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1  Economy / Currency exchange / UnionPay > BTC any exchange? on: November 18, 2022, 06:27:24 PM
Does any Exchange accept UnionPay card for deposit?
Tried, but their CC processor for UnionPay (Mercuryo) for some reason doesn't accept the card.
2  Economy / Gambling discussion / Best BTC casinos? on: December 30, 2015, 07:42:39 PM
Getting bored, so what are the best BTC casinos. I play at Panther usually, which is a "real" full casino, but takes also bitcoins. Just canīt remember those BTC only casinos. Any recommendations / experiences?
3  Economy / Auctions / domain for sale on: October 27, 2014, 03:47:02 AM
PM if interested

I have also:
for sale.

I know this is acution thread, possible will post later acutions for these, but now you can just make a nice offer and buy good domain(s) Smiley I can help buyer with seo, throwing anchored links from apple, ibm, apache and other high authority domains with keywords / anchors you want rank.

Selling because projects cancelled.
with bitcoinminingcloud you can get site if want. It's cancelled because mining harware delayed so badly and no any orders made, so there's no angry customers, two andother domains never developed. Programmer quited projects and leaved too messy & vulnearable code, so games are not for sale - only domains.
4  Economy / Gambling / What is the most active / exciting dice site? on: September 03, 2014, 11:10:54 PM
Have been not playing in months, just found that satoshidice does not offer anymore exciting winning posibilities due to bet restrictions and just-dice is not taking deposits... those was the two I played with back to Jan. What "dice" people are now playing?
5  Economy / Computer hardware / [SOLD]For sale: Avalon Batch #3 Four mod unit 105+ Gh/s in hand EU on: August 29, 2013, 12:34:53 PM
For sale: Avalon Batch #3 Four mod unit 105+ Gh/s in hand

*Avalon Batch #3 Four (4) Mod unit
*This unit is guaranteed to mine at the advertised 85 Gh/s as per Avalon's specs.
*But it is running currently perfectly and averaging around 105 Gh/s (overclocking is at your own risk).
*Black "final" Avalon design
*WiFi Antenna not included, but works fine wireless if router is nearby or use ethernet cable
*Three case screws missing.
*cgminer does restart a few times a day, but I guess it can be solved easily (read Avalon user thread). Anyway, Im not wanting to do firmware upgrade etc. as it hashes fine 350MHz / avalon-auto averaging 105+ Gh/s
*PSU IS NOT INCLUDED as Im using CORSAIR AI1200W PSU and it does not fit insde Avalon case. I want ship Avalon in the original box as
itīs strong, but PSU does not fit inside either it. So, you need to get own PSU. Any standard 900 - 1250W ATX power supply will work fine
as long as you will plug all power wires before you run the Avalon. This is not a joke - if you do not connect all power cables it can basicly melt some wires and
damage seriously Avalon.

*Only BTC accepted
*International shipping (EMS, UPS or DHL) with insurance fine.
*No warranty, no returns, no support.
*Item location Helsinki / Finland / Europe, pick-up possible, but must be paid in full before.

*I prefer no escrow as the price is likely to be quite reasonable and this needs to be paid / shipped before the friday 6th Sep as Im flying to holiday then.

Im selling as Im now travelling quite much and I do not want leave Avalon unattended for too long periods.
Im on the road now until the 1st sept. sunday evening. Im able to ship this right on the monday 2nd Sept.
I will switch Avalon to Eligius for some time @ 100% speed on sunday evening so, you can see fresh stats.
Can also post some pics.

All reasonable offers welcome. Please PM, but do not waste time with 1btc offers Wink Please allow some time for answers as Im on the road and not able to be online continously. If interested in buy please send PM now!
6  Economy / Currency exchange / I buy over 1000 BTC only! -20% Gox market on: August 04, 2013, 01:49:21 AM
I buy BTC!
Looking for deals 1000 and plus btc. Not paying market price, but Gox -20% (just an example - will be agreed case by case, but my margin will not be much lower). Can send back IBAN / wire or cash EUR / USD or 24k Valcambi / P.A.M.P. Au999.9 250g/100g/50g gold plates. Each deal takes at least two weeks to complete. PM if interested in. Looking for few long term contacts. Im within EU.
7  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Why any ordinary person would be interested in Bitcoins? on: April 16, 2013, 12:18:52 PM
Why Mr. or Ms. Smith or any ordinary person would be interested in Bitcoins? ...or start using Bitcoins?
is there any really good reason or any reason at all?

if we are assuming that
-they are not interested in any illegal activity so, no reason to hide transactions
-they are not interested in any kind of investments
-they have no need to send money fast to anyone and they are happy with ordinary bank chages and delays
-they are not tech, they think that even PayPal is a bit complicated

I'm quite new for this, bought Avalon Batch#3 and waiting for it, trusting in long run but just wondering if there are any reasons that can make BTC take off really?! ...or will is be just always thing of a small community and never grow up really?! Yes, nobody knows Smiley But please give any reason for Mr.Smith to proceed... ?

Reasons I can figure out:
-Maybe there will be some goods you can only buy with BTC, but i guess Mr.Smith is not interested in such things.
-Maybe Mr.Smith would like to watch porn and wish to pay that anonymously... that would be one driving thing for BTC.
-Maybe Mr.Smith is worried about savings at bank, but he trusts even less for own ability to secure private keys as he does not really understand what those are.
-Maybe Mr.Smith wants hide some money on the blockchain. That would be another driving thing for BTC and reason why Mr.Smith start learning how Bitcoin works!

So, Im unable to say any really good reason. Please help!
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