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1  Other / Meta / Spamming links to blog, copy/pasting articles, moderator' opinion is needed on: March 25, 2020, 09:47:48 PM
What is forum policy regarding users who are creating topic after topic and are either:

1) copy/pasting random articles
2) spamming links to blog
2  Local / Hrvatski (Croatian) / bitcoin priča - merit giveaway on: March 18, 2020, 10:10:58 PM
Jedan mali merit giveaway, znači ispričajte svoju BTCBTCBTC priču i zgrabite 5 merita


1) mora biti nešto vezano za bitcoin (može i za shitcoin ali opet mora imati veze sa bitcoinom)
2) priča ne mora biti istinita, što se mene tiče može i o tome kako vam je zmaj pojeo bitcoin, mašti na volju, ali mora biti zanimljiva i konstruktivna
3) po osobnom izboru dajem po 5 merita, broj korisnika koji će dobiti merite nije nužno određen[1]
4) giveaway nije vremenski ograničen
5) maksimalno 1 priča po korisniku[2]
6) novi i nedavno aktivirani računi ne mogu sudjelovati(ako ih uočim)

[1]U slučaju nedostatka merita a budu dobre priče, budem poslao merite kad ću ih imati.
[2]"No multiaccounts!"
[3]Pravila se mogu promijeniti u svakom trenutku.
3  Other / Meta / Tecshare is trolling!??? on: March 04, 2020, 03:30:51 PM
Why oh my?

Case number one:

Is the rating I left for Vod valid or not? Are the ratings he left for me valid or not?

No and no. [...]

Of course, conversation continued in trolling spirit, tecshare again:

Is not my rating for Vod valid? Are Vod's negative ratings for me not invalid? Convenient you suddenly can't be bothered when a direct question is asked.

Suchmoon replied again but tecshare continued with trolling:

Is not my rating for Vod valid? Are Vod's negative ratings for me not invalid? Convenient you suddenly can't be bothered when a direct question is asked.

I already answered in the shortest and most direct way possible, literally in the post you just quoted. I can't help you with your compulsive lying issue, sorry.

You didn't answer my question. You responded to it, but you didn't actually answer it. Oh I am a compulsive liar now? Refractory projection much? Are you taking lessons out of Vod's book now?

Trolling continued:

Since you answered this question, please quote your answer for clarity, that is unless you are going to take another page from Vod's book and just keep claiming you did while never actually doing it.

Is the rating I left for Vod valid or not? Are the ratings he left for me valid or not?

No and no. Stop using theymos as a crutch when it suits you. He also said "it'd be best to forgive".

Until you, Og, and Vod start seriously working towards deescalation I can't be bothered to care about it anymore. Five minutes of being adults is all it takes. Look at Lauda+Quicksy = . You can do it too, I believe in you, don't let me down.

It seems pretty clear you didn't answer my question at all [...]

It seems pretty clear you didn't answer my question at all

Quit lying, the answer is right there, you just disagree with the "no".

My agreement or disagreement is irrelevant. You in fact did not answer my questions. You replied, but you didn't answer them. That is not the same thing.

Trolling continued and moderator at some point removed some posts

Case number two:

This thread itself documents several instances of negative rating abuse by Marlboroza, of which he was forced to remove under public pressure.

Who forced me exactly


[...] You were forced to do so by the same people advising you that these abusive ratings only make you look bad, like what happened just now. [...]

Who forced me?

I have no idea. You tell me.

Case number 3:

^ Don't be. Example:

1) find nutildah's post
2) say something irrelevant for topic(again) and make sure it is something about nutildah which will make them respond (it can be word or one sentence, but strong enough to cause reaction)

I act because I don't enjoy my character being discussed this way.

You're not the first member to be analyzed in this fashion and you certainly won't be the last. Weeks after getting on DT my reputation was thoroughly savaged. If you can't handle criticism then don't dish it out.

If you must know, I distrusted you because I don't trust reformed shitposters that suddenly decide to take an interest in forum issues. You're trying too hard.

Seems as if my instincts were correct here. You should have taken this as advice to tone it down a bit, but instead you ramped up your involvement in the drama even more. You apparently have lots of alt accounts on the forum which makes your obsession with DT (perhaps quest for eventual DT status as it would appear) even more disturbing.

I want to be clear that I do not wish to pass any kind of judgment on hacker.

That's all well and good Quickseller, and thanks for chiming in with your analysis, but could you please stop posting under both of your accounts in the same thread? Its getting rather insulting that you insist we pretend you're not Quickseller (you are -- I'd rather not open a thread in Reputation about it). If you're gonna post in a thread, stick with one account.

Kind of weird that you are using an alt to post in a thread that is largely about alt accounts.

Yeah you like to analyze them real good don't ya? Get up in there deep. Funny how these deep dives always seem to happen when people speak critically of a handful of users here and all of the toadies hop out from the dark to form Doltron. This is just the usual retribution for the crime of open discussion as if the most vocal characters here aren't engaged in exactly all the things they are running around accusing these others of.

3) wait
4) nutildah replied, triggered by troll:

Yeah you like to analyze them real good don't ya? Get up in there deep. Funny how these deep dives always seem to happen when people speak critically of a handful of users here and all of the toadies hop out from the dark to form Doltron. This is just the usual retribution for the crime of open discussion as if the most vocal characters here aren't engaged in exactly all the things they are running around accusing these others of.

When I said my reputation was savaged weeks after being added to DT, I was referring to actions done by yourself and subsequently cryptohunter. You're in no position to be talking about "usual retribution" here as you tried your hardest to shit on me over an issue you supposedly don't care about, all because of some stuff happening in P&S. Don't play that tune for me, bullshit maestro.

5) Bingo! Continue to troll nutildah in not related thread
6) deflect thread more using "nutildah - bill gator" "argument"

I mean I am not in control of any accounts accused above others than this ( not logged in from 2 years ).

K, doesn't mean you don't have alts.

Yeah you like to analyze them real good don't ya? Get up in there deep. Funny how these deep dives always seem to happen when people speak critically of a handful of users here and all of the toadies hop out from the dark to form Doltron. This is just the usual retribution for the crime of open discussion as if the most vocal characters here aren't engaged in exactly all the things they are running around accusing these others of.

When I said my reputation was savaged weeks after being added to DT, I was referring to actions done by yourself and subsequently cryptohunter. You're in no position to be talking about "usual retribution" here as you tried your hardest to shit on me over an issue you supposedly don't care about, all because of some stuff happening in P&S. Don't play that tune for me, bullshit maestro.

That wasn't retribution. Retribution for what exactly? When I am talking about retribution in this context I am talking about abusing the trust system to punish people for speaking out. All I did was talk about your history here, I never used the trust system against you. That was me using your own standards against you to show what a total hypocrite you are as you run around accusing people of shit you yourself are guilty of.

You were trying to destroy Bill Gator's rep for speaking out using the fact that he purchased the account as the sole crime he was supposedly guilty of, yet you yourself were engaged in the same activity. Yes yes, you claim you never actually sold it, but you can never prove that, and we all know how much you enjoy speculating, so lets use logical speculation to assume your account was sold too since you can't prove yourself innocent. See how much fun the guilty until proven innocent standard is?

People like you Vod, and Suchgoon keep saying this kind of shit like it is just so obvious I am abusive of the trust system you need never actually give any examples. Then when I press the issue you just again pretend it is self evident and scurry off to your clown holes, or argue over meaningless shit until the topic is sufficiently slid to another subject.

7) hope nutildah will respond again
8 ) drag more people into trolling system
9) hope Vod and Suchmoon will reply
10) rinse and repeat

Case number 4 (trolling using TRUST SYSTEM):

Topic seems quiet lately  Shocked

Core tenets:

1. A standard of evidence of theft, violation of contractual agreement, or violation of applicable laws shall be documented in an objective and observable way before negative rating or flagging users.

2. Accusations without some form of documentation should be minimal.
3. Users who regularly and repeatedly ignore these standards should be excluded from trust lists.

4. Users who follow these standards should be included in trust lists.

5. Users who are subjected to accusations and ratings without any form of documentation should be defended and supported as much as possible.

There is no inherent hierarchy. Anyone is free to call themselves a member of The Objective Standards Guild as long as they follow its tenets. Using the avatar below and linking to this thread in your signature is encouraged. Lets work together to bring a balance of power to this forum and check its culture of rampant and systemic abuse. Feel free to suggest your own inclusions and exclusions based on these standards.

This is trust abuse according to rules of this guild, not to mention some ratings are real trust abuse (note: I didn't check references of unmarked negative trust ratings)

5. Users who are subjected to accusations and ratings without any form of documentation should be defended and supported as much as possible.
Do correct thing @TECSHARE and thank you for this topic.

He completely ignored this, like any other troll would...

Cmon, let him act on this one to show he stands behind his words.

Or maybe just let the topic die already since there's clearly nothing positive coming out of it?  Objectivity was seemingly never the objective, heh.  

Maybe you can throw some more circular logic at me. This forum needs objective evidence of theft, violation of contractual agreements, or violation of applicable laws before negative rating or flagging in order to prevent abuse of the trust system that it self can be used to extort people into removing valid negative ratings or flags. Without this, it is a simple task to simply abuse the system to cover up crimes and abuses.
...while lecturing others how to use trust system, he is doing something completely opposite, user in question is part of TECSHARE's trust network, not to mention that TECSHARE it the same topic completely ignored these facts (cases number 5,6,7):

None of the people objecting here want to have an honest debate about the topic, that is the problem.
Nonsense! I want to have a honest debate about the topic, seems you don't. I don't see any logical explanation why you don't want to address these not-by-standards-suggested-inclusions-of-yours:

You invited me to topic, I have read it, you said I am trust abuser, you suggested to include those accounts (claiming they are by standards of this guild) and now I ask you why is something which you call trust abuse suggested inclusion?

Can you please provide proof of connection

Case number 8 TECSHARE VS moderator Flying Hellfish

In topic about TECSHARE's removed off topic replies, TECSHARE accused moderator that he removed his own topic  (it is documented by nutildah)...

Now Flying Hellfish is resorting to deleting entire topics just because they embarrass him?

As usual the fucking trolls make an assumption and state it as fact.  I did NOT delete my thread. [...]

Of course, tecshare is not interested in any kind of discussion, he simple replied:

Just because you are allowed to do it doesn't mean it does not reflect poorly on you. Thanks everyone for helping me draw more attention to these issues. Much appreciated.

(there are more tecshare's trolling in that topic)

Case number 9 TECSHARE VS moderator:

Accused moderator that he removed post, while flying hellfish said he didn't do it

For the record,

As with most of the claims in the locked thread about me this is not my doing (this being the latest as of this post: ) [...]

[...]  Since I didn't delete the post I don't know which thread it was in and in reality everything after that is entirely moot.

...Tecshare continued, even if it was explained to him several times...

I think he just overlooked the possibility that you were responding to my post in a thread I didn't post in.

Are you accusing him of lying about deleting your post?  Seems unlikely to me, but this isn't the first time he has explicitly told you that he didn't delete a post from your "FLYING HELLFISH - SELECTIVE ENFORCEMENT AND CENSORSHIP" thread, and you seem to just not care.

If you think he's lying, call him out on it and maybe we can get to the bottom of it.
If you don't think he's lying, then remove the posts he says he didn't delete.
Or do nothing if you don't care if your accusations against FH are accurate or not.

I don't care what he did or says. A moderator deleted those posts, this is a fact as evidenced by the quotes. Him claiming not to have done it in a section he is in charge of and just saying it was "some one else" is not a resolution, even if he thinks it is for him. I have absolutely no way to verify anything he says. Me having a log of these acts harms no one, and the only reason this thread exists is so the usual dingle berries have some ass hair to cling on to and create a circus out of it. Be my guest. Clown away and draw even more attention to it.

There are more examples, I will probably post them at some point so reserved...

If anyone has example, feel free to send me PM and I will update topic.
4  Other / Meta / Ban evasion (account fxsurfer) on: February 24, 2020, 02:48:47 PM
User fxsurfer is extremely likely evading ban with account antikvark.

I don't have rock solid proof they are alt accounts except exactly the same FUD against bitcoin on various crypto forums and, to quote user sbogovac: "this user is the same person as fxsurfer with exactly the same message and wording.", I am pretty damn sure everyone in our local will agree on this one.

User is already banned here, also on this forum (this is the same FUD)
His alt account contradiction is banned from that forum as well

U dolje linkanom članku nalazi se obrazložene zašto je Bitcoin prevara utemeljena na manipulaciji jezikom, te po kojoj karakteristici se razlikuje od svih financijskih instrumenata. Pošto je javnost dosta deziformirana i neinformirana o tim pitanjima te pošto nedostaje objektivnih kritičkih analiza Bitcoina otvaram ovu temu.

In this article fudster tried to convince people that bitcoin is scam, he actually does have long fud history all over the internet: (comment #74835 -> bitcoin is ponzi) (comment niwrad: bitcoin is ponzi) (first comment - bitcoin is ponzi) (crypto is scam) (bitcoin is scam)

Of course, this is all circumstantial evidence Roll Eyes
5  Other / Meta / Account start accusation, then nuked after it? on: February 15, 2020, 11:46:14 AM
I was searching for one topic and I just couldn't find it so I asked in meta about it. Several users said it is because account is nuked, well, it could be some other reason but for now it certainly looks like it was nuked just after and because accusation thread, so why is account Neopotism nuked?

Local rules: user with account number 1018510 is not allowed to post here.
6  Other / Meta / Accusation topic removed? on: February 13, 2020, 05:46:19 PM
I am just curious about this topic, as it doesn't exist any more.

What happened, why is it removed?  Undecided

Locking this, account is nuked after accusation thread therefore accusation thread is removed as well.
7  Economy / Scam Accusations / mindfresh - "winning script" scam on: January 31, 2020, 06:51:56 PM
Thread: Archived:

That's a scam.

"No script will make you money in gambling, otherwise all gambling sites would have closed their doors. Claiming that with script "you can win few 1000$ before you lose" is simple wrong. You can lose without winning anything. Don't trust people trying to scam you selling "winning scripts", stay away."

Thread is for flag purposes:;flag=1334
8  Economy / Reputation / [Poll]Timelord2067 ad hominem, trolling, fud, accusations, fake flags, lies NSFW on: January 17, 2020, 05:23:54 PM
I might refer to account Timelord2067 as "user". I just noticed this post in other thread:
Cue the hurt feelings...

I've just been Trolled by marlboroza (yet again and they have placed me on ignore (yippie!) - so this is my "right of reply" to their (marlboroza's) Trolling in my Known Alts thread: Archive [1], [2]

  • Grow some balls...
  • Harden the fuck up...
  • Put them on ignore...
  • Have a wank
  • Go for a walk outdoors and enjoy the first day of the new year.

Archive [1] [2]

Get to work wanker.

This user is lying, it is not first time that they accused me of trolling, it happened before. I told them to send some funds to charity and when I complained that I am not happy how they handled funds user  accused me of trolling

Of course, user created frivolous red flag and accused me that I am spreading FUD because it wasn't like they wanted to be, not to mention that they lied that they didn't say something and accused me of FUD.

There are many examples, for example, user created topic 100% of Quickseller's Flags are false. and because of lack of arguments user tried with ad hominem attack and lied about my reason to support some flags, then, because of lack of arguments, user literally attacked forum member xtraelv and accused them of plagiarism.

In this post this user accused forum member mikeywith and me that we are spreading FUD and of course, adds some ad hominem at the end of post and previously tried to pull the same attack here, not to mention reason why that started in first place.
In this post timelord2067 said respected user is a troll (obviously trolling)[1], of course, not giving credit to author of that post is OK according to user, but, when someone(me) actually link thread they start trolling right away, followed by "...hey marlboroza, this "link to walletexplorer" will assist you..."  Huh Shocked , followed by my respond and post which is quoted in topic

User (in this post) accused member Vispilio of stalking them while in previous post user specifically mentioned and highlighted forum member Vispilio and linked this post where user also accused them.
Why would that be all, user created some weird flags not supported by anyone and opposed by many members (except flag on account wolwoo). After accused and while not receiving answer to question "why am I in this thread", I used the same way to connect accounts as timelord2067 is using (even thought it was parody), timelord2067 quoted my post, redacted it with word "FUD" and again used ad hominem. After pointed it was parody to his connection, and after very simple question "why their connection is good and my is bad" user again accused me of spreading FUD and again, uses ad hominem attack. And, again, in that thread, user lied one more time.
Then forum member nutildah posted very good and on point post and timelord2067 redacted their words and accused them of  "FUD".

There are more examples.

Anyway, today I noticed new feedback in my trust page (I just had to unignore user too see what respect they are talking about):

It was very bad idea to return to known alts thread (unignoring user was also bad idea), I even said somewhere in that thread that I won't return, user very likely misunderstood me, but how they don't remember me saying that I won't return to known alts thread?

You may recall your recent request to do an investigation on your behalf: Archive [1], [2]

Accounts connected (if you don't mind @timelord for returning to this thread for a moment or two):

My investigations in the time I had free can be found in this post: Archive [1], [2]
And I didn't ask Timelord2067 to investigate this, wth  Huh What respect, what FUD, what trolling?

[1]actually, that isn't really what that forum member said, they completely took things out of context and/or missed point.
9  Economy / Reputation / More abuse by TECSHARE NSFW reee(sponse) on: January 02, 2020, 06:07:33 PM
EDITED TOPIC (use archive for old version)
10  Economy / Reputation / Ree @hacker1001101001 ICO bump account on: December 31, 2019, 03:04:34 PM

What do you mean it is not your reddit account and you have nothing to do with ICO bumping service?

AB-CHAIN project really a good project because their team are good one. But AB-CHAIN project need more promotional work to hit in the top list.
In how many exchanges will be listed AB-CHAIN project?

Hello, we are integrating now with Etherdelta, preparin listing at Gatecoin and later at HitBTC, also negotiating with several other exchanges
In general, this is good news for all investors in this project. Only you can not say with which exchanges you are still negotiating?

Hi Inskchen!

At this moment we can't name other exchanges. Only Etherdelta, Gatecoin and HitBTC.
This is excellent news developer. If you have a bounty company it is not too late to join? I like working with such active teams.

Hello Travel Token! You are welcome to join our bounty campaign! Here is a link to the bounty thread:

yesss, we have enough time to earn some bounty abchain tokens; until march if you get enough stakes which hopefully means u get also many tokens so that after getting listed in hitbtc, u have enough for lambo  Cool

yeah, it is good to know that ab-chain is doing their bounty campaign now. Im sure many members will join this and this will make more investors to come and join the ico.
Well, if the offer is good enough then probably many people would likely to enjoy this bounty campaign. Especially the project seems to have a potential so I think many will join the bounty. Also, the team already plan to get listed so probably this will have a chance to get success.
Yes, as this project is already planned to list this coin on a popular exchange many people are getting attracted towards it and its crowdsale. I think they should organize a bounty camping, which will surely increase their investment and more people will support this project in this community.

What is this then?

Not ICO-bumping-pyramid?

How it is not your reddit account but everything else is yours except that account which used your telegram?

Because of things mentioned here(read page #1 and #2), I have no reason to believe this is not true
11  Other / Meta / Please ban ban evaders and "Ree: Ban The Dalton Gang!" on: December 16, 2019, 11:00:10 PM
Some users are spreading nonsense lately, so to clear few things to those users and let this thread serve as reference to other threads, I'll lock and won't bump other threads about ban evaders, just this one maybe:

Thread 1
Thread 2
Thread 3
Thread 4
Thread 5
Thread 6
Thread 7

Problems and as you correctly noted "endless dramas" arise when some public avengers and vindictive members take it upon themselves to use the righteous pretext of "cleaning up DT / Forum / whatever" to pursue their so blatantly bitter and spiteful personal vendettas against certain people or groups of people, in this case the Turkish section


June, 11, 2019 Lauda complained about scammer ending up in DT, Matthias9515 aka BlackNavy said Lauda is lying and I confirmed lauda's claim

September 04, 2019 it was pointed that scammer ended up in DT for second time

December 04, 2019 it was pointed that scammer ended up in DT for third time.

December 04, 2019, it was pointed that scam account goraset is evading ban, and of course, I checked who included them which resulted in another research:

December 04, 2019 it was pointed that account who included goraset is also evading ban

December 07, 2019, my investigation took me further

December 07, 2019, even further

December 07, 2019 and further, and at this point Vispilio is desperately trying to troll me

December 08, 2019, I've found out that user Veleor already connected some accounts

December 08, 2019, I've found more ban evaders in goraset's trust network

December 14, 2019, more accounts (note: account Zonnk at the bottom of post)

Finally, my latest discovery showed me that DT1 account who included goraset in first place (not to mention bchconnect promotion and user trying to make fool of everyone and obviously lying about it - "I didn't promote anything" and user Vispilio meriting a obvious lie) actually self voted for himself
12  Other / Meta / Ban evasion - case #7 on: December 13, 2019, 10:45:59 PM
My investigation took me into direction of another ban evaded. Last week account leprakon added account goraset to their trust network (

According to bpip, account tarangogu ( is banned, so I figured that they are evading ban with account leprakon:

Ethereum Address: 0xE452b6b42Df7CAC9415dF4EA4AdEe5F0c05104C2
Ethereum Address: 0xE452b6b42Df7CAC9415dF4EA4AdEe5F0c05104C2

Ethereum Address: 0xE452b6b42Df7CAC9415dF4EA4AdEe5F0c05104C2
Ethereum Address: 0xE452b6b42Df7CAC9415dF4EA4AdEe5F0c05104C2

Account tarangogu1 might be another account but there is no proof, just noticed merit distribution leprakon -> tarangogu1 and similar account name. I also didn't check anything else because I am too lazy lately.
13  Other / Meta / Maybe ban evasion by merit/bounty abusers - case #6 on: December 08, 2019, 09:30:51 PM
While researching merit distribution on one account, search result pointed me to this post:

Vod's website showed that next users are banned:

I think they are evading ban:

İco çılgınlığı biteli çok oldu. Bir ara ieo çılgınlığı başlayacaktı ama nedense çabuk söndü. İlk başlarda binancenin ieo karı iyi kazandırdı ama devamında binance sadece kendine dogru yonttugu  için artık eskisi gibi ilgi görmüyor bence.

Some merits:

EDIT: there is more accounts in post number 2:

EDIT 2: one more account (post for more details):

Local rule: account Quickseller is not allowed to post in this thread, his maybe alt accounts are affected by this rule as well.
14  Other / Meta / Ban evasion by ban evader - please permaban - case #5 on: December 07, 2019, 10:19:13 PM
Account Dammitt
Evading ban - account GalaWan
Evading ban - account Aqualung89

Connection via btc addy 196i9LBuztrqGe6e243MTXbj6k4J2A6b6y, twitter , ethereum address 0x3a14aFEAC599E7BF7963aDD71efAF55447845b12 & 0xd2964d2816287410B0b3e0f4485BFcbbca5F4FC3

Btctalk Name: Cromwelle

Rank: Full Member

Current post count: 607

Btc address: 196i9LBuztrqGe6e243MTXbj6k4J2A6b6y

Wearing Avatar  : Yes

Hello, I would like to join. Hope I will be accepted.

(I believe they messed something while typing btctalk name: Cromwelle)

I Want Your Signature Campaign
User: Dammitt
Postion to Apply: Full Member
Posts Start: 596
Wear Appropriate Sig and or Avatar : Yes
Joining Avatar Campaign: Yes
Address: 196i9LBuztrqGe6e243MTXbj6k4J2A6b6y


Account GalaWan used the same addy to claim giveaway:

196i9LBuztrqGe6e243MTXbj6k4J2A6b6y thank you.

Account Aqualung89 used twitter and ethereum address 0x3a14aFEAC599E7BF7963aDD71efAF55447845b12 here:

#JOIN & #Proof of authentication
"Name" of Bounty Campaign : Twitter Campaign,Signature Campaign
Bitcointalk username: Aqualung89
Bitcointalk profile link:;u=831340
Telegram username: @Cromwelle
Link to your profile on Twitter:
Your Number Post: 2195
Eth adress: 0x3a14aFEAC599E7BF7963aDD71efAF55447845b12

(note: telegram username Cromwelle)

Also here:

Twitter Handle:

Coinroulette Username: Aqualung89

Tweet today:

Thank you.

GalaWan used the same twitter here:

Dammitt used the same twitter here:

WEEK 3 - Jan 03 - Jan 09

Bitcointalk username: Dammitt
Twitter post: 795
Twitter account:
Twitter followers: 1087
Bitroad username: Dammitt

For this bounty

Ethereum address 0xd2964d2816287410B0b3e0f4485BFcbbca5F4FC3 is visible in spreadsheet of that bounty campaign (

Aqualung89 used the same address here:

Hi Sylon

My old myetherwallet: 0xd2964d2816287410B0b3e0f4485BFcbbca5F4FC3

This my new myetherwallet address: 0x3a14aFEAC599E7BF7963aDD71efAF55447845b12

If you can change the old address I do not use anymore thank you.

And, account Dammitt:

Hi I guess this time past I guess I do not see any problem I address here Thank you.

Mew: 0x3a14aFEAC599E7BF7963aDD71efAF55447845b12

Number on spreedsheet  Article Video: 1190

28.02=Kyc number on spreedsheet : 94

As usual, if any post disappear, use archive or PM for link.

On side note, this is very interesting merit distribution to banned DT member's alt account the_doctor:


...which is actually irrelevant for this topic, just smaller observation.

Just another not related thing for topic, account Dammitt sent retaliatory -ve to ThePharmacist:

And yet for unknown reason it reminded me of this line (which account goraset placed on my trust wall):

I am not sure why am I posting these not related things  Undecided
15  Other / Meta / Ban evasion by banned merit abuser - please permaban - case #4 on: December 07, 2019, 03:46:33 PM
Account saulzaents
Evading ban with account: ap3311

Connected via ethereum address 0x42E7Edae254271b2269F6331D13f0D587ee7a94e

Bitcointalk username: : ap3311
Forum rank:  Full Member
Posts count: 207
Waves or ETH address: 0x42E7Edae254271b2269F6331D13f0D587ee7a94e
In spreadsheet under #383

Account sauzaents joined twitter bounty and posted this:

In that thread, OP posted link to spreadsheet:
Under #136, there is indeed user sauzaents using this address 0x42E7Edae254271b2269F6331D13f0D587ee7a94e which is account app331's ethereum address:

Or here
hello dev.
  i write another blog but i cant registered it. because  system told me  " you already  answer this form" :d can you add me manualy on the list ?

here is my new article :

my bitcointalk :;u=944905

my eth wallet: 0x42E7Edae254271b2269F6331D13f0D587ee7a94e

Edit: ap331 is very likely bought account:

On side note, some merit distribution by ban evader DT member goraset's alt account:

Account alpsea is also very  interesting, but this is not relevant for this thread, so I won't mention it any more  Smiley

EDIT: OH account saulzaents is banned probably because of ban evasion?
16  Other / Meta / Ban evasion by ban evader - please permaban account - case #3 on: December 07, 2019, 01:59:00 PM
Account ugur2222
Account Thyphon
Evading ban with account LordCyclone
Evading ban with account Abyaby --> see YOSHIE's post

Connection via ethereum address 0x1a373693FA775B3d0FbDaF564007C00745D72eC8

Bitcointalk Username : ugur2222
Bitcointalk Profile Link:;u=1895899;sa=summary
Telegram User Name : @ugur2214
Facebook profile link:
Twitter profile link:
ETH Address: 0x1a373693FA775B3d0FbDaF564007C00745D72eC8

(here and there are more posts which can be found in ugur2222's post history, PM me in case posts disappear or use archive website to find it)

#proof authentification
Bitcointalk username: Thypon

Reddit campaing
Reddit profil :
Content campaign
Steemit profil:
Telegram: @ugur2214
ETH Address: 0x1a373693FA775B3d0FbDaF564007C00745D72eC8

ETH address: 0x1a373693FA775B3d0FbDaF564007C00745D72eC8

Reddit URL :

Connection via ethereum address 0xB4AD5AAbb5bf325F870dC347D79c255dceaA1E88

Week: 09 (26/09 – 02/10)
ETH Address : 0xB4AD5AAbb5bf325F870dC347D79c255dceaA1E88

Bitcointalk UserName: Thypon
Telegram Username: @ugur2214
Participated Campaigns: Blog&Media
Eth adress: 0xB4AD5AAbb5bf325F870dC347D79c255dceaA1E88

#Proof of Authentication
Joined Campaign : Signature
user: LordCyclone
btt profile:;u=2512663;sa=summary
Telegram : @ugur2214
Eth: 0xB4AD5AAbb5bf325F870dC347D79c255dceaA1E88

LordCyclone also used address here and here here.

"Someone" might think that mentioned accounts are maybe trying to frame LordCyclone, but that is not possible, banned account used address at Nov. 11, 2018 while account LordCyclone registered account at December 26, 2018.

There is also some strange merit distribution from ban evading goraset's banned alt account the_doctor:


Extremely likely coincidence, so I won't mention it any more  Roll Eyes
17  Other / Meta / Ban evasion by DT1 member - please permaban account - case #2 on: December 04, 2019, 09:28:29 PM

Account otto_diesel;u=951020
Account The Rose Rain;u=1197467
Connection via Waves addy: 3P8iuJmAM2DQAwtu1qvSEzmMZ7Htv5oye6p

Bitcointalk username: otto_diesel
Language: Turkish
Wave address: 3P8iuJmAM2DQAwtu1qvSEzmMZ7Htv5oye6p
Links to previous translations(max 5): (white paper+ ANN + Photoshop files)


Bitcointalk username: The Rose Rain
Forum rank: Full Member
Posts count:  293
WAVES address: 3P8iuJmAM2DQAwtu1qvSEzmMZ7Htv5oye6p

Well this is so strange, it is second DT ban evading member which is posting in Turkish local board. In case post disappear, copy/paste link into

Well, this is just funny. Otto-diesel's post disappeared and someone archived thread again so post doesn't exist in that archive either, yep, no one is trying to hide evidence.

Here is archived link with otto-diesels post

EDIT 2: account gumusi --> more details here (DT self voting)

Source for banned account:
18  Other / Meta / Ban evasion by scammy DT member - please permaban account - case #1 on: December 04, 2019, 02:17:58 PM
Account the_doctor;u=512705
Account goraset;u=158678
Connection via twitter account:

Account the_doctor joined campaigns using this twitter:

Oh, account goraset joined campaign just under the account the_doctor:

The_doctor used this twitter here:

Hello dev. Please update my btc address to : 1AE2VENU4zH164LiNguR3BzQFNkLTVCF5x
Bitcointalk username: the_doctor
spreadsheets number : Twitter campaign #159
Bitcointalk link:;u=512705
Twitter link:
Reason: Cannot sign message from the old wallet address.

account goraset used the same twitter here (it is quoted but message from goraset surprisingly magically disappeared!)

thanks for payment, please renew

Twitter account:
Bitcoin Address: 152Ks6R89h89iQL6z57KpoT8UpDVxgM6mo
Recent  Bet:
PM Bonus: yes
Avatar Bonus: yes

and here:


Bitcointalk URL:;u=512705
Username Bitcointalk: goraset
Link to your Blogs:
Eth Address: 0x54b4e3fb904AaDbf7D80aae42306B35B398e41D0

PS 2 and addresses which are part of that wallet:



The_doctor (redacted):
Bitcointalk username: the_doctor
Twitter account:
Bitcoin address: 1MekS8gxhPbgdSAoRjn6kPdnGoVBysPHhK

Alt account: criptoturk

Source for banned account:
19  Other / Meta / Merit bug or something else? on: December 02, 2019, 09:02:31 PM
I've just received 2+1 merits from "bitcoin forum" to "unknown post" (

I don't see any posts removed (no PM), it could be topic which is removed (not sure which one, merits are fresh Undecided), so what happened here?
20  Other / Meta / Cancel reports? on: November 25, 2019, 11:21:40 PM
It would be good if users could "cancel" their reports, for example this post was reported because it was off topic:

After editing, it is not off topic any more:

...and report will probably be marked as bad.
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