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1  Economy / Digital goods / Giveaway: AntMiner S2 coupons 400 USD on: May 16, 2014, 06:40:08 AM
Multiple coupons for the AntMiner S2 with due dates May 23 en May 30. They provide a discount of 400 USD on your order and can be transferred to your ID @

I'm myself looking for S1 coupons, ID @ "joris"
2  Bitcoin / Hardware / [ANN] Unofficial Hosting & Reselling of Bitfury's ASIC - Miners & Chips on: July 06, 2013, 12:49:53 PM
Terms of Service
  • Mining on your own account at any mining pool (it's your equipment, your mining operation and I'll only manage and host the machine for you).
  • You can pick-up your equipment anytime in Delft, The Netherlands (after we've arranged  a convenient time and location for us both).
  • You can get your equipment shipped to you anytime at your own cost and at your own risk (f.e. after the first couple of months after recouping the initial investment)
  • I'll accept BTC, bank transfers and cash. Bank transfers and cash payments are charged 50 for conversion and transaction costs.
  • If you wish, I can handle the mining for you, and pay out BTC or EUR by bank transfers or in cash
  • You will receive invoices for mining equipment and extra costs (per order / transaction) and for hosting services (monthly), to be paid in advance.
  • All prices exclude VAT.
  • VAT is 0% for a non EU-customer, 0% for EU-businesses with valid VAT-number and VAT 21% for EU consumers or when picking-up your order. When you leave the EU you should be able to get the VAT refunded at the customs office
  • If you are a EU-consumer, don't use this offer unless you want effectively and privately turn cash into BTC and sacrifice the VAT cost.
  • The 1 BTC order & handling costs is non-refundable. It's for my time and the extra time I'll have to buy from my part-time employee to run my main business. In the unfortunaty case we get screwed by the supplier, you get 0.5 BTC back for time savings.
  • The payment for boards & PSU is refundable when the supplier of Bitfury boards refunds the order.
  • The refund will be against the real rate we get refunded by the supplier of Bitfury boards.
  • Prices depend on prices of supplier(s) and can be adjusted after presenting proof of the price changes.
  • I do not accept any responsibility for anything bad that happens out of my sphere of influence.
  • I reserve the right reverse all BTC-transactions and nullify my offer until your order is place at
  • When you place an order, you accept all terms of service and you accept all delays due to the supply side of the chain.


First some initial administrative stuff:
  • Placement in order queue: 0.01 BTC + n satoshi for the number of H-boards from an adress you're able to sign with to one of the next adresses, depending on the service you wish:
  • Alert! no refund & no obligations - kept and withdrawed for accounting purposes and transparency on the order queue
  • interest & reservation for equipment and hosting: 16cCvrQbcq5m8HtbJG3VzsVZhCSsrght8G
  • interest & reservation for equipment and direct shipping upon delivery at my place: 18xtHSBsPfnMXs887VZR18xtRVNhrjLft5
  • Costs mutually agreed order
  • 1 BTC order & handling costs
  • Equiment and hosting prices as shown below - payment and order placement at an agreed time to minimize exchange risk of EUR/BTC

Hosted Miner Kits and extra or hosted H-Boards ! See also Q & A - partial payment in advance
  • Bitfury 25GH Miner Starter Kit (August Delivery) - 1.2001 / hosting2 - 15 monthly + 1% calculated mining revenue3 = 1 H-board
  • Bitfury 400GH Miner Full Kit (August Delivery) - 16.0001 / hosting2 - 240 monthly + 1% calculated mining revenue3 = 16 H-boards
  • Bitfury 55nm ASIC H-Board (October Delivery) - 375 / hosting2 - 15 monthly + 1% calculated mining revenue3 = 1 H-board

1Included with the Kits: dedicated PSU 80 PLUS Platinum, 500+ W, modulair (Seasonic of Corsair, the most easily available model at the time of installation)
2Included with hosting: electricity consumption, rackspace, Masterboard for loose H-boards, internet connection, insurance of inventory, cooling and any other material facilities
3Management fee: administration, arranging and managing facilities, regular handling of hardware and software

Worldwide shipping Miner Kits, H-Boards and chips upon delivery at my place:
  • Bitfury 55nm ASIC Chips (July Delivery) - 1.100,00 / shipping at your own risk, cost and wishes
  • Bitfury 25GH Miner Starter Kit (August Delivery) -   1.100,00 / shipping at your own risk, cost and wishes
  • Bitfury 400GH Miner Full Kit (August Delivery) - 16.000,00 / shipping at your own risk, cost and wishes
  • Bitfury 55nm ASIC H-Board (October Delivery) - 375,00 / shipping at your own risk, cost and wishes
  • Bitfury 55nm ASIC Chips (October Delivery) - 220,00  / shipping at your own risk, cost and wishes

If you do not place trust in either me or, please don't place an order. I'll only answer questions publicly posted in this thread. I'll only pick up order requests in private communication and only when you're able to prove your place in the order queue (signing or sending with the adress you placed your order with). And of course, private is as far as a DM or email is considered private.

If you do need clarifications or do see flaws in my offer, please reply and I'll create a FAQ and update this post for corrections.

Q - Escrow?
A - For the second part of the transaction. Payment split to reduce your counterparty risks (only a full payment when your equipment is ready to go and you're able to pay in full with the mining output, insurance of the asset against purchase value while it is in my possession is included):
   1st part is an advance payment: price at without VAT + 1 BTC.
   2nd part has to happen as soon order has arrived in Delft or you pay through mining output of your device.

Q - Identification?
A - Offered my contact information to TheSwede; anyone who is seriously interested can pass me a skype adress or phone number via PM with suitable contact times. I live on Amsterdam Time (GMT +1 Summertime). The trading and hosting entity wil be Dioca BV ( - no equipment wil be sent or available at this adress

Q - OP changed?
A - Yes, reduced prices. When finalizing an order, we'll fixate the terms of service as is at that moment in a purchase contract.

Q - Export value?
A - The Dutch fiscal laws allow me to depreciate the value of the miners to zero at December 31th. In January I'll ship the boards as used items with a description and at any value that seems appropriate. When importing as a private person, we have over here a treshold under which no VAT is calculated. Maybe the same holds for you country. In this way you'll have the most uptime when difficulty is relatively low and shipping downtime when it doesn't matter too much any more. The shipping value could also be chosen at a nice insured shipping value.
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