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1  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / How to spend coins to a non-standard p2sh address on: May 23, 2017, 04:14:55 PM
I've been trying to experiment with P2SH addresses and non-standard scripts. I've sent some coins on testnet to 2NGDaDjuNuXz1wzHkusqUKCEtvwGr1q3JUc, but I'm having a hard time spending the output.

The redeemScript is
$ bitcoin-cli -testnet decodescript 210251ec22f0bd150d3ffd84f627b1e65b9b17921dd1676c5e90627ab21d18158df7043133333775ac
  "asm": "0251ec22f0bd150d3ffd84f627b1e65b9b17921dd1676c5e90627ab21d18158df7 926102321 OP_DROP OP_CHECKSIG",
  "type": "nonstandard",
  "p2sh": "2NGDaDjuNuXz1wzHkusqUKCEtvwGr1q3JUc"

I was able to add it to my wallet using importmulti, but when I do listunspent it is not shown as spendable, and I haven't been able to spend via signrawtransaction. Can anyone point me to a tool that I can use to build the spending transaction?

I tried following along with this example:

but when i call VerifyScript(txin.scriptSig, txin_scriptPubKey, tx, 0, (SCRIPT_VERIFY_P2SH,))

I get "P2SH inner scriptPubKey returned false"

Edit: Got it working, needed to use python3
2  Economy / Services / no upper/no lower address giveaway on: January 22, 2017, 06:18:57 PM
Want an address that has no upper case letters (e.g. 184wwh1dtg8xv858d1n1ktj2cpvvbjugft) or no lower case letters (e.g. 1GNGTB96XPDHQ47Y6SNP8KN3YNPLFUP6B8)? I can do that - for free. I have some custom software that lets me do this a lot faster than vanitygen.

Is this safe?
Yes. I do split-key address generation, which prevents me from ever seeing your private key.

These are based on ones provided by LoyceV and shorena.

1) Go to move your mouse/type in the field until it shows 100%, then wait a few seconds. Optionally (but recommended), you can download the code, verify the signature, and run it offline.
2) Click "Vanity Wallet", then click the "generate" button to make a keypair.
3) Save your private key somewhere safe.
4) Reply to this thread with your public key, and whether you want "all letters uppercase" or "all letters lowercase". Addresses will still include numbers.
5) I'll reply with your "part private key".
6) Go back to the "Vanity Wallet" screen on
7) Under Step 2, paste your private key in the first field and the part private key in the second, then click "Calculate Vanity Wallet".
8) Copy your "Vanity Private Key".
9) Click "Wallet Details", then paste your "Vanity Private Key" into the box and click "View Details". Your address will be under "Bitcoin Address Compressed" and your final private key under "Private Key WIF Compressed". Import it into your wallet.

Can I choose a prefix?
No. I may offer this for a fee in the future.

Why is this free?
I'd like to offer some high end address generation services, such as all upper case and all lower case letters (except the leading 1) in the future (please PM me if interested). Before I do that, I want to make sure there are no issues with the process.

I may stop or change the terms of this giveaway at any time, and I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. This service is offered without warranty of any kind.

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