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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN][COVAL] Circuits Of Value - Introducing the Emblem Vault Sidechain on: October 18, 2016, 06:47:09 AM

The COVAL Platform is being developed with a primary purpose of moving value using ďoff-chainĒ methods

*Community managed announcement*

The COVAL Platform is being developed with a primary purpose of moving value using ďoff-chainĒ methods. In other words, native crypto assets and tokens from other public and private blockchains (including ₡OVAL itself) enter the COVAL Network of distributed ledgers (COVAL Sidechains) where they can be flexibly and securely transacted using trustless models. Transactions consist of both individual tokens and "wallets" (containers of tokens) which are represented by sidechain assets called Emblems.

The COVAL Network is intended for apps and services built on the COVAL Platform and is considered to be a permissioned blockchain network. Though the platform is capable of reaching out and into other networks and oracles to enable interoperability and integration capabilities, the primary activity is for transacting among nodes and users within the COVAL Network and adhering to the LAW Protocol (Ledger Assigned Wallet).

The COVAL Platform and LAW Protocol involves the following general components:

- Distributed Ledger Environment (DLE)
- Secure private and public COVAL API Endpoints
- P2P secret sharing and file storage/transport (DAT Protocol)
- HD Wallet Creation Service
- Multi-Factor Authentication/Authorization (MFA)
- User devices running apps such as Emblem (mobile, desktop, web)

The COVAL Platform uses a network of blockchain ledgers. We refer to these ledgers as Sidechains since the COVAL Platform base cryptocurrency is on the Bitcoin Blockchain (Counterparty Platform) but leverages purposeful ledgers that enable core platform functionality and service integrations.

All COVAL Sidechains interoperate with each other and can also interface with other public and private blockchain networks using various methods including a continuation of the work described here as well as atomic swap methods that are becoming more common and standardized.

The Distributed Ledger Environment is tightly integrated with other Coval Services, some of which use zero knowledge Serverless Architectures.

The COVAL Platform and LAW Protocol enables value transfer by facilitating the assignment of vaults containing crypto wallets and other data to users. The vaultís contents are effectively sent to another user who would also inherit the capability to send the vault to yet another user and so on and so forth. MFA and blockchains are leveraged in this user-to-user system and no single entity or user has full control and access to the funds or files in these sendable vaults. The intended benefits of the COVAL Platform are:

- Transfer multiple types and amounts of assets and tokens in a single transaction
- Fast transactions
- Less public blockchain fees and transaction clog
- Privacy via encrypted p2p channels and transactions in a permissioned ledger network
- Uses trustless models where feasible and bank level security at minimum
- Can leverage fiat based value networks (i.e. digital gift cards)

More info can be found on our website

-Michael Sullivan-
-Shannon Code-

[D]apps in development

Circuits of Value
Emblem Vault


Social media
Riot chat


Coin supply
Estimated total supply: 1 200 000 000
In circulation: 1 000 000 000
Premine: 20 000 000
CORD account: 100 000 000
Reserved for further development: 80 000 000


This ANN is made by a community member.
The developers are not active here. If you have questions the developer are happy to answer them in Telegram

2  Local / Alt Coins (Nederlands) / [ANN][EGC] EverGreenCoin | Voor duurzame doeleinden | 7% PoS | EGC Stichting on: August 04, 2016, 10:49:57 AM

EverGreenCoin is een digitale munt speciaal ontwikkeld voor duurzame doeleinden met oog op de toekomst. De stichting heeft gekozen om de valuta een eerlijke distributie te geven door het eerste half jaar te werken via het betrouwbare X15 Proof of Work algoritme. Na deze fase is EverGreenCoin overgegaan op een zowel elektronisch als rekentechnisch efficiŽnt Proof of Stake algoritme met maar liefst een jaarlijkse beloning van 7% voor de stakers. Naast de stichting die duurzame doeleinden nastreeft, zal EverGreenCoin innoveren in de wijze waarop het netwerk van digitale valuta wordt onderhouden. Bij concurrerende digitale valuta zoals Bitcoin, kost het onderhoud van het netwerk enorm veel energie en rekenkracht, wat een onnodig grote belasting geeft op natuurlijke energiebronnen. EverGreenCoin streeft naar een zo efficiŽnt mogelijk netwerk wat zo veel mogelijk gebruik maakt van hernieuwbare energie in de vorm van wind- en zonne-energie. De duurzame energie die wordt gestopt in EverGreenCoin zal uiteindelijk weer zijn toepassing vinden in duurzame projecten zoals het gebruik van natuurlijke medicijnen, herbebossing, rehabilitatie van wilde dieren en andere natuur projecten. EverGreenCoin zal zo een positieve terugkoppeling creŽren waarbij mens, dier en planeet meer en meer zullen profiteren.

Missie: Om de ontwikkeling, gebruik, imago en waarde van Evergreencoin voort te zetten. Om handel te stimuleren en tegelijkertijd duurzame projecen te promoten en ondersteunen en de belasting op de natuur te verminderen.
Het EGC wallet adres van de EverGreenCoin Stichting is EdFwYw4Mo2Zq6CFM2yNJgXvE2DTJxgdBRX

Steven Saxton - Hoofdontwikkelaar / EGC & EGC Stichting oprichter
Matthew Langdon - Ontwikkelaar / Netwerk Infrastructuur
Freenode IRC #EverGreenCoin

Version 1.3 nu beschikbaar! Verplichte Upgrade!

Algoritme: X15 PoW + PoS hybride
PoW lengte: 525,960 blocks ( ~6 maanden. (Hardfork bij block 495000)) PoW is beŽindigd.
PoW gegenereerd aanbod: 13 miljoen EGC. (26,298,000 EGC Max)
PoW block beloning: 50 EGC
1 EGC (2%) naar de EGC Stichting. 49 EGC (98%) naar de EGC mijners
PoW block halvering: geen
Block target: 60 seconds 180 seconden na hardfork bij block 495000
Block maturity: 60 blocks (~1,5 uur)
PoS reward: 7% jaarlijks
Minimum coin leeftijd voor staking: 24 uur
Maximum coin leeftijd voor staking: none
P2P port: 5757 (testnet 15757)
RPC port: 5758 (testnet 15758)
Seed nodes: DDoS protected
Configuratie file: evergreencoin.conf (supports staking=0)

Version 1.3 nu beschikbaar! Verplichte Upgrade!


EverGreenCoin Papieren Wallets

EverGreenCoin blockchain snapshot van 13 Juli 2016 via CryptoChainer (officieel ondersteund door de EGC Stichting)

 (officieel ondersteund door de EGC Stichting)

EGC mobiele  wallet compilatie - 50000 EGC
EGC ANN vertalingen en onderhoud van het draadje - 250 EGC per taal

3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Is NAV coin truly anonymous? on: July 27, 2016, 08:16:04 PM
So I was looking the other day at NAV coin. A lot of press came out lately. The dev team describes their coin to be a truly anonymous,decentralized, Proof of Stake X13 cryptocurrency. Well, Monero is aiming to be an anon coin as well and yet that is sitting on a market cap of 23 million, while NAV only has a cap of 0,5 million. They are releasing their mobile wallet for Android and IoS in the coming months and seem to be miles ahead of Monero, but seriously lacking in community.

I can't read code, I have read some opinions about anon coins being a myth, so I am asking the wonderful people here on BCT for their opinion about this coin.
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