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1  Economy / Economics / Which Bitcoin amount could be the max to exchange to fiat? on: September 07, 2017, 07:49:41 AM
Maybe this is a bit phylosophical topic, but the other day I was wondering at which Bitcoin amount it doesn't matter anymore if you're getting more Bitcoin, since you can't exchange it to fiat.

At the current price of app. 4500 $ per BTC you can exchange to fiat:
100 BTC = 450.000 $ / no problem
1.000 BTC = 4.500.000 $ / a bit of problem
10.000 BTC = 45.000.000 $ / a problem
100.000 BTC = 450.000.000 $ / a big problem

See where I'm going? And that's at the current price. I could get even more interesting when the price will be 10.000 $ per Bitcoin or even more. 

How do you exchange 45M$? or 450M? So does it make any difference if you hodl 10.000 BTC or 100.000 BTC, since you can't exchange it to fiat anyway without raising suspicion, even if you're very well connected?

What would be the breaking or maybe maximum point of Bitcoin still exhangeable to fiat?
What's your take on that?
2  Economy / Trading Discussion / What are the best (margin) trading bots out there? on: June 09, 2017, 05:43:45 PM
Maybe this has been asked before - i've searched but didn't find any useful thread. So, are there any good bots out there and what are their pros and cons. I'm looking for a bot for margin trading on Poloniex, which could be set to close position at a certain percentage of profit (or loss). Thank you in advance!
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