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1  Other / Meta / Non-truncated RSS feeds on: August 29, 2014, 10:38:01 PM
As described at it is possible to change the RSS feeds so that they do not truncate the text (setting Maximum message length to zero means no limit).

Currently the limit is set to some small number, which makes the RSS feed unusable without a web browser. The wiki page I linked recommends this "because some users have broken RSS readers", which is a non-sequitor, but presumably is the reason for this setting.

If we could remove the RSS message length limit, that'd be awesome. I get most of my news over RSS in my email inbox, and it severely interrupts my flow when individual feeds require special attention to be readable. It also prevents me from forwarding or archiving forum messages.


2  Bitcoin / Project Development / [ANN] andytoshi's coinjoin client on: January 25, 2014, 07:51:54 PM
Hey everybody,

I have written a simple coinjoin client which does peer-discovery via a central server (my own) and speaks with bitcoin-qt/bitcoind over RPC to construct transactions. The server opens a join session as soon as it receives an unsigned transaction. Then over the next 20 minutes it accepts more unsigned transactions, then closes the join session. At that point all the transactions are merged, the merged transaction is passed back to the clients, and they submit signatures. When all the signatures are in, the merged transaction is submitted to the network.

(If you don't use bitcoin-qt, it is possible to give txids and privkeys directly to the client, so our brainwallet-using friends are supported.)

The download links are:
Windows binary:

More information, as well as a link to the web interface (for those who would rather deal with raw transactions than use a point-and-click client) is available at

When do the joins happen?

You can use the joiner any time. However, to get people on the same page during these early days of few users, we will have scheduled joins starting at 7PM PST and 7PM GMT on Monday, Thursday and Saturday. The recommended output size for these scheduled joins will be 0.5 BTC.

How do I use it?

First, start bitcoin-qt with the -server option. I think on Windows you can do this by Right-clicking on the program icon and going into `Properties'.

Even if you do not use bitcoin-qt, you will need bitcoin-qt or bitcoind to be running in other to do the transaction construction. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

Next, start the joiner. It will communicate with bitcoin-qt to get a list of your coins. Choose the ones you want to join, and a target output size. When you are satisfied, click "View Transaction" to see the transaction that will get joined. You will see the inputs you selected, and several output addresses. These are new output addresses given to the joiner by bitcoin-qt.

(If you'd rather specify output addresses manually, click Advanced->Add Outputs... and type them in.)

If you are happy with this transaction, click 'Submit Transaction'. After a minute or so, the client will ask for your wallet passphrase. This is needed so that the client can sign the joined transaction. (The passphrase will not be sent over the network under any circumstances.)

That's it! Leave the client running, and when the session ends, it will sign a merged transaction and submit it to the network.
Good luck!

3  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / The Rotating Coinjoiner on: December 24, 2013, 05:31:01 AM
As discussed in the CoinJoin thread, there is a (conceptually) simple and safe way to merge Bitcoin transactions, which can give participants improved privacy by befuddling blockchain analyses.

There are a few people working on cool clients which do CoinJoins automatically and invisibly, but until these are ready the current way to do it is basically:
1. Collect raw transactions from people.
2. Join these all together with whatever stitching method you have (probably some bitcoind/sx hack script).
3. Get signatures from each party, one after the other, until you have them all.
4. Submit the transaction.

The worst step is #3, this takes forever if you have several parties and creates asymmetries in who knows what about the transaction. There is no reason everyone shouldn't sign at once, it's just that bitcoind can't merge the resultant transactions.

So, I've written a tool which does this, and set it up here:

Now the steps (for every participant) are:
1. Submit your raw transaction.
2. After some time (right now 20 minutes later, it will tell you when), receive a joined transaction to sign.
3. Sign and submit this.

Please do not post TL;DR or ``I don't understand this'' or ``too complicated, nobody will use this''. The point of this joiner is to deal with the technical parts of manual coin joins, not to make coinjoining trivial and easy to do. (These are great goals, just not ones I have time to pursue.)

Anyway, I'm throwing it out here for you guys to play with. Detailed instructions are on the page.
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