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1  Economy / Gambling discussion / Making too many picks reduces chances of winning. on: January 15, 2024, 01:28:21 PM
As gamblers, we love more action, so we tend to make more bets on a regular basis. However, experts say that when we make too many picks regularly, our chances of winning decrease. This is due to the fact that we won't be able to analyze all the games carefully that are in our ticket and won't have the advantage needed to win. So instead, it's recommended that we should value quality over quantity if we want to succeed in sports betting.

Share your opinion regarding this matter.

Edit : I see that some replies are talking about parlay. FYI, this is not about parlay, it's about making many single picks on a regular basis. Please avoid using parlay when sharing your opinion.
2  Economy / Gambling discussion / Do you believe you can win on sports betting by analyzing a betting lines only? on: December 09, 2023, 04:16:01 AM
When I say 'line,' I am referring to the spreads or handicap of a certain team in the game. Through my years of experience, I have noticed that putting effort into analyzing the team's statistics and other factors, such as news and rumors, does not significantly affect my chances of winning.

I got this belief now that bookmakers are already knowledgeable about these aspects, and they take them into consideration when establishing a betting line for a specific game.

How about you? Do you share the same perspective or not?
3  Economy / Gambling discussion / Who among you here is gambling at work? on: October 13, 2023, 02:52:01 AM
I'd like to share my experience with you all. Even though I'm not currently employed, I went through a phase of gambling while I was working in the past, and the outcome wasn't positive. It affected my job performance because, as you may know, when you lose, you tend to dwell on your losses and constantly think about strategies to win. When we talk about work, it usually means we're not particularly wealthy, and imagine what happens when we gamble money we can't afford to lose, especially when we're not earning much.

Let me tell you, the feeling is far from pleasant. It leads to a decline in your work performance, which can have significant consequences since that's your primary source of income. It might be manageable if you're winning, but the harsh reality is often quite the opposite. Even when we do win, we tend to spend most of our winnings, so we don't treat it as business money. This leaves us in a precarious situation when we lose because the money we initially budgeted for our families gets diverted to cover unexpected gambling-related expenses.

I'd like to hear from those of you who have experienced this or are still dealing with it. Please share your testimonies.
4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / What price range do you think DOGE will end this year? on: September 01, 2021, 09:02:13 PM
We know that DOGE is so hype, and it seems the hype is over and only those bag holders are controlling it now why the price is still one. Sooner or later, we might be able to see a big dump of DOGE, so I like to know your prediction about the price if that scenario will happen this year.

The current price is $0.2871 -

Possible price ranges in dollars.

1. 0.1 - 0.5
2. 0.05 - 0.02
3  0.01 - 0.005

What do you think the range it will fall and why?
5  Economy / Gambling discussion / (Olympics Boxing) Carlo Paalam vs Galal Yafai (Fight for Gold Medal) on: August 04, 2021, 02:00:40 PM
I'm interested in betting on this game as I believe in our representative, this is a Semi-Final fight of Men's Flyweight.

here are the information of two boxers.

Carlo Paalam  -

Ryomei Tanaka-

the fight is already listed in sportsbet but the odds are not yet available. Please check from time to time.

6  Economy / Gambling discussion / Inoue vs Donaire II discussion on: July 03, 2021, 12:10:27 PM
Since Donaire vs Casimero fight is already off, and we heard a lot of rumors that Donaire will be fighting Inou.

What can you say about the rematch, will Donaire be able to avenge his loss and win the fight, or we will see the same result in their first fight.

Nonito Donaire - current holder of WBC World Bantam Title

Naoya Inoue- Current holder of WBA Super Bantam Title/IBF world Bantam Title.
7  Economy / Gambling discussion / Denver vs Blazers series odds if Denver win game 3. on: May 25, 2021, 01:53:04 PM
I have a series of betting with my friends, I just need to seek some expert advice because I plan to bet online their money so I would not lose. I accepted a series bet now, they are on the Denver with is currently 2.30 in my bookie.

I'm thinking, what if I will not bet it now and wait for the result of game 3.

if the Blazers win, for sure the odds will be x3 or more for the Denver Nuggets. so my plan is, I will bet the half and keep that half as my winning. Whatever the outcome, I already won.

Now, what if the opposite happens?
8  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / As altcoins are bleeding, people found a way to hedge on DOGE. on: April 16, 2021, 02:02:12 PM
As we can see, there's some price drop happening now.

BTC in read so as some of the altcoins, but I'm just surprise or impress how Dogecoin has been performing.

DOGE is up 200% in 24 hours while some of the altcoins have significant drop.
Is DOGE the hottest coin now after BNB?
9  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / XRP is pumping now. on: April 05, 2021, 09:44:47 PM
Wow.. this is the first time I saw XRP is pumping really hard,.. may you guys share what are the reasons why XRP whose been sleeping is now pumping already? Do we have a positive news against the SEC, or a different news?

Currently have 47% increase and it could reach the price of 1 usd soon.
10  Economy / Speculation / I have a relatives who ask advise to invest, what should I do? on: March 20, 2021, 02:05:34 PM
I just want to share my experience, I have a relative who come to me and ask advise on what coins to invest now, I don't name a coin and I said he must do his research but he insist that I know, he want to invest immediately.

I know he is into FOMO because he seems so aggressive and like to get instant return.
He told me that since I'm a veteran, he would like to ask some advise on what coins will pump in the coming days so he can invest on it.

I knew he is so positive, and I can feel him since I also got FOMO'd before.

What do you think should I do guys? how can I help him?
11  Economy / Speculation / Bitcoin is dumping, what's the possible reason? on: February 22, 2021, 01:00:54 PM
Huge dump happening, it could possibly dump below $50,000.. What's your thoughts on what is happening now?

Is this is serious one or just a minor dump that could not affect the bullish market?
12  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Now that bitcoin is $50,000, will we see ETH to value at $2000 soon? on: February 17, 2021, 11:20:04 AM
Bitcoin has reached $50,000, and this was already a huge success by bitcoin, but my question is, will ETH follow and reach to $2000 anytime soon?
If we based on the its movement, bitcoin has already increased more 150% more or less from its previous ATH, so if the same movement will happen to ETH, we could possible see ETH at $3000 each soon, what do you think about this possibility?
13  Local / Pilipinas / ATH na ba? on: November 30, 2020, 03:20:57 PM
Kabayan sana gising pa kayo para ma enjoy ninyo ang takbo ng bitcoin ngayon.
I believe we will see a new ATH tonight as we welcome a new month .

Before, December nag ATH, pero I think November this time.

Enjoy muna natin ang ATH tsaka na natin pag usapan ang possible correction at dip nito.

14  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Betting on bitcoin against Central Bank Digital Currencies on: September 06, 2020, 11:04:52 PM
So I came across with this topic "Bitcoin or Central Bank Digital Currencies: Which is the Better Bet?" and I find it very interesting  as we have been taking about how banks will struggle due to continues printing of money especially to bail out the pandemic.

One way or another, digital currency is in our future. Since Bitcoin’s blockchain launched in 2009, more and more converts have become purists and accepted the idea that a decentralized currency without an authority figure overseeing its use is not only a distinct possibility, but possibly the way of the future.

That being said, people who are truly sold on the idea of living off of Bitcoin or any other decentralized currency are still in the minority. Most people are comfortable using credit and debit cards nowadays for cashless transactions, and many more still will likely support the idea of a government merely doing away with paper money altogether and offering its citizens a digital currency alternative that is still tied to central banks.

Odds are most people will use the latter if governments make it easy to do so. But the real question is, what is the better bet in the long run? Is it going to be easier or more fruitful to use Bitcoin and decentralized currencies? Or is the average person just going to settle for using government money that no longer requires paper or coins?

Answering these questions requires taking a slightly deeper look at the evolution of money and the idea of transferring value between one another.

source :

So what do you think, is it right to start betting bitcoin now?
15  Economy / Gambling discussion / When you do think you can start betting in sportsbook again? on: May 26, 2020, 11:17:55 AM
We are all aware of the present situation, there's a pandemic and most of the sports are not permitted at the moment, however, with some news and rumors going around in the space, I have a feeling that sports will resume soon.

The sports that I like to bet when sports will resume.

1) PBA (our local basketball organization)
2) NBA
3) Boxing especially on popular boxers.
16  Economy / Economics / Will India be more progressive in the coming years? on: March 23, 2020, 03:57:52 AM
One good news from this article of :

Billionaire investor and the winner of thousands of Bitcoins (BTC) in the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s 2014 Silk Road auctions, Tim Draper, has set his sights on India’s nascent cryptocurrency industry.

On March 22, the venture capitalist tweeted that the Supreme Court’s recent reversal of the Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) ban on banks providing financial services to crypto companies will drive a “renaissance” for the country’s cryptocurrency sector.

India as the 2nd biggest in terms of population, being positive with crypto might do something positive in with their economy in the future.

What do you see years from now that India will achieve due to this declaration of lifting the ban of cryptocurrency?
17  Local / Pilipinas / IMF Urges Philippines’ Central Bank to Collect Crypto Exchange Data on: January 26, 2020, 02:09:58 PM
Does this mean that the IMF want to monitor crypto transaction all over the world?

With this request from them, they wanted to add our information to their database so they can monitor the crypto users that are using registered exchanges at the same time.

Now, here's my question, do you think this would be helpful to reduce the scams in the space and to help the crypto grow in the long run?

18  Local / Pamilihan / Discussion about cryptotalk current situation. on: December 23, 2019, 09:47:00 AM
Mga kabayan, alang natin na karamihan sa ating mga local members are participants ng yobit kaya sa tingin ko dapat nating pag usapan ang sitwasyon ngayon. Ang problema ang cryptotalk or tawagin nalang nating yobit kasi mas sikat yan, ay yung send button ay hindi pa rin working.

Ito ang tanong ko, hanggan kailan kayo kayang maghintay? 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks or 4 weeks?

or anong dapat nating gawin sa sitwasyon na ito.. yung akin, mga 7 days na yata ako walang withdraw.

19  Local / Pamilihan / CryptoTalk.Org Ban rate. 226/631 members = 35.81% on: October 01, 2019, 11:47:17 PM
For those who are not yet aware that there is a list of ban members, you can check the link below.

List of banned participants in the Cryptotalk Campaign<=CLICK)
$Andreyka$ - spam/burstposting
-Joni- past post history shows this users should not be in sig campaigns. Burstposter/spammer
2girls - neg rep account buying/selling
2x25BT - bad post history
3x2 - neg rep merit seller
aces777 spam/postbursting
add1ct3dd - past post history shows big spammer/burstposter
ajochems - hacked account
akhzayn - hacked account involved in merit farming
Akiko - full members not allowed
AltcoinAuthority - neg rep cheating campaigns
Alter28 - members not allowed
amadorj76 - members not allowed
andibongkol - neg rep cheating campaigns
Anhtatsu - full members not allowed
Arcas - generic spam replies
artur11110000 - spam/burstposting
asradoni - spamming altcoin boards with 1 liner trash
asdalani - neg rep cheating campaigns
Asuka - members not allowed
AzzAz - spam
Babylon - neg rep hacked/bought acct
badykvik - spam/burstposting
BaronCoin - Spam/burstposting
befriendmywater - members not allowed
belli4388 - members not allowed
bitcoin-shark - neg rep spamming local sections
bitcoin31 - neg rep
BitcoinTurk - spam/burstposting
bitjoin - neg rep acct sales
blu.storm - members not allowed
bonker - spam/burstposting Neg rep possibly hacked account
bouren - neg rep cheating campaigns
bozo333 - neg rep bought/hacked acct
capcaypro - neg rep cheating bounties
celot - although not by dt anymore neg rep for cheating campaigns spam/burstposter
Cheesus - neg rep promoting scams
Chiyoko - members not allowed
CHRISBIN702 - spam/burstposting
CODE200 - Neg trust burstposting/spam
cozytrade - bounty spam
CryptInvest - neg rep promoting scam
darkfriend77 - neg rep hacked acct
davis196 - burstposter/spammer already on my blacklist
Dbronze98 - Full members not allowed
Deborah Christine - neg rep cheating campaigns
Denlon - spam/burstposting
dgigit - spamming altcoin boards with 0 value crap
Digital_Lord - alt account of Jamalaezaz
dmcx - members not allowed
dodziu - full members not allowed
dRAIH- spamming altcoin boards ban evasion
Dread Pirate Roberts - spam/burstposting
easynote - neg rep cheating campaigns
edulord - full members not allowed
elewton - full members not allowed
Emporer of Man - spam/burstposting
Eric Cartman - spam/burstposting
Fasdurcas - spam/burstposting
FaucetKING - Questionable reputation spam/burstposting
fcmatt - neg rep acct sales
FiiNALiZE - neg rep cheating campaigns spam/burstposting
fitty - neg rep selling account
flash101k - full members not allowed
flipme - spam/burstposting
Franz_Huber - plagiarism
FrictionlessCoin - spam/burstposting
furylmz - spam/burstposting
futureofbitcoin - Copy/paste
generous - neg rep spamming token section
genset88 - members not allowed
gokselgok - full members not allowed
gold969 - spamming altcoin ANN threads with junk
goraset - neg rep stealing work
hahahafr - spam/burstposting
Hans17 - full members not allowed
HarHarHar9965 - spam/burstposting not wearing personal message text plaigiarism
Hashienewb - neg rep cheating campaigns spamming 1 liner trash
Heimer - spam/postbursting
Herressy - full members not allowed
hridoyb - spamming mega threads
hyunee - full members not allowed
indika - spam/burstposting
infarterr - neg rep cheating bounties
jayc89 - neg rep cheating campaigns spam/burstposting
J1mb0 - neg rep spamming altcoin boards
jacafbiz - didn't head the warning spam/burstposting
jamalaezaz - too much neg trust for scamming
janedt - neg rep campaign cheater
Jasad- hacked account neg rep
Jimitieu - members not allowed
joshv06 - neg rep hacked account
jvdp - neg rep for abusing campaigns
Kaller - neg rep abusing campaigns with alts
kaltun - burstposting/spam
Kencha77 - spam/burstposting
kentrolla - spam/burstposting
kirisaridaichi- neg rep cheating bounties
Kizaki - neg rep account sales spam/burstposting
ksl - Spamming 1 liner trash/incorrect sig code
Lalafell - necrobumping
leavolnhas - full members not allowed
leexhin - neg rep cheating campaigns
lestherat - plagiarism
Lhaine - full members not allowed
lkjhg - full members not allowed
lolxxxx - neg rep ban evasion among other things
Lorna111 - members not allowed
lotfiuser - multiple neg reps
lottoitaliano - burstposting/spam
Lucky7btc - spam/burstposting
lucky80 - spamming altcoin boards
Maian - full member accounts not allowed
Malsetid - spam/burstposting
man22555- neg rep open scam accusation spamming
ManagerVirta - neg rep bumping services
marcuslong - Neg rep for cheating campaigns and merits Burstposting/spam
masewild - spam/burstposting
Masyudhi - neg rep cheating bounties
mauriek - neg rep for merit abuse
MCDev - spam/burstposting bounty claims trash
mekar sari - neg rep acct sales
MetalGear - alt of Lalafell banned
micher143 - neg rep spam/burstposting
Mr.Good - spam/burstposting
mr.robot8 - full members not allowed
nairb131 - Full members not accepted
nara1892 - lots of generic low value spam bs
NewBet - neg rep cheating campaigns
NutMasrterTardd - spam/burstposting
onesalt - spam/burstposting
Orrechorre - neg rep fake team ICO scam
ozgr - neg rep cheating campaigns
Paecga129 - neg rep cheating campaigns spam/burstposting
partysaurus - spam/burstposting
paycum - neg rep abusing campaigns
pcfli - neg rep compromised acct
pealr12 - spam/burstposting
pinkliar - full members not allowed
plast555 - spam/burstposting
pokerowned - neg rep for fake giveaway
popcoins - neg rep selling accounts
prof7bit - spam/burstposting
qory - spamming
Qunenin - neg rep signature spamming
rahmad2nd- generic spam replies in altcoin boards
randegibran - neg rep cheating bounties
Razick - Neg rep cheating campaigns burstposting/spam
Real14Hero - Neg trust for loan default spam/burstposting
rez303- members not allowed
Roidz - neg rep hacked acct
rsbriggs - full members not allowed
sarabanda - spam/burstposting
scanderpot - copper member/jr member not allowed
scolary23 - spam/burstposting
senyorito123 - abusing campaigns with alts
shimbark123 - neg rep plagiarism on alt acct
ShooterXD - neg rep ban evasion
SIHIN - neg rep
silversurfer1958 - full members not allowed
skyline247 - neg rep cheating campaigns spam/burstposting
snakey - neg trust for merit selling/attempted scammer Burstposting/spam
sniveling - spam/burstposting
stan86 - 1 liner junk spam
strickland- neg rep cheating campaigns spam/burstposting
stripykitteh - neg rep cheating campaigns
susila_bai - Neg rep that's unacceptable
Sweetbtc - neg rep cheating campaigns with alts
tazmantasik - neg rep cheating campaigns with alts
taibas - spam/burstposting
terrorJR - neg rep cheating bounties
Thefrolly - spam/burstposting
TillKoeln - spam/burstposting 1 liner trash
tiptopgemdotcom - compromised account
tranduc2101 - members not allowed
travwill - spam/burstposting
tyoA7X - neg rep cheating campaigns
UsernameBitcoin - spam/burstposting
vamp8 - members not allowed
Vantix - several deleted posts for spamming and low value
Vaskiy - neg rep cheating with alts
Vaslime - members not allowed
VenMiner - neg rep selling merits
vitalicus - full member not allowed
Wa Da Fak - member not allowed
Wendigo - neg rep abusing giveaways
White sugar - spamming/burstposting
Woshib - neg rep running scam bounties
zander09 - full members not allowed
zedicus - neg trust hacked acct
zupdawg - spam/burstposting not wearing the personal text

Yobit/Cryptotalk signature campaign participants<=CLICK)
Total members of the campaign - 439  


20  Local / Pamilihan / You Can Renew Business Registrations Online Thanks to PayMaya, GCash, LinkBiz on: October 01, 2019, 08:16:22 AM

October 1, 2019 – The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) has made renewing business names easier by partnering with e-payment platforms so that proprietors can renew their business registration online.

Good news sa mga business owners, this new initiative by the government will make our task to renew our businesses easier.
They are currently accepting PayMaya, GCash, and LinkBiz (no idea about this one).

let's hope that they will also accept payment from so we can use btc to renew, but still this improvement is a good one that will eventually lead to bitcoin being accepted in the long run.
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