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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / {ANN} VIRTA UNIQUE COIN - WELCOME TO THE CRYPTOCOIN FUTURE on: August 02, 2017, 05:44:51 PM


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2  Economy / Service Discussion / new security on: July 21, 2017, 07:11:10 AM
I often received a one time pin code through my email anytime i try to log in to my poloniex account and i must confirm my access using this codes but is this enough a security ? Can it not be broken easily?
3  Other / Meta / Deleted PM on: June 02, 2017, 02:30:42 PM
I wonder how i did it but i mistakenly deleted a private message sent to me without reading it at all, i do not know the sender nor the content in it.

Please is there any way to recover a deleted private message on this forum ?
4  Economy / Service Discussion / 4.5% daily return... What idiot believes this? on: September 06, 2014, 08:13:13 AM
I have noticed a couple of people with a link to in their sig.  They are promising 4.5% DAILY RETURNS FOREVER.  

OK I know it obviously isn't true, it's just annoying me how they can try to trick people like this.  I am assuming it is some sort of pyramid scheme.

Look at what they are promising.

Are people really this stupid?
5  Economy / Speculation / A sign that bitcoin price will begin rising soon? on: March 21, 2014, 10:57:25 PM
So I was comparing the April price rise with November price rise. I overlaid the 2 charts and lined up the peak of the boom.  First thing i notice is the strong similarities in these 2 graphs.

Is it naive to think this is a sign of good things to come in the next few months?

6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Did cause that litecoin pump? on: March 18, 2014, 01:25:09 PM
Could this rise in litecoin price be something to do with offering double ltc mining payouts this week, it's apparently got close to 50% of the hashing power mining with them already.  

I could be wrong, but i just calculated that at a new block every 2.5mins, 50 ltc per block, that's over  new 200,000 litecoins mined each week.  

So if ghash holds 50% of the network, this week they need an extra 100,000 litecoins (minimum of 25,000ltc when paying out at x1.25)  

Which means 25,000 x $17.5 =  $437,500  minimum amount of money pumped into litecoin.  Probably much more.

Or is this a drop in the ocean?

Also keep in mind most of their holding are prob btc, so they would have had to sell bitcoin for ltc. Although I don't think half a million dollars even put a dent in btc price.
7  Bitcoin / Mining support / antminer s1 hw errors on: March 15, 2014, 06:17:12 PM
I have an antminer s1 running with a corsair cx600 psu.

Both pci ports on the antminer have been connected to the psu using the same wire.  This wire came with the psu, it's quite a thin ribbon cable and gets slightly hot when mining.  Could this be the reason I have such high hardware errors?  Or do I have a dodgy antminer?

I have included a screenshot of the antminer status and payouts below.
8  Bitcoin / Mining / Greedy miners? on: March 09, 2014, 05:19:55 PM
I've been thinking about how pooled mining works, there are a couple of thing which have left me wondering how fair it all actually is.

1.  Is there anything preventing a (dishonest) expert coder from modifying his mining software, allowing it to only submit his work that doesn't discover a valid block for the pool, but when the time comes that he actually finds a valid block the modified software will disconnect from the mining pool and submit the block by himself, therefore he gets to keep the entire 25btc block....   It would seem like a pretty major flaw to pooled mining if this worked, so I'm sure there is something preventing it from happening, if so what is it?

2. Staying on the topic of greedy mining. I'm pretty sure I have read somewhere that it doesn't matter how many transactions miners include in each block, it shouldn't take any extra computational time to produce each hash, I don't understand that.   So again, if the same expert coder rewrote his mining software to only include 1 transaction in each block, am I correct in thinking this wouldn't provide any advantage over including the standard 100-1000 transactions in each block?

9  Bitcoin / Hardware / Antminer S1 power supply on: February 26, 2014, 03:00:31 PM
I have bought the antminer s1, just awaiting delivery now... I'd like it is someone can confirm to me or not will this power supply do the job....

it's 500w, the cheapest one on ebay.

If not, can somebody recommend a similar one, I don't really want to spend close to 100 on a name brand, I'd rather buy a cheap one that can be cheaply replaced if it breaks ( which i agree would be more likely with a cheap unit)
10  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Standalone ATM owned by private companies should trade bitcoin on: January 12, 2014, 09:47:50 AM

After watching this non bitcoin related video about someone who reprogrammed a standalone ATM to spew out money, it got me thinking...  

These standalone ATM's are normally privately owned, making their money by charging an extra fee for your cash withdrawal.   There are single companies that own hundreds of these machines across the UK and probably across Europe, US etc.  Wouldn't it be possible for them to simply reprogram the firmware in the machine to buy and sell bitcoin for commission as well as dispensing cash?

The newer atm's especially, with high quality printers and camera built in for qr codes, internet connection, touchscreens, cash dispenser, they have all the technology required to both buy and sell bitcoin.

Basically with a firmware update that can be installed remotely there could be hundreds of bitcoin atm's across the world overnight.

For someone to buy/withdraw bitcoin it would be exactly the same risk for the company as would cash withdrawal regarding chargebacks and fraud etc (if that's even a problem when using an atm, i don't think it is).. They would just accept your bank card as payment, and instead of dispensing cash, simply dispense equivalent in bitcoin.  You could also send bitcoin to the machine and it would dispense cash.

I know there are new bitcoin atm machines already, but if this idea was possible it would rapidly increase the amount of bitcoin atm machines overnight.. and possibly a lot of money to be made for these atm machine companies...
11  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Looking for someone trustworthy to explain wtf went on here.. POSSIBLE REWARD on: November 29, 2013, 01:51:45 AM
i was just reinstalling my pc and came across a load of old wallet.dat files from back when i was hooked on btc gambling.

one wallet, that once had over 400btc in it (not anymore unfortunately) has a lot of unconfirmed transactions, one for 26btc and many other smaller ones.

It was around the time that i was playing on satoshidice, i would continually place bets until all my confirmed balance was gone, then have to wait for my unconfirmed winnings to become confirmed so i could continue to bet.

I know i didn't lose all the ~50btc i had at the time, i had an unconfirmed balance of like over 20btc which just wouldnt confirm, my memory surrounding this is very hazy.  I think I blamed satoshidice for messing it up at the time but i really wasnt sure, i could see the transaction on their site but they didn't process a game they just acknowledged the transaction.  weird

(see my very first post on this forum as that is when i signed up here)  i don't want to babble on because it seems the only time i post here is when i miss a nights sleep, i've been awake almost 40 hours now (btw a lack of weeed is horrible)

So basically i want to find someone knowledgeable (and trustworthy) enough to take this bitcoin wallet from me and explain what the fek went on that day...  

I am happy to split any recovered funds 50/50 (if there is any).  but for this i would really need to trust the person i am sending it to.

i know a lot of people will jump to take this wallet from me, but i will only send it to someone with a good rep on this forum and is recommended by many other users.

there could be nothing in this wallet but i just don't understand how my balance got messed up so bad, i just want someone to take a look at least and explain to me where i went wrong or where satoshidice screwed me over.

ok i'll shut up now... let me know if you can recommend anyone to help!
12  Other / Beginners & Help / HELP, Bitcoin wallet has been emptied from 26btc to 0.1btc Was my wallet hacked? on: February 04, 2013, 06:14:26 AM
OK, I have a problem here i hope somebody can advise me on,...  My knowledge on all this is limited, i did try to search to find somebody with a similar problem but couldn't find anything.  I haven't slept for over 30 hours now and this is really stressing me out, so forgive me if this doesn't make the best of sense....

Right, so I had a bitcoin wallet with 53 bitcoins in it... I then discovered satoshi dice and was hooked, playing it on and off for several hours yesterday.

After playing for several hours I made a bet/payment of 14btc, then followed by another of around 30btc, leaving my balance at 26btc (after winning of previous games were confirmed)

but this is were it gets very weird....  All of a sudden, for all my new transactions stop receiving any confirmations, so the 14btc and 30btc transfer just stayed at 0 confirmations for over 24 hours along with 5 smaller transactions, but the coins left my wallet leaving me with 26 coins.   satoshidice's site acknowledges the payment but didn't process any game, it is the strangest thing...  I have a transaction id but when i search it on their site it shows that they didn't play a game like all the other payments.  it is as if somebody had spent the money out of my wallet before i sent the payment, making my wallet a dud basically, does that make sense?Huh

So although i had 7 transactions at the top of my wallet with 0 confirmations when i made a new payment the following day it received confirmations without any problems.

I was left with a wallet with apparently 26btc, but i knew somethign strange had happened.

thinking i had just lost 44btc somehow, but it got worse...

I decided to export my wallet and upload it onto, this would be a good way of getting an accurate situation of whats in my wallet.  When i uploaded the wallet.dat file and logged in I ONLY HAD 0.1002 BITCOINS.

I know transaction history can be followed, so i wonder if anybody can help me by checking if any funds left my wallet to any address other than  1dice97ECuByXAvqXpaYzSaQuPVvrtmz6

ps sorry for the long winded, messy post,i hope somebody can take the time to read it, thanks.

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