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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Pools (Altcoins) / [NEW][POOL] Electroneum Mining Pool on: January 04, 2018, 01:16:53 PM
"Yes Sir!"

Good day everyone! I just want to share the mining pool I just created today for everyone.

I just had this thought of putting up a mining pool for everyone that adapts to the demands of majority except the pool fee which is 1% only since I'll be needing that to pay for the server and may help me do better things and further improvements for the mining pool (Don't worry I'm considering to lower it if we made huge numbers already).



Mining Pool Specs:
Asian Server: Hosted in Singapore
Backup: Active
DDoS Protected: Yes
Ports: 3333, 5555, 7777, 8888, 9999, 443
Pool Address:

Social Media & Communications Presence:
Discord Channel:
Facebook Page:

01-10-2018 - Maintenance Concluded for January 10, 2018
01-10-2018 - Pool Fees down to 0.2%
01-10-2018 - Minimum Payment down to 5
01-05-2018 - Pool Fees Down to 0.5%
01-05-2018 - Nice hash Port & Office Port Added

Mining pool is active and ready to serve everybody. I hope you could give this mining pool a try. I would love to see posts regarding suggestions and other demands for improvements.

Happy mining to everyone and More power to Cryptocurrency and to Electroneum

2  Bitcoin / Project Development / Educating Citizens in the Philippines on: July 28, 2014, 08:56:20 AM
Hello! I believe my country(Philippines) is still in need of more knowledge about bitcoin and people keeps on doubting my words about digital currency though I've showed them everything to where everyone started in this forum in terms of bitcoin faqs, mining, farming thru faucets, pools, foundation, developers and etc etc...

So I came up of an idea of showing them how to earn bitcoin the easy way since they wouldn't care to spend on miners since they've got an idea of "networking" scheme(Though quite unrelated but the words "SPEND FIRST" is too mind bugging for my fellow countrymen) which has a bad reputation in my country.

My list of procedures of having people educated(After some talks, orientation and etc. etc...):
1.) Get a wallet [Web or Form based] - Had them instructed spoon-fed.
2.) Told them to go to this link and use the btc address they've got.
3.) Told them to keep on doing the task if the timer cooled down.
4.) If coins are sufficient enough, I told them to go to, pbmining, lunamine, or to trade and have it played nicely.

But they ended-up doubting even the faucets since it wasn't my work or they don't even see things too transparently and the effort it too heavy-duty.

For this reason I've come up of an idea of starting petty services like Bitcoin informative site with faucets, games, & rewards system. I may have the skill to have this project started but I do believe I'm still in need of others help.

I maybe to young(Forum Age) to have these things stated, but I'm need of some kind heart to have these things:
1.) Server to have the files uploaded and running.
2.) Domain name.
3.) Some brains to make/have the idea running out of the box.

I'm not asking to have cash or something for profitability. If you want to donate bitcoin, you may do so but if you want the bare needs already, that would be better since I will not be doing any exchange of bitcoin to cash which might give you some thoughts that I'm doing dirty stuff.

I just want my country be aware of bitcoin, have it exposed not only to IT people like us, but even to the lesser ones. My intention is 100% clean and pure community service. If you have some bad vibes to throw on me (Oh please don't), just respect my thread.

Thank you everyone and have a nice bitcoin day ahead.

Rest assured that if this post materialize, proper credentials and branding will be righteously implemented.
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