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1  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Founders of Factom: Release of Whitepaper, FAQ, pre-alpha API. AMA on: November 17, 2014, 06:53:48 PM
See the AMA over on Reddit:

If you don't have a Reddit account, we will watch this thread and answer questions in both places, no problem.

Factom creates a distributed autonomous layer over Bitcoin to hold all the meta
information many distributed applications need, but Bitcoin isn't well suited to hold.
Unlike Counterparty, Colored Coins, MasterCoin, and other protocols that run on top of
Bitcoin, Factom isn't aimed at managing transactions.  Instead, it is about creating lists
of entries that can be distributed via a DHT (torrent protocol) and a P2P network.

Learn more by checking out our documentation:

2  Bitcoin / Meetups / Tuesday Austin Bitcoin Meetup on: October 13, 2014, 05:58:59 PM
This is a general, open forum Bitcoin meeting.  We are happy to discuss Bitcoin mining, alt-coin trading, economics, merchant/consumer adoption, Bitcoin wallets, "new to Bitcoin" topics, or anything else.

We welcome those into Dogecoin, Litecoin, Mastercoin, Ripple, Counterparty, Factom, Storj, Swarm, trading, mining, start ups, Bitcoin Conferences, and more.

Join us!

You are welcome if you are a newbie, or a developer, or anything in between.

 In short:

3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Possible problem(s) with P2SH? on: April 15, 2014, 04:48:38 PM
The original multisig implementation put the signatures right there in the script.  This  makes the script bigger, and provides a way for "Bitcoin 2.0" schemes like Mastercoin and Colored Coin to use multisig to encode data into the blockchain.

Some see the inclusion of data into the Bitcoin Blockchain as a significant problem.  In this context, one solution proposed a few weeks ago is P2SH.  P2SH does not include the multisig script when the transaction output is created, but instead a check sum for a script to be provided at "spend time".  Now since the signatures are not right there in the script, Bitcoin 2.0 layers are denied this avenue for encoding information into the blockchain, yet when the Transaction output is spent, a proper multisig script can be provided by the transaction spending the output.  This provided script must be validated by rules restricting its construction as well as by the check sum provided by the unspent output.  

Sounds grand, but I see a few issues with P2SH verification:

  • Now the destination of output can be obscured. A bogus signature can be included that is always unique (so while the script of multiple outputs is really the same script, they each have their own unique check sum).  This allows the engineering of inputs are only individually spendable, as each input would have its own check sum (and thus cannot be combined). This could increase the size of the unspent database.
  • Obscured destinations can break deterministic wallets.  You need not only your private keys, but the actual scripts used on transactions payable to you so you can properly spend payments to you. Any change to the signatures required on transactions must be accounted for.
  • Given the IRS rules, computing tax liability could be impossible, since a multisig transaction might easily be "spent" when the unspent transaction output was created, or "spent" when the transaction output was spent.  IOW I can "toss" BTC into the air where multiple parties (possibly including myself) may or may not claim control of the output at some future time. All P2SH unspent transactions carry this uncertainty.  As a user, you may not have any access to the actual script for a transaction to prove you literally spent your bitcoin on the date that the transaction output was created.
  • Obscurity in the destination of a spend potentially breaks the ability to audit transactions.  A user cannot prove they provided Bitcoin to a particular address which can be provably controlled by a particular party unless that party has chosen to spend that particular output, or provide to the sender a signed script for use in an audit.

If these issues have been discussed, a pointer to those discussions would be appreciated.
4  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Texas Bitcoin Conference + 1 million dollar Hackathon + Bitcoin Concert on: February 27, 2014, 04:17:34 PM
The Texas Bitcoin Conference on March 5-6 *

This thing kicks off with a Bitcoin 2.0 Hackathon** with a Million Dollars worth of prizes and contracts.  The prizes will all be in various cryptocurrencies, and most of the money will be awarded in contracts to produce new distributed autonomous applications in the real world.  30 straight hours of red bull enhanced progress

The Conference itself has nearly 80 speakers***, with nearly all the biggest names in the space.  

Bitcoin as a Force for Good:  A charity luncheon (separate ticket required) with all bitcoin going to Bitcoin accepting charities. A Bitcoin charity panel.  And Jason King takes a pitstop from his Bitcoin Across America**** run from Miami to San Francisco to talk to the conference about the homeless.

Last, the BitCoinCert*****, the first Bitcoin Only Concert.  Great music, Bitcoin required.

* http://TexasBitcoinConference
5  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Passing Bitcoin Around the World: Event Saturday 26, 12:00 GMT on: October 25, 2013, 03:21:23 AM

12:00 to 16:00 GMT (For North America, 7:00 am to 11:00 am CST)

Passing Bitcoin Around the World is a significant exercise in the power of Bitcoin.  This simple little demonstration shows so many things that Bitcoin enables when compared to the legacy currencies, and the institutions and technologies that attempt to work around the limitations of these legacy currencies.

  • Bitcoin provides a frictionless mechanism for mobilizing money
  • Because addresses are in the Block Chain, a fund raising drive can be audited by anyone and everyone in real time
  • The setup for participation is so very fast.  Participants simply need to deposit their coin prior to their turn
  • International boundaries are no barriers
  • The participation barrier is so terribly low. A Participant needs no permissions, no bank account, no trip to Western Union, no Merchant account

How can you help?

  • You can participate.  Go to to learn how.  
  • You can promote.  We need more participants, particularly in Africa, South America, and Asia.
  • You can donate.  Any Bitcoin you provide to the Passing Bitcoin donation address for the event will be donated to Sean's Outpost at the end of the event.  If you register, do not participate, but specify a charity, that donation will be made at the end of the event
  • You can audit. All the Bitcoin Addresses being used are published on the site.  You can be sure donations are going to these charities (or returned to participants) as required by the rules of the event.

No Donation is required to Participate

Consider spending a little time on Saturday participating in a demonstration of Bitcoin's utility and value!
6  Bitcoin / Meetups / Mini Bitcoin Conference Series in Austin III on: October 11, 2013, 05:04:59 PM
The Mini Bitcoin Conference Series in Austin III

October 19, 4:00 pm

The Peter O'Donnell, Jr. Building Rm 2.402
201 E 24th St, Austin, TX'Donnell,+Jr.+Building&hq=The+Peter+O'Donnell,+Jr.+Building&hnear=Austin,+Texas&t=m&z=14)

Google Hangout Broadcast:  TBD.  Check back here an hour before the conference 
The Agenda to date:

Karen Hudes  --  The World Bank, The Looming Currency Crisis, and Bitcoin  More about Karen Hudes here:

David Collins -- btcd: Alternative full-node implementation of the bitcoin protocol written in Go

Jason King -- Sean's Outpost:  Meeting Needs with Bitcoin

• Along with a set of flash presentations.

Jason's work with Sean's Outpost is no secret to BitcoinTalk.  I can not express how excited I am to have Jason King at our little conference in person!  See their  website: and the blog of some of their work:

The Mini Conference is open to the public, and free.  We will be broadcasting live over Google Hangouts, and the presentations will go up on Youtube soon afterwards.

7  Bitcoin / Meetups / The Mini Bitcoin Conference Series in Austin on: September 19, 2013, 01:01:30 AM
We have quite the line up for this meeting!

Google Hangout Broadcast:

The Agenda:

  • Gene Pierson (Austin Patent Attorney) Patents and recent cases impacting Bitcoin
  • Pua Pyland (Mrs. P of The Bitcoin Wife Blog) Women & Bitcoin: The Network Strength No One is Talking About
  • Chris D'Costa (Lead on Meek, a hardware Bitcoin Wallet) The Bitcoin Economy

Along with a set of flash presentations.

We will be broadcasting the conference over Google Hangouts.
8  Bitcoin / Project Development / Passing Bitcoin Around the World: Organizational Chat going on NOW on: September 14, 2013, 12:56:47 PM
We are discussing what people can do to make this event happen bigger and better in October

This is an organizational meeting

We need help recruiting participants in different parts of the world.  

We are also seeking to raise money.  The new design of the relay should allow us to collect more donations for charity, as well as making for a more reliable relay.

About Passing Bitcoin:

About the Chat going on now:

Write up about the last event:
9  Bitcoin / Project Development / Next Event delayed 2 weeks (to Oct 26) -- Passing Bitcoin Around the World on: September 03, 2013, 07:21:58 PM
Passing Bitcoin Around the World seeks to demonstrate the freedom of Bitcoin to send Bitcoin to anyone, and to do some good by raising money for charity.  Many people have voiced support for this project, and their interest in participating.

The first Passing Bitcoin was very small, with 9 participants around the world.  This time I expect a much larger number of people being involved.

The first Passing Bitcoin transferred the 66 dollars (500 mBTC) used in the relay to the One Foundation in China.  This time, everyone gets to participate by adding their own donations.

Now for the reason for this post.  Life has blocked my way, and I am being forced to push back the date two weeks.  We have added a IRC Chat channel, and are signing up sponsors and organizers to get this thing together.  If you are interested in helping at all, go to the website and contact me.
10  Bitcoin / Meetups / Austin Texas Bitcoin Meetup Tomorrow with Special Guest: CoinTerra! on: August 28, 2013, 04:07:30 PM
Just making sure people see this.  Looking forward to talking to these new ASIC developers!

Thursday, Aug 29 7:00pm
Central Market on N. Lamar and 40th Street, Austin Texas

Meetup link:

More on Cointerra:
11  Bitcoin / Meetups / Austin Texas Sunday Meetup on: August 26, 2013, 05:39:20 PM
We are meeting at Scholz Garten, the oldest bar (Beer Garden) in Texas on Sundays!

We have weekly meetups every Sunday Night.

Next Meetup:  January 19 (Check end of Thread for Details)

For more information, check out the meetp page:

If you are a merchant, the meetup is a great place to come and learn how to sign up.  We regularly have a BitPay consultant who can answer your questions!  we can talk about mining, funding a startup, or just setting up your first wallet!

Join us!
  • What:  Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Meetup
  • Where: Scholz Garten, 1607 San Jacinto Blvd, Austin TX
  • When:  Sunday January 12
  • Why?  Have some snacks, a drink, listen to a small presentation, plenty of conversation, make some contacts, and have a good time!
12  Bitcoin / Meetups / Austin Texas Bitcoin Meetup Aug 20 (Tue) at 7:00 pm on: August 20, 2013, 03:24:15 PM
Obviously a chance to talk cryptocurrency!

Also a chance to rehash the Mini Bitcoin Conference from last Saturday.

Talking Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, and various Bitcoin projects
Tuesday, August 20, 2013
7:00 PM

Central Market
40th & N. Lamar, Austin, TX
13  Bitcoin / Meetups / Austin Texas Bitcoin Meetup Aug 13 (Tue) at 7:00 pm AND Aug 17 (Sat) 5:00! on: August 13, 2013, 03:26:55 AM
Bitcoin Meetup tomorrow, Aug 13, 7:00 pm at Central Market on Lamar.

Tomorrow we will be doing some last minute agenda setting for the Weekend Bitcoin Meetup, Aug 17, 5:00 pm,  at the J.J. Pickle Research Campus (RM 1.138).

The weekend Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency meetup will include presentations from some big names in Bitcoin (more on that later), as well as exposure to great information and great people!

14  Bitcoin / Meetups / Weekend Bitcoin Meetup, Austin Texas, Sat August 17 5:00pm on: August 07, 2013, 11:31:17 PM
More information can be found here at

What: Austin Bitcoin Meetup

Where:  Location TBD.

When: 5:00 pm Saturday August 17

Right now I am estimating about 30 attendees.  It could go higher.

We will have presentations by a few Austin based Bitcoin folks.  The Agenda will be finalized next week.  If you have a Bitcoin project or effort that you would like featured, PM me to get on the schedule.

This is a great chance for you to talk to people involved in Bitcoin, and make critical contacts.
15  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Bitcoin Transaction in New Orleans on: August 07, 2013, 08:13:40 PM
So the story begins with a post by SeansOutpost on Reddit toward the end of July, 2013.  Wow, someone in the French Quarter is taking Bitcoins!

As it happens, my wife and I love going to New Orleans!  And we are planning to go to the French Quarter the first weekend of August, 2013.  We arrive in New Orleans late Friday, and hoof it over to David's Saturday morning.  We find:

David's isn't open on Saturday.  (We later find out that David and his wife Esther are Jewish, and close their shop on Sundown Friday.)  But they are open on Sunday!

We are headed back to Austin on Sunday, and we load up the car.  On our way out, we search around and sort of find a place to park (we are poking into a tow away zone, but hope for the best!).  We go to Davids, who are open!  ....

Okay, I'm lazy.  The rest at the blog:

Contact information for David's:

Antiques, Jewelry, Collectables Old & New
(504) 908-0011
322 Royal St.
New Orleans, LA 70130
16  Bitcoin / Meetups / Bitcoin and Crypto Currency Meetup in Austin Texas (Tuesday, August 6) on: August 05, 2013, 07:59:23 PM
More information about the meetup here:

Where: Central Market at 40th & Lamar  (We usually meet at some tables outside the cafe)

When: 7:00 pm Tuesday August 6

Topics:  All things Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, etc.

We have voted to continue to have weekly meetings.  One of the meetings per month is going to be on the weekend for people that want to travel to attend.

This meeting we will settle on the Weekend meetup date.

We will also discuss and settle on a presentation format.  The idea is to kick off each meetup with a couple of presentations on Bitcoin projects, research, and/or observations.  We will follow that with the usual scattering of discussions among each other.

My goal is to decide upon, and schedule speakers starting next meetup, i.e. August 13.
17  Bitcoin / Meetups / Austin Texas Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency Meetup July 30 (Tuesday) at 7:00pm on: July 29, 2013, 02:41:47 PM
More Information:

Where: Central Market on 40th and Lamar in Austin Texas
When: 7:00pm
Topics:  Mining, trading, economics, merchant adoption, Bitcoin projects, exchanges, and even basic Bitcoin details for those new to Bitcoin

We usually meet outside the cafe.  The Central Market cafe serves food, beer, and wine.  I will have a laptop on the tables showing the Bitcoin Logo.
18  Bitcoin / Meetups / Bitcoin and Crypto Currency Meetup in Austin Texas (Tuesday July 23rd) on: July 22, 2013, 07:20:35 PM
When:  Tuesday July 23

Where: Central Market, 40th & N. Lamar,  Austin TX

Talking Bitcoin market, mining, trading, projects, using, and accepting.  Really anything related to Bitcoin.

Edit Forgot the link to the meetup information:
19  Bitcoin / Meetups / Meetup: Talking Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency in Austin, TX. July 16 (Tuesday) 7:00 pm on: July 12, 2013, 11:26:38 PM
July 16 (Tuesday) 7:00 pm
Central Market
4001 North Lamar
Austin, TX
20  Bitcoin / Meetups / Bitcoin and Crypto Currency Meetup in Austin Texas (TODAY Tue July 9) on: July 09, 2013, 06:50:59 PM
Meetup info can be found here:

We are going to be meeting every Tuesday for at least this month!

Central Market off Lamar in Austin at 7:00 pm!

We have been having some amazing names in Bitcoin show up!  
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