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1  Economy / Gambling discussion / An obvious rigging of Sports. on: April 16, 2021, 01:00:45 PM
A professional basketball league called VisMin cup in the Philippines had a very controversial match last night as both team shows unusual and weird game in the professional sports scene ever.
Rumors said that these both teams had to rig a game because there were a huge money involved in an online betting. But, everything's turned to be obvious that the officials had to stop the game after the 1st half because they believe something's not right that's going on, and they believe it wasn't just an off night.

Here's a video clip from this match up.
(video not mine, just for clarification purposes only)
Take note, that is a professional basketball game, and they were playing like a grade schooler. The other team had shot 0/10 ft.

Some professional basketball players in the Philippines coming from the major basketball league called PBA has shared their reactions on social media.
Most of them said "these players disrespected the game of basketball."
Some said they are even lucky to be playing despite the pandemic where a lot of professional basket players has lost their job.

I personally know that something like this has been happening since before in every sport, but with this obvious is such a huge disrespect not only for the game itself, but for the fans as well. This is such a huge fraud.

Im sharing this story for everyone who doesn't believe in fixed games in sports.
2  Economy / Gambling discussion / Mmorpg, Bitcoin, and Gambling on: May 27, 2020, 12:41:39 PM
Have you ever thought about playing a mmorpg with cryptocurrency/Bitcoin involved?

I was a hardcore mmorpg during my teenage years, and played several role playing games. Lately, I was thinking about how would an online game (not a blockchain based game built on Eth or other pure cryptocurrency based MMO's) would be different from the usual trades of in game currency to adding digital money like Bitcoin.

I found one interesting mmorpg posted on steemit called Dragons Tale which literally has everything when we're talking about Bitcoin engagement inside the game. But, one thing I dislike about choosing a game is the graphic and movement, skills animations. I always prefer, mixed martial art and sword slashing games like 9Dragons, SilkRoad Online, Cabal Online, and etc.

I'm imagining about placing real Bitcoin bets in an individual/group duel, or even Siege wars or guild wars.
Selling/Buying rare items in a market place where you can opt to purchase or sell the item in Bitcoin, with this initiative, players will have the opportunity to actually buy the item in a cheaper price in number when Bitcoin pumps, or sell in a higher number when Bitcoin dips.

Share your thoughts, specially If you're a mmorpg gamer.

P.s I was once a gamer, but since I started working, I stopped playing and It's been almost 6 years already. Though, I always loved to play again, I just dont have enough playing time because of the priorities at work and family.
3  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / China electric issue causes Bitcoin to pull back on: May 24, 2020, 09:34:00 AM
Several sources has reported about China's electric issues, specifically in the province of Sichuan. The country has been experiencing prolonged dry season causing the lack of hydroelectricity, thus crippling the miners activity in that area.
“Some mines have got power cut for over three days, and some are only allowed to mine during the night,” explains a mining farm owner who operates in Sichuan.
 Source :

It was also reported that Sichuan has been contributing not more than 10% of China's Bitcoin hash power.
 Source :

Obviously, Sichuan eletrical issues has been one of the reason why the hash rate drops 33% EH/s, together with some miners who temporarily suspend their activities due to the halving difficulty adjustments.
So, it has been over 3 days now since the electric interruption occured in Sichuan, fits perfectly with how Bitcoin price moved from the past 3 days.

Now, my question is, does the Sichuan electric issue causes Bitcoin to pull back from almost hitting the $10,000 level?
I'd be happy to read all your comments about this.

Edit (As I found a more interesting topic to be discussed) :

What's the correlation between mining hash rate and Bitcoin price?
4  Economy / Speculation / The real reason of the recent dip 6-22-2018 on: June 23, 2018, 02:53:44 AM
Ok, so everyone maybe looking for the reason about the recent dip from the last 24 hrs.

So heres the link :

I just wonder if this isnt a part of market manipulation or something like that, and they are just faking the theft? Because Ive heard ( not sure about it.) some exchanges were being investigated for market manipulation.
I would like to know your thoughts about this.
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