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1  Local / Майнеры / Майнинг по 0,009 BTC/GH на Havelock on: February 07, 2014, 07:38:59 PM

На данный момент в 2 раза дешевле, чем на (при том, что на еще комиссия пула плюс плата за обслуживание).

Действуют ограничения (внимательно читаем описание, вкратце: бонды обеспечены залогом, равным доходу за 200 дней при текущей сложности). Официальный тред: Отвечу на вопросы по теме.

2  Local / Майнеры / [Обмен/Фото] Коллекция чипов BitFury on: November 20, 2013, 12:10:29 PM
Обменяю любого из этих двух ребят:

на чип с другой маркировкой. На выбор рабочий (проверенный) либо новый (без следов пайки, но и без гарантии). Желательно в Киеве, возможно посылкой по Украине, рассмотрю варианты.

Вообще запостите фото своих чипов, у кого другие Smiley
3  Bitcoin / Hardware / Avalon Gen2 on: October 02, 2013, 10:57:36 PM
Is there still no thread about it?

The new chips are seeing typical performance of 1 GH/s at 500Mhz, however they’re expected to overclock to 1.5 GH/s per chip at 3W (2 W/GHs).
4  Economy / Auctions / Auction passthrough + hosting: One BitFury ASIC (UA) 120Gh divided in 100 shares on: September 22, 2013, 03:04:48 PM
Crosspost, please post there if interested.

Short summary: 120 GH miner in hand on 27 September divided in 100 shares, current bid 0.25BTC per share.
5  Bitcoin / Group buys / Auction passthrough + hosting: One BitFury ASIC (UA) 120Gh divided in 100 shares on: September 22, 2013, 02:52:05 PM
UPD2: My own bid is 4@0.27 for now, will put some more if I manage to gather coins.

UPD1: Since there seems to be no interest, and I really want to give this a go, I exclude my own profit until full breakeven. Hosting fee until breakeven is now 10 USD per month, only to cover the electricity cost! Yes, I'll be mining for fun until all shareholders get 100% ROI.
Also updated auction passthrough rules to be more exact: any leftovers resulting from difference between highest 100 bids and the actual price of purchase are distributed between the buyers proportionally to the number of shares. See "My offer" section for details.

A (very) short summary: 100 shares of 120GH (1.2 GH per share), starting mining on Friday 27 September, starting at 0.25 0.26 BTC per share, resulting in ~0.217 BTC/GH.

I offer group buy and hosting of BitFury ASIC (UA) 120Gh which is sold at auction now.

Auction Thread: (Russian). Summary of the auction: 120 GH Bitfury miner, includes power supply, cooling and everything needed for mining, in hand, from the original manufacturer. Auction ends 26 September 24:00 EEST (UTC+3), I am located in the seller's city, so can pick up the device and hash right after the purchase. Current highest bid is 25 BTC. Current minimal bid is 26 BTC.

Timer removed. End time: 2013-09-26+24:00:00EEST

My offer:
The device is divided in 100 shares (~1.2GH each), buyers can bid on any number. Minimal bid per share at the time of posting is 0.25 0.26 BTC. Whenever total bid for 100 winning shares in This Thread is more than the bid in the Auction Thread, I will place a bid in the Auction Thread. Due to the nature of auctions, I must have the coins secured before placing my bid in the Auction Thread. Therefore, you must send your bid to the BTC address (my or escrow) to bid. To raise your previous bid, send the difference from the same address as the original bid. Any bids that don't fit into the winning 100 will be returned after the end of Auction or earlier upon request. If we don't win the Auction, all bids will be returned after its end.
Any leftovers resulting from difference between highest 100 bids and the actual price of purchase are distributed between the buyers proportionally to the number of shares.
Example: A bids 100@0.26, B bids 50@0.265, the device was purchased for 26BTC. Both A and B get 50 shares each, A receives 13 BTC back for his 50 non-winning bid. The leftover of (50*0.26 + 50*0.265 - 26) = 0.25 BTC total = 0.0025 BTC per share is distributed between A and B.

Hosting conditions:
Mining at p2pool node with zero fee. May consider other pools if the device has problems with p2pool. In the case of controversy, mining pool can be determined by voting of the shares. I will not mine at BTCGuild, 50BTC, Deepbit or Eclipse (we are here to support decentralized network). My hosting fee (everything included) is:

- 3% 10 USD per month, calculated at Bitpay exchange rate at 00:00 first day of every month starting from the 1st of October until full breakeven of all shares
- 10 USD per month + 15% of mined coins after the breakeven

I can ask John K to provide payment address and escrow this group buy if requested.

I can send my ID (me with my passport on a photo) and residence proof to John K if requested. I can also transfer him some 5BTC-worth BTC-TC assets plus some shares in mining hardware group buys as a collateral.

I will post my and/or escrow address when there is interest for at least 20 shares. Please post how many shares you are interested in and whether you need escrow. Thank you!

Current bids:
Name                   Bid         Sum       GH/s
baloo_kiev            4@0.27       1.08       4.8
Total                 4            1.08       4.8
Required            100           26        120
6  Economy / Auctions / [WTS] 2 GH/s of perpetual mining bonds. Please post if interested. on: July 05, 2013, 10:50:06 AM
These are preliminary[/i] auction rules. Please post if interested, ask your questions, suggest your changes to conditions. Start of auction and final rules will be announced in this thread if there is demand.

I want to sell 2 GH/s of perpetual mining bonds in shares of 100MH/s. They are backed by:

- my current available hashrate (~335 MH/s SHA256d + ~1 MH/s scrypt)
- BFL 5GH pre-order from 30 March 2013 = 5 GH/s
- 20 Avalon chips in SebastianJu's group buy (going for assembly to Burnin, who has already shown photo of a ready board) = 6 GH/s
- 32 Avalon chips in t13hydra's group buy + PCBs paid = 10 GH/s
- 2 shares in pidobir's Metabank/Bitfury device group buy = 10 GH/s
- 1 share in SilentSonicBoom's KNC Jupiter group buy = 5 GH/s
- my own funds (yes, I have a job not related to BTC and some history on this forum and take full personal responsibility for dividends payment)

Dividends will be paid each time Bitcoin network difficulty changes (approximately once per 2 weeks).

If requested, I can transfer my shares in the group buys to escrow (they are bound to BTC address, so it's as easy as just posting a signed message to the group's buy thread). Also, a part of funds from this auction may also go to escrow address. You may suggest your way to escrow.

Starting price is 0.35 BTC/share = 3.5 BTC/GHps.

If you would like to buy the PMBs at that price but do not like any of my conditions, please suggest your changes.
7  Bitcoin / Pools / [POLL] Why don't you mine in p2pool? on: June 21, 2013, 01:15:19 AM
What other reasons are possible? I can't understand why the pool makes only less than percent of total network hashrate!
8  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / [NVC][P2Pool] Public node + source code! on: June 09, 2013, 12:49:45 AM
Summary. As you may know, current version of NVC p2pool (adapted for NVC by the coin's developer Balthazar, does not support mining on a public node to custom address. I post a simple patch which allows mining on a public node, which can be tested on my zero-fee host.

Technical background. What is known as address (that string of symblols) is encoded hash of ECDSA public key. Address can be derived from corresponding public key but not vice versa. Unlike other coins, in NVC (and PPC I believe), generation transaction is forced to send coins to full public keys. So mining to a given address is just impossible. However, one can mine to specific public key!

To launch a public node get the code from
$ git clone -b nvc

To mine on a public node. Get a new pubkey from your NVC client with 'getnewpubkey' command in debug console or by RPC. Validate it vith 'validatepubkey' command to find out address associated with it.
It looks like this:
$ ./novacoind getnewpubkey
$ ./novacoind validatepubkey 0283f63d8e2988b76cbab6b69c81471db70598a16748ce08091abbcc50b254a353
    "isvalid" : true,
    "address" : "4FPVq9hX5HEE4SdmWF3g5DLo2xBCrJ5xuv",
    "ismine" : true,
    "iscompressed" : true,
    "isscript" : false,
    "pubkey" : "0283f63d8e2988b76cbab6b69c81471db70598a16748ce08091abbcc50b254a353",
    "iscompressed" : true,
    "account" : ""

Use it as your username when connecting to the node.

You can test it on my zero-fee node at

Happy mining!

UPDATE Code updated, please update your nodes! To avoid generation of invalid blocks, miners now mine to the node's default address until it has minimal payout (0.01 NVC). With current network hashrate this is equivalent to minimal fee of 50 kH/s distributed across all node's miners. You are free to set any custom fee percentage for your node (including zero), but this minimal fee will apply anyway.

UPDATE 12/06 Fixed miner's pubkey validation.

UPDATE 13/06

UPDATE 05/07

Everyone who downloaded Windows binaries before this update must clear their data/novacoin directory. Accidentally, it contains a cached public key, which will be used as your node's default mining address if you don't delete it! Download link fixed.
9  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / [BTB][P2POOL][UPDATED] Source + 0% public node! Read instructions carefully! on: May 27, 2013, 09:42:50 PM
Source: Make sure you have the latest version!
Public node: temporarily down because of network connection problems. Use . It charges 2% fee. Back again!

Unlike with other coin p2pools, you have to specify your public key (not an address!) as username when mining on a public node.

Note: You don't need this if you run your own p2pool node. This is only relevant when connecting your worker to some other node.
To point your worker to my (or any other) public node you have to get a public key:
1) launch bitbar

2) in bitbar directory, run
./bitbard getnewpubkey "someccount"
you will receive a hex string, call it <your_new_pubkey>, which is the public key to a new address in account "someaccount" (you don't have to keep the key secret, as it's public)

3) (optionally) make sure it works as supposed to: run
./bitbard getaddressesbyaccount "someaccount"
you will see a new address, and
./bitbard validatepubkey <your_new_pub_key>
will return JSON object, which is expected to have 'isvalid' and 'ismine' properties set to 'true'

4) use <your_new_pub_key> as a worker username when connecting to a public node, just like you use your address with other coin p2pools.

Happy mining!
Feedback appreciated.

UPDATE: One more fix to avoid rounding of the award to cents. Please re-download the code and clear data directory.

P2pool works!
All work submitted to a node by workers is payed to the node address! Address specified as worker's username is ignored!
Download the source, host your node, point your workers to it.

EDIT4. First block found!

EDIT3. Some changes reverted. All work submitted to a node by workers is payed to the node address! Address specified as worker's username is ignored! Download the source, host your node, point your workers to it.

EDIT2. Fixed. Get the code at or point workers here, still 0% fee.
Launch with
python ./ --net bitbar --give-author 0

EDIT. Don't point your miners to my node. It does not payout to worker addresses at the moment! P2p vonnections work ok, though.

Testing Bitbar p2pool, help appreciated!

Please drop a little hashrate to (essentially, fee is 0%)
modify p2pool as described here and launch with '-n' to connect to my node.

(Both options assume you know how to mine with p2pool: set username, view stats, etc.)

Thank you!
10  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / [MNC] Please join p2pool on: May 16, 2013, 02:47:58 PM

Nodes currently online: (, (not a public node, i.e. you can't point workers here)

Connect to the nodes with -n command line option.

EDIT. To work properly and connect to the nodes, launch with
./ -n -n --net mincoin --bitcoind-rpc-port=9335 --bitcoind-p2p-port=9334 <rest of your p2pool options>
11  Economy / Auctions / 1 share of CoinHoarder's Avalon Batch #3 Group Buy on: May 06, 2013, 02:47:36 PM

1 share = 1BTC of initial investment ~= 0.139% of 7 4-module Avalons (Batch 3) ~= 823MH/s
Fees: ~$0.12/Kwh + 3% hosting fee + pool's fee (yet to be determined) according to the Group Buy conditions.

Original thread:
Group Buy forums:
Current share holders:

Time: exactly 2 days from time of this post.
Starting bid: 1.8 BTC
Bidding increments: .01 BTC
Lot sold as a whole.
Bids only in this thread.
12  Other / Beginners & Help / Feathercoin p2pool spam on: May 01, 2013, 03:49:51 PM
Alright, here's my first post.

Something strange is going on in feathercoin p2pool. I am spammed by lots of invalid shares. It began about a day ago. You can see the exact time on any p2pool node graphs page. Look at the traffic graph.

Any thoughts?
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