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1  Economy / Lending / I know nobody will do this, but I coud use a 1.5BTC Loan. on: April 13, 2013, 05:39:39 AM
Quite honestly, I need it to give my friend an intro. He is paying cash, and given my recently sell off, I kept my dust. I am going to post his brand new address, but will be willing to put up whatever you want for collateral. I kept my dust and dice account, but have decided to not associate with bitcoin in any serious way anymore. I can pay back in 3 weeks at 20% interest. I will dox myself to the hilt, do whatever I need to do, short of a sperm sample, but I am just not trying to deal with an exchange right now, its been a crazy week and I would rather just get a loan, but I would like to take a week to ignore bitcoin, a week to get back in, and a week to process the payback. Nobody is going to do this, so let the flame war begin, but given my last few posts here it honestly pains me to ask this community for anything. The paranoia that exists in this community was part of the reason I got out on the run up, and now I have lost all faith in bitcoin. I think that people who claim this is s currency based on freedom who are so sketched out to be willing to help people out is ruining what was once a group project. So I know I won't even get a loan on this, but whatever. I just cleared 50k on my latest sale. Getting back in now for a one time trade is worth it for me to introduce the currency to more people.

If anybody wants to help a brother out, cool. If you're going to mock, and talk trash. Skip it. I am already over being on bitcoin talk.
2  Bitcoin / Project Development / Small investment with Big fun to be had. on: March 30, 2013, 01:18:25 AM
Gentlemen and ladies of bitcointalk. I have convinced my boss to allow me to start producing btc merchandise, with one stipulation. She wants to check interest. She told me this afternoon that if I can raise 1 btc just in interest that she will allow me to produce 'large' runs of t-shirts and various other btc 'swag'. 

i propose to you folks a fundraising drive to meet my goal.

For .01 you will receive a 3" vinyl bitcoin logo sticker
For .05 you will receive a bitcoin sticker with your username on it.
For .1 you will receive a custom sticker of your choice
For .5 you get all items listed above and a bitcoin logo t shirt with your username on it.
For the whole 1 btc gets all items listed above and a one off silk screened t-shirt with the bitcoin related design of your choice.

Yes. I am giving this away, but it is a project I believe in. So, anybody interested. For now use the address in my sig to donate, I will set up a dedicated account in the morning.

So, am I out of my mind to think I can make this work, or is anybody gonna help a brother out?
3  Economy / Goods / [WTS] HTC Inspire 4G - AT&T on: March 25, 2013, 10:52:06 PM
Hello Folks,
    I am selling my HTC Inspire '4G' because it has been sitting on my mantle for the past few months and quite frankly I want to get rid of it. It is in perfect working order, it was just time for an upgrade. I figured somebody might want to give it a decent home. I loved this phone, it was my first android, and was built like a tank. Asking Price: .4 Bitcoin, but that is negotiable.
4  Economy / Games and rounds / Interest Check: Hunger Games - BTC Edition on: March 24, 2013, 11:07:27 PM
  This came about by a discussion in Peerbet's chatroom, and I just want to see if anybody would be interested. We were discussing another brainwallet hacking game that someone was offering and this was my twist on it. Here is how it would work overall, I am still working out the details, and will add to this thread as I think of a way to make it as fair as possible, suggestions are also welcome:

   10 contestants enter, one wins the prize. Anyone who wants to deposit .01 to an account I have created, but will not publically post the address to, can enter. If you want to enter, PM Me and I will give you the address, and Identifier. When we have 10 'tributes', the games begin. The idea is to 'hack' the address before your fellow tributes do and withdraw the .1. please note, the password will change every game, and will never be more than 12 characters long and only alphanumeric characters will be used. Pretty simple.

   I understand that there is trust in me involved in this, but seeing as this thread announces my intention, I would welcome any of the contestants to call scammer, and that would be the end. I just really want to see if this can work. So lets hear it folks, would anybody be interested in participating in such a game?
5  Economy / Goods / WTS Custom Vinyl Stickers on: March 21, 2013, 12:07:23 AM
Hey Everybody,
    I recently got a new job working for a local sign shop to cure my boredom. One of the perks is being able to create custom stickers. If anybody wants anything custom made I will work for bitcoin. Seeing as these are custom jobs, each one will be priced accordingly, but I will work with anyone who is willing to work on coming up for a fair price. I would prefer it if you created the vector, but I will create in my spare time. Mods, I am not sure if this goes in goods or services because I will be doing a service, but providing goods. So anybody wanna give me a shot? I don't have any samples to show as of yet because I have been working on existing work for the time I have been there.

If you're a member in good standing I will take payment after delivery, if you're new/I can't find anyone who has traded or sold to you in the past we will discuss.

6  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / Show New Posts/Replies Missing on: March 20, 2013, 12:15:43 AM
I refreshed and now the search, show new replies, and show new posts since last is missing....Is this a local problem or are the admins making changes to the to speak.
7  Economy / Auctions / idk where this belongs, but please help me.... on: February 25, 2013, 06:30:22 AM
My friend and I were talking this morning and he was looking for ideas for his next tattoo(his fourth). I told him he should do what some people have done and sell space on his body to a company as promotion. Now we talk regularly about Bitcoin and given my latest exploits into this world I said, maybe you should get a bitcoin tat, and have somebody sponsor it. I told him I would give him .75 btc for a tat with my address listed under the Bitcoin Logo. He scoffed at such a low price. He said if I could hit 12BTC he would do it.
   I propose this, if we pool our resources, and a bunch of people donate with the highest bid(or top 3 highest if it gets up high enough), that my friend will have a Bitcoin tattoo with the winner's address written underneath (or top 3 if the highest bid doesnt match his quote). I think it would be funny as shit to see this jackass walking around with a tat of BTC on his body. Winning bid picks placement and design.

The only way this will work is for all money to be held in escrow until proof is given that the ink is on his body, with dox from the parlor(in this case it will be either Tattoo Lou's on Long Island or Blackstone Ink in Woodstock Ga(Blackstone is a friend and I am willing to pay for the air fare to get us down there from Long Island to see this happen). So a)who is willing to hold the money in escrow, and b)is anybody willing to pay an idiot to get a tat with their address on it?

8  Economy / Goods / Winter PS3 Game Cleanout on: February 25, 2013, 05:46:33 AM
Hey Everybody.

   Been doing some cleaning and decided that there are too many PS3 Games on the shelf. So I am getting rid of the following:

Skyrim: Pretty much new, all original box contents, map, users guide...etc. I literally played it for ten minutes and decided it was too big a commitment for me.

Phineas and Ferb: Across the Second Dimension: It is lame, but good for a play through.

Uncharted 3: Again, pretty much brand new, has only ever been in the console or in it's case. All original game dox intact.

Final Fantasy XII: yep, it's old...but whatever.

Lego LOTR: Again, has only been in the case or the console since I got it. I just 100%'d it and am trying to get rid of it.

Any offers better than what Gamestop will give me for them will be considered. No set prices.

Free Shipping
9  Economy / Services / Completely Random Service offer. Writing, Graphic Design, Minor Web Design.... on: February 25, 2013, 03:29:15 AM
Hey all,
   Thought I would throw my hat in here. I am a writer by trade, but have worked pretty extensively in graphic and web design. Samples available upon request. Ideally, I would prefer to be a content writer, but I am more than happy to dip into my entire skill set. I won't even claim an hourly price, because in my experience, every job is different. If you need someone who can write, I'm your huckleberry. I doubt I will make anything out of this, but it is worth a shot. All the best.
10  Other / Beginners & Help / Help with a Project? on: February 24, 2013, 04:38:01 AM
Fear not, I am not asking for anything.

I am working on a book and am looking to research. I posted something about this in my introduce yourself post, but figured I would try to post my own thread. The project I am currently working on is about the societal influence of the internet on modern society. It sounds broad, but given my background it will be much more informed than most works of non-fiction on the subject. I am going in deep y'all, and hope that you will assist me in my research for this. A little background, my best friend Elliott introduced me to BTC back in 2010 and I dabbled briefly before my life tore me away and it took a back burner. I have always kept track, but have never been involved. Then this project sort of threw itself in my lap and the internet and all it's mechanics came back to the forefront of my existence. Naturally when I was given the option of working on this project BTC came pouring back into my life and I started to research it again. It is my hope that you people, as a community, will give me your blessing to lurk, question, and participate in your community. I believe that writers owe their subjects the right to contribute to what is being written about them, and I hope you will give me the honor of being a part of your community as an observer, as well as a participant. I hope to learn more about Bitcoin, about the community that makes it work, and about you as individuals.

   I will be happy to elaborate more on the project at another time. It is Saturday and I am pretty deep into a bottle of bourbon. Please give me initial feedback. Good or Bad.
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