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1  Other / Off-topic / What is a faucet on: May 09, 2014, 01:51:05 AM
Can somebody explain to me what is a ALT faucet ...normally in Big data it would be a way to access data

but I have no idea what it is in ALT's ??
2  Economy / Speculation / China Ban is a NOW a bullish Signal on: April 29, 2014, 10:25:55 PM
The china ban has now morphed into a bullish signal

the reason being that now that you cant cash out there will be a premium paid to get hold of the hard currency BITCOIN

Moving forward the tighter the controls the more they will be worth in china

its the same in india that you get ~ 10-15% above spot

So bring on teh FUD  Cool
3  Economy / Speculation / URGENT !!!!! NEWS UPDATE !!! BITCOIN DOING WELL & Broken downtrend on: April 16, 2014, 02:08:00 AM
So just to formally announce we have broken the down trend with a price of 510

China about to come online lets see where we go..If we break 540 today ..Sell the farm and go all in as this is

"THE MOVE OF 2014"

Get on now or you will be left behind
4  Economy / Speculation / WE TESTED 405 AGAIN ..lolz BTC is STRONG LIKE BULL :D on: April 10, 2014, 05:57:17 AM
We have tested 405 again dice bears you go hungry tonight Cheesy
5  Economy / Speculation / BREAKING NEWS ....BITCOIN > CHINA on: April 10, 2014, 03:56:51 AM
I am so over this never ending story.... Its been known for the last 2-3 months for fuck sake

Fuck the chinese and the horse they rode in on BITCOIN  > CHINA

Why do we need them ...really ...just like gox, disappear and be done with it
6  Economy / Service Discussion / KARPLES NEEDS JAIL TIME on: February 25, 2014, 08:14:15 AM
Mark "Fat Boy Frappacinno" Karples needs to got jail over this !!

reports are btw 75000-750,000 take your pick ...we are getting to barings bank & madoff land as far as rip offs go


"FIXING a TECHNICAL ISSUE" ..nothing to see here ...keep trading ..its all good

This guy is a SCAMMER & THIEF who needs to see the inside of a jail cell ...hopefully there will be some newbie bitcoin investors to show him how to use the showers once he gets there Cheesy
7  Economy / Service Discussion / BTC-E STolen Funds --Warning Dont Trade BTCE Money Gone !!!!!!! on: November 13, 2013, 11:39:19 PM

I have always had absolutely no problems with btc-e until now

Currently It is now 2+ hours and I have a missing 222 LTC transfer to LfL3y7EW8wxYYxhgLwtLES4MHEdakRpVwP

It does not exist Sad

I have created a ticket #TFT-204-62792

I have yelled for help on troll box ..nothing

DO NOT TRADE ON BTC-E until withdrawls are fixed !!!!!

Its not only but about 10 others as well ...!!!!!
8  Bitcoin / Mining speculation / BFL & The Reasons For the VERY VERY slow deliverys on: September 14, 2013, 06:54:12 AM
So now as you look to the fact that all of the outstanding PRE-ORDERS are negative ROI here is the reason you have lost money

BFL have not shipped products pure & simply to keep the difficult low so that their PERSONAL/DIRECTORS mining operations keep making as much money as possible

BFL could have shipped everything in as a rough guide 2 weeks (serious) they have chosen by design to string this process out for as LONG as possible

So why dont you have your orders........ because Josh,Sonny,Nasser & Co dont want you mining on main net and reducing their returns

Stop & all makes sense.....

Only the lowest hash rate units get shipped (still at a stagnated pace)
Next LC';s the next lowest hash rate unit
Mini rigs they only get 1/3 of there orders

This constant drip feed is just enough to provide some hope & to keep the FTC away but also to ensure the Directors mining operations are minting coin as much as they can for as long as they can

Also the Joshism's "U dont understand how bitcoin works" & "It makes no difference if i shipped your units now or l8r" these get
translated to "I will keep mining with our equipment & I will ensure you dont have any to compete with me"

Will they ship everything ...of course ...everything will be worth negative ROI & worse..basically they will suck they life out of this GEN 1 technology until there is nothing left for you the customer who has paid for them to do this too you

BTW & guess what remember the monarch and the instant 2 month delay ..guess who will be getting delivery of there units in December

Josh ,SOnny.Nasser & Co ... you guys as the customers will wait until they have mined the shit out of everything & then it will repeat the same drip feed delivery schedule....

You know what THEY ARE ALL doing it but at least ASIC miner is honest to do it upfront & too your face where as BFL hides behind lies deciet & false promises...


To all the fan bois & others who may be on the inside circle.. I have a secret spy who has confirmed all of this as FACT so i dont care about any of your mental acrobats as its all bullshit & this is the truth take it or leave it 

There are no delays ..there are no shortages ..there is just lies & taking you all for a ride !!


P.P.S If this continues the reality is that ASICS are going to kill the dispersion  of the bitcoin network as the end state is going to be the consolidation into the Mining company's mining for themselfs & the insiders associated with each company

P.P.P.S So unless u can build & design an ASIC chip mining for SHA is no longer for you 
9  Bitcoin / Hardware / BFL & Phinneas Gauge on: September 14, 2013, 01:33:57 AM
Where is PG ?

I think 48 hours under the spell of the slickest conman can turn anybody

This is an open letter to PG ..turn back from the dark side ..please I dont care how much barnwood they promised you !!

I am sure Sonny told you about his link to the dark underworld of the Amish barnbuilding mafia buts its all LIES !!

They only build barns as they never destroy them as its agaisnst the amish religion.... Stop and think about it PG..... i Know you are pineing (punn intended Cheesy) for your own wood pile 2 barn doors high..... but all good barnwood is only procured during the dead of night through honest hard barnwood theft work...

Look I may be able to find some slightly used & weathered cedar planks that you can have to tide you over until you come out from under the Sonny "Chainsaw" Vesiledes spell

Please PG we all miss you  Cry

P.S You look like gandalf ..lolz

P.P.S I always knew you would look like Gandalf Cheesy
10  Bitcoin / Hardware / ASICS ASICS EVERYWHERE How AWSOME IS THIS !!!! :D on: September 05, 2013, 01:30:18 PM
To be honest after that absolute pain & suffering our community has gone through with the 4 still born births that where

1 bASIC     ---Was never in teh race
2 BFL        ----The Long Con !!
3 AVALON  ----Started great & then fell for Greed,Greed & more GReed ..really sad
4 ASICMINER---Have screwed every cent out of everything they could ....did not give nothing to nobody ..Will not be missed

Where are we now

BitFury------SHipping Cheesy (Good to see buzzdave landed on his feet )
KNCMIner --I think the Vikings are invading in a good way with intergrity & professionalism (AWESOME!!)
HASHFAST-Started late but i just read the Miner guarantee (like WTF Cheesy ) these guys are the dark horse

I am sure there are more but long story short THESE guys are the professionalism & respect that our community has been waiting for soooooooooo long.....

I really thing our bad days are nearly behind us and there is no place, for the TOP 4 failures, in the new CRYPTO world.

With these guys securing our network & providing services & products with intergrity, we as a community can start to look to further horizons of more marketplace integration and stop looking backward on the neverending scams and broken promises..

I think with these participants in place we have a thriving competition & normal market forces will ensure we get the best products & services in a profesional manner

I think myself and very weary band of "TROLLS" & barnwood thiefs  can look forward to the not too distant future to finally hang up the fiery keyboards and start to have a slightly more positive view on the crypto cvommunity as a whole ...there will always be scammers in the un-regulated wild west of crypto but I think today marks a really big step forward to the MAINSTREAM that we all desire

I am so excited I nearly bought an ASIC...lolz

There is some very messy unfinished business with contestant numbers 2&3 but like a divorce it wont be nice but its has too happen

I hope you guys can see the light @ the end of the tunnel that I can now  Cool

11  Economy / Scam Accusations / BFL FRAUD Continues on: August 29, 2013, 10:44:45 PM

STill pushing the December delivery

Introducing the Monarch
Production Status
Order Transfer Program
August 29th, 2013

28nm Monarchs begin production December 2013
12  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / LTC LITECOIN Foundation - Who and what is it ???????? on: August 06, 2013, 02:13:43 AM
Goat has created this foundation...who is he and what does he represent as furthering the goals of LTC Huh

This is some background on his past activities going back to the NO 1 SCAM for the whole of CRYPTO


As a mark against the idea of him creating a running a
 closed ,
non trasparent,
un-stated goals
foundation for LTC let me remind you that he was involved in the theft of over 70000 btc this add s a lvl of loss of trust .....lolz

So GOAT is now stepping back out of from the shadows from where he was taking a % cut to funnel more BTC into the confers of Pirate & himself

When it all went pair shaped His response was "Its not my Problem "  apart from $$$$$$$ in commissions that he made

So the whole idea of having LTC represented by a QAUSI official foundation that is NOT transparent and run by a previous PONZI participant is a fucking joke !!

Who are the members,whose getting one knows but what we do know is that GOAT created it and runs it !

He said that Colbee (creator of LTC) supports his "FOUNDATION" Colbee was asked and stated this is totally unture !!

So why not trust goat ...well i just gave u 70000 btc reason to not do so !!!

To put this all in context to say he is doing all of this out of the goodness of his heart (NON PROFIT) is another FUCKING joke !!

2000ltc donation was a way to bribe his way back into the light from the shadows.... of working for/on  such a monumental PONZI scam (what about the ~3000 btc in commisions that he recieved ...were any of those paid back ? NO ...not his problem remember !! )

Since Pirate has now been indited by the SEC they may want to look at his accomplices in this SCAM .... let them see what implacability Goat has for that debacle  

So now u are all up to speed...the idea of letting somebody with this track record be the representation in a TOTALLY dictatorial fashion goes against everything that is crypto & LTC

BTW.. Check your facts b4 you fly off the handle...ask him about everything i have brought up  ....i.e the guy you may be working with for the last 12 months had a life b4 you have known him !!  

So if there was a vote about this foundation "I VOTE NO" but lets see there is not by a ex-scammer who says that the foundation doors are sealed and locked "because it works better this way "  better this way for who ...him !!!

This is all a marketing exercise for him to fire up his operations under the total fucking lies of NON-PROFIT!!!!!

Honestly go make your coins thats fine but this foundation bullshit it FUCKING STINKS  and is being used as

13  Bitcoin / Mining speculation / BFL Cash Flow Problems & Difficulty Increases on: June 08, 2013, 07:09:31 AM
After all the lies upon fucking lies that BFL have layed upon this community..

Avalon Batch  2 seems to be arriving but the diff increase seems pretty large...

Josh was quoted as saying 2 days ago  "Hypothetcially if we had cash flow problems would we not be mining using the pre-order equipment"

Who really believes that BFL are NOT mining on Main.NET with your PRE-ORders...?

The ROI @ 20-25% each diff calc will have your BFL PRE-ORDERS not making a ROI if they are not all delivered within 30-45 days

2nd question Who really believes in the 90 days to clear the back log ??

I think even with the fantasy delivery date of 90 days your investment will make a profit in years not days or months that it is now

14  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / JUNK Coins Cemetary on: May 20, 2013, 01:47:10 PM
Of the new wave of Junk coins I though it best to have a place to bury your dead coins

SO the first body on the slab is

FRANKO coin RIP - 20/05/2013
15  Other / CPU/GPU Bitcoin mining hardware / [SOLVED] 5+ Cards in a rig & MINING GUIDE on: May 20, 2013, 12:17:00 AM
After going backwards and forwards with this stuff for the last 6 months I have finally got all the info together and 4m hash template rig

I wanted to share so you dont have to go through all of my pain

Lets start with 5 cards as it is simpler and also there is a lot more choice of equipment

Each 6 and 7 seried card depending on undervolt settings is going to be using about 190-220+ watts

Any 1200+ 80plus  Gold Rated (XFX 1250 is my currrent choice) if u are going for 6+ SIlverstone 1500 Strider is the one i use (only down side is it is Silver rarted)
You can get things like

But the idea of having 2 x 1000 PSU connected sounds rather scary to me ...Also in playing with running 2 x PSU setups i have blown one 900watt unit and a rather large spark about 1 foot long really fuck that shit !!! Use 1 big unit


This will save you hours of pain and suffering plain and simple Either run
Linux  or Windows 8  (WIndows 7 Can go suck IT!)....people have reported 12.8 working 5 cards win 7 but the cards i use need 13.1 and above so just for the record WIN 7 can SUCK IT AGAIN


This will tell u whether u need to do the a1 b17 short to get teh 1 x slots working ..also if u are running a 1 x riser in a 16x slot you will usually still need the a1 b17 short

Also here is a list of 5+ boards

I have 10 MSI 990fxa gd 80 v2 boards running 5+ cards

Personally my new favorite is teh MSI Z77a gd65 with an intel sandy bridge i3 chip...this has been confirmed with 6x7970's (thats a lot of hash for 1 rig ) ALso ssateth has a screen shot with 8 GPU's ...2 x dual and 4 singles on this board mining BTC


To Power or not to power that is the question

If u are mining BTC/SHA then u dont need them if u are LTC\SCRYPT u MUST have them if u go above 3 cards ...I have many reports of 30 rigs running without them  for BTC but also I have 3 PSU's and 1 mobo with burnt out connectors for mining LTC in 4 card setups without powered risers

So long story short use powered risers on setups with 4 cards and up ..also I find that the cheap risers from china ( i cant find anywhere is to get them from anywhere else except cablesaurus) start to die after about 4 weeks turn them into powered and they are ok

Build your own

Just use some left over sata to molex connectors that ususally come with the MOBO

On a rig with 5 cards u will need 2 with powered risers ...also the 1 x slots MUST have a powered riser as there is not enough juice getting to the card from this slot ..they are only rated at 25 watts which is not enough...if u are getting dead/sick cards after about a day or so is 80% of the time tehy are not getting enough power u are ok upto 3 cards without powered risers above that the mobo cant supply enough power and u are heading to burnt out lane !!!


Plain and simple CGMINER its the best ...learn it and u will be happy in the long run awsome s/w ckolivas should be thanked

Also it will get about 10-15% more than reaper and others in most situations in my xp (this is my xp so dont jump on me about others..or there was no support or with my tech knowledge i was not able to get it to work go figure etc )


Heat heat heat and some more friken heat ...welcome to mining...long story short get your cards to run at =< 75 c any higher and u are killing a card slowly ... 85 c is the limit of absolute max u want to be running your GPU's above this and you can here the card dying ...also above 85c they will not stabilize and will usually creep very slowly to thermal cut off

If u can get them to run at 65c then thats great .... but also try not to have the fans at 100% if possible ... a good comprimise is auto fan ...temp target 73 in cgminer .

Depending on the card the older units had an air intake and the rear and the exhaust out the front (i.e the faceplate is the front)

So any fans should be at the rear of the rig blowing to the front ...(the new cards mostly just vent upwards but this config is still the best)

I live in OZ and our summer had 100+ F for 10 days straight (thanks global warming) it was a nightmare having said that you can still mining without AC

In a small room with 8 rigs we where using
2 x

For Exhaust and

2 x

Air Intake

If u have these high temps u will need to direct the air onto the rear/fans of the GPU's via 100mm duct ..if u get this setup right u can mine while it is 100+ F outside ...also have the air intakes come from under the house/shaeded (if possible) as it will always be at least
5 c cooler there

Have the intake for the exhaust located at the top or cieling of the room and the air comming in to the bottom if not directed directly onto the GPU's via duct as stated..this creates a natural heat rises flow dynamic so you get a current or cycle of cold going from the bottom going to the top and hot air at the top exhausted (sounds easy in theory )

This takes a lot of frigging around but to just AC 8 rigs u are looking at 2 k/w (in those temps) instead of 500watts or use a combination of the 2 etc

The best soltion is water blocks but thats another story and also resale and time and effort is a really big step IMHO try this first Wink


I now have 2 locations with a 3rd coming online soon or even when u are at work or getting drunk in a bar like me (... not really but i could be take away wife and kids )

Have a Non-rig pc that will be your management unit may even be your personal pc but try and get some real low spec unit with onboard video type of deal ... Cheesy (i.e 150 watts )

Leave this on 24/7 and install logmein (this will provide the VPN ish link to your rigs )

Now get a IP KVM switch something like this unit

These are awsome it is 100x better than trying to remote (RDP) onto a machine as a RDP remote session uses huge amount of resources and will

a) not work
b) kill the current session

The last thing u want to be doing is breaking a running rig ... these IP KVM switches connect u to the rig and save on cabling and everything else...i cant tell u how much value u get from the $300 u spend on this type of solution ...also that particular unit was $4500 new so its old top shelf shit !!!!..its like an older BMW its still a bmw Cheesy

Each rig set S5 to wake on lan event or PCI to edge -PCI event something of this nature you want the unit to wake up from POWER off from a WOL or magic packet

ALso set the bios to POWER ON from power cycle event when the unit gets turned off and on u dont need to press the digital power button on the mobo etc

Check this link out

Logmein has a wake on lan thing but use a 3rd party app running on the management PC you have setup previously its more reliable

..this has u able to turn on an off pc and also to manage a running PC ..the final peace is BSOD and hard freezes

I use these cards

They are $80 and not super cheap but are industrial grade

I just saw somebody using a rasphberri PI and a relay that looks awsome

And WEBLOGICIO for the PI that would be super cheap but require a bit more skill than isntalling a USB and running a heatbeat client on each rig

Ok Thats about it for now

16  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / ALL The NEW Coins on: May 18, 2013, 01:10:27 PM
I am on the forums a lot .... and have currently 100% committed to crypoto community both professionally and personally

Today in ALT i actually did not even recognize some of the names to the junk coins and thats with a period of less than a day not keeping upto date with ALT

It is really concerning me the release of all this rubbish coins....I am all for new blood but this total disregard for the meaning of building a coin or supporting a community seems a bit sad Sad

I think all the new guys have really missed the point of what crypto can be...and the total short term (even instantaneous viewpoint) $$$ only approaqch is actually missing out on the mid and long term $$ that can be made or created

Anyway maybe i have my head stuck up my arse who knows ...

17  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / [ANN] 1 New ALT coin Every Day ! on: May 13, 2013, 05:59:42 AM
I am going to releasing 1 new coin every day using letters of the alphabet and the ending of "uck"

I am going to start as "S" so we have "SUCK" coin as the start and then everyday the next letter

So on and so on.

Also I will have trojans and coin stealers in every client just to keep everybody on there toes and help out the AV community

Also I will pre-mine 200k of coin because i can or delay starts for me and my mates

You all are going to love it 1 new diff 1 coin everyday what more could u ask for
18  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / ASk the kids to be quiet I am trying to get some sleep :( on: May 11, 2013, 10:15:55 PM
So after

Junk coin
Crap coin
Rubbish coin
Trojan Coin
DogFucker Coin

Now we have the aftermath of ripp off's and grifter scams that are associated with all of these new bloods and the get rich quick schemes.

Really the time and effort that is associated with getting a coin a community and adoption is not diff lvl 1 and free giveaways !!

Previously all the rip offs and scams was the domain of the BTC world (

So in essence can u keep all of this rubbish noise down while u fight over 10 btc ripp offs and trying to manipulate a market (b4 u had an exchange adoption no less

Crypto is not all wholesome love and light world but it is not this "release a coin every 8 hours bullshit"

Winter is coming and it will sort all of you fudsters out....I dont expect to see 5% of u new guys in the next 3 months so look at why u are here and what is it that has you involved in crypto ...because the gravy train is about to stop !

I welcome new blood and the buzz u get when first discovering crypto....but if it has turned into fastcashFever I think u should go sell timeshare and stop releasing rubbish coins

Peace  Cool

19  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / DDOS attacks on pools WTF ? on: May 08, 2013, 03:57:11 AM
Can somebody explain to me who or what motivation people have to be using DDOS atacks on pools

just to name a few

Who or why are they doing this unless it is other pool operators BTC community or aliens  Huh
20  Other / CPU/GPU Bitcoin mining hardware / Non Powered Risers vs Powered Risers & > 4 Card setups on: May 02, 2013, 12:42:35 AM
To ask a couple of $64,000 dollar questions that have been driving me nuts

Are Powered risers the answer to these type of issues

BTW I am running all newish (< 2 months old) hardware

VTX 6970's
Saphire 7950 OC Boost Vortex

When trying to run 4 cards on risers (MSI 990fxa GD80) the 4th card will drop off after a while and long story short  u have to drop it back to the mobo to get the rig stable ...  u end up with best case 3 on non-powered risers and 1 on the board ... (as they get older 2 on board and 2 on risers etc ) I take it that there is no enough extra power from the mobo getting to all 4 cards risers add another level of overhead to this problem

And finally Long story short powered risers will fix this bullshit

This being true (please say its so ) i should be ok with a shorted A1->B17 and powered  16-> 1x riser on the 1 x slots on the gd 80 and also be able to get 6 gpu's (7950's) per board ??

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