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1  Other / Off-topic / A dark comedy! on: December 02, 2023, 04:20:43 PM
I think someone sent me the conversation taking place between thanos and some FBIagent, let's read it together and understand the situation.

Quote from: FBIagent
Because you know, we know gov very well and can assess very well which offenses are extremely frowned upon.
You have committed a lot of frowned upon offenses, which we even told you to avoid via PM. You made fun of it and happily continued to act against gov standards.
Gov will not tolerate such abuse and mixer advertisements.
If you don't want to have problems, just stop your mixer advertisement, stick to the gov standards, stick to the washington rules and stop shitposting!

I'll also archive your entire forum so we have something to laugh about when the time comes.
Shitposting and running your mouth like this never worked before gov!

Quote from: thanos
Umm, Ok done. Check this out, how do you like it boss?

Unfortunately this anonymous source didn't provide any more data, just these two quotes.

I hope you are not offended.😉

A dark comedy by ~dig.
2  Other / Archival / Now we know!!! on: December 01, 2023, 05:20:07 PM
So now we know, they just raised their hand, and theymos spilled all the beans before they even land the slap. It was too soon to accept defeat, I mean for God's sake, at least wait until they pass the law to you in written form demanding to ban Bitcoin related services, not like this by acting like a good boy, I'm sure there is a candy somewhere for you.

Disclaimer: I'm a comedian, in human history, people who wanted to criticize kings/officials/ authorities, they used jokes and humor to evade prosecution. And we know when you talk about someone and they don't like it, they retaliate with defamation and insults, I reserve the rights to seek political asylum if I sense any danger coming towards me after posting this, since we don't know what else he is capable of, right?
3  Economy / Reputation / .... is down, why people leave negative feedback for LE? on: November 29, 2023, 09:02:14 PM
Refer to this link :
I don't know if they were dropped on their head or something, but did 2 DT members just tagged a LE representative on this platform? I'd suggest they remove their feedback immediately if they don't want to be associated with a sanctioned service and having their names blacklisted.

Or if they won't remove them, other DT voters should cast them out, we are not rebels, we fight for another kind of freedom, not freedom in stupidity.
4  Other / Politics & Society / Restart, is it a good thing for humanity? on: November 26, 2023, 03:04:10 PM
What is your opinion about a restart of modern civilization?
Where no internet, no satellites, no military exist? Of course we will still have land lines, TV, but no secret, no banking system, no fighter jets, no drones, no missiles, nothing.

Do you think we will change as a race to become better? Or do you think we can never change and are doomed no matter what?

Did we have so many wars and injustice in the world before the internet?
Are we truly becoming the slaves of our creation? Who will be our John Connor to shut down the skynet, or do you think we will never reach there in reality? What if we could stop skynet before it spreads? Or maybe whatever we do won't make any changes and we should wait for the inevitable to happen?

So many questions, yet 1 answer, we can only wake up to the truth, but we can never change.

Welcome to "restart".
5  Other / Meta / Improving proposal for trust system on: November 26, 2023, 03:59:03 AM
First of all I must say I'm surprized how you managed to implement new changes exceeding beyond my expectations or imagination, regarding the voting system, I was similarly surprized earlier this year on another matter by someone else. Brilliant idea to create a trust blockchain.

To keep it short, trust system works well, but there are so many forked clients, and some of us have not enough hash power to mine a block on reputation cases, it rarely happens, and DTs (pools, solo miners) are wandering about a solution.

I know you disagree with dictatorship, but is Bitcoin core the same as dictatorship, or your country's rules are considered as such as well?
If you believe in law and order, please think about a core
client version for our trust blockchain. Since appointing a moderator will cause more drama, this should be coded by you and stickied on reputation board as guidelines and official rules of trust system.

Having one quote here and there is not enough, we need a precise protocol to follow,  otherwise everyone will interpret things as they wish and obviously you can't intervene all the time.

Hoping for a better environment where we can actually discuss more important matters instead of fighting and watching out not to get stabbed all the time.

Local rule, only trust system guidelines and rules should be discussed, I don't want any talk about Bitcoin itself, I just love to use rhetorical examples. + no talks about individuals, we want to discuss ideas.
Second edit: sorry if I no longer answer here or anywhere in meta, I have decided to live a normal but miserable forum life without meta and reputation involvement. I'm glad we have established an understanding about me, which is totally unrelated to what I wanted to establish.

Time for me to ignore meta and hit the road. Meep meep! Lol

To all, learn from me, this is what happens when you argue with NPCs, you go insane.
6  Economy / Reputation / NeuroticFish, on default trust, using trust feedback to side with a known abuser on: November 25, 2023, 08:45:47 PM
I would like a review on NeuroticFish feed back, recently due to my involvement with a known trust abuser aka 1miau, his trust friend(s) are trying a discredit campaign against me to cause distraction.

I don't believe they are good to have on DT, I'm posting this because the system was designed to have a majority consensus on such matters, so this is the proper channel to try.

Is this the correct use of trust feedback? To try silencing the opposition?
Isn't this the definition of using trust for personal reasons?
Is it right to allow these unknown individuals use the system like that to protect their alt account or friends?

How do you enforce the consensus? By voting out an invalid entry when you see it, this works as well in protocols of blockchain, imagine if nodes ignored an invalid chain, what would happen?  Well at least we could try and stay on the same chain here.

If you agree to such blatant misuse of trust feedback, don't do anything, if you disagree, I think when they see a few people are excluding them, they'd know where the community draws the lines, and would correct their abusive behaviour accordingly. By excluding there is no need to cause a drama and have pages of endless arguments, you can cast your vote by a few clicks.

You either want order and harmony, or chaos and anarchy, which side do you choose?
7  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Can someone provide useful info on 💨true💨 bitcoin sv? Clouds represent farts😂 on: November 25, 2023, 10:13:45 AM
Editing due to idiots not being able to understand anything.
@bitcoin sv , Lets begin.
8  Other / Meta / When a mod locks a topic, can OP unlock it again? on: November 25, 2023, 07:47:30 AM
I'm asking this if it's possible, and if this is the right thing to do?
Take this for example,

He claims to have lost 11 BTC in a hack, showing 4 TXIDs without any other proof whatsoever, and emphasizing the Bitcoin core several times and then in another post sliding a suspicious link with spaces to avoid detection.

Above all, some moron posting there to say if you had our coins we could have blocked the funds and return your coins back from "hackers".

Is it reasonable to ask a mod to lock the thread until OP could provide evidence? Where is the red line of misinformation and deliberate spreading of lies to damage Bitcoin?

I'm saying this, because if someone loses 11 BTC, they won't go to a forum after 2 hours to chit chat about a theft, no they would call local authorities and will be depressed for days before talking to someone.

Should we let them be since they have claimed that they were hacked, do we have the right to ask a mod to lock it and ask the OP to provide evidence and then they could unlock it themselves?

I can't control myself seeing bitcoin sv account talking, it's like he is raping my girl in front of me, and laughing to my face. 😤😤😤
9  Other / Meta / Petition for 1miau to be removed as a merit source! on: November 21, 2023, 08:16:23 AM
I'm sorry to inform the administration team, but I believe this matter is worthy of your attention, as evidenced by a staff member here 1miau is not fit to remain as a merit source for EXTREME biased judgement calls, so I doubt if he is able to distribute merits fairly, not to mention that he is an actual extortionist.

I hope for your reconsideration.

If anyone has any reason to believe that 1miau should be removed as a source, don't be afraid and speak up. Reasonably.

Edit :

1miau awards merits mostly fairly
And before the accusation is made.
I did not consult with digaran, nor did I know about this thread here until a few minutes ago.

If you say it's fair and doesn't involve the same bias towards politically aligned members, I take your words for it. Just having the courage to expose him for his abuse, is one of the rare occurrences around here.
And no, you didn't consult me before or ever for anything, I didn't know you existed, until a few days ago I clicked on one of the admin's quotes and saw your name on a topic.
Remember always stay neutral.😉
10  Other / Meta / Self moderated topics should not be allowed in reputation board! on: October 26, 2023, 06:54:27 PM
If this was discussed before, remove it.
However when you allow people to create self moderated topics in reputation board, they would try censoring whatever they don't like and you will end up with a thread containing only the posts of your liking.

When a gang creates such topics, they would discuss, judge, execute, they also act as jury , they would delete whatever they don't like.

IMO, if self mod is allowed it should at least not count any posts in such topics toward post count, this way people would ignore such topics over time, and gangs can no longer act as a gang.
Don't know if you have noticed or not, that board has become a safe haven for sig spammers while playing with people's reputation and getting paid for it.
11  Economy / Reputation / 1miau, meow why so serious? on: October 18, 2023, 10:28:02 PM
Look, I know you are butthurt because of my post on P & S, but don't you think it would have been better if you could wait a few days and then give me a negative trust to make it less obvious about your butthurt?

Though this kind of behaviour is expected from someone who sympathizes a child killing regime. Typical dark soul.

At least if anyone has any problems with me, GROW some balls and talk to me face to face, using trust system like this is for cowards.

Edit :  in case you are wondering what am I talking about
12  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / If you can solve this math problem you'll get a $1 million prize on: October 18, 2023, 06:55:22 PM
I know the article is for 2014, but I just found out what NP really means, but have a question:
Is solving DLP considered to be one of the 7 millennium problems in mathematics?

I'm not claiming to have found the solution, but I really believe NP or in our case DLP has a simple solution, it's just like a riddle nobody knows the answer to, but when you learn the answer you'll realize how easy it was, though it only happens after knowing the answer to the riddle.

Recently I was thinking, since there are people with the power to destroy the whole planet by pushing a "red button", there must be a similar red button for crypto, which means God gives the knowledge but it is us who should decide what to do with that knowledge/power.

I guess in 2014 crypto wasn't as big as today, they should update the prize estimation to billions.(which would be illegally obtained through theft of course if DLP is solved).😉
13  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / If we find DLP solution for EC, what is the alternative to replace ECC? on: October 13, 2023, 02:15:32 PM
This has been my concern for a long time, I don't know how to find a working alternative if elliptic curve cryptography is broken by solving DLP.

I'd imagine if we find the solution for one curve, all the curves could be solved as well.

What happens if such solution is found?
Is there any alternatives to replace  ECC?

This is a serious discussion, please don't try saying "devs will find a way".  I want to know if finding a way is even possible or not.
14  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / How to calculate Lambda and Beta for n and p? on: October 11, 2023, 04:38:40 PM
I know Hal (rip) talked about them here but since I'm not that good with math, I can't find a way to calculate them for other curves, if I'm not mistaken Lambda is derived from n while Beta is derived from p, correct? Is there a formula preferably in python to derive these 2 values for different curves?

I'd appreciate the help, I'm just trying to test different curves, using Lambda and Beta as n and p, then if I have a way to calculate the lambda value for secp256k1's Lambda I could use them for my studies.
15  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Bounty offered to crack the seeds for NIST curves! on: October 08, 2023, 04:17:19 PM
Found this today, thought it might be useful for some of you to know about this challenge.
Share the results of your research please.
16  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Is this the limit for solving DLP? on: October 08, 2023, 01:17:02 PM
import gmpy2 as mpz
from gmpy2 import powmod

# Define the ec_operations function
def ec_operations(start_range, end_range, scalar_1, scalar_2, n, divide_1_by_odd=True, divide_1_by_even=True, divide_2_by_odd=True, divide_2_by_even=True):
    for i in range(start_range + (start_range%2), end_range, 2):
        # divide scalar 1 by odd or even numbers
        if i%2 == 0 and not divide_1_by_even:
        elif i%2 == 1 and not divide_1_by_odd:
            # calculate inverse modulo of i
            i_inv = powmod(i, n-2, n)

            # multiply the scalar targets by i modulo n
            result_1 = scalar_2 * i_inv % n
            result_2 = scalar_1 * i_inv % n

            # divide scalar 2 by odd or even numbers
            if i%2 == 0 and not divide_2_by_even:
            elif i%2 == 1 and not divide_2_by_odd:

            # subtract the results
            sub_result = (result_2 - result_1) % n

            # print results separately

        except ZeroDivisionError:

if __name__ == "__main__":
    # Set the targets and range for the operations
    scalar_1 = 0x00000000000000000000000000000000001aab07a231499b94e9412cb6d34bb1
    scalar_2 = 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000006d34bb1


    start_range = 1073741816
    end_range = 1073741826

    ec_operations(start_range, end_range, scalar_1, scalar_2, n)

To make it simple to understand, I have used scalar instead of points, if we manage to "guess"  7 ending characters of a key, we could divide our target by a 10 digit number, if you run the script above and subtract n/4 from the result on the last line you will reach our target 1 aka  scalar_1/2^30, and if you multiply the final result by 2^30 your result and scalar_1 will have a difference of 114510769.

In another words, if we divide target 1 by 2^30, take the result and subtract n/2^30 from it, then multiply that final result by 2^30 we will reach our target-1.  But what if we multiply by 2^30-1? The result would still be a 255+ bit large but it would have a distance equal to target1/2^30 with our target1.

Now lets go back to our original calculations, after running the script we have this :
Subtracting it from n/4 we will get this :
6aac1e88c5266e53a504b3 which * by 2^30 = 1aab07a231499b94e9412cc0000000, while we could just subtract this  114510769 from our target and then divide by 2^30.

So is this the known difficulty limit to solve DLP?   Honestly I don't think so, I believe there are more ways to make it much easier, since n is a fixed value, we just need to work harder and find the solution, I'm sure it exist.
17  Economy / Reputation / Found a rat! on: October 03, 2023, 09:09:12 PM
So, as I was looking at other languages board I came across a familiar name and decided to check inside the thread to then find out that c.i.a was hiring foreign agents from this forum, and their agent is a sex worker. don't be fooled by seeing a naked skin, they are able to cut your throat with one swing of a knife.

Edit: here is the link to the post :

Translated the content of OP, "
Work with open sources.

Hours: Full-time
Salary: $58,638 - $123,234 per year *
Gender: Male
Higher starting salary possible depending on experience level

Minimum Requirements:

Bachelor's degree, preferably in statistics, international, media or research political; Geography / GIS, Foreign Language / Linguistics or related field; Education and STEM degrees
GPA of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale
Strong analytical skills; analytical and research skills; Written and Verbal Requirements
Ability to work in a dynamic environment as a member of a cohesive and often dispersed team

US Citizenship not required.

Qualification requirements:

Foreign language, especially for unique foreign languages ​​(Russian language).

Full information in English:
https :// html"

Did anyone know about this?  How many more of them are here? Just wanted to warn you that our "friends" are lurking in shadows and are very close.😉

Ps, do you think they accept uneducated but pro hackers?😂
18  Other / Meta / Come on, why remove a whole topic from politics board? on: October 02, 2023, 06:54:27 PM
I mean, this new moderator is biased, censoring  things he doesn't like. I would like the thread to be restored. I couldn't find it in ninja's site, it was removed so fast that ninja's site couldn't archive it.😂

Title was something about Biden shaking hands with air, lol.

19  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Tutorial on how to solve 1000 bitcoin puzzle challenge, for beginners! on: October 02, 2023, 12:54:09 PM
I will keep it as simple and short as I can, but first let me say that I'm not an expert in cryptography and mathematics, I just share my experience.

[Tutorial part 1] :

First things first, if you are interested in solving these puzzles and get bitcoins as your prize, visit this topic and read about the whole thing. Then for more details check this second topic and when you were ready come back here. However if you are not familiar with how bitcoin works, then spend some time on this site and then come here.
To get started, I will not waste your time to explain how to brute force bitcoin addresses, if you are a normal individual with no large pocket to rent hundreds of GPUs, you are in the right place.

Solving a puzzle with public key hack :

Required tools: you could either use online tools or offline tools, to learn how these things work, start with online.

For subtracting, adding and multiplying you could use
secretscan and to convert uncompressed public keys to compressed format, go to public key page put your uncompressed on top slot and click send, second slot shows compressed key.

Or you can download this  java tool from github.

Now let us begin with a simple example, such as puzzle. #35 :
Private key :
In decimal :  20112871792 now as you can see it has 11 digits, what do we want exactly? Well we want to reduce it's size as much as possible in order to find it faster, like if you try subtracting this much from it 20112870000 you will get 1792 which is easy to brute force or even generate that much public keys and save it to a file for comparison.

Now lets find something easier but more complex, division :
We can divide it to reach a smaller key, since we have no knowledge about the private key, we can't randomly subtract from it, but we can accurately divide it, here is how : we can divide it by 2,  20112871792/2 = 10056435896/2 = 5028217948/2 = 2514108974/2 = 1257054487/2 = 628527243.5 and we got a fraction, now game over, unless we find a way around it.

Now lets use a tool to have a larger picture of what is going on.
We will use this simple python script to divide by 2 up to 256,

import bitcoin
import math

print("Initiating the sequence...")

target = "20112871792"


start_range = 2
end_range = 256

for i in range(start_range, end_range + 1):
    div = (int(target, 10) * pow(i, -1, n)) % n
    print(f"{i}- {hex(div)[2:]}")

Results :
Initiating the sequence...
2- 2576908b8
3- aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa9d1c9e899ca306ad27fe1945f6fbf86a6
4- 12bb4845c
5- cccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccbc88be3ebbf6d4cfc9975187196556ae4
6- 55555555555555555555555555555554e8e4f44ce51835693ff0ca2fb7dfc353
7- b6db6db6db6db6db6db6db6db6db6db5f30f30127d33e02aad964389d244c363
8- 95da422e
9- 38e38e38e38e38e38e38e38e38e38e389b434d8898bace462aa086ca7a952ce2
10- 66666666666666666666666666666665e445f1f5dfb6a67e4cba8c38cb2ab572
11- 45d1745d1745d1745d1745d1745d174578bb5384bb70e5e1bff38e26d4507079
12- aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa9d1c9e899ca306ad27fe1945e440b024a
13- 5c378b30
14- db6db6db6db6db6db6db6db6db6db6da56df067c963e403336b4510b513d8252
15- eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedbf4ddf3db4aa2f26b3089c83bceb4f22
16- 4aed2117
17- f0f0f0f0f0f0f0f0f0f0f0f0f0f0f0efbec2b1ca0e6278b0b489c266b0214d80
18- 1c71c71c71c71c71c71c71c71c71c71c4da1a6c44c5d6723155043653d4a9671
19- d79435e50d79435e50d79435e50d79424c5d5bb4c98086eef2604fa2f1b62ab
20- 33333333333333333333333333333332f222f8faefdb533f265d461c65955ab9
21- 3cf3cf3cf3cf3cf3cf3cf3cf3cf3cf3ca65a655b7f114ab8e4876bd89b6c4121
22- a2e8ba2e8ba2e8ba2e8ba2e8ba2e8ba219b51835b55cc30ebfe2f659d24358dd
23- 2c8590b21642c8590b21642c8590b2160a34abfb98eb3d420b19749e421291ac
24- 55555555555555555555555555555554e8e4f44ce51835693ff0ca2f22058125
25- 5c28f5c28f5c28f5c28f5c28f5c28f5bb3d88cf6e2f12f71ab74b166148255a1
26- 2e1bc598
27- bda12f684bda12f684bda12f684bda12058b0271fd195a3f38c1c14c09008fcc
28- 6db6db6db6db6db6db6db6db6db6db6d2b6f833e4b1f20199b5a2885a89ec129
29- 8d3dcb08d3dcb08d3dcb08d3dcb08d3d178c9d2fd377848ae56b3d00d3540a5
30- 77777777777777777777777777777776dfa6ef9eda55179359844e41de75a791
31- e739ce739ce739ce739ce739ce739ce613f8c78609acf3d2dece86f2f34009f4
32- 7fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff5d576e7357a4501ddfe92f468d91b12c
33- 6c9b26c9b26c9b26c9b26c9b26c9b26c1123657923932cb47feca43be1823b3e
34- 78787878787878787878787878787877df6158e507313c585a44e1335810a6c0
35- 8af8af8af8af8af8af8af8af8af8af8a4815c85ff8c10686d5d899ba4a237461
36- 8e38e38e38e38e38e38e38e38e38e38d842841d57dd303af6a9150f906c06bd9
37- acf914c1bacf914c1bacf914c1bacf90704ca3186898daf7f04fdf0553236ad5
38- 86bca1af286bca1af286bca1af286bc96fba5950fdf05455577c31c37fa8d1f6
39- aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa9d1c9e899ca306ad27fe1945dfee159e6
40- 99999999999999999999999999999998d668eaf0cf91f9bd7317d2549ae5cdfd
41- 44aed44aed44aed44aed44aed44aed44578c92ae4800c0d7d5ce4b5199c8c0c3
42- 9e79e79e79e79e79e79e79e79e79e79db084a121172cf57a522ce532b5d14131
43- 9aca6b29aca6b29aca6b29aca6b29ac9a675a355e7023d2a14babc259fba871e
44- d1745d1745d1745d1745d1745d1745d06a31fa8e3252b1a53fdaaa73513ccd0f
45- a4fa4fa4fa4fa4fa4fa4fa4fa4fa4fa428a9940c2150efcb7b9e53b02f0b3021
46- 1642c8590b21642c8590b21642c8590b051a55fdcc759ea1058cba4f210948d6
47- 20ae4c415c9882b9310572620ae4c415a0008922e55af938a61adb0ca105f2ea
48- aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa9d1c9e899ca306ad27fe1945df91de133
49- 6343eb1a1f58d0fac687d6343eb1a1f50eeafcd6d640bb84e1e3db85106277b3
50- ae147ae147ae147ae147ae147ae147ad3743b4eec91ce7d6b5a387f9725c4b71
51- fafafafafafafafafafafafafafafaf9bc0ace87cefbe862bc0f7fd5702f4556
52- 170de2cc
53- e7d95bc609a90e7d95bc609a90e7d95a9f693bfc64c9050aa410a2eb34f7cc7
54- 5ed097b425ed097b425ed097b425ed0902c58138fe8cad1f9c60e0a6048047e6
55- 4129e4129e4129e4129e4129e4129e40d7153ce2488b8139198dfc23edb489f2
56- b6db6db6db6db6db6db6db6db6db6db5f30f30127d33e02aad9643893c6a8135
57- 59d31674c59d31674c59d31674c59d30f526e635fea03838e4fd7682551b36a4
58- 8469ee58469ee58469ee58469ee584694613d35cd6400c423714892e6eb5c0f3
59- e1a08ad8f2fba9386822b63cbeea4e18e9f53c2f1ca82516499b0991e185d1ac
60- bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbacd2ae642c4cedbe78cab56675755f469
61- c9714fbcda3ac10c9714fbcda3ac10c871530a26d578195d2e060fa57025be20
62- 739ce739ce739ce739ce739ce739ce7309fc63c304d679e96f67437979a004fa
63- befbefbefbefbefbefbefbefbefbefbe093d5fb849e0d91021640da613f2ebe1
64- 3fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffaeabb739abd2280eeff497a346c8d896
65- 99999999999999999999999999999998d668eaf0cf91f9bd7317d2548f5edc97
66- 364d9364d9364d9364d9364d9364d9360891b2bc91c9965a3ff6521df0c11d9f
67- e540f4898d5f85bb39503d226357e16daaffefda0bc6c4fc318313b77c1ccbe4
68- 3c3c3c3c3c3c3c3c3c3c3c3c3c3c3c3befb0ac7283989e2c2d227099ac085360
69- b981dae6076b981dae6076b981dae6067fdb7742fd297f3dd8ea1092a0d506ba
70- c57c57c57c57c57c57c57c57c57c57c4816252a35404d3614ad57c238d2cdad1
71- c64f52edf8c9ea5dbf193d4bb7e327a87afad663601f052377bfcea6d63b68e1
72- c71c71c71c71c71c71c71c71c71c71c61f6b8f5e168dd1f59531d7c2eb7b568d
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134- 72a07a44c6afc2dd9ca81e9131abf0b6d57ff7ed05e3627e18c189dbbe0e65f2
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138- 5cc0ed7303b5cc0ed7303b5cc0ed73033fedbba17e94bf9eec750849506a835d
139- 68fa798dd01d77b654b82c33917f1441c7f2fca844320a74967cf15cc524a6db
140- e2be2be2be2be2be2be2be2be2be2be19e0897c501a6b9ce8553ed582eb18e09
141- 603a196b1edd80e865ac7b7603a196b1738fccaddc36887c21f9bdddd06966b9
142- e327a976fc64f52edf8c9ea5dbf193d39ad4d9a507b3d2af9bc91699d338d511
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157- 16d3f97a4b01a16d3f97a4b01a16d3f95d48a9b5ff531cf6a71e2c4dcf323396
158- 6e2d5df984dc5abbf309b8b577e61370deed48634832b3236fb8836d3d8d5686
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166- 43dafcea68de12818acb90f6bf3a9a372e65de05a094cadb67472ea6e4f6f8ba
167- e2dfcef2341ea89f6cd69c5bf9de4682b4c5e3f5d40f4f2727b2c53ae78ed95c
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171- 1df1077c41df1077c41df1077c41df1051b7a211ff8abd684c547cd61c5e678c
172- a6b29aca6b29aca6b29aca6b29aca6b1c6f4d748d164df686517de4fd009c268
173- 4707661aa2c649fd0a5bbee3e26795748c95242268dd662b36b3b59c678895f
174- d6cdfa1d6cdfa1d6cdfa1d6cdfa1d6cce925d9b8bc45c43de793176d5a60c127
175- e898231bcb564efe898231bcb564efe770903f322460b4b12aa06a62b565b1e1
176- 745d1745d1745d1745d1745d1745d173c93835dd3866d4783feb4240085cc394
177- f5e02e4850fe8dbd780b92143fa36f5cca70fca97e68772f431542392b50c6ba
178- dd7baf75eebdd7baf75eebdd7baf75eda46382b6529dc147d3fb09e447d132cd
179- 6cb1573d7f48f044a5e641c9a754613fd16846e8614e07f70b5d9bfce2acf254
180- e93e93e93e93e93e93e93e93e93e93e8162d8ab00bcab41faec55bd5a7eb7cf9
181- b509e68a9b94821f1db39fd2bd865d5834d0859668280b7adf57f3a8e9125030
182- 2492492492492492492492492492492463cfd66a190a6008891e0d81db304a1f
183- edd06fe99e1395aedd06fe99e1395aeca23aebfc11587346e48e443fb030c036
184- 8590b21642c8590b21642c8590b216421e9e03f2cac1b7c6214c5dda305d72d6
185- 88fe9dc0588fe9dc0588fe9dc0588fe92deedf6127d538afe330ec0630b662ab
186- d1344d1344d1344d1344d1344d1344d02a735f3021229375a504003108aed7d4
187- b8d015e75bb8d015e75bb8d015e75bb7e53b285f59944264a1c0f0c008dfbc35
188- 882b9310572620ae4c415c9882b93104c55790bc10fb0e6c096fe609905c9d5b
189- 3fa94fea53fa94fea53fa94fea53fa94adbf1fe818a0485ab5cc048cb150f94b
190- b48c20563b48c20563b48c20563b48c11ff4966768c20a9b5163dc4863425125
191- a4dbcfbfaa384b0ebe53197749b79f7e82f14738130e9a1e6f7763c1e8d7a415
192- 6aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa231e31601e5e42c38fecfcbab255089d
193- a874b9b3113e578b464ceec1a874b9b23b2cc3c391d9928ec72d946f40f65d6f
194- 3f5717c0a8e83f5717c0a8e83f5717c0586a9af1d1a31fba5468d56a1f4dd8d0
195- 88888888888888888888888888888887db07ed47d4f388a8664e104b1fdc5f48
196- 58d0fac687d6343eb1a1f58d0fac687cf266766f616256f0286d8e8478262e3d
197- 6a8ef1b4a1231617640f980a655c4392504dfbc947a946983874275b1fad175a
198- bcc48676f31219dbcc48676f31219dbbd4a5242dfac8f245ea89051285b9e00b
199- 68337510b93f090149539e3b2d066ea192bd86f08cd0601851efffe46f5b51f7
200- eb851eb851eb851eb851eb851eb851ea59d412e8b5bdb2227d46a8e7f8bfc3cd
201- f715a6d884752c93bdc569b6211d4b23b5748de278c801d13b0d459b09831a22
202- fd7720f353a4c0a237c32b16cfd7720df321b9c373404d89bb634bdf15fc75ec
203- 938bfaf4a6768ab81e441938bfaf4a66ad2c08c68855ff07f43b74499d6fc0cf
204- bebebebebebebebebebebebebebebebdcc5a22154b634a368eed0f3bc426f1f6
205- a7562a7562a7562a7562a7562a7562a681850846ddf886b56aa77afe687be74e
206- 9c95204f88b2f392a409f1165e7254807727d9223980ed30f90e57a82bb25c31
207- 932b48f757ce8809e4cad23dd5f3a201be2e1c0de4260a7ddd94250a7b03c2a9
208- 5c378b3
209- 470b061fd8cdc7a7cf013991c2c187f5d92a66f2d9ad43bd4a0e48c8c8b4320a
210- ec7ec7ec7ec7ec7ec7ec7ec7ec7ec7eb5240042590dcb148437e131464887471
211- 76e68575afec96720c21f8b86ac48cbcae0fb308de2695a4d9b2ff05f9313f26
212- 439f656f1826a439f656f1826a439f6519295c299d654c231a84da2ee0e16f82
213- ecc51ba4a8434e1f3fb3146e92a10d37501d856594e56c88fd2183ead237f921
214- 5fb37072d753bd02647c69456217ecdba318b247e1d35fc9c683473bd706e8a0
215- 52287bd52287bd52287bd52287bd5228136db33f51422c4790e90556e3302813
216- 97b425ed097b425ed097b425ed097b419e08cec197477b65c701676fe93b329a
217- b35166a2cd459a8b35166a2cd459a8b26d87762940f910adfb28002a07714b48
218- 9fb4d812c9fb4d812c9fb4d812c9fb4cb6396b471b264314d59d130f0f9cf06c
219- d13df44f7d13df44f7d13df44f7d13de3b11d8ca93f1b791dbe8bb2978b73d99
220- 904a7904a7904a7904a7904a7904a78f931cbdabe9c7306c264cae4f6388431d
221- c3c3c3c3c3c3c3c3c3c3c3c3c3c3c3c2cafe30742bb0020f92afedf33b3bd0ad
222- 477ed8caf477ed8caf477ed8caf477ed31d495552ea594889d5b0a4305e44759
223- 497889c2024bc44e10125e22708092f0b626b47de689effec7b29e01b7a740c
224- edb6db6db6db6db6db6db6db6db6db6c88c6f1b1a2c370377b4357cbeb43513e
225- edcba987654320fedcba987654320fec9d7a9b215fb0b0254bc7f5fa49940aa1
226- 3d2b0b53d2b0b53d2b0b53d2b0b53d2abd98ca4dc63355dc6f885a8e68e51d43
227- 22f5d9a80905a38633e06c43aa4a6e84e6bec995ead3c931e2ef9e6472e9e2a5
228- 1674c59d31674c59d31674c59d31674c3d49b98d7fa80e0e393f5da09546cda9
229- 779d9fdc3a2189808f1779d9fdc3a2180007ec3f122e3b37dd8a8a151962ee7f
230- 473c1ab68a0473c1ab68a0473c1ab689a9eddff8f4ab95367828ba96d01db5e
231- 34162a1cd058a8734162a1cd058a8733d3f9773242b1af90091b498a628811c9
232- 611a7b9611a7b9611a7b9611a7b9611a0030ac10e1622b1f7db9b9eecfbb008d
233- 3a3b5499d1daa4ce8ed5267476a933a36b49d5f4bf7e642c5ae0beb579b9bd9d
234- c71c71c71c71c71c71c71c71c71c71c61f6b8f5e168dd1f59531d7c2dff46527
235- d3560f4045b81a2509cde3ad3560f4034ef265bf86e5e53b2114110cc6c63196
236- 386822b63cbeea4e1a08ad8f2fba93863a7d4f0bc72a09459266c2647861746b
237- 497393fbade83c7d4cb125ce4feeb7a0949e30423021ccc24a7b0248d3b38f04
238- a37eeca37eeca37eeca37eeca37eeca2af28af7ff779ad5355efc3ea15d83d1c
239- ad85e4268f880891ac73ae9819b5055a2f46535274ab561dc9c9816d6416a88e
240- eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedbf4ddf3db4aa2f26b3089c8371fe2e0b
241- 43fbc043fbc043fbc043fbc043fbc043a55c1ceb77d7cd130dc304ed6813db4
242- 54a0cb1b810ecf56be69c8fde2615282c0e30fe6b4a7e057744e01a2eecf19e0
243- dc2e5a99cf8a021b641511e8d2b31839e725ac156b90a3190d475f04312a42bb
244- 325c53ef368eb04325c53ef368eb04321c54c289b55e06574b8183e95c096f88
245- 13da62386cab5cfef481913da62386ca9c9565c491402580f9fa5f1a9ce07e57
246- 8b7278b7278b7278b7278b7278b7278ac144319063a47041d8e0e67eac6740c1
247- 286bca1af286bca1af286bca1af286bc6e518131e5c8194ccd720eedd4e311a1
248- 9ce739ce739ce739ce739ce739ce739c1fd6876418d9ee983bc30024c68321df
249- 2d3ca89c45e961abb1dd0b4f2a27117a1eee9403c06331e79a2f746f434f507c
250- 22d0e5604189374bc6a7ef9db22d0e55d7da5762f505c7f7bded81984a12757d
251- eda435092de57b690d424b795eda434f64e18ed82e7150686bb0ecad920a677b
252- efbefbefbefbefbefbefbefbefbefbee8e527d9b15eeae70d836ca5321256be9
253- ecc652f8eac040c246d47d78693bb3181f00d87438e30b996993037720618e62
254- 3060c183060c183060c183060c1830608408db2183e568dcedd317ea40397130
255- fefefefefefefefefefefefefefefefdbaf473a0826c7b76bf11cb9b569b4212
256- 8fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff49025c41c298da219be6552f39cd56c6

It didn't work as we expected, now lets try another method:

from sympy import mod_inverse


def ters(scalar):
    k = mod_inverse(2, N)
    scalar_bin = bin(scalar)[2:]
    result = 20112871791
    for i in range(len(scalar_bin)):
        if scalar_bin[i] == '0':
            result = (result * k) % N
            result = ((result * k) % N + N - 57896044618658097711785492504343953926418782139537452191302581570759080747169) % N
    return hex(result)[2:].zfill(64)

for x in range(1972, 3945):
    f = ters(x)
    print(f"{x}- {f}")

I just subtracted 1 from target, you should run this script to see the results, this is somehow similar to kangaroo method but simpler. If you have questions, ask and if I can I will answer.

Disclaimer, scripts are not mine, I just changed them to work with scalar.
20  Other / Meta / Non-printable characters on: October 01, 2023, 04:17:03 AM
Hey Joes ( I'm new to hey Joe mentality ) 😂

I was wondering if there is a fix for this problem, whenever I copy a python script and paste it on android for use, I get non-printable character error, and is usually a few empty spaces before each line of code, even before a comment # that is in the middle of some functions.  Then I have to either use AI or remove them myself.

This doesn't happen when I copy from a windows device, so I was wondering if there is a fix for this?
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