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61  Economy / Scam Accusations / DO NOT Do business with COLLEGENITRO on: September 04, 2013, 11:16:53 PM
[User is a known scammer. Scammed for a hundred bucks. Is a degenerate gambler. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS PERSON. THEY WILL CHARGEBACK THE MONEYPAK. Will continue reposting this all night since he will continue to delete this./size]

Posting this since he locked his buying thread and I can no longer comment. Do not do business with him.

62  Economy / Gambling / "Investing" in gambling sites is NOT A GOOD IDEA. on: September 04, 2013, 04:59:45 PM
This is the easiest way a scammer can make thousands upon thousands of dollars. Already we've seen it happen:
Casinobit- SCAM. SCAM.

Realize who you are entrusting your bitcoins to guys, people you have never met nor spoken with. People whose names are hidden with proxys and other means of hiding over the internet.

User dooglus created a good idea by offering the option of investing in these sites, however negatively it has led to many new sites offering the same thing to try and lure people in. I am not blaming Dooglus but he is somewhat responsible for all the new investment opportunities being offered by these sites. He is in no way responsible for them running away with peoples' funds though. Thus guys let me sum it for you:

Don't invest in any gambling site that the owner you do not PERSONALLY know in real life. In my opinion, not even Just-Dice unless you know Dooglus in real life. If you want to invest in a gambling site, then heres the safest and only option honestly: CREATE YOUR OWN. Your coins are never 100% safe unless you hold them yourself.
63  Economy / Gambling / Selling my Sports Picks on: August 30, 2013, 05:40:49 AM
People constantly are asking me for my plays with football season here however I generally just play them and don't have time til the evening to be in such chat rooms being in college for my second year now. If you look back at some threads I had, you'll see I'm a profitable capper but am very streaky. I figured the best way to share my picks and be motivated to personally contact you with them is to be paid for them. Many cappers charge $20 a day or more. Some people as much as $50 a play, see for an example of this.

I am not saying I'm going to make you rich, I keep sports betting as a hobby for me and have done decently well. This is not a way to pay off normal living expenses, you won't live a good life through gambling. But it can pay a bill or two a month if you know what you're doing. Last two NFL seasons I have killed it, year before I did well but not as well. I want to share my plays but honestly money motivates me. Just as many would say. Thus, offering my picks very cheap, literally the cost of a burger for a day. Prices below:

MLB picks:
1 day- 0.03 BTC
4 days- 0.10 BTC

NFL/College football + Sunday MLB picks:
1 week- 0.10 BTC
1 month- 0.40 BTC

Please note I don't make many college football plays, I follow NFL a lot more closely. For days I do not have any MLB picks I extend your package by one day. If shockingly no football picks, I extend your package a week.

Please send any payments for packages to 1King16MnUwPtmVPPPm3dRbB52BDKH2zFs and then PM me with the transaction ID, and a phone number to contact you. All plays will be sent by text message to your phone.

If you want longer packages let me know but figured this will give anyone a chance to follow me. I will post plays here shortly after games begin for those who want to follow. Not trying to get rich here or offer any insane promises on your return.

Anyone found buying my picks and sharing them with others will be banned from buying any more picks from me. Please keep the info to yourselves.

Also, selling my recent profit from sports, selling a total of 9.20 BTC, if interested PM me as well.
64  Economy / Currency exchange / [CLOSED] on: August 30, 2013, 01:29:58 AM
Sold 9.20 BTC to "nano" on bitcoin-OTC. Thanks.

65  Other / Off-topic / [EDU] Provably fair and how it can be exploited by casino owners against you. on: August 29, 2013, 08:22:25 AM
Someone posted this article in one of the threads here. Had to highlight it as many sites are being questioned regarding this.


Number one rule: DON'T assume the casino you're playing at is honest and that their provably fair system is fair.

ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS change your client seed to something different. This is one of the ways you protect yourself. It takes a second to do I know which is inconvenient but truly do it.

*Note: I make no personal accusations against any site in this thread. This is an educational thread focused on providing users the understanding that just cause it says provably fair and it verifies, it does not mean it truly is a fair system.*
66  Economy / Currency exchange / [WTB] $3000 worth of BTC with PokerStars funds, mtgox -2% on: August 28, 2013, 09:50:22 PM
Hey guys,
I have a client who is wanting to buy BTC to play Poker with. They play poker for a living, and they have $3000 in Pokerstars they are looking to trade for BTC. We have agreed mtgox -2% is a fair price. I am well trusted and have done many trades, I am fine with doing smaller trades then the full amount, the minimum would be $50. If you would like to do a large amount >$500 the rate could be negotiable, I would have to contact my client first though on any offers.

You would send me the BTC to an address I own and only I own and I would email my client to send you the equivalent funds to your PokerStars username. My client says they will be able to do this right away when they are not sleeping.
Once the funds have been sent and rec'd by you, I will move the BTC from my personal address to my client's, until you receive your PokerStar funds, the funds will not be moved to provide you ease of any stress.

Please check my reputation thread link in my signature and also my trust page for many examples of trades gone flawlessly. If you are interested in buying a lot of BTC or selling BTC also, let me know and I can work with you and sell/buy for you for a small fee just as I doing here. I also provide escrows if need be.

Thanks for reading guys and PM me or comment if interested in this trade. Thanks!
67  Economy / Gambling / Need some help with a provably fair drawing, advice please. on: August 27, 2013, 11:36:08 PM
So my last drawing went off and Lightlord won all the prizes. However, I am thinking for the next drawing offering it to cost .01 BTC each ticket, now here is my problem. I am not going to use Just-dice's rolling to decide the winners, this takes way too much time and honestly no one wants to count what # ticket they are and what numbers they have for the roll.

I need a simple way of randoming drawing a number 1-500 or 1-1000 or whatever I need. I was thinking I have a private seed or hash or whatever and I ask someone else extremely trusted to hold their own private seed or something, then when the drawing filled we "combine" them and input the user seeds "1" "2" "3" and so on for prize # that is being drawn for.

So in summary:
A secret seed held by me
Another seed held by another player
And the client / public seed being the number of the prize being drawn (my drawing would prob have 10 winners, so it would be 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 up to 10) for the 10 draws. If a ticket would be drawn a second time I would draw again by adding a zero or something.

Can someone explain to me how to do this?

I have the idea and I know is doing something similar with their 100 BTC giveaway, but I don't understand how you add hashes or any of that or compute what the drawn number would be using the hashes.

Please comment if you can explain or help, thanks!
68  Economy / Gambling / 10 BTC Drawing! 0.05 BTC entry, 1st drawing completed, closed for now on: August 26, 2013, 10:35:19 PM
Hi guys,
I am interested in setting up a fixed pool drawing, hopefully one that can grow to as much as 50 BTC if popular. For this one though, I am going to start with a set 10 BTC pool, where there are 200 tickets, each costing .05 BTC.
Here is how it will work:
Each ticket costs 0.05 BTC (roughly $5 in USD), and there will a total of 11 winners.
4 BTC - 1 winner
2 BTC - 1 winner
1 BTC - 2 winners
0.50 BTC - 3 winners
0.10 BTC - 4 winners
Total paid of 10 BTC = 9.90 BTC, I keep .10 BTC and pay the tx fees.

Tickets sold so far: 4 / 200.

How will it be provably fair?

I have thought about this and I've decided the best way, is to do it is as followed:
I am going to use Just-Dice's rolling of the dice to pick the winners. Basically I will draw 11 and only 11 numbers on the account 99900 (I own this). Before I draw ten times I will press "randomize" on the site to randomize the server seed. This will be the only time this user will be used. Each ticket of the 200 tickets gives you a .5% chance of winning. The first ticket bought will have numbers 00.00.00 to 00.49.99. The 2nd ticket bought will have 00.50.00 to 00.99.99. Third would have 01.00.00 to 01.49.99, and so on. The 200th ticket would have numbers 99.50.00 to 99.99.99.

Here is an example draw:
The first draw will be for .10 BTC, and I roll a 03.42.99, whoever bought the 7th ticket bought would be the winner. No ticket can win more then once, in the unlikely chance that a subsequent roll falls within another ticket's winning number range, a new number would be drawn/rolled. All of this will be verified by Dooglus of course (I'll ask him to post here to make sure its okay with him) for the 10 rolls and any possible following rolls. This account will not be used for real wagers, and whether the bets win will not matter, only the random numbers drawn will matter.

Order of winning number draws:
The winning prize numbers would go from least to greatest, so the 11th roll would be for who wins the 4 BTC.

Please send 0.05 or more to 1EaG64J9UvEPzcamBAeZeP5AmzP8ieBDxn. Each ticket costs .05, feel free to buy more then 1 ticket per transaction.

Please send ONLY from a wallet you own, winnings will be sent back to the same address that the BTC was sent from!

How do we know we can trust you?
Check my reputation thread in my signature for many examples of me escrowing or purchasing where sent first to 10 BTC or more in one transaction. If you don't trust me, thats fine, everyone is entitled to their opinions. All entries will remain untouched in that address above that I own.

How long do we have to wait for this to fill?
If after 30 days from the first ticket being bought, the drawing has not filled, I will refund all bets. Since this is order sensitive for tickets bought (your order decides the winning number range you get) I will not refund any tickets early for any reason.

Will you be entering this drawing?
In the future I may enter it if people allow it but for the first one to prevent any accusations of being "in" on the drawing, I definitely will not be entering.

When will the drawing occur?
When all 200 tickets are sold, I will announce the specific time and date of the drawing, in which I will be chat under the 99900 account so you could be there when I first announce what ticket # wins each drawing. The drawing will occur within 48 hours of the 200th ticket being purchased.

I have another question?
Feel free to PM me or comment here Smiley

List of tickets and their owners:
1. 179QD   2. 1ApYR   3. Harshbuttrue (SWC)   4. 1GdQZ   5-200. LightLord.

Basically Lightlord owns 02.00.00 to 99.99.99. If any of the 11 numbers are below 02.00.00 then someone else wins that amount haha.
69  Economy / Gambling / 9/27 Looking for someone to match ANOTHER total bases prop bet I like! on: August 26, 2013, 07:53:10 PM
I found a matchup today I like for total bases props in one of my cashbooks. Their limit for the bet is low which is why I'm looking here to get it played in BTC. I will pay the juice.

Here is the matchup and line:

9/27/13 Baltimore Orioles vs Boston Red Sox
BAL Adam Jones Total Bases -105
BOS Dustin Pedroia Total Bases -125.

I am looking to put 0.75 BTC on Dustin Pedroia more total bases to win 0.60 BTC. Yes that is right, I am willing to pay the 15 cent per side juice. You would have Adam Jones.

Looking to get this fully filled, but will accept .30 or more on Jones from people here. So minimum would be you risking .30 BTC to my .375 BTC.

Total bases is described as this for scoring purposes: Single= 1, Double= 2, Triple= 3, Home Run= 4. Walks = 0, advancing bases due to stealing or other batters = 0. Basically its what the runner gets from their at bats. Errors do not count as anything. Example: Batter singles on a ground ball to left fielder, batter advances to 2nd on throwing error by left fielder. The scoring for this would be 1, not 2. Error resulting in on base at first equals 0 as well.

I can hold the coins and payback my part + yours if I lose to whatever address you want. Both my coins and yours would be in one of my blockchain wallet addresses and would stay there until the event is over. Also fine with using an escrow such as Dooglus (owner of Just-dice) or someone else. JohnK probably not an option because this is a time sensitive bet and obviously would take too long to contact him.

To answer some questions:
1) If the # of bases is a tie, each player is refunded the amount they risked. No win or loss, I will pay the tx fees out of pocket to send you back your amount.
2) Both players must have at least 1 successful at-bat (walk, hit, or out) for the bet to be valid. If the player is injured before batting once (example: hit by pitch and removed from game), the bet is canceled. Refunds paid out. If one of the players does not start in the game, the bet is canceled.

Let me know if interested!
70  Economy / Currency exchange / [WTS] 0.80 BTC for $90 moneypak / BOA online wire on: August 23, 2013, 07:51:44 PM
Looking to sell small amount of BTC to pay for some food expenses while here on vacation, heres your chance for people wanting to buy small amount.

$90 moneypak, no other amount. Or do an instant wire to my BOA account. Buy from someone trusted and get your BTC quick and easy. Will send BTC once code is added successfully. Check reputation thru the link in my signature.
71  Economy / Gambling / Ignore please. on: August 23, 2013, 07:00:54 AM
I have an amazing idea, and truly am not kidding here. It would require of ton of programming though, and I was hoping to do a 70/30 split of all profits with the programmer (70% to programmer). The designer would have to be trusted here, because obviously they could take my idea and run and never pay me a penny. As part of the agreement,  we would both help run the site, via chat and other requirements, majority of myself, however at times the programmer would be needed as well. It is a player vs player(s) game, not player vs house. But its one that I truly think would be very popular, definitely one of a kind.

If you are well trusted and know programming, and I mean serious programming as that is what it will take, please contact me. A confidential agreement will be construed also for those serious in discussing it.
72  Economy / Gambling / Play Monopoly for bitcoins! (I am not the owner!) on: August 20, 2013, 10:58:59 PM
I am not the owner but really like the site. Played with a couple friends already and it works pretty well, not 100% stable just fyi but pretty good. The thread announcement for the game was posted in another section so I felt it would be beneficial for players wanting to play and for the owner if I posted here. You can play for free or deposit and wager bitcoins against others, winner takes all (minus house fee) .

The site is and the game board is based on major Bitcoin sites and bitcoin features.

The thread created by the owner is:

73  Economy / Gambling / I am looking to bet Arizona First Five Innings Runline +0.5 TONIGHT on: August 20, 2013, 07:51:08 PM
Looking to bet the Runline for 1st 5 innings on Arizona Diamondbacks tonight +0.50. Meaning if after 5 innings Arizona is WINNING or the score is TIED I win the wager. On the major cash sportsbook the line for this is  Arizona RL +.5 -115 / Cinci RL -.5 -105. Thus the no juice line would be Arizona -105 / Cinci +105.

[CLOSED] I am looking to wager 1.06 BTC on Arizona First Five +0.5 (-106). Thus my 1.06 BTC to your 1 BTC.

[FILLED] I am looking to wager 0.50 BTC on Houston First Five +0.5 (+130). Thus .50 BTC to your .65 BTC.

My BTC for this is in a sportsbook which I can withdraw from at any time. If you accept the wager I will hold both of our BTC for the wager in a single address that I own that will remain untouched until the end of the game. Winner will be sent the winnings.

No BTC sportsbook offers first five inning runlines sadly which is why I am posting this.
74  Economy / Services / [WTS] My signature for .0777 BTC per 10 days. on: August 19, 2013, 10:25:56 AM
Selling my signature for 0.0777 BTC per 10 days. I am well known in the gambling section for sports and participate in many chat rooms, so a gambling link would probably serve the costs best. I reserve the right to change this price at anytime, however any purchased space is locked in for that 10 day period. Payment must be made up front. I promise 10 days at least of your ad remaining in my signature.

Please PM me if interested.
75  Economy / Gambling / Would anyone be interested in buying BTC stock or BTC price options? Futures? on: August 19, 2013, 09:09:26 AM
Thinking of offering options for BTC stocks / fiat prices, mainly based on either bitstamp or BTC-e. Could also do futures however the other parties end would have to be covered by collateral in some way.  It would be thread run, not by a site or anything. Obviously MPEX and BTCT have this covered already but for trading small amounts the fees eat up any potential in my opinion. My max would be 5 or 10 BTC totals. Any interest guys?

My idea is to offer 3, 7, 15 and 30 day options (both calls and puts). For futures it would be 3-60 days. Since 3 and 7 day options/contracts would be changing rapidly, I would list my offerings here however since I won't be around in a week or two with college, all orders and prices would be confirmed via PM. Even if you are not interested, suggestions or comments would be appreciated.

Also, note if you are an options trader yourself, I am looking to do a 15-90 day put order on 1 or 2 shares of ASIC-miner. Comment your best offer (strike price and fee) for that if interested.
76  Economy / Gambling / ATS season-long NFL Contest/Wager on: August 19, 2013, 02:10:20 AM
I am considering doing a season-long ATS challenge with someone for 5, 10 or 15 BTC OR holding a large 1 BTC pool ATS contest. I have not decided on it. I am also not positive if I want to do it or not, I am just seeing if there is any interest. The rules would be most likely, you choose 2 ATS picks a WEEK for NFL. We would have to figure out a way to lock lines and prevent the user from changing their plays. You would not be required to specifically put money on it. The winner would be the person with the better record at the end of the season. Since not every week you will have two picks, two weeks you would only pick 1 pick, making the total plays 30. Each play would be to win 1 unit or risking 1 unit but the normal ATS line would be used. This unit record would be used since sometimes +3 or -3 or other numbers will have different lines besides -110.

I also thought about doing the above thing for 1 BTC entry. Every entrant pays 1 BTC, Winner takes all, same 1 or 2 picks per week rule applies.

Most likely JohnK would be used to escrow any contests/wager. If you are interested in any of the above please COMMENT. Do not PM.

Once again, I am NOT sure I want to do this. This is an interest only thread.
77  Economy / Currency exchange / Selling BTC! +Locally MD / D.C., Bitstamp +5% Currently available: 8 BTC on: August 14, 2013, 08:04:26 PM
Hi guys,
I am selling BTC for certain methods and will continue to do so whenever I have BTC in stock. If you are selling BTC please see my buying thread here:

Current available amount of Bitcoins:

What payment methods I will accept and spot prices:

1. Cash in Mail- You send me cash via Priority or Express mail. We lock in price and I release BTC when received. Spot price- Bit.

2. Moneygram- You send me money via Moneygram, once picked up I release the BTC. Spot price- mtgox -3%.

3. Local meetup- We meet up and trade cash for my bitcoins. Minimum $200.

I attend a University near Washington D.C. You can come to me via D.C. metro and can exchange your cash for my BTC. This is my preferred method.

Once payment is confirmed received I will release the bitcoins you purchased to your desired bitcoin address.

How do I contact you?
Please PM me here to buy me BTC, I will make you a quote and if you accept we will proceed with the transaction.

Who sends first?
You send payment first unless you're JohnK or Theymos.

Will you accept escrow?
For certain payment methods (3 and 5 I will. All others methods I will not as it is very hard for the honest party to 100% prove themselves for the other methods, thus I cannot afford to risk somehow getting reversed scammed. However the escrow must be completed in a very timely manner as prices change constantly. My reputation thread is found below in my signature and my trust page has a couple ratings as well. If you don't trust me, thats fine and I wish you the best regardless.

Do you have a minimum or maximum we can sell to you?
The minimum is $100 worth unless otherwise specified. The maximum is whatever the amount of BTC I have available to purchase which is highlighted above.

I will sign a message from my bitcoin address 1King16MnUwPtmVPPPm3dRbB52BDKH2zFs before agreeing to a trade beforehand everytime. Make sure to check the message as many people on here have been hacked at one point or another. PLEASE NOTE: Do not send to that address unless requested when asked for payment.
78  Economy / Currency exchange / [WTB] $160 Moneypak on: August 13, 2013, 10:25:14 PM
Looking to buy a $160 moneypak. Spot price will be mtgox last -1%.

Please PM or comment if interested, check rep link in signature if you have any doubts.
79  Economy / Currency exchange / Buying YOUR bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies 24/7! Currently available: $0.00 on: August 13, 2013, 04:39:38 AM
Hi guys,
I've decided I will be buying a lot of BTC and other cryptocurrencies, any of which that are listed on I offer many methods and am ready to buy up to a large amount of your BTC! I will update this thread on current amounts available to buy at all times. This thread will remain open as I plan on buying very often. Please check often if you have a lot to sell.

Current available amount of cash:

What I will buy (and spot price):

Btc-e USD codes- $1 to $1 ratio. No markup.

Bitcoins- btc-e spot price -0.5%

Litecoins- btc-e spot price -1.0%

ALL other cryptos listed on BTC-e- btc-e spot price -1.50%

PAYMENT METHODS (and any extra fees):

1. Cash in mail- Cash mailed directly to your address, will provide tracking #. Fees: Shipping costs (either priority or overnight mail).

2. Moneypak- Moneypak card bought with cash, code # PMed to you. Can be added to paypal with no risk of chargeback Fees: $5.00

3. Reloadit or Vanilla Reload Similar to moneypak, paid with cash, # PMed or emailed to you. Fees: $4.00

4. Bank CASH Deposit- Cash deposited to your major US bank, subject to locations near me. Fees: None

5. Money Orders (WU/MG/USPS, you can select your preference)- Money order mailed to you directly. Fees: $2.00

6. Dwolla- Money sent from my Dwolla account to yours. Please note this method will take 3-5 business days to be paid due to having to get funds from bank account to Dwolla. Fees: None

7. Moneygram- Money sent to you and can be picked up at any Walmart or CVS location. Max of $990. Fees: All sending fees, check for an estimate (90% of time these estimates are the correct price).

8. Western Union- Money sent to you and can be picked at many local stores. Max of $990. Fees: All sending fees, check for an estimate (90% of time these estimates are the correct price). Can send worldwide.

9. Cash In-Person- I live in Maryland, if you are willing to meet me somewhere close I will exchange for cash. However payment must be sent before the arranged meeting. Fees: None

All payments will be sent out within 24 hours of received payment except on weekends and except for Dwolla. Moneypaks and other cards can be bought overnight at any time if you need cash fast and generally if you catch me online I can get you the moneypak or card within 30 minutes.

How do I contact you?
Please PM me here to sell me BTC, I will provide you a quote and an address to send to if you accept the quote. Once received I will pay you in the method of your choice.

Will you accept escrow?
For certain payment methods (4, 7, and 8 I will. All others methods I will not as it is very hard for the honest party to 100% prove themselves for the other methods, thus I cannot afford to risk somehow getting reversed scammed. However the escrow must be completed in a very timely manner as prices change constantly. My reputation thread is found below in my signature and my trust page has a couple ratings as well. If you don't trust me, thats fine and I wish you the best regardless.

Why are you not paying mtgox spot prices?
Mtgox has had MAJOR problems processing withdraws and thus the price you could say on the site is imaginary, mainly the price is inflated because people with cash are buying their BTC and transferring them out. No one is able to withdraw fiat in a usual manner and I have heard bitstamp is also giving people trouble now. Thus I cannot base my price off mtgox.

Who sends first?
You send payment first unless you're JohnK or Theymos.

Do you have a minimum or maximum we can sell to you?
The minimum is $100 worth. The maximum is whatever the amount of cash I have available to purchase which is highlighted above.

Also, I understand my prices might be low, please feel free to sell through other means.

If you have a payment method you would like to know if I can pay via, please PM me! The above methods are the only ones I know of and have used before, but I'm sure there are other feasible ones out there too that I can use to pay you.

I will sign a message from my bitcoin address 1King16MnUwPtmVPPPm3dRbB52BDKH2zFs before agreeing to a trade beforehand everytime. Make sure to check the message as many people on here have been hacked at one point or another. PLEASE NOTE: Do not send to that address unless requested when asked for payment.

80  Economy / Scam Accusations / Someone is trying to scam under my name. on: August 11, 2013, 05:55:51 AM
It has come to my attention in the last two weeks that there is someone trying to scam people and trying to say that I am them. I will post the chats below that have been sent to me via PM. Both times the people that were being lied to contacted me and asked me to verify I was who they were talking to. Due to this any business I do from now on I will be SIGNING with a BTC address I own (ONLY this one): 1King16MnUwPtmVPPPm3dRbB52BDKH2zFs

Heres my first signed message:

"This is Kingofsports from bitcointalk on 8/11/13."


IF SOMEONE CONTACTS YOU ASKING TO TRADE MAKE SURE TO VERIFY THIS! Check the FULL address, and not just see 1king and believe its me. Its very easy to create a similar vanity address.

You can verify signed bitcoin address messages here:

Who do I think is the person trying to scam under my name?

I am pretty certain it is the person who stalks me everywhere I go and accuses me of being related to someone who supposedly scammed for 1 BTC. The thread can be found here:

Numberfive who is nickfor2, a known repeat scammer here and on seals, continuously calls me out and even offered to accept wagers that I would scam again. I stick to my reputation and have scammed no one. I cannot say for certain this is his doing but in a way this would double benefit him, he could blackmail/call me out as a scammer because someone would say they were scammed by me when really it was him who scammed someone. Anyways I wanted to post this to make sure I cover myself.

If someone claims to be me, Ask for "me" to verify the address: 1King16MnUwPtmVPPPm3dRbB52BDKH2zFs and ask "me" to sign whatever message you want to prove my authenticity. I am taking a small break from bitcoins so honestly any trades I do will only be for-profit flips at this moment.

If I offer to sell something for under the cheapest exchange price like btc-e or bitstamp OR offer to pay above mtgox or other exchanges this should be instantly a red flag. I do not pay above market or sell for below market generally.

Evidence chats are below.
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