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1  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / [question] Warning: fee estimation is currently not possible (new CORE wallet) on: November 05, 2017, 04:39:12 PM
I just updated and upgraded my wallet with -upgradewallet to see if i can get a segwit address because the tx fee is insane now.

now in SEND, the fee section says:

Warning: fee estimation is currently not possible

this is new!
so question #1: it will correct itself? or it is simply not working?

question #2: why can't we just put the FEE that we want to pay?, not the fee/kb , just the RAW amount of satoshis that we want to pay as tx fee?

it happened to me yesterday that I wanted to send 0.1 and it says that i must pay 0.002 BTC for a 500 byte tx, insane!
if I lowered the bar, it jumped from 0.002 BTC to 0.0007 which is crazy, it will never get confirmed, and there was no option in between.

if i want to pay, let's say 0.0015 instead of 0.002 i only have the option of 0.002  or 0.0007.

sorry for the rant, but i never understood why core devs do that.

2  Economy / Exchanges / BITTREX blocking withdraws !! on: August 05, 2017, 07:24:35 PM
I am not sure this is the proper place to post this, if it is not, i apologize, tell me where and I delete/recreate it in the proper place.

I tried with TWO different accounts to withdraw BITCOINS today , and i was DENIED! saying "unverified account cannot withdraw" WTF?

this is not a new account, the oldest one has over a year, and the other 2 months (I have two because one is with my business partner and the other one is personal)

Reading the faqs i was forced to register and prove who I am , even put my phone number verification, and EVEN THEN i was denied withdraw!.

So basically if you have BTC in BITTREX you cannot take out more than 0.025 perday (which, if you take into consideration that the withdraw fee is 0.001 is ridiculous!)

just you let people know so you don't loose money.

I hope they change this setting or I will never gonna use bittrex again

3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / [HELP][NVIDIA][LINUX]Why Target power limit cannot be lowered from 80W in 1060s on: February 19, 2017, 01:39:08 AM
I remember read about someone that was able to lower target power limit under 70W on the GTX 1060 but i cannot find the post.

I am trying to increase efficiency of my miners, by lowering target power limit but no matter what I do, i cannot get under 80W TPL

Cards are Gigabyte G1 GTX 1060 3GB
tested on Lubuntu 1404 and 1604 (kopiemtu 2.0 and 3.0)
Tested drivers 367, 370 and 378

While I can operate a 1070 at 90W which is very efficient, the 1060 it should become efficient at 60-70W range, but minimum accepted by the driver is 80W which is WAY too high (nvidia-smi -pl 70 command)

any idea?, hint?, would be greatly appreciated Smiley
4  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / 33000 unconfirmed transactions, OMG!, what happened?? on: December 02, 2016, 11:14:37 PM
33000 unconfirmed transactions! OMG!!
did i miss something? . did something happen lately i don't know about?, i have never seen 33000 unconfirmed transactions, ever.

5  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / bitcoin-qt wallet crashes twice a month, database corrupted on: November 16, 2016, 01:53:22 AM
i've been having these issues for almost a year, but now it is far more frequent.

before version 0.13.0 happened maybe once every two months, now it's twice a month.

i use bitcoin to work, i need the wallet operational, every time it dies, it means that i cannot use it for nearly 30 hours until the --reindex, rescan finishes!, what is it, the same issue happened with 0.12.0, then 0.13.0 , now with 0.13.1.

here is the log section:
2016-11-16 01:29:48 Corruption: block checksum mismatch
2016-11-16 01:29:48 *** System error while flushing: Database corrupted
2016-11-16 01:29:57 ERROR: ProcessNewBlock: ActivateBestChain failed
2016-11-16 01:29:57 tor: Thread interrupt
2016-11-16 01:29:57 torcontrol thread exit
2016-11-16 01:29:57 msghand thread interrupt
2016-11-16 01:29:57 addcon thread interrupt
2016-11-16 01:29:57 scheduler thread interrupt
2016-11-16 01:29:57 net thread interrupt
2016-11-16 01:29:59 opencon thread interrupt
2016-11-16 01:29:59 Shutdown: In progress...
2016-11-16 01:29:59 StopNode()
2016-11-16 01:29:59 Corruption: block checksum mismatch
2016-11-16 01:29:59 *** System error while flushing: Database corrupted
2016-11-16 01:30:01 Shutdown: done
2016-11-16 01:30:09

i don't understand why it gets corrupted, my computer works fantastically fine, i have zero problems, i am an IT, i don't use antivirus, i can detect a virus a mile away and remove it without any tool.
i do all kind of heavy work on this machine all the time and never have one single problem, except for the bitcoin wallet that gets corrupted all the time.

AMD APU A8-7600 on gigabyte F2A88X, 16GB DDR3 1866 kingston black, SSD (boot/bitcoin wallet) Samsung 840 Pro, win 7 64bit.

any idea of what can cause this?, it is not hardware, last crash i even left it overnight doing memory test to see if that was the issue but no, all fine.

i am lost with this issue.
if it is a block that get's corrupted, why do i need to rescan the entire blockchain, if it just can remove and update from the network the damaged block it will be done in minutes, not 30 hours (i can't even imagine how much longer would it take if i used a standard hard drive!).

sorry for the long post.
6  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Last block 1 hour and 30 minutes ago??? is this normal? on: May 31, 2016, 10:17:25 PM
Wow! last block was 1 hour and 32 minutes ago!, what is going on?
is this normal?

almost 12000 unconfirmed txs, geez
7  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / Error: A fatal internal error ocurred, see debug.log Core v. 0.12 WinX64 on: April 06, 2016, 01:50:29 AM
I am having these errors are driving me crazy and i got a lot of bitcoins on this wallet.

the error says:

A Fatal internal error ocurred, see debug.log for details

I can use it but very little time, less than 5 minutes, and i got that message sometimes takes 5 minutes sometimes 1 hour.

The wallet is version 0.12.0 64 bit windows, i am running windows 7 (samsung 840 pro SSD) so far no other problems with the machine, I don't have virus or anything like that, the last section of the log says:

2016-04-06 01:39:18 tor: Thread interrupt
2016-04-06 01:39:18 opencon thread interrupt
2016-04-06 01:39:18 addcon thread interrupt
2016-04-06 01:39:18 torcontrol thread exit
2016-04-06 01:39:18 scheduler thread interrupt
2016-04-06 01:39:18 msghand thread interrupt
2016-04-06 01:39:18 net thread interrupt
2016-04-06 01:39:18 Shutdown: In progress...
2016-04-06 01:39:18 StopNode()
2016-04-06 01:39:18 Corruption: block checksum mismatch
2016-04-06 01:39:18 *** System error while flushing: Database corrupted
2016-04-06 01:40:02 Shutdown: done

it seems to be something wrong with my copy of the blockchain right? or is it the indexing?
(i hope it is not the wallet, or i will be in trouble!) Shocked
how can i fix it? (if it is fixable  Undecided )

On top of that i have 1.9 BTC that i was sending when the wallet hanged, and now the wallet says that i send them but the TX is not on the blockchain, wtf!!, is there is any way to push the tx again? or recover the coins?
8  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / Bitcoin Qt wallet (win32 & 64) more and more corruption problems and reindexing on: November 08, 2015, 05:31:02 PM
I've been using bitcoin since 2012, until version 0.8.6 never have any problems with the wallet, I have 3 bitcoin qt wallet (full node), 2 are win 64 and 1 is win 32 (since i run it from a vmware virtual machine with xp)

starting with version 0.10 the problem begins to get serious, every other week i get database corruption, or some other random error, i have to close the wallet and open it again, and...yes.... as you may guess... reindexing!!!!! geez!

reindexing takes a ridiculous amount of time, I am talking about 4 Hours, on a A8 7600 (quad core) with 8GB 1866 memory and Intel SSD, the reindex process does not use all the cpu nor the hard drive speed capacity (I can see SSD queue below 0.4 all the time).

this problem is totally random, error messages varies, but the result is always the same, we have to reindex.
can this be fix somehow?.

I know it's not my computer because this issue happens on three different machines, one is virtual under vmware ESX, one is XP the rest is win 7 64 bit, and no I don't have virus or malware, i can detect a malware/virus a mile away.

my coding skills are not enough to help to find the problem, but i will love to take a look at the wallet code because honestly, i don't trust the other ones, specially the SPV's  (except for casual usage, like the cell phone) but not to have a large amount of bitcoins on it.

aside from the random database corruption, is there is a way to speed up the reindex process?, i tried it on a eight core xeon and it takes about the same time as in the A8 , so it doesn't seems to be processor what it needs, i wouldn't mind database corruption if I can get the wallet working in less than 30 minutes, but 4 hours too much Sad

9  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / Error MinGW Runtime Assertion (core 0.10.2-win32) on: July 06, 2015, 05:45:13 PM
Today in my secondary wallet (i run two full nodes, one on a server, 64 bit, that one is ok, the other is on a virtual machine on another server win32 this is the one with the issue) i get this error:

MinGW Runtime Assertion

Program: C:\program files\bitcoin\bitcoin-qt.exe
File: main.cpp,Line 1660

Expression: hashPrevBlock == view.GetBestBlock()

what is that?, never seen it before

i opened it again, it took a while reindexing but it's working now.
it happened right after an incoming payment, during the update.

am I ok?, should I do something?, is this a bug (should I report it?)
I have the screencap if it is of any use.
thank you!
10  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / Two different models of MSI R9 280X GAMING 3D with higher asic level on: January 31, 2014, 04:00:30 AM
I just bought (after a long battle to get them into my country) 8 GPUs MSI R9 280X GAMING 3D, after checking everyone's for ASIC quality, I found out that ONE of the cards is totally different to the rest.

The rear power conectors are inverted (facing backwards), also the board's edge are rounded instead of 90 degrees.
the VRM Heatsink is HUGE! if you compare it with the other cards.
also the asic is very high 80%  (the other cards are between 61 and 74%)

any ideas of this?, anyone has seen this different model?, which one is better?

the "normal" model (the 7 I have) are: 912-V277-057
the "different, better quality asic" is:  912-V277-067

Also the card is 1 centimeter higher than the other ones.
11  Other / CPU/GPU Bitcoin mining hardware / Lower voltage of Sapphire 7950 to reduce power (linux-usb)[firmware mod] on: May 26, 2013, 05:52:09 AM
I finally manage to make usb flashdrives with xubuntu 12.04 LTS persistent storage, and run cgminer 3.1.1 perfectly stable in my three miners.

However, there is one thing that I cannot control, VRM voltage!, which I can do perfectly from windows using trixx, but I really, REALLY wanna get rid of the hard drive! Smiley

So after asking around and read a LOT, the short answer is: you cannot modify VRM voltage from linux.

damn! Sad
as a short term solution, I downclocked my miners to 850 Mhz, so they will work at 1.125V (my sapphire's 7950 automatically switch to 1.125v when GPU clock is 850 or lower), that will give me 2.5Mh/W efficiency, I can live with that, for now.... but I want to lower to 1.050V

So start looking at the BIOS itself, in HEX, and I found the parameter section of the card, see this image, a segment of my Sapphire 7950 OC Boost 3G:

These numbers, starting with 10 54 69 01 are the operational parameters of GPU Speed, Mem speed and VRM voltage of all 5 presets.

for instance, the first line:
10 (identifier maybe?)
54 69 01 -> 01 69 54 == 92500  (925 Mhz) Engine, OC speed
48 E8 01 -> 01 E8 48 == 125000 (1250 Mhz) Memory Mhz
02 FF  (??) A pointer to a ram area for the voltage?, this card is NOT voltage locked.

as you can see in the red-highlighted area, there is the voltage section, they are in litte indian, so B6 03 is 03 B6 which means: 0.950V
and 20 03 is 03 20 which means: 0.800V, this are constants

Now the problem is the section 02 FF and 01 FF, those numbers don't make any sense, the literal value would be 65282 and 65281, they make no sense at all, unless.... they are pointers!, but pointers to where... to where the real values are.

so, anyone interested into this?

what do you think will happen if I replace 02 FF with a constant value, let's say 1A 04 , that would be: 1.050V a great value for mining!.

The reason I am asking this, it's because I would like to hear more educated opinions, before I destroy a perfectly healthy card hehe.
So if my math is wrong please tell me!.

Here are another cards: Sapphire 7950 FLEX Edition

Here again we see what looks like a pointer:
01 FF for the first profile (OC)
52 03 which is 0.850V
B6 03 which is 0.950V
01 FF again this, what the F#@% is it!

Here I compare my card (left) with another profile that they said it has a lower operational voltage (on the right):

same story here.
and finally, two VaporX one of 950Mhz and another of 850Mhz versions (left and right respectively):

remember that parameters ends at 6B 03, and the first parameter starts with the 10 (all hex of course)

Same as my card which has 925Mhz Boost, the 950Mhz version has 02 FF and 01 FF, where the 850Mhz version (non BOOST) has only 01 FF

Sorry I made this so long, I hope it is understandable, if not, please ask, I will gladly explain!
any comments? help?, ideas?. (once I gather enough information I will modify one of my cards and tested it, but I prefer some feedback before that)

thanks for reading

12  Other / CPU/GPU Bitcoin mining hardware / Which Sapphire 7950 are voltage locked? on: May 16, 2013, 10:44:32 PM
I have been looking all around the forum but no clear answer to this.

What Sapphire 7950 cards are voltage locked?

I can confirm:  
Sapphire 7950 3G OC boost Dual X is NOT LOCKED
Sapphire 7950 3G FLEX IS LOCKED

What about the:
Sapphire 7950 3G Vapor-X Huh is it voltage locked?

EDIT: typo
13  Other / CPU/GPU Bitcoin mining hardware / 4x 7850 vs 2x 7950 differences (all sapphire standard dual cooler series) on: April 28, 2013, 03:13:54 AM
I will like to know other opinions about this:

I build a rig with 4 x 7850 Sapphire 1GB, they give 250 MH each (at 860 MHz Stock), total 994 MHash
(MEM at 600Mhz, fan at 70%, higher temp of the cards are 60 deg. C )
Total power consumption (PSU is 80+ with APFC at 60% load): 440 W

Now I build a second rig with 2 x 7950 sapphire standard, but each card doesn't give more than 460 MH (total 920 MHash) and this is really pushing with powertune at +15 %, clock at 925 Mhz and the cards running quite hot for my taste, at 66 C with fans at 75%.

also power consumption is higher (same PSU) now reading 520 W.

the black VRM heatsink cannot be touched without burning fingers.
If I run the cards witout OC (at 860 Mhz, like the 7850's are) I only get 420 MH

this looks FAR different that what I have been seen here in the forum , am I missing something?, doing something wrong?

I'm using GUIMiner with -w 128 switch (if I use -v the performance goes below 350Mh), driver tried 12.1, 12.6 and 13.1, Win 7 64 bit
also tried with different -w values, but 128 seems to be the spot.

I'm out of ideas, should I return the 7950's and keep buying 7850's???

14  Other / CPU/GPU Bitcoin mining hardware / Cablesaurus powered risers on: April 23, 2013, 02:30:17 AM
Hello, Im new here, so I don't know if it is correct to post this or not (if not please mod, delete it and I am sorry).
I just received the powered risers from cablesaurus that I bought online
it only took 10 days to arrive (I am in south-america, so it usually takes longer)


I notice that the 12V molex is in parallel with the PCI-E 12V line, so it should be a good idea to use a single rail PSU for these.

one of the 16x risers had too much tape over the contacts so i had to remove them with a cutter (and care Tongue), other than that, they are pretty good.
I tested all of them with and without the 12V molex connector, in my motherboard the 1x to 16x won't work without the power, but the 16x works fine.

I am currently using all four on one motherboard with 4x 7850 and they are working good.
just want to share this experience, I'm sure it's old news for most of you anyway but... there is always someone clueless, like me Smiley, that this info could be useful.
15  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / bitcoin-qt using a lot of outgoing bandwidth, is this normal? on: April 12, 2013, 10:47:33 PM

Since the april 10 "crisis" Smiley  I have noted that bitcoin-qt wallet is using a lot of outgoing bandwidth, almost 90% of my capacity

I have between 20 and 60 connections to the bitcoin network, any idea if this is normal?

If I shutdown bitcoin-qt the traffic stops.

is there is any way to limit the outgoing bandwidth that it uses? I have no problem helping bitcoin network but when I am unable to work because of low remaining bandwidth is another matter Smiley

16  Other / CPU/GPU Bitcoin mining hardware / PCIe 1x to 16x Adapter, where? on: March 24, 2013, 09:57:29 PM
I'm pretty sure that this was discussed before but, i have been looking for over an hour with no luck

I wan't to buy several PCIe 1x to 16x cable adapters to be able to connect 5 cards to my mobo (which has only 2 16x and 3 1x PCIe )

any ideas of where can i buy them?, specially someone trustworthy since I need to ship them to south-america.

thank you!
17  Other / Beginners & Help / GPU mining,is it safe to use them at full power or will last longer underclocked on: March 22, 2013, 01:37:31 AM
I'm new to this forum, I setup a small mining rig to learn, with 2x Sapphire HD7850 1GDDR5.

I did the initial test at full speed but they reach 70C and I think it's too much. (255MH/s with GUIMiner)
So I used a program called trix to lower the GPU and memory Mhz.

Default for this card is GPU = 860, MEM = 900
I setup: GPU = 700, MEM = 600  (below 600, the card shut itself off and I have to restart)
now i have 200MH/s but Temperature went down to 58C with 27C ambient. (fans in auto at 40%)

My main concern is the life of the GPU cards, what happens if i run it at full power? (stock GPU Mhz)
will the VRMs die after a few months?, will they last longer if I keep it runing underclocked like i did?

any insight about this are very welcome Smiley thanks!
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