many other countries deriving its inheritance law from Roman Law. In the end, these Jews that where killed in German death camps, were mostly Polish citizens. They lived in Poland, they spoke Polish language, to lesser or greater extent were assimilated with Polish communities. Because the scale of the Holocaust was so vast, the number of empty, ownerless properties was also big. In Warsaw case, German bombing flatten[4] out the whole districts, so properties needed to be rebuild from the ground up.

Nuremberg Trials and German compensations

Today, 70 years after the war, Nuremberg Trials are not part of common knowledge. In today's dollars, Germans have paid 14,500,000,000 dollars[5] to Israel for the Holocaust.

Compensation claims

     From Israeli point of view Poles of Jewish origin that died in Holocaust weren't Poles. There were Jews, so the compensation is a must. For that to happen, Israel demands from Poland to break it's own inheritance law and create precedence or some sort of tribal inheritance law. From Polish point of view, there is no issue at all, because inheritance law makes the case crystal clear. If there are living heirs they have opened legal paths through Polish courts to claim compensation.
Organisation like World Jewish Congress or State of Israel, that in no way are representing Poles of Jewish origin that died in Holocaust, by Polish law have no right to demand any compensation whatsoever. By any objective legal measure, Poland hold the moral high-ground and does not need to worry about anything, however Israel is a superpower, both militarily and in media.

World Jewish Congress

     In 1996, a chairman of World Jewish Congress[6], Israel Singer[7], said:
More than three million Jews died in Poland, and the Polish people are not going to be the heirs of the Polish Jews. We are never going to allow this. (...) They're gonna hear from us until Poland freezes over again." If Poland did not satisfy Jewish claims it would be "publicly attacked and humiliated"[8]

US Senate bills S447 and H.R.1226

     Last December American Jewish faction entered the game of compensation for heirless property by passing two bills that aim at putting even more pressure on Poland to change it's own inheritance law. That is bill S.447[9] and H.R.1226[10] that are a complete legal(or rather illegal) dud[11][12]

4. &
12. [indemnization
     agreement USA-PRL(Poland) July 16, 1960 polish version]

     In your posts please, stay away from anything related to Holocaust. I am bringing this up so that you don't have to. That chapter has been closed in Nuremberg a few decades ago. I am seeking a serious answer, political answer, on how Poland could play the ball, maintain moral high-ground, free itself from being bullied by Israel and USA and most importantly, avoid being taken over by Israel. What is the best political move that Poland can make to cease these compensation demands, made by no-heirs or by institutions that in no way represent Poles of Jewish origin that died of German national-socialists hands?

8  Bitcoin / Project Development / Are we ready to change the world? Chain'o'cracy on: February 27, 2019, 02:00:49 PM
Chain'o'cracy - blockchain based, direct election and referendum system - project phase: the idea is forming
note: this is meant to be a pro-publico-bono project

     The following idea must be attempted and completed at some point for our own sake. It is inevitable as the whole world is waiting breathless, are you ready to become a part of history? Nothing except splendour, recognition and appreciation is to gain here. If you're solely after the money, please look somewhere else, as this project is designed for greater good.
     Have you ever imagined, how the world would look if true, direct, trust-less democracy idea was possible? Like in the classical era of it's(democracy) invention, where every citizen was able to influence politics. The idea "they" fear the most. no more representatives, no expensive elections every few years, end to lavish election campaigns and all the waste they produce, no more corruptible, venal, lobbed politicians, only real votes by real citizens - thanks to blockchain ledger.
     The sketch for this system: Whole 'o' package should consists of one executable installer. Think of it as a wallet-like program, preferably available for Android and Linux terminals. Application should consists of three modules; government, citizen and press(miner). Gov. mode needs to be ready to accommodate the database(updatable but only up, no deletion option¹) of all citizens, with social-security numbers, names and unique feature like, the amount of tax return in past year etc. Encrypted database is used as the source for creating accounts(addresses) in citizen mode. No fake accounts possibility but results of the voting have to be anonymous. Mining difficulty should be set as low as possible and fixed, in order to allow low spec computers to participate in the network². Mining(press) mode should be available for everybody, making it incentivising for media platforms to run a miner in order to have all the referendum scores in real time and up to date. Votes(coins - votons) gathered by miners and in gov. account, should be redistributed among citizens accounts at the end of election phase. The same coins³ in circulation, pre-minted in gov. mode, based of citizen database size(amount of people).

¹Dead people conundrum; giving option to delete accounts from db, makes in to big trust issues, votes of citizens who died may happen, how to prevent such event while maintaining anonymity? (this problem is also in existence today)
²Security through pre minted hash as all coins are known, no new unauthorised votes are possible and the amount has to be fixed at 50(example) coins per account per year, to prevent "legislative diarrhea" (to many laws).
³Possibility for running out of votes exists! You have to be smart not to waste votons on bad legislature otherwise you will be left voiceless in your community for a year, or any particular period set by the state.
⁴Public forum will be necessary for posting documents, in read only mode through www. Preferably decentralised, in the cloud, devised in to language and basic topics sections, one agora for the entire world!

     Once again I ask all bitcointalkers of good will, can you help? Can you devote your free time, mind and skills? We can built it together, we have the technology! I'm just a man with a plan, obviously lacking in technical know how, if I could make it alone, I would but this have to be made complete and working from "day one", translated to all possible languages and tested... it's to big of a deal for one person. The idea is not perfect, I know but by planting this seed, I hope for something incredible to grow from it. It is the long awaited "power to the people", blueprint for global liberation.

Immediate critique:

-This is nwo technocracy!
No, if we could implement system for administrating law ideas, signed with 1voton. Everyone would be entitled to submit his proposals this way⁴. If another citizen recognises it as a good idea, he can upvote it with his voton and so on. Multiply signed papers, let say 9001votons, would be treated as lawful documents and have to be queued for voting at some point, automatically so no paper review by any officials is necessary. Think of votons as post stamps.
-People will vote themselves in to communism!
Like they not doing it right now... well they do, because this virus has infested the collective(yuck) mind. 'o' has the chance for sweep this slate clean. Such danger obviously exist and a systematic countermeasure may be necessary[?].
-Votons have value, they will be traded!
No, because citizen to citizen transactions are not possible, only citizen->gov.pool
-It's to radical, no one will use it!
One word, bitcoin. In two worlds, built it and they will come.
-You just want to get famous poptok1!
If any one likes to take over, then be my guest but if you somehow crook the idea for your own benefit... "then I will find you, and I will..." go full Liam Neeson on you. Yesterday I talked about this idea with HBKMusiK, I told him that this so huge that I'm actually scared of it. To be honest I would gladly move away myself in to e-shadows.

9  Other / Meta / Merit number indicator on showPost list ? on: February 16, 2019, 02:51:54 PM
Merit number indication on " show last post of this person" list.
Is this possible, is this a good idea, is this necessary and useful?

I think it may come in handy as a utility for campaign managers.
Most of campaigns today, exclude posts in local boards. Understandable cause polyglottism is ultra rare.
But if a manager could spot, that local community finds a post merit worthy then maybe he could consider including it as pBTC2p?
10  Bitcoin / Wallet software / What options for [btc]Lightning+NFC payments do we have today? on: February 10, 2019, 09:34:25 AM
Near Field Communication (NFC) and Bitcoin are in my opinion made for each other.
What choice in terms of services there are, besides those two below that I was able to find?
Preferably it's the software solutions that I would be interested in, not the physical cards.   

Plutus Tap & Pay - -seems live, trustable?
ShakePay - -invite only, Canada only?

11  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / can I safely send BTC from SegWit to legacy wallet? on: February 02, 2019, 11:31:12 AM
Can I safely send BTC from SegWit to legacy wallet?
-Short answer is YES, you can.

Segwit --> Segwit = Cheap
Segwit --> Legacy = Cheap
Legacy --> Segwit = Standard

-Expecting some elaboration below, what are the risks, limitations and inconveniences.
12  Other / Archival / Maggiordomo for poptok1 on: January 24, 2019, 09:35:01 PM
📪 🚷 📫
Please do not post here
13  Economy / Digital goods / WTS" unique pixel-art wallpapers for your desktop / phone - limited offer on: August 31, 2018, 07:33:31 PM
Unique wallpapers drawn especially for you.
No Photoshop tricks, no ctrl-C ctrl-V.
Hand drawn pixel-art and hours of work for your pleasure.

Example, note' compressed by host (view in new tab)

Options; resolution, aspect ratio, your set of 2 colours*, vertical or panoramic orientation, placement of ornament.

Pricing;**  ~720p=5$   ~1080p=10$  ~4K=20$

100% uniqueness guaranteed
Limitations: only on request, considerable waiting time, prepayment necessary, *no refunds **ornament takes ~20% of sheet space
14  Other / Off-topic / Crazy, random thoughts by poptok1 on: August 02, 2018, 06:54:26 PM
On quantum computing:
What gives the information?
I just noticed that there is no coherent explanation available on the web.
Most psychicist tend to go "mysterious" "all quantum" "illogical" when it comes to the actual computation process.
Their imagination takes them to elusive quantum field of information where in reality no such phenomena is needed.
The CPU:
Those Computers are a form of glorified refrigerators. Various chunks of matter like: metals, water, superconductors can be used as a quantum state object. This little piece of whatever, has to be cooled to the temperature close to absolute zero ( −273,15 °C ), 0 K, and very tightly isolated from the surrounding environment. Shielding and vacuum is necessary for the QCPU to maintain stable quantum state. Variances of shape for the tube in which electrons travel are many. General rule seems to be the spiral form. There are two of such tubes/wires, If electron goes spirally left it means 1, when right 0, when both direction at the same time it gives needer.
So, what gives the freaking info poptok1?
Obviously it is the chunk of super cold matter, kept in quantum state Smiley
What does it mean to be super-cold?
This is where the real fun starts. Imagine that centigrade scale, just like Fahrenheit are only the constructs, conventions. Only Klevin is used in real science. We can change the scales for centigrade a little and look what's happens: -299,79 °C = zero Kelvin. Noticed anything strange? Yes! This is the value for the speed of light. There is no law of physics that denies us the right to readjust this scale. It actually doesn't matter, as long as we keep Kelvin untouched.  It should help you to visualize the nature of the phenomena.
According to Mr Einstein special relativity, when an object is reaching speed of light "C, the time this object is experiencing goes to zero. So what happens when given object will be completely stopped? You guessed it, its time experience accelerates! The opposite for max speed of an object can not be a simple stop because everything is in motion relative to each other. Earth to sun, sun to galaxy etc. However when you freeze something to the temperature of -299,79 °C (which is impossible just like reaching speed of light) this object is considered fully-stopped by the Universes law. When such cold object "observes" another that has speed, time dilatation is taking place, cold-bit of matter "sees" the speeding electrons in fast-forward. If super-cold matter "observes" something that has speed of light, the effect doubles! Fast object appears to be moving at 2xC". No law is broken Mr Albert as this is just pure relativity.
In short please...
Minimum flow speed of time is 0Kelvin. Closer you get to it, the more "normal" world speeds up. That it Smiley
Quantum Computers, thanks to relativity and time dilatation can "see" in to the future.
All the possible electrons configurations in the tubes mentioned above, are seen in fast forward.
Cold chunk is connected to the regular CPU, like in your laptop and rapports the observation of electrons.
No elusive quantum field is needed,
Just one thing
IMO Mr Albert would like my hypothesis, because it is very simplistic. No extra dimensions or entities (Ockham Razor).
Would he approve my centigrade scales readjustment? I think I would get a kiss for it or at the least a lollipop.
Hope you liked this read. It was composed here from scratch because other "scientific" forums keep deleting this hypothesis.
If you wonder what is the basis for my temperature=time thesis, look for "Big Dispersion" theory.

15  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Gold/Bitcoin standard - the ONE Bitcoin regulation world actually needs. on: July 31, 2018, 11:58:29 AM
 Roll Eyes...and I already know that it will never happen, not without a "pressure" from the public.
What are your thoughts, is it possible, is it sustainable, fair, logical and bulletproof?
-In my opinion it is but only in combination with fractional reserve lending abolition (which is a fraud anyway).
How to force, you know who, in to doing the right thing?
IMO the only protest sign that's relevant but are there any "bad" consequences, how would aftermath look like?
16  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Bounties (Altcoins) / ⏬[ANN]⏬ Frankl - Airdrop for scientists and students. on: April 27, 2018, 09:52:24 AM

About the Frankl airdrop

Frankl is an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain.
700 million Frankl tokens are designated for the airdrop.
Airdrop registrations are open from 24 April – 24 May 2018.
Token distribution for the airdrop will occur at the end of the main token sale.
Airdrop registration is at, and there’s a beginner’s guide with more information.

Airdrop eligibility The airdrop is open to:

Undergraduate and postgraduate science students, PhD candidates and postdoctoral researchers;
with a valid university or institutional email address;
who complete the registrations steps below and comply with the rules and instructions listed at

Airdrop registration steps:

➡Join the Frankl Open Science Telegram group:

➡Complete the registration form at This includes reading and agreeing to the airdrop Terms & Conditions.

➡Refer other scientists and students to the airdrop or follow us to receive additional tokens as outlined below.

How to receive additional tokens?

If you're interested in receiving additional tokens, we're offering 1 additional stake (allocation of tokens) for each of the below activities. Participants can receive up to 3 additional stakes. Please complete the form below for any additional stake activities carried out.
Refer up to 4 scientists or science students. They will need to include your email address in their registration to show that your referred them.
Introduce yourself on Telegram and why you're interested in the project.
Follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Medium and share the Frankl airdrop, or signup to our newsletter.

Want to know more about Frankl?


17  Economy / Invites & Accounts / WTS Hearthstone CCG with 1200+cards - 20$ on: April 13, 2018, 04:02:52 PM
I would like to sell my battlenet account with Hearthstone CCG and some minor presents and bonuses for other games.

HS account consists of:
                               1214+ cards (approximate market value 285$ or almost a year of farming)
                               30 rare dust, for cards "on demand" creation.
                               2830 pieces of gold (100gold = 5 additional cards).
                               All basic characters unlocked, few rare cards, that you wont be able to get any more;
                               few custom card reverses and few(4) good decks, that can easily get you up in ranking.
                               BEST VALUE STARTER PACK ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ and its available for crypto ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ !

price crypto equivalent of 19.99$

I will need your active email address, PM me if interested or post Smiley
*newbie and untrusted members have to go first or employ an escrow.
18  Economy / Services / free BTC here -> 100% share-back [crazy update] on: February 10, 2018, 08:45:32 AM
Hi, I'm looking for few members(of any rank) to become my referrals on faucet.
As you may know, this faucet is offering 50% commission for people who refer others.
I had set up this system to share 100% of my commission back to you.

example: If you freeroll 5 times a day, for 7days you will earn about ~800 satoshi*.
             normally ~400sat would be my referral profit of your work, however lets me to set "share-back" feature so I can reward you
             for your effort. This 400 will be given back to you at the end of the week, before automatic withdraws.

                                                            *(calculated roughly with current rewards ratio)

My account is already set and this process is fully automatic, all you have to do is PM me to get my ref. link and then register with it.
No risk, more you play the more will be given back to you!

-Crazy update!-                                 
If I will ever become a winner of the freebitcoin lottery,
25% of my winnings will get shared with 1 random, active referral.
Verifiable as you know what is my user ID @ freebitcoin.
19  Economy / Scam Accusations / Another day, another scammer -> WilliamBratsky on: February 03, 2018, 08:38:16 PM
What happened:: WilliamBratsky ordered Eng -> PL translation. He never paid me for it.
Yada yada yada:
He shielded himself with excuses about not being paid by someone else, who ordered the translation from him.
To be true, I kinda believe him, this project(smartunit) looks like a scam. However this doesn't change the fact that poor William lost his face, at least in my eyes. No apology's, no nothing and this is my main issue here. He is acting like a spoiled brat, avoid.
I'm posting this to warn other people, I don't expect to be paid

Scammers Profile Link:;u=1664749
Reference Link: His post with translation request I have contacted him in PM once and then we went on telegram.
Amount Scammed:  Roll Eyes it was 0.00045BTC
Payment Method: Etereum
Proof of Payment: 0x1A8FB76E2bec1a288493B392604D3EBA9F90FBD0 - no proof, address is empty.
PM/Chat Logs: telegram chat screenshot (big/long file warning)

Additional Notes:    translated ANN 1   ;   translated ANN 2
On the chat screenshots: -marked with red line, my address and amount of eth;
                                   -marked with green lines, "interesting" statements of Mr william. (small letter intended).
                                    Please read, especially those green marked messages, as I'm afraid he will retaliate.
20  Other / Meta / Am I seeing things or a new edit feature was added recently? on: February 01, 2018, 09:26:40 PM
Am I seeing things or a new edit feature was added recently?
This would ba a shocker to me if this option was here from the start Smiley
If you don't know what am I talking about, check your previous post, obviously not in the history but inside any thread, there is a small icon on the right, in the middle of your post. When you click it green bar will load and you will have your post ready to edit.

If this was in fact an old feature, i will lock this thread imminently.
Pleas tell me its new, please tell me I'm not blind/dumb  Cool 

Editing posts is an old feature.  Certain sections don't let you edit your posts.  This one does.  Smiley
So it's official, I'm a blind idiot.
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