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1  Economy / Scam Accusations / Possible scamming at ??? on: May 29, 2014, 07:15:22 PM
Hello everyone,

This ShadowHax, your neighborhood scammer hunter here...  Cool

Today I find maybe a possible scam. I was searching for websites offers crypto dice game for alt-coins like Darkcoin, and I find website called Paradice. The site look legit and well design, but that not mean it safe! So to test, I send it $1,00 worth of the DRK (0.10 DRK). I honest was not surprise when no fund show up in account balance, haha.  Roll Eyes

I want 1 confirmation, 2 confirmation, 3 confirmation, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9... still no funds... I check "Pending Deposit", but it say "No Pending Deposits", LOL... I then go to "Accounts" tab and set unique username and password. Then it prompt me to enter password. When I do, it just go to blank page now I locked out of website!  Tongue

Link for posted by user paradice. He newbie account registered this month. All his post links to website for different type of alt-coins. It appear he have no other activity. It seem like his goal was to get most deposits as he can to fake website before people figure out it scamming...  Undecided

Right now I try to give benefit of doubt. It could be error with website or some kind technical problems. But most likely it bullshit.  Grin

I was able to locate owner of this website in less than 5 minute. If he scamming, he not very good or smart scammer, LOL! I have try to contact him about the problem. I know his name, home address, phone number, email, Facebook account, work/business, family and friends. If problem not solve in timely fashion I will release dox on scammer and report to his local authority.

If you have any input or question or you lose money to these "Paradice" websites, please post here. I will try securing you refund, and if not we dox him and escalate matter as necessary.  Smiley


2  Economy / Lending / Needing 0.10 Loan [Darkcoin collateral] on: May 28, 2014, 10:59:00 PM

I needing small loan of 0.10 BTC. I have some Darkcoin for using as the collateral. I only giving collateral to highly trusted lender or trusted agent of the escrow. No newbie or people of no reputations. I not stupid.  Smiley

If anyone able to helping me with this, please reply here!


3  Bitcoin / Hardware / PSU for ANT-Miner S1s on: May 20, 2014, 04:00:59 PM

I have two ANT-Miner S1 need setup with new PSU. This my first time to dealing with ANT-Miner before. I buy only the miner. It come with nothing else.

How I need this to setup? What PSU you recommends for 2x ANT-Miner S1s? Seller suggest 1000W PSU. I think they pulling 720W?

Also need I anything else for the miners setting up? I have already router with WIFI connection and also ethernet cable for direct the plugging in. But what else needed?

Danke!  Smiley
4  Economy / Lending / [NOT NEEDED] Looks for small loan ( 0.0775 BTC ) on: May 18, 2014, 04:32:27 AM
Hello everyone,

This my first time but I hope I get small loan of at least 0.0775 BTC to maximum 0.100 BTC.

Reason for loan is I just purchase 2x ANT-Miner S-1 ASIC and I need new PSU. These miner optimized to give average hashrate around 360 to 380GH/s.

24 hour test-run was made of miners already and they earn about 0.02 BTC per daily.

You can see miner stats in Eligius pool here:

And I make signed message of Bitcoin address to prove this really me (without quotes):

Message: "ShadowHax from BTCTalk"
Signature: "H5on1Qwq03/Cq4AAhPEPEAmP7g2x+m6R7PKm9q0J2Ot9jqzD5aBBXjuA7xRhzz0eaEJqR9FG7BFYaOQxkuNhJcs="

My loan can be repaid in 3.875 days of mining or sooner if I make other income. It will take me few days for shipment to arrive and set up miners with new PSU and start mining again. So I think loan may take at most 10 to 12 days total for repay.

If anyone can help me get PSU and get mining faster please let me know!

Wallet Address:


5  Economy / Currency exchange / [WTB] Small amount BTC for $30-$50 Moneypak on: May 17, 2014, 07:07:45 AM
I will be head to pharmacy soon to get medicine. Not feels very well tonight. But while there I would like to pick up small moneypak to buy extra BTC.

I would like a purchase for $30 to $50 worth the bitcoins.

Please reply or pm to me if interested!

Danke!  Smiley
6  Economy / Currency exchange / Need BTC for $50 Moneypak on: May 14, 2014, 11:37:45 PM
I looking for BTC. Currently have $50 Moneypak, fresh purchase at local CVS pharmacy.

Can provide picture of card and receipt if necessary.
7  Economy / Scam Accusations / Hunting Notorious "Group Buy" Scammer [Avalon-Shenzhen, VX-Miners, USB Erupters] on: May 11, 2014, 10:43:24 PM
Only last night I became aware of a "group buy scammer" behind the notorious "Avalon-Shenzhen Scam". He is probably also perpetrator of numerous other "group buy" and other type scams, including VX-Miners, the "1000 pcs USB Erupters Scam" and many other. May also be involved in or related to outbreak of pm phishing scams, such as this scam in which a scammer pose as "Vod" and "austin" to steal a bounty for finding another scammer!  Roll Eyes

I become interested in taking up hunt of scammer upon discovery of 20,00 BTC bounty on his head from victim of Avalon-Shenzhen and possible bounty from other victims. So I start my hunt looking at forum threads and basic information...

Avalon-Shenzhen, VX-Miners, USB Erupters and many other group buy scam all share similar characteristic. My English personally is bad, but after consulted friend of mine in USA who speak English, German and Finnish he says scammer is probably not native English speaker but probably speaker of Central European language. This can be faked, said he, so it is only educated guess. But it get more interesting...

I begin analyzing network forensic data and peeling through proxy and Tor exit node used by scammer. I happen upon particular IP address used by scammer to access forum. IP address come back as locate in state of Wisconsin. But what interesting about it is that after do back-trace of network activity with help of South Korean service, I find that this IP address been used from country of Poland... central European nation...

What more interesting is that there is particular Polish person who in past used IP address months before scams take place, and he make a lot of spam posts on Polish and Central European blogs. Many of these posts has mention "Bitcoin" and "Bitcoin mining", and also possible connected to other non-Bitcoin scam, phishing, frauds and other thing! Also find possibly related activity on PirateBay and other file-share websites asking for Bitcoin donation.

Now I summarize what currently leads I have...

Current Leads & Suspicion:

  • Scammer behind Avalon-Shenzhen, VX-Miners, USB Erupters and numerous other same person
  • ... is native of Poland and probably live in there today
  • ... may be fan of "Miklos Rozsa" and active on PirateBay May find leads here
  • ... make money from blackhat SEO activity
  • ... possible linked to phishing and other scam/fraud inside and outside bitcoin community
  • ... scammer probably friend with other Central European scammer; notice related activity and spam for payday loan, mortgage and credit scam/fraud

It is not much, and none of this truly confirm yet. But it is great start for less than one day hunting. I feel like I have solid foundation under foots now to try begin a case against the scammer build. To all victim of this scammer I want you to know someone really do care and is hunting the bastard. And it already appear he overestimate anonymity of Tor, Bitcoin and proxy he use and make critical error in covering track. A name, dox and maybe even arrest could eventually be result of this investigation. Recovering of stolen fund may be too much to hope for, but anything is possible. It too early to make any promise, but I trying really hard.

I do this for two reason. Most obvious reason, I want to catch scammer and claim bounty. His head on spike worth quite a bit coin. But also I hate scammers with burning passion. I have been victim of scam before like many of you. I feel very bad for victims. I very touched by story of user "kenmor666" particular, a disable military veteran who scammer stole from him over $5.000,00 USD of bitcoin and financial devastate him. All victim of scammer real people with real story and real lives, and this hurt them very seriously. There are few wealthy victims who probably not hurt as badly, but they still deserve also justice.

I must be careful what discovery and informations I share publicly. Most important, we don't want to give scammer ability to hide his footprints by revealing too much detail. Second, I don't allow trickster to claim credit for my labors and try to snatch bounty out my fingern. However I willing to cooperate and share information with other hunter best as possible without compromise investigation or loss my own compensation for much hard labor that will come.

I will update thread with news and update of hunt when possible. I canot be hunter all hour of the day and the night because I regular working person with job and must eat and pays the bills like all of you. If I find scammer and uncover name and personal detail I would like to use trusted escrow agent for exchange of information and bounty. I will not beg for donation but donation would help me spends more time on investigation. Then I need not work so much overtime and other job to sustain myself. I will let just thr community decide if my work worthy of donation and how to handle fairly and transparent.

Currently I compiling arsenal of information about scams and scammer. Bitcoin address, transaction, IP address, Tor exit node, network activity and all sort of information. I will be releasing some of these informations periodically so others may aid investigation.

If you like to help me and investigation, give tip or info or have any question please send to me a pm. I doing my best and will work on investigation all time I have my time free!

Thanks  Wink
8  Economy / Services / Freelance C#/.NET Programmer on: May 10, 2014, 03:19:28 AM
Hello friends,

My English may not be so good, but my C# is sharp as tack!  Cool

Right now I working in USA for German firm as senior programmer of major C#/.NET project for construction industry and accounting. My work very enjoyable and flexible for me. I work about 20 hour per week minimum with some overtime hour allowed. I have thus much free time for Bitcoin and other things. Since I have not many friends here in USA other than co-worker, I oft get bored. I would much like to earn some extra bitcoins on side by employ my programming skill.

I has close to probably 10 year experience track in C# and .NET platform. I know also C and C++ for even longer, but use them only ocassions for work. So most experience of mine with C#, but these skills have I also. I write clean, organize code. I am perfectionist. I comment neatly and keep track of all things and document codes as I go. My English limitation is not problem for documentation because I have girlfriend and other programmer friends with perfect English who always helps me translate documentation to perfect English.

I have experience with Windows and desktop application developing, game developing with DirectX, MDX, SlimDX, XNA, multiplatform projects with Mono and other open-source .NET implementation, small amount of website and server programming, cryptography and alot more thing. I able to do almost anything you want. If I don't know how or not done before I research and figure out!  Smiley

I look for freelance work in C#/.NET and maybe other field. I charge you not much and willing to negotiate. Rate depend on amount of work require, size and scope of project and nature of work.

If anyone interest in guru of C# working for them here you have found him!  Smiley

P.S. I try to open tonight a new account on github or other site to post small demos of my working.
9  Economy / Goods / [WTS] 3 Casascius Physical BTC from 2012! on: May 08, 2014, 11:39:36 PM
Today I look in old box of mine and find in it 3 of the physical BTC from Casascius minted in 2012!  Shocked

Two coins already redeemed and have no longer bitcoin on them. But one coin still has holograph in tact and never redeemed! Grin

I may be interest to sell these coins, but I know not the current value.

I told also that redeem coins from 2012 still worth money as collector items. How much can redeem 2012 1 BTC coin be worth today??!!!  Huh


Here are picture of empty Casascius coins:

10  Economy / Currency exchange / [WTB] Seek BTC for Moneypak ($40,00 to $50,00 amount) on: May 08, 2014, 06:26:44 PM
I seek today more bitcoins. Need only $40,00 to $50,00 worth of the bitcoins for Moneypak.
11  Economy / Currency exchange / Need BTC for $40 Moneypak on: May 07, 2014, 04:47:42 AM
I would like to buy more of bitcoins. This time I needs $50,00 $40,00 worth of the bitcoins for Moneypak.

12  Economy / Currency exchange / Need BTC for the $20.00 Moneypak on: May 03, 2014, 05:53:33 PM
Hello, I need only small amount of the bitcoins for the $20 Moneypak code. Please let me know if anyone able to trade.

Thanks all folks!  Smiley
13  Other / Beginners & Help / What happened with BTCFPGA? on: January 15, 2013, 05:17:14 AM
I read some threads having talked about this problem with BTCFPGA who was to make these bASIC rigs. But none I see give really lots of details on how this happen or why.

Was BTCFPGA just a scam? Do they steal everyone money to run away? Or do they simply get the money and do something stupid now company is falling? This really bad I think no matter what happen there. And do anyone know if someone else will now take this the company over?

Please do lots of details and whole story. I will like to know more about this from people who know whole story and details.

I wonder also now what this mean for BFL and other ASIC companys. This should bring fear for everyone now who order product that does not yet existed.

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