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1  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTS] Access Virus TI Desktop - EU countries on: February 18, 2015, 11:52:50 AM
Hello all!

I am selling a very rarely used Access Virus TI Desktop. It was barely being in use, because I never find a full time job to go with it. It is in mint condition, no scratches at all, and kept in safe and dry place all the time.

Looking for 1240Ä or the same in BTC or LTC the same conversion when sold.

Taking also Paypal.

The ebay post:

Sending to EU countries only in a matter of 3 days after agreement.

The pictures:

Looking for serious buyers, give also some discount to those.
2  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTS]A pair (2) Scrypt Zeus miners with 14.5MH/s each (optionally PSUs) on: November 02, 2014, 11:50:45 PM

I am selling two Zeus Hurricane 14-15MH/s miners. Both are functioning very stable and I was using them for cca 2.5 months. I have decided to go out of the mining and rather buy some coins. So the miners are here available for sell.

So the highlights for option 1 are:
2x Zeus Hurricane cca 14500 KH/s
2x USB to USB-b cable
2x PSU, 1 EVGA 600 bronze, 1 FSP 500 gold
you get them in the original package
both are upgreadable to 65MH/s, this means 130MH/s for a half the power consumption - officially by Zeus company
I am sending this complet with the Raspberry Pi

The highlights for option 2 is:
the same as option 1, but without Raspberry Pi and PSUs

option 1: 800 EUR
option 2: 680 EUR


But before you started blaming me for expensive prices, you should know that, I will be sending it for that money across the EU, I will be however covering the costs that have I paid for customs and shipping, which where not low, and I am unemployed, so I appreciate to rethink twice before posting. I believe there are also people who are not opportunistic, who has jobs, who has a lot of money and want the hardware for the right price. I am not the guy for the money but I want to make living.

I am fair and this is what I expect from you. I will add an unknown gift to the package as a appreciation.

I will highly like to see the payment through Paypal (verified account).

I can also take the payment in BTC and LTC, but I prefer Paypal, escrow through the btctalk senior;u=60820
3  Economy / Digital goods / [WTS] 105$ coupon for Meizu MX4, instead of 449$ just 344$ on: October 22, 2014, 09:43:45 AM
Here I am selling the 105 USD coupon code for one of the best devices of the mobile phone world yet. Meizu MX4.

The specifications of phone (click on the pictures for bigger picture):

The proof (click on the pictures for bigger picture):

You can also see the phone on the specified page:

So I want 0.15BTC or 15LTC for the code Wink

Serious buyers PM me. Any other questions, ask here!
4  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTS]R9 280X rojaylQueen club3d 3GB 0.5BTC shipping to EU on: June 19, 2014, 08:50:06 AM

I am selling used R9 280X from club3D version royalQueen. It has syncronised CPU clock with memory speed. It mines at 720KH/s scrypt stable without any errors. I am shipping to Europe for aditional price of shipping to selected country. If you're interested to pay with paypal or any other crypto value, that's not the problem.

Feel free to contact me for any questions.


5  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTS] Pack of 10x Gridseed GC3355 5-chip miner on: June 16, 2014, 11:52:04 AM

I am selling 10x Gridseed 5-chip miner pack, because I need the money. This is the latest the gold pack that have been produced by Gridseed and is not available to order from Gridseed anymore. The price is as it is, I include the shipping to Europe and 10% of fluctuation of crypto currency; and of course the price that I will request to get.

The package includes:

  • 10x Gridseed 5-chip miner
  • 10x USB-A to micro USB cable
  • 10x 5.5x2.5mm power cable

    • Free shipping, and to EU only
    • Escrow accepted through DannyHamilton service
    • Price is 100 LTC, 1.6 BTC, 95 DARKCOIN, 2.600.000 DOGECOIN
    • Pictures:
    • Everything is safely packaged in a sealed package
    • Paypal may be the option @ 800 USD
    • I can add a power cable to molex cables if desired

    Any other question, please ask here. For the private conversation PM me.
6  Other / Politics & Society / A social organization that will lead to never ending peace - NO WARS on: March 11, 2014, 11:39:58 PM
Why am I starting this thread.

Recently, or better say, a few years ago, I came by with an extraordinary literature, that has been illogical and sensless to me. So I started to studying it (not as in school, but as a interest of mine, because it does not exist in schools yet), and from day to day it makes more and more sense. It was like, everything in this world, that we explain through our eyes, could I explain on some other dimension or level and it will have a totally different, but much more realistic sense.

It was like I openned a pandoras box. This literature literally changed my perception of world. I knew I have in hand a universal formul, that can explain everything, but I did not know, how. And I mean really, everything!!

So for now, because it is late here, I am only leaving you with this informations and I beg all the philosophers and people (characters), who like to discuss about social organization, interpersonal relations, unreasonable events that happen between leaders and people, oppositions between people and would like to know more, how all of this begins to develop, to join this debate.

Do you think a social organization that will never start a war again is possible? What in your opinion is therefore necesarry to meet those criteria?

I will however explain through debate the knowledge that I have learned through this literature - which source I will for now keep for myself.
7  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTB] 2x Antminer S1, from EU, 1.4BTC each, with escrow on: March 02, 2014, 10:21:19 PM
As the title sais, I am buying 2x Antminer S1 from EU location with escrow, so will offer for both BTC2.8

Offers on PM

Serious sellers only
8  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTS] In stock new Samsung 840 EVO SSD 250Gb - SOLD on: February 18, 2014, 04:30:55 PM
As the title sais I am selling new Samsung 840 EVO SSD 250Gb drives.

Price is 0.33BTC plus shipping costs that will be checked generally for your country.
Shipping from Slovenia.
Shipping to EU, UK.
9  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTB] KnC Saturn, EU on: December 11, 2013, 10:42:10 PM
As the title sais. Escrowed safe throughout the forum member John K, I am paying the fees and shipping.

Only EU offers.
10  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTB] 2x 7950, EU only on: December 10, 2013, 09:32:05 AM
As the title sais, I am offering 0.4BTC for both cards
taking any working 7950.

11  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTB] 2x 7950 + 1 x1 to x16 powered riser on: November 29, 2013, 12:30:18 PM
As the title sais. Escrowed.

I do not prefer Gigabyte version.

on PM.
12  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTB] Any hashpower 300-400GH/s gear in hands, EU located, except Avalon on: November 26, 2013, 11:28:50 AM
As the title sais. With Escrow, I am paying the fees.

Leave the crap out and don't spam the thread.

Looking for serious sellers that can deliver immediately.

Offers on PM.
13  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTB] KnC Saturn, in hand, Eu location on: November 24, 2013, 12:59:12 PM
As the title sais, offering 2.5BTC plus shipping costs.

PM me with offers.

14  Economy / Goods / [psi] book | on: November 12, 2013, 04:02:36 PM
[psi] book

I am the reseller for the [psi] book and I am really proud to announce that you can now order the book for BTC. The last two years the best selling book in Slovenia with over 12000 copies sold, the book is now available in English, German and Croatian language. This year looks like it will be most promiment in the sales.

Description of [psi] book:
[psi] is a book youíll hardly be able to compare to anything else youíve read before because I actually didnít even write itóit wrote me. Everything was dictated by a mind we knew nearly nothing about up to now. In order for us to believe this, the book reveals seven unusual proofs. Even before the book was first presented to the public, these proofs stirred up intellectual circles because [psi] provides answers that science has been seeking for a long time.
Despite all of this, [psi] is an easy-to-read novel. So the truth is accessible to everyone. In order for you to recognize it yourself, you first have to learn how to understand yourself. So take a look at yourself in a mirror unlike any youíve ever seen yourself in before: [psi] is the mirror of your psyche. Perhaps youíll find your own true world in it: the most beautiful thing youíve ever seen.
[psi] opens up to anyone that wants to understand the background of his or her life. Whatís interesting is that everyone understands it a bit differently. Rest assured that you wonít simply lay this book down on a pile with all the others. Because [psi] is nothing but the naked truth.

What is the content of the book [psi]:
The book itself is something You have never read alike. The red-line is new psychology called REI. It cointains the 12 different stories plus 1 that is begining and ending. The psychology in this book is new to human kind and represents a new psychological theory called REI. The name consist of the begining letters of name of our own minds: Instinct, Reason and Emotion. But the meaning of those three is not the same that you know from your life. The stories in the book are told so, that every human being, can find a sens for living. Every human being posseses these three minds. The difference between them is that, they think for themselfes and are all three independent and are opposed one to another. The theory is that if the minds are in good corellations, we feel good, if they are in conflict, we feel bad. But not every human have a equally developed those three. There is a 12+1 different combinations that can prevail. All people can be arranged into these combinations. So to speak; if we know the attributes of those three minds, we can make the society and the world first time in our lives, equally fair. Throughout the book, the reader is learning a new look, how to be equally honest to all people, how to be truelly happy and at the end, what is love. And that is, what is this book about. It will return a love to humanity.

The description of three minds:
I am Instinct, the oldest mind. I donít like to talk about myself . . . You never know who might take advantage of it. They say that Iím pessimistic but believe me . . . the others are gullible. I protect you from evil because I see dangers that Emotion and Reason donít see. I know that in life evil prevails over good. My world doesnít recognize pictures, words, and numbers . . . just feelings linked with various fears. Iím cautious and careful, always worried . . . thatís why my character is most like a motherís. Iím wary, suspicious, critical, and fearful . . . thatís why I donít trust strangers and donít like change. Iím afraid of the unknown and reject new things. They take me for a doubter . . . but I doubt that theyíre right. Things are complicated . . .

Iím Emotion, and fortunately for you Iím the exact opposite of Instinct! They say that I see everything through rose-colored glassesóbut why should I worry if everythingís going to come out all right in the end anyway! :-) The truth is that in life good prevails over evil. Why would it ever be necessary to plan anything? . . . Donít worry, itíll work out! Iím frivolous, reckless, irresponsible, and gullible, so they compare me with an eternal child. I think in pictures and connect them by feel. I can either develop my movement skills to perfection or sharpen my sense of form and beauty, but only rarely both at once. I make decisions easily because what I do doesnít require deliberation. I simplify things. Thatís my creativity, my humor. My world is open and has no secrets.

Iím Reason, the youngest mind. I think analytically; I look for connections and discover causes. I study events and behave rationally. Iím prudent, and so I seem mature and grown up. The truth can always be grasped. Prediction and planning are characteristics of mine. I establish structures and bring order. I work systematically and with calculation. I carefully collect and compare data. Iím precise and consistent. I look for roads that lead to the goal. I can develop mathematical or linguistic competence, but only rarely both at the same time. Iím a tough negotiator, always a sober head and a shrewd diplomat. Iím not witty or creative. I understand time and I master it; because I can easily assess the probability of events and plan their course, itís easy for me to be on time. By nature Iím thrifty and realistic. I think itís fair that those that have earned it have more than those that havenít. I invented democracy, and my economic organization is capitalism. I rule with rewards and punishments, and I defend myself with negotiation.

The sample of the first story and the full descriptions of our minds can be found at the official page

What is told about the [psi] book :
The [psi] book itself contains comprehensive knowledge, so it is whole to read. Even if you're going to browse through [psi] book, you'll not get, what you want. The [psi] book has a reading manual! Mybe this is something that you will be surprised about. But that is not meaningless. Because the red line of [psi] book is the psychology, not a story, you must take a sleep between chapters. The [psi] book contains the 13 different totally independent stories / chapters; for one human character every. The [psi] book is not a tutorial for live, neither does not coontains any guidence through life. Everything happens to a reader spontaneously, If of course reader opens himself to book. Nothing happens if the reader is not willing to. The [psi] book is readers psyche mirror. It knows how reader thinks and it serves him information, that everyone needs to come to awareness of better living. The people who were reading the [psi] book talk about the feeling that is just like they were falling in love. They report of loosing depression, nervousness, restlessness, headache and also diseases. [psi] book, does not change anyone, it is only depending from every individual how he will understand the book, since everything is happening meaningful. [psi] book also does not create any new religion, cult, yoga, reiki or whatever you can think of. It leaves you with open mind thinking and give you breadth of thinking. With [psi] book every one can answer many questions that has in his life. Or questions that is seeking out of childhood, but somehow it is willing to discard them because of others. The people live better and more fully, dare to ask and dare to say no, now. It gave them the true confidence and shows them, what it is in their own hands. The reader learns how to accept those who think differently, that everything that makes no sense to them, makes totaly sense to another human being. [psi] book shows you the real meaning of happiness, health, confidence, responsibility, family, trust, relationships, friendships and of course love; it will made you behave so, that you'll be able to live those true values!

What is the mission of the [psi] book:
It is only one: It will return love to humanity.

Who has the [psi] book:
Will Smith, Steffan K. Raab, Dalai Lama, Oprah G. Winfrey, Novak Djokovic, Tony Parker, Masa Siftar de Arzu, ...

To whom is the [psi] book dedicated:
We are living in the world that is divided into three big groups of values. But only one group of values dominates in this world. The other two groups are pushed into the back, and the people who live with thinking from those two groups are not accepted into society. They do, what they think it is common for society and they reject own wishes. So they get unhappy, nervous and depressive. But the three different groups can be in two different states. In acceptance or unacceptance. The three different groups are equal. They are not however one better to another, they all three posses good and bad. But only in unacceptance, people spread the bad. [psi] book is dedicated to all people, since there's only 3 people who are in acceptance out of 100 in this world.

What can be achieved with the new REI theory in [psi] book:
People will find a way to correct their relationship, they will realize if should stay together with his partner, they will realize what have done wrong. They will understand why others think differentely, they will not judge them, for what will they do, and others can't. But the most terrific thing is, with the good knowledge of REI theory, we can correct the dyslexia in full. We can correct Stuttering, Tourette's symptoms, and other disorders, that were a psychical reason.

[psi] in numbers:
14 cm Ė width
21 cm Ė height
49 mm Ė thickness
7 cm Ė Erosí height
77 euro Ė price
777 Ė number of pages
7777 Ė number of first copies
12 Ė number of worlds
14 Ė number of chapters
7 Ė number of lifeís proofs
770 Ė number of secrets
7 Ė number of countries the book was written in
7 Ė number of months used for polishing the text
7 Ė number of weeks used to print the book
25 December 2007 Ė the night the book was seen in dreams
25 December 2009 Ė the day the book was completed
7 July 2010 Ė the evening the book was born

English language, shipping to UK and Islands
German language, shipping to Germany, Austria, Switzerland
Croatian language, shipping to Croatia, BiH, Serbia
USA: PM me
Every other country: while the book is written in language with "meaning", I suggest, that you wait for the book comes out in your language. However if you're good english or german speaker, you can buy it in that language.


Price: 77Ä equivalent in BTC at the time, shipping to be discussioned
15  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTB] 2 BFL Single 60 GH/s for BTC + fiat on: November 08, 2013, 12:52:28 PM
As the title sais I am looking for some offers for 2 pieces of BFL 60GH/s for BTC+EUR. The transfer can be made with paypal / SEPA.

Looking for offers from EU zone.

PM if you're willing no to tune up price and earn on me. I am trying ot get involved in ASIC mining while I don't own any units yet. So this is a help to decentralize BTC mining and also to fellow friend, me Smiley

Have a great day, everyone! Wink

16  Economy / Goods / [WTS] Ground Zero GZIA 2125HPX car amplifier on: November 06, 2013, 02:43:29 PM
I am selling Ground Zero GZIA 2125HPX car amplifier
Very small and lightweight 2-way amplifier with a alot of power. Max 300W RMS on bridge.

Output Power @ 4 Ohm (CEA*)2 x 80 W
Output Power @ 2 Ohm (CEA*)2 x 125 W
Bridge mode @ 4 Ohm (CEA* / 10% THD)1 x 300 W
Lowpass30 - 250 Hz
Highpass40 - 3000 Hz
Dimensions cm / Inch20 x 25,5 x 5 cm / 7.87" x 10.04" x 1.97"

  • in perfect condition
  • bought through ebay
  • used irregulary in car for one year
  • selling because of not using it anymore
  • without original package / cables

Pictures:Picassa Web Album

Price: 0.30BTC + shipping costs (after checking for your country)

Delivery:EU Union countries, UK, Switzerland

Escrow: Possible, since I am not jerking around, it may be faster/cheaper without the escrow, can provide two different contacts from the forum, ebay account with 100% ...

Any other questions, can be also ask via PM
17  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTS] Ubiquiti Nanostation Loco M2 on: November 06, 2013, 02:32:15 PM
I am selling Ubiquiti Nanostation Loco M2 - 2.4GHz, 2x2 MIMO Weatherproof Powerstation with Nanobracket and Window mounting kits

Operation mode    AP, Client, WDS
Frequence    2400 - 2486 MHz
DHCP    yes
Transmission speed    up to 300 Mbps
Standards    802.11b/g/n
Chipset    Atheros
Max.output power    23 dBm
Sensitivity    -96 dBm
Modulation    OFDM, DBPSK, DQPSK, CCK, 64QAM,16QAM
Encryption    WEP, WPA, WPA2
Comformity    FCC, CE
LAN port    1x RJ45 10/100 Mbps
Default IP
Default name    ubnt
Default password    ubnt
Power supply    24 V, 0,5 A
Operational temperature    from -30įC up to +80įC
Dimension    163 x 31 x 80 mm
Weight    0,18 kg
Interface    LAN, WiFI
Supported OS    AirOS V
Gain    8 dBi
Polarization    Linear - horizontal and vertical
Radiating angle - H    60į/60į
Radiating angle - V    60į/60į
Procesor    MIPS 24KC, 400 MHz
RAM    32 MB
NAND    8 MB

  • with 2 different mounting kits
  • bought in may 2013
  • used for testing purposes, irregular
  • selling because of not using it anymore
  • in perfect condition
  • original package

Pictures:Picassa Web Album

Price: 0.30BTC + shipping costs (after checking for your country)

Delivery: EU Union countries, UK, Switzerland

Escrow: Possible, since I am not jerking around, it may be faster/cheaper without the escrow, can provide two different contacts from the forum, ebay account with 100% ...

Any other questions, can be also ask via PM
18  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTS] FSP Aurum AS-500, 500W Gold on: November 06, 2013, 01:56:43 PM
I am selling FSP Aurum AS-500W Gold standard Power Supply.

  • bought in may 2013
  • used for 3 months straight, cca 12 hours per day
  • selling because of needing a bigger one and this one is not in use
  • in perfect condition
  • original package
  • garanty untill may 2015 through me
  • EU plug

COOLING Fan(s):   Single, 120mm PWM Controlled FDB Fan
OUTPUT CONNECTORS:   MAIN 20+4PIN, (1)4+4 PIN, (2)PCI-E 6+2Pin, (5)SATA, (4)MOLEX 4-PIN, (1)FDD 4-PIN
Input Voltage: 115V AC to 230V AC, 47 ~ 63Hz
Power Factor Correction (PFC): ACTIVE PFC | FULL RANGE
Input Current: 8.0A @ 115 Vrms, 63 Hz. 4.0A @ 230 Vrms, 53 Hz.
Input Protection: Patented Input Fuse Protection
+12V RAILS:   2
Output Current:   
        24/3A @ +3.3V DC
    11/24A@ +5V DC
    18A @ +12V1 DC
    18A @ +12V2 DC
    0.3A @ -12V DC
    3.5A @ +5Vsb DC Standby

Output Protection: Complete OVP, OCP, SCP Protection
Unit Weight: 2.5 Kg

Pictures:Picassa Web Album

Price: 0.35BTC + shipping costs (after checking for your country)

Delivery: EU Union countries, UK, Switzerland

Escrow: Possible, since I am not jerking around, it may be faster/cheaper without the escrow, can provide two different contacts from the forum, ebay account with 100% ...

Any other questions, can be also ask via PM
19  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTB] 60Gh Single SC paying after mining if possible on: September 07, 2013, 11:01:37 AM
Hello all!

I am in the world of Bitcoin for a long time now but have never thought that price will go that high. I did not decide to burden my finances to build mining farm before 2012. As of January this year, I am trying to buy some ASICs. While the price were to high for my finances I cannot afford any, not to mention that first ASIC suppliers sold out too fast.

While the prices for selling units are dropping, I am now looking for BFLs 60GH/s miner (or perhaps some other over-50GH/s-miner), while I can still mine something before difficulty drastically rises. My offer is simple. I will pay after I mine with delivered unit, a forward determined price. After that the unit is mine. I am looking for people who:

  • are going out of BTC bussines, and don't mind wait for the payment,
  • are trying to sell ASIC hardware to get some BTC because of buying new stuff, and don't mind waiting for the payment,
  • are trying to decentralize ASIC equipment and BTC, as I do not posses any ASIC miner yet,
  • are trustworthy and are looking for the same people,
  • understand the economy and understand that the people with money will always find a way to money and the opposite,
  • wants to help someone to get involved in BTC and help him to build a family life

I do accept offers on PM.
Please, every question should be around my offer. I will not answer to posts that will be not appropriate or not serious.
20  Economy / Goods / [WTB] BFL Little Single SC 50GH or 60GH on: April 15, 2013, 07:17:11 PM
Ok, so I want to buy any canceled order, or reconsidered order from Butterflylabs - Bitforce Miner.
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