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1  Other / Meta / Stats you would like to see? on: August 09, 2019, 06:00:07 PM
Currently I'm messing around with Python in order to scrape data for analysis later on. I know there are already a lot of people who have scrapers that will do this, but I'm looking for a more unique approach. So far the main thing I've been focusing on is "user stats" AKA gathering information from all their posts and plotting it.

Here are some examples of some stats I am currently able to obtain (these are from my profile):

At this point I'm kind of stuck on what exactly to do next, and I'm sure a lot of you have some great ideas! Also, tell me your thoughts on the current stats, I'm always looking for ways to improve / different ways of displaying info.

2  Other / Meta / AutoReply v1.0 on: August 01, 2019, 06:29:40 PM

You can view or download the script on GitHub. You must have Python 3 installed in order to use, however an executable version will be available soon. More info is available on GitHub, let me know what you guys think!


     1. Logs in using specified credentials
     2. Checks provided topic numbers, getting last post time
     3. Bumps topics that haven't been replied to in the last 24 hours
     4. Sleeps for specified interval before repeating


  • Uses pure Python Requests (Lightning Fast)
  • Simple setup via .ini file (No command prompts!)
  • Completely automatic (login => check thread => post reply)
  • Supports multiple threads and random message selection
  • More coming soon

Edit: Thanks so much for Full Member Cheesy
3  Economy / Exchanges / Finally found an exchange that worked for me! on: July 24, 2019, 04:23:36 PM
After trying many exchanges and going through countless "KYC" applications, just to be denied, I found the perfect one. I tried all of the ones I knew about:

Kraken: Extensive KYC (relatively fast), hard to deposit

Gemini: Verification was okay, had to send a wire to verify ($30 fee) Didn't even make it passed the "where do you live?" question (US)

Tried a few others possibly that I don't remember at the moment. Then just out of curiosity I tried "Abra", an app I saw on the App Store when I was messing around. I can't believe how easy it was compared to other exchanges, I was able to purchase Bitcoin (my entire goal) with a credit card in about 10 minutes, THAT's INCLUDING KYC. Absolutely amazed, I thought I would never find a good way. Never heard of Abra, and I don't care, they are so fast. Not trying to shill for referrals or anything, no links here, go look it up yourself. If you are having trouble with other exchanges this might be the right one for you. I live in the US, so YMMV!

4  Economy / Gambling discussion / Impossibility of a gambling system (Why methods don't work) on: July 21, 2019, 01:37:33 AM

In continuation of my last thread on the Gambler's Fallacy I am writing this thread to explain more specifically why "strategic" methods don't work. We've all heard of and seen these methods float around forums for years, let's end that. Let people have fun, and don't trick them into thinking they have better odds using a "method".


The principle of the impossibility of a gambling system is a concept in probability. It states that in a random sequence, the methodical selection of subsequences does not change the probability of specific elements.

A Simple Example

A sequence of fair coin tosses produces equal and independent 50/50 chances for heads and tails.

Let's take a series of coin flips (h = heads, t = tails, x = next flip):

     {A}: H T H H H T X

     {B}: T T T T T T X

Given series {A} and series {B} (assuming a fair coin), the odds that "X" becomes a "T" (or tails) is 50%.


As a mathematical consequence of computability theory, more complicated betting strategies (such as a martingale) also cannot alter the odds in the long run.

What is considered a "method"

A simple system of betting on heads every 3rd, 7th, or 21st toss, etc., does not change the odds of winning in the long run. This includes all popular methods like martingale, etc. (Remember we are talking about things like dice rolls and coin tosses here, in contrast to something like poker which requires some level of skill)

In conclusion

Just gamble how you want to, don't feel bad because you aren't missing out on anything. Often times, methods can end up taking more of your money because of the house edge. Even though a lot of people seem to understand that methods don't change your odds, I've still seen plenty of others who believe they work. Please never buy methods, I've seen it happen too many times.

Further reading:

Wikipedia Page | In-depth Thesis
5  Other / Meta / Proof Integration for BitcoinTalk (via keybase)? on: July 20, 2019, 04:50:17 PM
Was recently reading Keybase's Proof Integration Guide and I think it would be absolutely perfect for the forum? I swear I don't work for Keybase but I'm sure some of you here are on it, and it simplifies so many things.

So why Keybase?

  • It's a lot more efficient than the current staking your address method.
  • Connects other services to create a safer environment everywhere.
  • Uses blockchain technology to verify and encrypt (everyone here loves the blockchain).

From what I can tell, implementation would be that hard and it can definitely be expanded-on in the future. Have any of you used keybase before? What do you think about implementing it on here?

I'm sure there is a ton more I could talk about but I just wanted to hear some thoughts.
6  Other / Beginners & Help / Need some creative ideas! on: July 20, 2019, 03:04:41 PM
Have some Bitcoin / Crypto related domain names. I plan to probably turn one of them into my next project to focus on. Only problem is, I'm not the most creative person and I figured someone could help me out on here. Would love to hear your thoughts, and any visions or ideas you have for any of these websites.
7  Economy / Gambling discussion / The Gambler's Fallacy (The key to unbiased gambling) on: July 19, 2019, 01:57:26 PM
What is the Gambler's Fallacy?

Wikipedia has an awesome ELI 5:

"Gambler’s fallacy arises out of a belief in the law of small numbers, or the erroneous belief that small samples must be representative of the larger population. According to the fallacy, “streaks” must eventually even out in order to be representative." - Wikipedia Page

A simple example:

I see people fall victim to this train of thought so often, and a lot of the times it's the reason they fail at gambling. Here is a common example that I see around here a lot:

     - Most people can agree that if you flip a coin, it's 50/50 for heads or tails respectively.

     - Now, take this scenario: "You lose 20 coin flips in a row, what are your odds to win the next one?"

If you think that your odds are any different than 50/50 for the 21st coin flip, then you have fallen victim to this fallacy.

Individually it's very easy to understand the odds for one event, but once you introduce more data it gets a lot harder to tell.

Why does it matter?

Humans are naturally very bad at gambling, mainly because we suffer from many biases that feed off of each other.

Noticing these biases and false ways of thinking can help you make better decisions. You can play smarter and be more comfortable with events out of your control. It's also just good practice (cognitive thinking skills) which you can then use in any other aspect of your life.

Using this to your advantage

Now how exactly can you use this to your advantage? While understanding this won't make you the luckiest man alive, it can help you avoid making rash decisions based on flawed logic. Always try to constantly remind yourself that each "event" is independent of the next or previous, our brain always try to find patterns in things (regardless of whether one actually exists). Practicing this mode of thought can drastically improve your perspective and mood when gambling.

Further explanation

If you are still interested in learning more, Brian Keng has an awesome, in-depth explanation (including the mathematics and psychology behind it):

I find this stuff absolutely fascinating so please let me know if you would like more of these "informative" posts. I put a lot of time into writing this, so I hope it helps a few people out!
8  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Is Bitcoin so valuable just because it was first? on: July 19, 2019, 12:40:06 PM
I have thought about this a lot, especially more recently as I question why I'm using Bitcoin. Since cryptocurrency began, there have been so many new and improved versions of the "Bitcoin blockchain", one of the most notable probably being Ethereum.

It's always painful to use Bitcoin in comparison with sometimes up to $5 transaction fees for sending even $10, not to mention the amount of time transactions take. It kind of feels like Bitcoin is a sinking ship in some ways, because of the increasing problems that occur with a blockchain system. However, this doesn't seem to faze many, as the price keeps rising again and hitting new records.

My ultimate question is: "Is Bitcoin so valuable just because it was first?" As technology progresses it's inevitable that new and better ways of doing things will be discovered. But is it really about just being first in today's world? What are your guy's thoughts on this? Do you think there will be a breaking point aka, amount of inconveniences people will put up with before moving on?
9  Economy / Digital goods / Amazing crypto domain names!! on: July 11, 2019, 10:25:52 PM
Just looking for offers right now, let me know if you are interested in one of these!






10  Economy / Digital goods / Selling Netflix Gift Cards for a limited time, 70+% OFF (VOUCH COPIES FREE!) on: April 29, 2019, 07:17:47 PM

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Giving out a few free vouchers to those who want it, thanks!

These cards are 100% legally obtained and are only available in the US. Please only buy if you intend to redeem within the hour.

Please PM me if you want to buy, I will go first to trusted members.
11  Economy / Digital goods / Awesome cryptocurrency niche domain names! on: April 24, 2019, 06:27:30 PM
Why:  (Super short and memorable)
BIN: $50
Why: (Huge potential for a lot of niches, especially gambling)
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Why: (Amazing news site name)
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Why: (Brand-able and memorable)
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Why: (Very catchy, easy to remember, brand-able)
BIN: $30

Payment: BTC | BCH | ETH

Comment or PM if you have any questions!
12  Other / Meta / The problem begins and ends with YOU. on: April 22, 2019, 01:32:29 AM
In regards to all the recent off-topic discussion and arguments that have inevitably come to this thread, please take it else where. I would like to keep the comments relevant, meaning they should relate to my OP in some way or another one of my posts. I am all for people voicing their opinion but let's keep this discussion mature, please.


Okay this is going to be a super long post but I would like to preface by saying that I have been part of online forums for a long time and I see the same problems time and time again. I feel that I need to voice my opinion about what is happening on BitcoinTalk even though I don't have a ton of experience. Don't just read this post and believe it, think about it yourself - come to your own realization about what is going on. And don't be one of those people who "agrees" but does nothing to help the issue, the fight starts with you. I would like to make clear the fact that this post does not only apply to BitcoinTalk, but more of the crypto community overall.

Signature campaigns

So I wanted to start out with the most obvious and worn out issue that continues to plague this forum. Signature Campaigns are advertisements plain and simple, they can buy your content and have their ad placed 300 different places for $30 a month. That is stupidly cheap in the advertising industry, especially for niche advertisements. And no, it's not a single campaign that is the problem as commonly cited. It is any campaign period, they all promote shilling, uncreative content, and risky business. The only reason advertising is so cheap is because people will sign up for anything that pays them free coins, advertisers have gotten accustomed to the stupidly low prices that they can offer here. Other websites they pay tens of thousands, but here they can give a few cents and everyone comes running. This isn't the fault of the company though, it's the users of this forum. It's not even just the people who sign up for these campaigns, it's everyone. If you use any of the sites that are advertised here so often (which most of you probably do), you are contributing to the problem. The person wearing the signature is at just as much of a fault as the person who clicks the link. The reason these companies keep coming back is because they get engagement and in overwhelming amounts. I see a lot of people throw stones at each other for advertising a company which they believe is a scam. All of these companies are exchanges and gambling websites, they are all scams in a way. They make money and prey on the hope of "hitting gold". They can all do pretty much whatever they want and participate in shady activities mainly because of the lack of regulation and moral. So the solution? Stop engaging. Stop feeding the greed and hype around these "investments" and companies. Stop promoting dumb companies so you can gain a few bucks for doing so, I don't care who you are, if you have one of these signatures, you are part of the problem. Same with people who run these campaigns and click the links, we all feed these corporations and we need to stop if we ever want hope of redemption.

The marketplace

This problem has and always will be around forever, the prevalence of scamming in the online world is shocking. However, this is one of the worse forums when it comes to marketplaces. Many like the blame the moderation of the forum but that is hardly the problem. The crypto community has no understanding of buying or selling whatsoever. The reason scammers are so rampant is because we feed them. It's all a numbers game, they will get one person dumb enough to send them $10, every fucking time. Whether it be through some sob story or chargeback / hacked account, they will get someone. And guess what? They will get away with it, every fucking time. Crypto is the currency of criminals whether you like it or not. Scammers are hardly the only problem in the marketplace though, combined with loans, hacked accounts, credit cards and so on. There is never a safe deal, I don't care who you are or what you are selling / buying. I honestly think that the marketplace should be done away with all together, but I would like this to be more realistic. Stop sending people money, I don't care if it's a small amount or "you don't have much to lose". If you get scammed you are almost as bad as the scammer because you are perpetuating the problem. We need to do a better job of general education, of alerting newcomers. Yes there are posts about this, but how is it on the Newbie to know that they need to read these posts and not trust anyone? They don't yet understand how much scamming there really is and how often it happens. They don't even realize that some people here would take $2 from them if given the chance. They believe that people are good and trustworthy, not criminals. But online, everyone is a criminal as they mask their identity. Go the extra mile in being proactive and warning people. I also feel as though there aren't enough good and safe alternatives to the things being sold there. There is not a trusted seller for anything really, which puts buyers in an uncomfortable position to begin with.

Misuse of trust

As of late I have seen this everywhere, and before you start righting a nasty comment to me, hear me out. I understand that trust is unregulated, as I believe should be the case. I understand the reason behind the trust system and the effectiveness it has in most cases. I understand the frustration many have in regards to the trust system. But I am going to have to say that the trust system on BitcoinTalk is broken and people have lost sight of the reason it was created in the first place. I have some controversial opinions about what trust should and shouldn't be used for, however I feel that most would agree that the trust system should be purely backed by deals. I don't care if someone upsets you or offends you, that doesn't mean you need to tag them. I don't care if someone "lies" about something or shitposts about this and that, everyone does that. No one is completely innocent and has lied / shitposted plenty of times. We are not perfect and there is no reason that trust should be based purely on opinion and the thought someone else has about you outside of the marketplace. The purpose of the trust system was to help people identify with better accuracy who was safer to deal with. Now it's used more as a way to gatekeep and abuse power. If you think someone has broken a rule, report them (another problem I will get on to later on). It is not your job to decide whether the user is trustworthy or not, no one really cares about trust outside the marketplace and so it should stay related to the marketplace only. People don't look at trust to decide if your post is valid or not, they look at it if they are thinking about dealing with the user. This isn't even against the rules surprisingly enough, but it shouldn't have to be against the rules. We should be able to act like the adults we are and keep the marketplace and our opinions separate. Another case that I often see is the instant distrust of Newbies, and while I often agree that 90% of the time they are scammers (and should definitely be tagged), you need to be careful. Tagging someone as a Newbie can completely ruin their chances of ever being able to have a decent experience on the forum. You should only do this if you are 99% sure they are a scammer. I will go into rank discrimination later on, but I think we need to be more careful on how we treat the newcomers to this forum. The system now more than ever feels like a childs game of tit for tat and the fight for dominance. Your trust isn't related to your dick length, so stop acting so childish about it (either side). I'm tired of people whining about trust abuse, but they have some valid points. The system is being misused and it's up to the people overstepping the bounds to reign it back in. Trust has become dependent on some many things outside the marketplace, that it is beginning to mean nothing anymore. Yea sure someone might be tagged in the marketplace but how sure can you be that it wasn't because someone was annoyed with them? I'm sure many scammers use this logic and they aren't wrong. The problem is the disassociation of trust from the marketplace isn't only that it loses its original purpose, but that it starts to mean less. It no longer has the weight that it should, meaning it's practically useless.

General toxicity

Related to the all to common misuse of trust, toxicity is another huge problem I see on this forum particularly. I understand this mostly has to do with the generation of people who use this forum and the views they have, but that doesn't have to play into every conversation. There doesn't always have to be a right or a wrong answer, and even if there is you don't have to bet someone up for making a mistake. Everyone makes mistakes and you should treat others how you wish to be treated. The biggest problem with toxicity though isn't only that it just makes everything unfunny to talk about, but it is commonly targeted at newcomers. Most of this has to do with the feeling of entitlement related to rank (more on this late) but a lot of it has to do with the bitter attitude that many forum members have on here. Everyone always likes to complain about things and has shitty things happen, but you don't have to take it out on everyone else. If you don't like the forum any more then leave, you don't have to make it a worse place by complaining about how you hate it here. And this is far from the case for everyone, in fact a lot of the people on here are super nice but they automatically contribute to the problem without realizing. They these comments and hate towards others but do not wise to get involved (sometimes I think this is a wise decision). But if you see something you don't stand for even if that person outranks you, say something. Don't beat around the bush and just straight-up tell someone they are being an asshole, a lot of times it's because they don't even realize what they are doing. We need to have a better code here for things we are willing to take and things we will speak out against.

Lack of content, and incentive thereof

I have been here for a while and although this is a common problem with forums especially I think it's pretty obvious that BitcoinTalk has had a severe deficit of meaningful content. There are a lot of threads that really have no redeeming value that have thousands of replies and views / usually because they have been around forever. I understand the thought process a lot of people have, they are scared to voice their opinion mainly because of the reasons listed above and the fact that they feel their opinion will never get heard. 90% of valuable threads get immediately buried by these mega threads that are still alive for some reason. You see the same old threads over and over again and soon you begin to believe that there is legitimately no new content out there because surely someone would have posted about it. But this isn't true, there is tons of stuff to make a post on. I don't care if it's dumb or trivial, if it's original then it's helpful to the forum. A lot of people are here to have fun and learn new information and would appreciate some new stuff every now and then. But this brings me to the point about the lack of incentive for such things. Why make a new thread when it will just get buried or hated on, it's just a waste of time. I would like to counter the popular opinion here on merit: Merit is not used enough which leads to gatekeeping and crappy content. People seem to be way to averse to giving someone else credit for something, even if it's small. Merit is hoarded and guarded like treasure, a resource if you will, rather than a +1 for good content. Yes I agree people shouldn't be awarded merit willy nilly or for shitposting but hell it's not like someone will shoot you for +1ing a Newbie. Take your distrust to the marketplace and leave it be for peoples content. Good content never gets rewarded enough and people seem to shun it, the idea of Newbies dominating the forum seems to scare many people, but you have to realize that they are the future of this forum. This brings me to my next point, but I think the solution on content is quite obvious - quit being so stingy with merit and where you post. Help the little guy out every once in a while, we all start somewhere.

Automatic hate towards newcomers

I have to say that this forum has some of the worst hate and distrust for Newbie members. Yes I realize that a lot of this distrust is somewhat warranted especially for the amount of scammers, but again give people a chance. Not every new person is here to scam you out of a dime, not every new person is a jerk that will ruin the forum. Newbies are the future of this forum and we should treat them as such, you ever wonder why people on this forum are so bitter? A lot of it has to do with the fact that people treat them like shit when they were newer to the forum, the cycle needs to end. This is one of the most pressing problems for this forum, if you don't stop the forum will die. Stop hating on Newbies so much and there will be more actual people willing to participate in this forum compared to scammers. Hell, I don't even blame most people for being suspicious of newcomers because who in their right mind would join this forum now. Give people a second chance, there is no reason to have such an unforgiving ride or die view of everyone on here. Not everyone is a forum "expert" like you think of yourself as.

Rank holds too much importance

Again relating to the topic of rank on this forum, holy god I have to say that as far as gatekeeping and entitlement, BitcoinTalk has to be #1. I remember joining a few years back and being gobsmacked act the amount of money and time it takes to get anywhere on this forum. You practically can't participate or do anything until you are Senior member which takes years to get, not even close to the amount for Legendary. In fact anyone who is Legendary achieved their rank long ago when it wasn't so fucking hard to go up a level. Any new member quickly realizes that they have almost no chance at getting anywhere in this day and age before they lose interest or get banned. No wonder account sales are so high, it's impossible to gain any respect any other way. People look at you like your shit and won't even listen to you because of your damn rank. Buying an account is practically the only way to get anywhere now a days, and yes I get again that a lot of these "thresholds" are put in place to prevent scamming and such, but it's not really helping. All it does is quickly turn new people off to the idea of a yearlong uphill battle to get almost nowhere. Related to the incentive problem I cited earlier, people need to feel like they are getting somewhere for what they contribute. No wonder there is so much shitposting, as it's almost impossible to get anywhere posting only quality content. Stop putting yourself and others on such a goddamn high pedestal and have some perspective and respect for people trying. It's not always about who has the most coins under their name or who owns the most bitcoin. Your rank isn't equivalent to your power level, it's equivalent to your experience and should equate to the tolerance of others.

Lack of proper reports, moderation and initiative

This is more of a solution to a lot of the problems having to do with spamming / scamming, but I want to make sure I emphasize my point correctly here as this topic should not be taken lightly. To restate a previous point, reports shouldn't have anything to do with personal opinion of the poster. The one and only question you should ask yourself is: is this post breaking the rules? You aren't jury and executioner here, it's the administrations job to figure out whether your report is right or not. There should be no reason to take this issue into your own hands by using trust or toxicity. I have seen the latter way more than I think is right because the report becomes second hand. There is no incentive for reporting and users feel they have more power taking it into their own hands when it comes to rule breaking. While I agree it's good for people to stand up for what they think is acceptable in the community, it gets taken way to far all the time. This leads to more arguments and toxicity when the conflict could have been avoided all together by clicking report and moving on. Another common complaint I've seen recently is about the "lack of moderation" which I find myself chuckling at. Yes of course there is a lack of moderation because there are so many damn useless posts the mods have to sort through and so little reports that actually apply to the rules. Everyone seems to default to the premise that mods are not doing anything when they are not helping by reporting useless things / not reporting at all. There needs to be some more coordination between the mods and reports and the users need to feel like their reports are actually doing something. Because of right now it feels like there is just an endless stream of scammers and spam to even bother reporting yet another post for such a small thing.

Favoritism and entitlement

Although I feel I've exhausted this topic pretty extensively, I want to point out another angle that I think is often overlooked. We have already gone over the reason why toxicity to newcomers directly relates to the feelings of entitlement and seniority older members have, but this goes both ways. Yes maybe older members SHOULD have some more perspective and be nicer, but they are often the target of a lot of hate and blame. While it might seem that I hate older members, this isn't true. While the toxicity towards newcomers is more obvious, a lot of the mid level members like to blame staff and others for their problems. Yes we realize that you no longer reside in the depths of shame that members and under do, but you don't get to yell at and blame older members for everything. This is another case of the vicious cycle that happens when one group is toxic to another, and it needs to stop. The mods aren't out to get people, they are simple here doing a job and they aren't perfect. Not everything has an ulterior motive behind it and not everyone wants to stab you in the back. Yes I'm sure some members are favored over others, but it's not because they have the staff on their payroll. It's because they generally are helpful and make their job easier. The staff isn't corrupt and although I agree they aren't perfect, they do a pretty good job considering the bullshit they have to put up with.

Lack of updates and new integration

While the lack of newcomers doesn't help the forum I think this is one of the main reasons BitcoinTalk continues to fall behind similar websites. This forum was made over a decade a go and it still looks and feels like it. Yea I kind of like the theme honestly but it's far behind contemporary websites. Considering the amount of support and people on this forum I'm shocked there hasn't been a revamp yet. I'm 100% sure that doing at least an appearance upgrade would drastically improve the amount of people willing to come and join. There are no new features and updates that keep people coming back, this forum is stuck in the past and we need to move forward in order to survive. While this may have more effects than I am pointing out, both positive and negative I feel that it still should be a priority. The crypto industry moving fast and it seems like this forum keeps slowing down. There is no reason that this forum should be using a 2010 theme in 2019.

Conclusion (Please read this before commenting)

Well those are a few of my opinions I feel that I must share before I go crazy trying to process this stuff. The main reason I made this post is because I feel a lot of people think the same thing, but they feel like no change will come of it. I have hope that this community can change and that new ideas have a chance at making it. I am sorry for the absolute beast of a post but I tried to keep it as streamlined as possible while still achieving the goal of getting my message across. Although it probably appears that I am the forums arch nemesis I only post this as a form of constructive criticism and a way to bring some issues to light. I'm sure a lot of you knew most of these but I hope that I brought a new point of view to light for some. BitcoinTalk resists change very strongly but change is a very sure thing, the only variable is rate.

Well, I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on anything in this post, big or small. This is meant to be more of a prompt for a more refined discussion on the issues this forum possesses.


I think an updates section is appropriate now to inform without having to make new posts. These updates should be taken with a grain of salt because a lot of these things change on a dime. If you have anything that you think would be worth putting on here, send me a PM. Anyways now that I have set the grounds for this section I will try and update if anything interesting happens.

#1: Theymos takes action against yobit signatures

129 users who were wearing a yobit signature and had at least 1 good report against them in the last 14 days are banned for 14 days. All yobit signatures are wiped. Signatures containing "" are banned for 60 days.

Some people were talking about neg-trusting spammers for spamming. This is not appropriate; report the posts, and if that doesn't seem to be working well, come to Meta with specific examples and suggestions.

He also mentions that neg-trusting for spam is not appropriate which I think clears up a lot of confusion. I think it's definitely the right decision and the post should be reported without users taking action themselves. Hopefully we will see more improvements in the near future.

#2: Ranking up is Possible! My top 10 Hints! Thread >>

I didn't see this thread when it was initially published (April, 16th) however I think it is relevant to this thread and provides an opposing view to my initial one. I think this is a really great post about the merit system. Although I did cite some flaws above, I really think that @fillippone has done a great job to help new members understand the point of the system better. New users I think are confused on what merit is and what it means to begin with, which can be very frustrating. A lot of users seem to think that quantity > quality, which is the opposite of how the merit system works. I said the merit system was broken, but now I am hesitating to continue that hypothesis. I think its really the lack of education surrounding the merit system and the purpose of it. This post is amazing and I think it is a great contribution to the community, it motivates others to post good content which is the ultimate goal.

13  Economy / Digital goods / Selling a few domain names on: April 21, 2019, 02:07:38 AM
Hi, I am selling two domain names: (extremely memorable, brand able, and clean)

I will go first to trusted users and I can provide whatever proof needed in order to deal. If you are going to contact me, please at least have an offer in mind.
14  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / VanityGen Updated Guide (Get your own vanity address easily) on: April 18, 2019, 10:36:09 PM
Introduction: What is VanityGen?

Vanitygen is a command-line vanity bitcoin address generator.
It accepts a pattern and generates an address and private key that matches.
Vanitygen's search is probabilistic, meaning the time required to find a pattern depends on:
1. how complex the pattern is
2. the speed of your computer
3. whether you get lucky

Why use VanityGen?

It's fast and secure, you will find a lot of scam websites out there and it feels so much better knowing that your information is safe. VanityGen is also opensource and has been around for a very long time, proving itself as one of the best vanity address generators out there.

Step 1: Downloading & Extracting VanityGen

GitHub Download (Always verify the source before downloading)

After downloading the .zip provided about, you will then need to extract the file.

After extracting you should have 2 different files:

  • vanitygen.exe

  • vanitygen64.exe

Step 2: Selecting VanityGen Version

Most likely you will want to use the 64-bit version of VanityGen since most modern day computers are 64 bit.

(If you are unsure about this, just open Command Prompt and type the following):
wmic os get osarchitecture

For 32-bit systems, use the regular VanityGen (vanitygen.exe)

For 64-bit systems, use the 64 version of VanityGen (vanitygen64.exe

VanityGen does not work like a regular application, it has a command-line interface instead. This means that you will only be able to use it in Command Prompt. In order to see the commands, navigate to where you downloaded VanityGen (usually just "cd Downloads"). Now type in the EXE file name, make sure to include the extension. When you hit enter you should see something like you should see the available commands for VanityGen.

Step 3: Executing commands and file output
Vanitygen 0.22 (OpenSSL 1.0.1c 10 May 2012)

-v            Verbose output
-q            Quiet output
-r            Use regular expression match instead of prefix
              (Feasibility of expression is not checked)
-i            Case-insensitive prefix search
-k            Keep pattern and continue search after finding a match
-N            Generate namecoin address
-T            Generate bitcoin testnet address
-X <version>  Generate address with the given version
-F <format>   Generate address with the given format (pubkey or script)
-P <pubkey>   Specify base public key for piecewise key generation
-e            Encrypt private keys, prompt for password
-E <password> Encrypt private keys with <password> (UNSAFE)
-t <threads>  Set number of worker threads (Default: number of CPUs)
-f <file>     File containing list of patterns, one per line
              (Use "-" as the file name for stdin)
-o <file>     Write pattern matches to <file>
-s <file>     Seed random number generator from <file>

Below is the code that makes the magic happen (note: put your preferred prefix where "hi" is.):
Code: (32-bit OS)
vanitygen.exe -v -i 1hi
Code: (64-bit OS)
vanitygen64.exe -v -i 1hi

If you wish to output your results to a file:
Code: (64-bit OS)
vanitygen64.exe -v -o address.txt -i 1hi

File results:
Code: (address.txt)
Pattern: 1hi
Address: 1Hi9L5LFU6qxTHYdgQ1XhJZ5skQbTktFrX
Privkey: 5KiCHCpuvR6CiNnDiMbbgxoRhJgHySgF37TDULHHX5CbPyx1DLQ

This table shows how the length of your desired prefix exponentially effects the time:

Avg Time
< 1s
< 1s
< 1s
< 10s
3 minutes
3 hours
1 week
>> Table Source

This took me a while to make so I hope it helps someone! Let me know if you have questions/suggestions!
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