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1  Other / Meta / Post deleted for doxxing? - Even though it's a quote from original poster? on: June 13, 2020, 10:45:07 AM
Hello all.

I've been investigating a few scams lately in preparation for starting a scam accusation thread. Today I received a message from mprep regarding a post I made over 1 year ago that he has deleted, quoting doxxing as the reason:


Q: What about deleting DOXes?
A: Nope, we don't delete them either as long as they comply with the following rules:

1. Personal information must be confined to the new "investigations" board (under Scam Accusations), which is only visible to Members and above. Personal information is defined as anything which links a user's online identity (username, email, etc.) to their meatspace identity, excluding links that the person himself has posted. It is not allowed to post somebody's personal information in any other public place, including in signatures.
2. It is not allowed to post someone's dox if it is especially obvious that you're just using the dox as a weapon. For example, if there are no remotely-plausible trade complaints, then the person can't be a scammer, and their dox should not be posted.
3. As before, anything that the legacy insecure government/banking system requires to be secret is not allowed anywhere. This includes social security numbers, credit card numbers, and certain account numbers.

Why aren't they deleted? Because such doxing is just compiling information about a user already available publicly, often via search engines.

However, the post that was deleted was merely a direct quote from the original post made by the person/s responsible for the scams I am investigating & are still viewable on the forum for all to see:

I know that the person who is partly responsible for said scams has been trying to get his face removed from the scams he has perpetrated because of this post:

It was my reply to the above post containing the quoted material that was deleted, which I'm willing to post here if required. Plus there's the massive censorship of other threads this user is currently involved with.

So I guess my questions are:

How can a direct quote from a forum post be construed as being a doxx post when the original post is still in place?

If quoting a post is considered doxxing, why has it taken over 1 year to remove said post?

Similarly, if quoting a post is considered doxxing, why isn't every quote deleted?

Are we now at the stage where every scam accusation/quote belongs in the doxx/investigations thread?

I have replied to mprep requesting an explanation, but would be interested to hear the community's thoughts on this type of, what I consider to be, pressured/mistaken moderation.

Thanks for reading.

2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / GameCredits [GMC/NVT] - Unofficial & Unmoderated - repost deletions here. on: June 10, 2020, 08:39:15 PM
Now that the scammers at NovaToken [NVT] have "taken control" of GameCredits & their accounts on the official thread there is a huge amount of censorship by the new owners of those accounts, specifically the GMC Foundation account.

Anyone who has had their post deleted from the GMC/NVT thread is welcome to re-post it here so that forum members can view & reply, there will be no censorship on this thread.

Anyone from the GMC/NVT team are welcome to post here to explain their actions, but spam/insults or trolling will not be tolerated & I'll simply lock the thread & create a self moderated one if it gets daft.

Local Rule:  The account GMC Foundation is not welcome to post here.

So, to get the ball rolling, here's one I had deleted earlier:

Here we go - We are happy to offically announce that GameCredits and the NovaToken platform have merged.

NovaToken? You must be joking. Look at the "Team" behind NovaToken & you will see a well known & proven scammer/trust abuser by the name of craslovell. Not only that, but there's a very interesting quote on the Emercoin scam thread implying that Novacoin & them were the same group back in 2017:

At first glance this is an interesting coin, but there is one thing. I hope that most of the foreign users know what is a Russian coin behind which the Russian administrator of the Garrett It has almost the same legend as Baltazar for Novacoin. Who knows, maybe it is one and the same person or close friends Smiley  

Just ask yourself, are you willing to trust your money to these people? If Yes, then Emercoin is your a severe way  Cheesy

What are you even referring to?

You deny the connection?

A little more craslovell history:

Openly trying to buy trust on BCT:

Joined the Russian scam Emercoin/Hashcoins/Hashflare/Polybius & openly promoted them:

Got caught scamming as a bounty manager:

Promoted another scam with karmashark, Helium - now abandoned:

Here he is scamming again with his Russian Emercoin crew running off with $4,384,281 after doing an ICO for Hamster (scroll down & look at the "Team", then to the end where he's trying to get his photo removed after being called out):

The list of scams involving this crew are endless, they move from one to the other, victim after victim. As for his trust abuse - I've had a link to it in my sig ever since he posted it - click it & see.

So, this scam has been taken over by another, bigger scam - but not really, because there's a good chance that they've been behind it from the beginning & are disguising it as a "merge" or "takeover" - whatever they want to call it - it's a bigger & more blatant scam now than it was before.

Same shit, different name.

As you can see, some of the members of the NVT team have been involved in a few scams & it seems they don't want users of GMC to know about it - that's tough sh*t.

Fire away.....
3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Announcements (Altcoins) / Yoshit Scam Exchange Thread Locked - HOORAAAY!!! on: December 18, 2017, 12:48:44 AM
Thank you BCT moderators, or whoever it was, for locking the Yoshit Scam Exchange thread, finally.

The crypto sphere is now a safer place.
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