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1  Economy / Gambling discussion / What you think about support in crypto casinos? on: April 20, 2018, 03:59:57 PM
I wonder what people has to say about support in crypto related casinos? Do you have any experience, are you satisfied? What you think where support is the best, and where is the worst?
Maybe I will add pool later if there is enough comments and suggestions. Please stick to the topic with your comments, lets make nice discussion about this matter.
2  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / What you may not understand about crypto’s millionaires!? on: February 12, 2018, 07:13:24 AM
I took the same headline, cause after 10 minutes of thinking I couldn't think of any better one. I am reading this article from Jeremy Epstein and I see many good things that I like. I will share couple sentences that I find very interesting:
'There were several crypto-billionaires in attendance and many crypto-multimillionaires, but the topic of money almost never came up. The talk did not turn to the price of the currencies or boasts about what their wealth has enabled them to purchase.'
'This was a conference of people committed to economic freedom, privacy, individual empowerment — people who would pursue their projects if the price of Bitcoin was $1 or $1,000,000.
You know how I know? They have already done it.'
'I met some nine-figure crypto-wealth entrepreneurs who are deploying capital to buy existing businesses and institutions all around the world. One said, “Now you can poach talent from anyone in the world. Anyone.” The goal? Accelerate the revolution towards something new from within the existing infrastructure and leverage the world’s best talent to do it.'
'Oh, it’s also personal. Very personal.

These missionaries are not out to upend the existing order out of greed. They are fully committed to liberating billions of people from the existing financial system they consider oppressive.

What strikes you in a conference like the Satoshi Roundtable is just how international the make-up of the attendees is. You notice there are Argentines who have been cheated out of their life savings by their own government — twice. There are others who were either direct or indirect victims of the 2008 financial crisis, and their hatred towards big banks is palpable. One participant from the Caribbean remarked, “I saw how Wall Street’s irresponsibility destroyed the people of my country. You know what I say? F*ck the banks.”'

And many other good things are written here! I just took couple of lines that are the most interesting for me. In the end something we all know 'It brings to mind another quote. “If you can’t beat them, join them.”
After three days at the Satoshi Roundtable, I can tell you this: You’re not going to beat them.'

Did I miss anything? Maybe things are not the same like Jeremy Epstein described them in this article?!  I put question mark now and in headline, cause I'm not sure is this truth or not, but no doubt that article is great, something that ordinary mind like mine wish to see.
3  Other / Meta / Hello to everyone!There is no suitable headline yet, take a look and participate on: October 06, 2017, 12:13:50 AM
Hello to everyone! For all this time here on forum, and now I`m a hero member, this is my first comment in meta section. I decided to open a new thread and to try to explain everything that I`m interested to know on one place. I think about some things for some time already, and in last few days of "cleaning forum", I shaped my thinking a little bit. All this made me to open this new topic.
The best way is to start with myself and my experience. I like to be sarcastic sometimes, you can see that in many of my posts, some people understand that some don`t, I say that cause I will be a bit sarcastic, I think I prove something with that to those who understand it in the right way. Let`s start from beginning.

*How many threads in bitcoin discussion section have headline: where did you hear first time about bitcoin? Count threads with headline that is just formulated in another way. Clear answer is too many!
-Friend told me about bitcoins, he gave me some basic explanation and he showed me how to open a wallet and couple faucets that he use, with explanation how can I use them. Everything else I learned on my own. My first mbtc`s from faucets went to casino. I started with 1 satoshi minimal bets, in casinos that have that minimal bet of course, in that time some casinos were expensive for me. I was active on many faucets, to not mention them all, many of them are dead now. When I wait for time to claim again I was constantly typing in google how to earn freebitcoin`s. To make this story a bit shorter, that is how I found out about bitcointalk, from here I learned many, many things, l would need days to wrote about all the things I learned here, about things I tried and experienced on this forum and with bitcoins generally.
So basically that is it! This is the last time that I speak about how I started and how I heard about bitcoins. Later I will explain why.
*How many similar threads we see everyday in every section of this forum? Some newbies come up constantly asking same questions over and over again, some other newbies comment them along with other high ranked members, like it`s the first time they see it, and that is going on and on.
*To go a little deeper and ask how many similar comments can be found here on forum? Can we give any answer on this question? Or it`s again too many?!

Now truth is that most of us are making comments in all this threads. Here I don`t wish to go in deep discussion about why people comment many nonsense`s and what they comment, that is a deep hole. People who are aware of how things work here knows about what is all about here. I don`t wish to discuss it, cause I wish to stay on track. Let`s not deal with what we did and how we did, and argue who is right and who is not, let`s see what is happening, and if its bad lets try to fix it.

Now we came on SMAS, couple of managers, forum moderators made SMAS and they have black list. I`m thinking that is something, they are fight against spam and people who comment something stupid or something copied just to be paid, at least someone is doing something.
Now that doesn`t touch me in a way of signature campaigns, but I wouldn`t like to be blacklisted. Do they give any kind of warning (or to address questions directly to them cause I hope some of them will try to answer on some of my questions). How can I know that I am not a spammer? Sometimes I really feel like I am. I am trying to be active on so many places, sometimes I read comments in some new/old topic and I can`t resist to correct someone and to add my own experience (that is just repeating myself, I know, but I feel like "they didn`t see first time, second time, that`s why I feel I`m a bit spammer). I think many of us here faces with same, to call it a problem, or confusions?

I`m now in fixed payment campaign, this situation when post number is going down cause of "cleaning forum" ( I call it like that ) doesn`t affect me much. But I wish to know more about what is happening, can someone give more elaborated answer about what is happening, why now, who is creator of this "cleaning", about criteria`s, and can we as members of this forum help in any way??

I wrote that this is the last time that I wrote about my introduction with bitcoin. Even thou I always tried to give unique and as much possible different comments (if some manager can take a look on my profile and give me honest opinion about my posts I will appreciate that very much) many times I saw myself as a spammer, I just went with a flaw ( I don`t wish this to sound as an excuse, it more honest explanation ).
I`m sick of repeating some facts, in some moments I feel like I wish to start criticize many bad things that I see. I don`t wish to be HYPOCRITE, first I know my flaws, I started with a little more then basic knowledge of English, I think I improved myself a lot in all this time, I am constantly learning, reading about so many things, everything is on English, I use different translators, I read about English when I don`t know how to say some things, here comes a little question am I a copy paste guy cause I stole many good sentences from other people? I read so much and I read about so many good things and I can`t wrote it better, that is how I`m learning some life facts and I use them in real life as I use them here.

I wrote a lot!!! I`m sure that many will not read all that I wrote, please just don`t pull something from context. I am open for every discussion in a peaceful way, tell me where I made a mistake, where I`m wrong...

I said that I shaped my thoughts in past few months and that works for many things, one of the things that I`m sure in is that we need to be open for everything and to be open for learning how to do things better. We improve ourselves every day in many different directions. Let`s be open to each other and let`s share our opinions. I gave some start, its maybe its too much for some people but I refuse to believe in too much, we can be open and share our experiences in better way, I believe that we can make better organization but that is not one man work, we all need to take a part!

Once again I don`t wish to be hypocrite, I`m earning from signature campaign and I wish to continue with that in the future, that is good source for income for me cause I use that money for bitcoin gambling, trading, and other bitcoin related things. I got a lot from my campaign and even more from using all that bitcoins and I know how much can mean bitcoins earned from campaigns, I know. One more question is can we make some system that will work for everyone, for newbies and people who earn from campaigns, for people who just wish to learn, to organize things better.

I will stop now, I need to force myself to stop cause I have so many ideas, so many plans, I said I can wrote for days about bitcoin and this forum and I really can, but I also wish to hear what is your opinion???
I saw some propositions in the past, I saw how some people react on that, can we unite? Most important is can we learn from each other, same like some of us do, but in some better way. If you see that I made some mistake in my English, correct me nicely and I will learn, don`t judge me or anyone. Simply can we agree what is good and what is bad and to try to work together and not independent?
I gave you so many things to think about it, let`s see what will happen and how many responses will I have? How many people will understand me and at least try to connect all what I said? How many people will try to work with me on any idea?

4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Waves vs IOTA on: September 04, 2017, 07:13:00 PM
I didn`t invest in this two coins yet, I would like to buy one of this coins, or maybe both I`m not sure yet. I have around 70 mBTC which is close to 350$ at the moment.
Waves is currently traded for $4.43 (-13.74%)
IOTA                                    $0.618832 (-15.67%)
Bot are going down at the moment, and I like to buy in dips. But which of this two coins is best investment for the long term holding, lets say year or more. Recently I watched few videos on you tube, some guys are predicting crypto market and they are like very experienced in trading most of them have good words about IOTA and theymos here in his thread about alt-coins mentioned IOTA- as one coin that have some technical innovations.
What is the best thing to do, I would like to hear your opinion about this two coins and their future. I will make my decision in next couple days, I don`t plan to wait too much. Thanks for all suggestions.
5  Economy / Economics / You need to see this!!! on: August 24, 2017, 07:44:50 AM

2015 | 115 min. | documentary movie
Re˛ija:    Cyril Dion, Mélanie Laurent

My headline is just to draw your attention! I just finished with watchin this movie and with million thoughts in my head I can't find suitable headline for this topic.
Where to start, if you didn't watch this move do it now, if you had what is your opinion about this movie? I'm sure that here in forum there are people directly involved in some of this projects from this movie.
Like a person from a third world country I'm amazed from what I saw and heard in this move, it's like a mind blowing. What some people did and doing is very inspiring that I wonder how can I start to change my local community.
4000 complementary currencies in the world? Did you know that? Switzerland have two currencies? Island is self sustaining, how they come to that? More then 1000 little organic farms?
There are solutions for problems that this society have, on local level some people did a lot and we need to follow many examples from this real life stories and experiences. Some remarkable people did and they are still doing something great and of all the people in this world follow their step's, we can make this world a better place only like that.
Its not easy to start change's, that why I think that people who live in this communities are amazing. I will watch this again, I wish to take some notes and later search more about some specific things I'm interested in.
I would like to hear what people think about this. And I would like to meet someone who live in any community from this movie. I think we can make great discussion.
6  Economy / Gambling discussion / Texas HoldEm Poker! on: June 18, 2017, 12:10:25 PM
Let's talk about poker and nothing more! Tonight there is nice 250 GTD Thank You Free roll at,  I plan to play and for sure some other members from here. One of my favorite tournament's, skill tournament without re-buys, add-ons, late registration, start is with 2500 chips and first 5 places are paid, usually first place us 100 mbtc, fifth place 22 mbtc. Tournament begin in 10 15 PM, see you there.

PS. This thread is self moderated, and I will delete every off topic comment. If you are poker player share with us where do you play mostly, what kind of poker do you like to play. If there is some nice freeroll tournament's share it here.
I also play poker at 888, currently they have nice promotions ( since I'm there they always have something going on ).

So what do you think which is the best place to play poker at the moment, and why?
7  Economy / Service Discussion / casino, will they ever start to accept bitcoins? on: March 28, 2017, 02:56:33 PM
I started to play poker on this site few months ago, I got some free tickets for registration, I just play free tournaments and with money from all that I play a bit cash hands. I`m good level now so I can play more free tournaments.
I have some money there and I don`t plan to cash out yet, but I think it will be a problem for me if I come to that. I search here on forum and I found some threads :

They wish to buy bitcoins with money from 888 site, so they have problems to cash out as well (or they are scammers, but I don`t wish to get into that story).
Is anyone from here try to make this kind of transaction? Sold bitcoins for money from casino site`s? I`m aware that this is very hard, cause 888 is asking for ID, credit card numbers and other, I think pictures of this documents, so its not easy to give someone all this information`s.
And final and not less important will they ever start to accept bitcoins?
8  Economy / Service Discussion / launched a new feature. on: March 14, 2017, 10:39:25 AM
I received mail yesterday from, here is the mail:

"Dear user,

We are excited to announce a launch of a new feature - a bitcoin savings account!

You can now earn 4.08% annual interest (paid and compounded daily) on any balance that you hold in your account, without doing anything!

All you need to do is mantain a balance of at least 30,000 satoshi (0.0003 BTC) in your account and we shall pay you compounded interest on your full balance everyday. There is no lock-in period to earn interest (you start earning interest right from the first day!) and your balance can be withdrawn any time you wish. Treat your account like an instant-access savings account to hold your excess bitcoins and earn passive interest on your account balance everyday.

Read more about this feature at

If you cannot remember your password, click the LOGIN button in the home page and then the FORGOT PASSWORD? link to reset your password. - Win free bitcoins every hour, no strings attached!"

This sounds promising! I don`t know how much can this work, this way of saving. Generally I don`t like this schemes, but is here more then I`m, and their site was active before (I don`t know for last 6 months), can this be something good and positive?
I don`t have any coins there, but I plan to deposit some just to see does it work.
Any thoughts?
9  Economy / Scam Accusations / Mrbashfo is a scammer, be aware!!! on: January 04, 2017, 04:54:44 PM
Link to his profile:;u=35855

One of his thread's:

You can see that he received 70 mbtc from me, my coins are lost its my mistake I didn't use escrow, but this guy is still selling cupons, gift cards...
I send him money and on that day he got 3 red trust, but I made a deal before it.
He is was online more then once today, but he doesn't replay on my messages. I think he is finishing business via PM's. Well I hope he will not scam anyone else here. People be aware.

10  Economy / Gambling discussion / Let's talk about poker! on: December 31, 2016, 10:02:20 AM
Is poker a game of skill, or a game of chance? Many times asked question, no one can agree on what a game of poker is. There is studies and court decisions regarding the skill / chance debate, there is couple endless threads on this forum too. But I don't wish to open that discussion again.

For beginning I wish to ask where are you playing, and can we meet on some site?
I like to play on, cash game on tables 0.05/0.1 and 0.1/0.25 mbtc. Tournaments are also something I like to play, but just when I have time to sit few hours freely, what is rarely in past few weeks.

My nickname there is Underworld.
11  Economy / Marketplace / Best selling item online for bitcoins? on: October 12, 2016, 06:35:00 PM
What you think about this topic, I wonder what would be most profitable to start selling for bitcoins, and I found out that I have no idea what is happening on the online markets.

OpenBazzar have a list about top 5 things that people are buying with bitcoins.

1. Food
2. Cigarettes
3. Seeds
4. Comic Books
5. Clothing & Accessories

What is your opinion about this?
12  Economy / Marketplace / Buying clothes with bitcoins? on: September 12, 2016, 07:56:54 PM
I found this site this days

Can I buy this somewhere with bitcoins, prices are very cheap, and I saw some very nice clothes there. I wonder is there some similar site, where we can use our bitcoins to buy it. Now I need to ask people with credit cards to buy me this, I dont have one. But with bitcoins I would be able to buy it by myself.

13  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / News: Latest stable version of Bitcoin Core: 0.13.0 (New!) [Torrent]. Make sure on: August 29, 2016, 07:43:59 PM
I'm seeing this for days, and I don't know what this can mean, do people make bitcoins with torrent downloads. I'm trying to find something more about this but I don't have luck. I hope I'm in good sectionz for me this is technical discussion, if anyone thinks different tell me I will move topic in other section.
What this have with me, I'm gambler and ordinary user of bitcoins without big knowledge about computers.
14  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTB] Tablet on: August 27, 2016, 06:47:32 PM
I was looking for tablet, with bitcoins is more expensive then with dollars as I can see on sites where they sell stuff for bitcoins. But maybe someone here have some tablet, and maybe someone can offer me a good tablet for a nice price.
I'm from Serbia, it's in south Europe, if someone have some nice tablet for selling and if  price of shipping is not high we can make some deal. You can show me what you have here or send me PM.
15  Economy / Economics / Economy in nature ! on: May 17, 2016, 05:45:01 AM
-Although "Ecology" did come into its own as a field until the Victorian Era, it was anticipated by developments in natural science and philosophy, particularly in the concept of nature's economy.

-The New Economy of Nature -In light of declining public funds for nature conservation and in search of new investment opportunities for the private sector, water, biodiversity, soils and forests (notably their capacity for storing CO2) are being turned into tradable goods. The prospect of going beyond compensation and actually turning nature conservation into a source of profit has captivated economists and nature conservationists alike.

"All organic beings are striving to seize on each place in the economy of nature." Darwin, [1859]

Nature around us is beautiful, there is no words for explaining natural wonders around the world. Every part of the world have something unique. I look that beautiful nature and I see that we can live with nature and from nature, and in same time not to destroy it or pollute it in anyway. And we see everyday how people destroy this earth where we live, just cause of money and personal interest. History showed how much "some people" ( on very high positions, system ), didn`t care about nature and about people in many situations. They killed anyone who was in their way... they still do it. Point is when there was a moment for people to choose good or bad, bad ideas overridden good one`s. But that is very long topic and I`m sure everyone has opinion about it so let`s stop on that.
Conclusion: We don`t need to hurt nature to make some money or big profit, even when we need to build something and change natural look of some part we can do it carefully and with understanding so it can stay beautiful for new generations.

I hope this was good intro for my topic, and in same time answer on your question why in "Economic Section."

I love nature! And I've had this for a long time in my head, and finally I decided to do something with that idea in my head.

Earth, rivers, mountains, mountain climbing and walking, trees, healing herbs. Silent canyons, lake`s, babbling creeks, streams, hot springs (with healing powers), cold springs with always fresh water that comes from the earth and natural growing green gardens. Different spa centers allows you to heal emotional and physical distress, rid the body of toxins, improve circulation ( here we have a lot of spa`s). Open air parties and festivals on some of this places, excellent food that comes from nature, national drinks ( alcohol drinks from here are special), Social interaction, nature  is a place to learn and explore, but it is also a place to have fun, gather with friends, and meet new ones.

Facebook :

Youtube :

Twitter :

I made all this last night and uploaded several photos. I count this as a first step on very long journey. I will upload many photos in next few days ( from pictures I already have ). Every next time I will make photos and videos from beginning until the end of adventure. So basically I will try to promote nature around me. With this first step I wish to see how many people really like nature, and how many people will give me support.
I would like to hear your opinions about this subject, your ideas.. how can we use this nature in best possible way. I would like you to show me your nature and to tell me how you keep it clean. How did you arrange things to take the best from nature around you, and in same time to not destroy or hurt nature. I wish to hear what you people like when you go on vocation, what is important for you in that time... What ever falls on your mind.

I see I made a pretty big post, I don`t know will someone read all of this. I hope I will get some positive feedback from people here. Consider this like beginning and my plan is to work on this idea until the end of the year. I have some nice saving, and my idea is to start something good and healthy. To buy land somewhere and start something ... something.. I have so many ideas, and every time I`m in nature I`m thinking how good it is.
But I`m not rich, so I need to think it very, very carefully. And when I choose I will need to work very much to make my dream come true.

I just started it, and I don`t expect results fast. Don`t be to hard on me, this is something I`m doing for the first time, and without any experience. I have just big wish and big will. For now I will invest my time and energy, and depends from response I get from every one of you I will make plans for next steps.

I live in Nis, South Serbia:
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