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1  Economy / Economics / Japan’s Mitsubishi Bank Partners with Brazilian Banco Bradesco to Test RippleNet on: November 10, 2018, 06:20:53 PM
Largest Japanese Mitsubishi UFJ bank signs a memo of understanding with Brazilian banking giant to trial the Ripple platform for cross-border payments

On Friday, the MUFG Bank, the major banking division of Mitsubishi Financial Group (MUFG), publicly reported that it had signed a Memo of Understanding with one of the major Brazilian banks, Banco Bradesco. The goal is to join efforts in creating a new payment system based on the Ripple platform that would work between their countries.

Background of the partners

The MUFG Bank is the biggest player in Japan in this field. The parent company, MUFG, was founded nearly 400 years ago in Tokyo and is one of the major units of the Mitsubishi Group.

Its Brazilian partner in this deal, Banco Bradesco, was set up in the early 1940s and is based in Osasco, the Săo Paulo administrative area.

Both banks are going to trial RippleNet, the payment system designed to be used globally between banks for transactions.

Collaboration dates back to last century

The press release issued by MUFG states that the business connections between the Mitsubishi Bank and Bradesco were established as early as in 1973, when the Japanese partner made a large investment in the Brazilian bank. In 2017, this collaboration was renewed, and now the banks plan to extend it further.

The Ripple community on YouTube responded well to the news, showing a wave of enthusiasm.

Source: U Today
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / EOS vs. Ethereum: The Bitter Rivalry Re-Examined on: November 10, 2018, 06:13:45 PM
EOS and Ethereum are continuously at loggerheads: here we attempt to deduce why

Ethereum and EOS just don’t seem to be on the same page and agree on most things crypto, apart from unanimously declaring that the Blockchain itself is our virtual future. Of late, there have been scandals and accusations, but where is this all coming from? Is there more that meets the eye? Turns out yes, there is.

A Bit of History

Ethereum was established in 2015 by the Russian-Canadian programmer Vitalik Buterin. The company very quickly ended up among the market leaders, becoming the second most valuable currency by market cap with around 22 billion USD. EOS got officially launched much more recently, only this year, but the company is already the fifth in the world by market cap with around 5 billion USD.

Importantly, one of EOS’s founders, Daniel Larimer (the other being Brendan Blumer of, already possessed a substantial amount of crypto experience as he had previously founded boSteame Steem Blockchain, along with its native coin of the same name, and Steemit, the corresponding social networking platform, back in 2016.

ERC-20 Tokens

What some may not remember is that EOS actually started out as an Ethereum Blockchain-based ERC-20 token company. Similarly to how, say, Electrify.Asia are conducting their business at present, EOS used Ethereum—having gathered around one billion USD from token sales—to gain the necessary momentum before they launched their very own EOS Blockchain.

This means two things. One is that Ethereum was used as a crypto springboard of a sort whose services were let go of when they became redundant. And two, Larimer and Blumer were savvy or even devious enough to use not the Steem Blockchain, ready at hand, but the more powerful one by Ethereum, though it belonged to a different camp. Today, EOS has both its own Blockchain platform / EOS altcoin and its own working EOSIO token with a similar purpose to ERC-20. So yes, it is possible that Ethereum views EOS as a younger neighbor from across the street who has now suddenly started playing on the same team with the big kids… and winning, too.

The Punches Being Thrown

While both networks are solid, both have their drawbacks of course. The EOS team has been fairly vocal in pointing out or at least hinting at Ethereum’s technological problems and problems-to-be. For instance, traffic congestion for Ethereum is not that unusual with some reports of longer confirmation times having been publicly voiced already. Another one of Ethereum’s problems, which is, in fact, the cause of the first one, is scalability: because of how the platform is modeled, expanding it is bound to create all sorts of jams and delays, and, crucially, not let the network grow properly beyond a certain point. This dilemma is said to be noticeably less pronounced on the EOS Blockchain because of how the latter one is built.

Also, unlike Ethereum that charges its participants fees in the form of “gas”, EOS charges its users nothing whatever. Instead, the network asks for some power and bandwidth in exchange, which are proportional to the resources required to undertake that particular action on the platform. This was also publicly noted by those who side with EOS.

It didn’t take much time for the Ethereum team to return the favor which culminated in a serious accusation this past summer from Ethereum’s DApp developers, among them Justo. Conveniently enough, this accusation also single-handedly explained why Ethereum’s network was getting congested and gas prices were jumping up and down:

“Myself, and many other high profile Ethereum application developers made a prediction that EOS would, in all likelihood, attempt to attack the Ethereum network gas prices to validate the launch of their platform.”

And further, after it had allegedly happened, in response to how one can be sure it was indeed EOS:

“EOS has been attacking the network on and off every time something they do doesn’t run properly… It started one month running up to the mainnet release. It was predictable and very clearly orchestrated… Follow the wallets. If you don’t think EOS is doing it, then who has 2 million dollars a day to attack Ethereum, and also owns EOS tokens?”

The Most Recent Scandal

Earlier this week, Ethereum went a step further and plainly accused EOS of not being a Blockchain company altogether, a claim of immodest proportions. A research study conducted by the Ethereum-funded company ConsenSys and its partner Whiteblock concluded that EOS had been built using a model which is profoundly different from the universal standards of today’s Blockchain technology. Whiteblock’s CTO (Chief Technology Officer), Zak Cole, who is also one of the published report’s authors, proclaimed:

“EOS token and RAM market is essentially a cloud service where the network provides promises for computational resources in a black box for users to access via credits. There is no mechanism for accountability due to the lack of transparency on what block producers are able to create in terms of computational power.”


The rivalry now seems like the result of bad blood right from the very beginning. Predicting what is going to happen next is difficult, but most likely things are only going to get more wound up. The market is ultra competitive and billions of dollars are up for grabs. On the plus side, perhaps a by-product of this rather nasty exchange will bring the users better and cheaper technology; after all, as the late Henry Ford once said, “competition is the keen cutting edge of business, always shaving away at costs”.
Earlier this week, Ethereum went a step further and plainly accused EOS of not being a Blockchain company altogether, a claim of immodest proportions. A research study conducted by the Ethereum-funded company ConsenSys and its partner Whiteblock concluded that EOS had been built using a model which is profoundly different from the universal standards of today’s Blockchain technology. Whiteblock’s CTO (Chief Technology Officer), Zak Cole, who is also one of the published report’s authors, proclaimed:

“EOS token and RAM market is essentially a cloud service where the network provides promises for computational resources in a black box for users to access via credits. There is no mechanism for accountability due to the lack of transparency on what block producers are able to create in terms of computational power.”

This has resulted in a heated discussion on Reddit with many users taking a stand in support of either of the two companies.

Source: U Today
3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / RimeCoin - Worlds Biggest Data Collection Platform on: September 16, 2018, 05:17:55 PM
Block Chain Seoul 2018 launching event', Rime Coin; Regain ownership of your car data

From September 17th to 19th, at COEX D Hall in Seoul, invited CEOs of 7 mainnet development companies from around the world who are fiercely competing for the 3rd block chain following Bitcoin and Ethereum. The topic of the conference will be on the future development and technology of blockchain.

The general public will participate in the first block chain exhibition in Korea and will experience and imagine the block chain economy. ▲ Registration desk to make the wallet for Ethereum. ▲ Experience zone for apps that will change daily life. ▲ an experience zone for Block chain based smart government ▲ a financial zone to experience a change of finance ▲ a job fair for blockchain companies ▲ a block-chain hackathon ▲ a block-chain legal counsel ▲ a project meetup zone and much more awaits the participants.

Among the companies participating in this event, the Estonian-based RIME COIN FOUNDATION will hold the "Block Chain Seoul 2018 launching event" during the period. Rime Coin will integrate the value of returning the driving data to the data producer and all the services in the aftermarket related to the vehicle, and provide the driver with this 'Connected Car Platform'.

All data generated from the use of the service is added new value through AI analysis, generates and selling data, and distributes part of the revenue to customers. This is a 'business platform that connects vehicles and driving services'. The Rime Coin project is a 'virtual-Currency Platform' structure of a circulation system that distributes generated profit to users

"With our project, we expect to grow more than 14% annually, and we will be able to increase our profit-sharing business in the connected car market ($160 billion in 2020, 14% in domestic growth, and 17% overseas)"

Official Site:
Telegram :
4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Why is bitcoin doing better than bitcoin cash? on: July 16, 2018, 04:39:51 PM
In my experience bitcoin cash is a fork of bitcoin even BCH is faster and cheaper to use due to larger blocks but still it'a seen that most of the people are using BTC than BCH so why is bitcoin doing better than bitcoin cash?
5  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN] [ICO] - TOMBOLA GAME - Standard of World Blockchain Based Gambling on: July 03, 2018, 02:54:05 PM

Blockchain Based Lottery & Gambling


ENDS 31 JULY 2018


As of 2016, the lottery market, had grown to a value worth of over $ 294.3 billion in 2016, largely as a result of digital lottery offerings and integrations. With the continuous development of digital technology, decentralized blockchains with fairness, transparency and security have appeared and created a new paradigm which still continues to evolve. Tombola has come to leverage on the superior advantage offered by Blockchain and has built a lottery and gambling system that is ‘trustless’ and decentralized.


There a quite a number of problems facing the lottery and gambling industry and most of these will take time and effort to truly provide solutions to. However, we have patiently assessed the situation and identified three key problems we are looking to solve

1. Fair draws and winnings in digital lottery and gambling systems?

In recent times, there have been a great deal of distrust and dissatisfaction with what lottery players call an ‘inability’ to beat the system. The larger percentage of users believe that the system is unfair and can only be beaten in very rare and extreme cases. There have cases of system manipulation and lottery ‘hedging’ in the past. This in our opinion is not as it should be.
Lottery should be fair and provide equal chance to win. Our blockchain driven solution is open, transparent and trustless and provides confidence in a free and fair drawing system.

2. Transparency in the use of funds

As for the existing state lotteries, on average, only 50% of the funds are distributed to the winners, and the remaining amount is not fully explained about its use, lacking in transparency. There are some companies that wrote about its approximate ratio of use of the remaining funds, but in reality, many lottery operators are wasting the funds on their excessive or unnecessary operating expenses, and they are paying a lot of taxes, too.
With auditable smart contracts as well as open and accessible blockchain explorers, users and stakeholders can in real-time view how funds are managed and dispensed.

3. Problems of the existing Blockchain lottery services

Current blockchain driven lottery systems are either less than adequately secure (for example bitcoin’s vulnerability for such utility due to lack of smart contract) or expensive (ethereum and the need to pay gas after paying lottery fees).
Tombola is built on EOS blockchain with secure and highly functional smart contract capabilities. Furthermore, Tombola does not feature a fee or gas system thereby significantly reducing cost.
Users can purchase tickets through virtual currency and proceed with the game, and the prizes are automatically distributed according to the winnings. One will be able to freely use the value obtained through purchase or winning by using various game services and distribution system, which provides users with an opportunity to increase their value. A. Potential of development of the lottery market.




6  Economy / Service Discussion / Website that allows to buy Cryptos by Payoneer.. on: June 28, 2018, 04:49:39 PM
Hello everybody, First of all, I am from Bangladesh and PayPal is not allowed in our country so which is why mostly we use Payoneer to transfer our funds. However, right now I am planning to purchase some cryptos with my Payoneer funds so can you please tell me which site accepted Payoneer and what coin they can give me. Thanks   
7  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Eblock And It Distinct Allocation Structures on: May 10, 2018, 05:13:03 PM
Eblock (EBC) is a decentralized exchange with an asset-backed gateway, which is not owned by any single party. It is an open distributed network of validators that enforce the behavior of all its participants. Interesting EBC uses the mechanism of a protocol token in creating a proof-of-stake blockchain to offer the enforcement of market activity.
The platform uses an ERC20 Token, which is a cryptographic asset issued on the Ethereum blockchain.  The blockchain implement basic features to make it compatible with existing software like exchanges and wallets.

Features of Eblock Platform

•   The Eblock platform uses a distributed network system, which gives control to nobody. Significantly, the blockchain code is not located on a central server rather it is operated by a computer.
•   The Eblock platform uses the blockchain technology to execute its transactions. The platform is not dependent on a primary server considering the fact that it uses an internet connection.
•   The platform runs an instantaneous peer-to-peer transfer for its users. This signifies that the platform runs without having any need of a central server. Its storage server is decentralized and distributed with every single user linked to the network.
•   The platform is designed for everyone including investors and novice. The crypto market is booming whether you like it or not and Eblock is giving its users a platform to make more money.

How does Eblock operate?

Eblock can be bought using digital currencies such as EBC, ETH, BTC etc. There are also three different Eblocks offerings, which include Gold, Silver, and Regular. The Eblock follows a binary plan structure, which enables customers to be rewarded using per right or left eblocks in the binary tree.

There are basically five Eblock structures. These structures are:
•   Own Block (Violet): This block is that purchased by a user. It is mostly referred to as “own block” and is represented by the violet color.
•   Empty Block (Gray): This block isn’t purchased by any user, which is why it is referred to as an empty block. Represented by gray color.
•   Direct Block (Orange): This block is purchased by a referral user. Represented by the orange color.
•   Indirect Block (Green): This is purchased by the referral of referral user.
•   Bonus Blue: This block is gotten from reward and represented by the blue color.

The decentralized exchange platform of the Eblock coin is an important progression from the centralized exchanges because it provides a stronger security to its users. The decentralized exchange will help in eliminating every threat by giving its users the capacity to transact their business restlessly.
8  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Delete This... on: May 09, 2018, 10:39:24 AM
Delete This....
9  Economy / Services / I Will Write Article On Blockchain,Bitcoin,Ico Other Cryptocurrency on: February 18, 2018, 06:35:48 PM
Do you have a website or a business that deals with cryptocurrencies?

Do you need unique and high quality articles on Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies?

Do you need an Initial Coin Offering ICO whitepaper for your business?

Maybe you just want to know more about creating a cryptocurrency wallet?

You are at the right place!!!

All you have to do is contact me with your requirements, so I can start writing for you ASAP.

You will be glad you did!!!
10  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / How Investing In USI-Tech Will Give You Secure Financial Future on: December 08, 2017, 05:57:55 AM
In an online world infested with many investment schemes that promise to build bridges even where there are no rivers, it is difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff. However, one name is outstanding: USI-TECH. This investment scheme has built a reputation for itself and you need to know how you can leverage this to make wealth. USI-TECH provides you investment opportunity that enables you to earn Bitcoin on a regular basis. Just invest as little as $60 and you earn 1% daily for 140 days in bitcoin

USI-TECH is a platform where you can easily make a steady 1% on mining package. Besides, you can even earn up to 150% yearly by leveraging the unique algorithm provided by the auto-trading software, getting rid of the extreme market fluctuations as well as avoiding incurring severe losses. Trade like a professional even though you do not have the right experience.

USI-TECH also offers you the opportunity of making up to 35% commissions on 12 referral levels. Simply tell your friends about this golden opportunity and stand the chance of doubling your capital over and over again. Build a lasting financial dynasty by taking an advantage of all that USI-TECH offers. Registration is completely free, with no condition attached. Register now and profit a ton on the coin too, at
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