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41  Economy / Computer hardware / I have A Bitmain Account With 2 Unpaid For D3 Orders On It.. on: September 14, 2017, 12:38:14 PM
Hello, I have a Bitmain account with 2 unpaid for orders on it for Antminer D3's, 1 order is for 6 Antminer D3's and the other order is for 10 Antminer D3's...I would like to give this account to someone who missed the presale, and someone who deserves it (someone who has a good heart and soul and who is actually planning on mining with these and not planning on reselling them..) I created an new email to use just for this account, I will give you the password for both the email and for the bitmain account and you will need to immidiately change the passwords and other security settings once you are logged in. You will also want to change the phone number that is connected to the Bitmain account, when you change the number they will text me a code, I will give you the code then you will be able to add your own number and delete my number from the account. Then you will need to change the shipping address and name to your own name and address. You will have 7 days to pay for the orders/order via bank wire transfer before they expire.

I would like to speak to whoever wants the account via skype or facebook chat or on the phone to make sure you are a good person who deserves this and arent just planning on reselling these miners...

I am doing this to help someone out who missed the presale this morning since the presale is at 4 AM here in california.. I stayed awake just to make these orders.. wouldve liked to make a few orders on multiple bitmain accounts but I only have one spare bitmain account (gotta link a phone to your bitmain account in order to create one and I dont own a phone and already used one of my relatives phone numbers to create this account and cant find anyone else who will let me use their phone number to create another I also have my own Bitmain account that I use to purchase miners for myself to mine with. Had to use my mothers phone number for that account and I used my cousins number for the spare account which I am giving away. Will have to wait till my lil cousin wakes up before we can switch the phone number on the account to your phone number.

I was planning on selling the account for like 1 bitcoin (since there are 2 orders for 16 miners altogether on it and that would still be a wayyy better deal than anything you will find on ebay or amazon...) BUT I have decided that I would rather just get some good karma and just help someone out who missed the presale who wants these miners to MINE with by giving them the account for free... I will still accept any donations for the account but it is not necessary... Only if you think I deserve a donation and you can donate however much or however little amount of BTC or ANY other crypto you would like to donate to me for helping you out.. Like I said, you do NOT have to donate anything to me unless you want to...I stayed up all night just to place these orders cause I was planning on selling the account and it is difficult to actually make an order on bitmain since they sell out within a few minutes of being listed for sale... I was lucky enough to get 2 orders placed on this account and i placed 1 order for 1 Antminer D3 on my own account for myself... but I do not have the money to pay for the order I placed on my personal bitmain account, was planning on using the money I made from selling the spare account to pay for my order of 1 antminer d3 but I doubt anyone will donate $1450 worth of btc to me so im expecting my order to just  Anyways. Message me or reply to this post if you are interested, and I will pick someone who I think is worthy of being given this account after chatting with them on skype or something.

Peace & <3 &
Mine 4 life! lol.

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