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21  Economy / Games and rounds / Long Term Algorithms - Customized DiceBot - Doge-Dice and Just-Dice on: February 27, 2014, 07:33:56 PM
Sponsored by ShibeMoney - Visit them at - An email based wallet - Twitter

I'm using the DiceBot ( for testing my algorithms for 24 hours and check if they are profitable. I will post an effective algorithm per day.

These martingale - like algorithms are profitable but it does still have a risk.

I highly recommend my algos to high gamblers.

I changed the code from DiceBot and added some features (I cannot commit at github so I will post it here)

Download it here:

It will create a new feature

source code:

*Note: The export feature for the newly added feature is currently not working and I'm fixing it.


It should be noted that the minimum bet x should be the value using this formula:
x = Balance/2^20 (increase "20" for lower lossing odds)

What does this algo does? First is it bets x that 90% chance of winning and it waits until a lose. When a lose comes, it starts a martinagale. Which would let you earn some money before martingale starts.

Why use the x formula (from above formula)?
It lets you maximize your profits without increasing the probability of lossing.
How to import DiceBot settings?
Just clikc on this button and find the algorithm file

It allowed me to earn 1320+ dogecoins in a 24 hour run with 0.00001 bet

To verify that the algorithm is good, try to do a 24 hour-test before betting with high amounts

Did you got any profits from any of my algorithms? Donate here: DAFJA19AQ4hq8GKF166vg8J3asuAyRshfF for more testing funds for more algorithms.
Do you want to be a tester? PM me for more information.

I have a personal algorithm that earns 0.5% of the balance per hour. You can invest your money with me and my team and you will earn profits everyday and we will payout everyday!

Want to have more algorithms? Just check below

Betting Services
We will run our algorithms in our servers to multiply your money! This seems to have a low risk but your money is still fine since we have backup money incase our algos lose.
We will only take 10% of the profit for the server expenses and for further research of new algorithms.
This will help both of our team and you.
Just send this account a private message and we will give you an address where you will send your money.

Current Clients:
ShibeMoney: 15,000 Dogecoins - 12:00 MN +8:00 GMT - Finished
Fritz - 10,000 Dogecoins - 4:35 PM +8:00 GMT - Gambling
22  Economy / Games and rounds / Finding Betting Algorithm testers - Doge Dice and Just Dice on: February 25, 2014, 07:08:36 PM
I'm finding some beta testers for the betting algorithm that I formulated.

I'm doing some tests on it right now and I will need more testers to increase the accuracy of the results.

here are some results of my tests using DiceBot ( using Dogecoin

I'm currently running one on my VPS and I need at least 5 testers.

You will use the same bot I used above.

After some hours or days, I will collect your currentprofitbet.txt files.

I will not give you money but you can keep the earnings.

Just PM me if you are interested.
23  Economy / Digital goods / Virtual Private Servers - Windows - Host any site - Teamviewer Login on: February 25, 2014, 06:40:23 PM
I'm selling Windows VPS that can host any site and also run almost any programs you want.

You can login using teamviewer

Why Teamviewer? Because It is not setupped for RDP Connections

All of the VPS are private.

In case of lossing the password, Just contact me and I will give the password to you.


Name:   Small
VCPUs:   2
Root Disk:   30 GB
Ephemeral Disk:   10 GB
Total Disk:   40 GB
RAM:   2,048 MB
Price: $6 BTC at preev rate

Name:   Medium
VCPUs:   2
Root Disk:   30 GB
Ephemeral Disk:   50 GB
Total Disk:   80 GB
RAM:   4,096 MB
Price: $10 BTC at preev rate

Name:   Large
VCPUs:   4
Root Disk:   30 GB
Ephemeral Disk:   130 GB
Total Disk:   160 GB
RAM:   8,192 MB
Price: $16 BTC at Preev rate

Name:   XLarge
VCPUs:   4
Root Disk:   30 GB
Ephemeral Disk:   270 GB
Total Disk:   300 GB
RAM:   15,360 MB
Price: $30 BTC at preev rate

If you want to add more storage, here is the price:
Only $0.1 per GB

All of the VPS comes with a 1 month contract.

I will bill you at the start of the contract.

Bitcoin Mining / Scrypt Mining is not allowed

Blackhat Activies are not allowed
24  Economy / Gambling / PonziCoin101 -120% - Automatic Payout - 1% Fee - 1PonZiAspYzRgqBTScFQNyqRdan5L7b on: February 25, 2014, 05:31:04 PM

Hello BTCTalk! I'm proudly annoucing my Ponzi Coin Site PonziCoin101

Send to this address:


Our system will automatically payout after 1 confirmation

You will earn 120% of your investment

Our fee is 1% but you will still get the whole 120% earnings!

We would be returning the remaining coins to the last depositer incase the round has ended.

The minimum investment is 0.01BTC and the highest would be 0.5BTC

Want to know if we are legit?
go here:
25  Economy / Lending / Looking forward to borrow 0.2 BTC - 3 Spare VPSs as a collateral on: February 25, 2014, 11:50:41 AM
I'm looking for a 0.2 BTC loan and will have 3 of my spare VPSs as a collateral. Those VPSs are from HPCloud. You can choose what OS you want but no bitcoin/litecoin mining.

Here is the specifications of the VPS:
VCPUs   2
Root Disk   30 GB
Ephemeral Disk   50 GB
Total Disk   80 GB
RAM   4,096 MB

I'm looking to return the loan in 3 days. I will use the money primarily for doing some exchanges.
26  Economy / Investor-based games / Trusted and Scam Ponzi Site List - Increase your investors on: February 24, 2014, 11:07:45 AM
It should be noted that the list below are just the sites that are paying. You can still lose to those kind of sites to only send what you can afford to lose.


1. PONZI120 - 120% - 1% Fee - 3 Positive -0 Negative -0 Neutral - Verified
2. PONZIMATIC - 130% - 1% Fees - 3 Positive -0 Negative -0 Neutral - Verified
3. PONZICOIN - 130% - 0% Fee - 4 Positive -0 Negative -0 Neutral
4. JUST PONZI - 150% - 0% Fee (Not yet sure please confirm) - 0 Positive -0 Negative -0 Neutral
5. BTC1HOUR - 120% - 1% Fees - 0 Positive -0 Negative -0 Neutral
6. PONZI.GA - 110% - 0.5% Fees (Initial investment) - 0 Positive -0 Negative -0 Neutral
7. CrytoPoker Ponzi - 130% - 5% Fees - 0 Positive -0 Negative -0 Neutral
8. WeeklyPonzi - 130% - 0% Fees - 2 Positive -0 Negative -0 Neutral
1.PONZI150 - 150% - 0% Fees
2. Ain't nobody got time for that! - 115% - 5% Fee
3. PONZI.ES - 120% - 0%% Fees
1. BTCPZ - 150% - 5% Fee - 0 Positive -1 Negative -0 Neutral
2.BTContracts - 132% - 0% Fees

Verified Ponzi Details
Verified Ponzi Sites will get more investors because they are proven to be paying out

PONZI120 - 120% - 1% Fee
Amount of Bitcoins wagered:
Amount of Bitcoins withdrawn: ~442 BTC
Amount of Bitcoin Transaction per day: last day turnover in an account ~280 BTC

PONZIMATIC - 130% - 1% Fees
Amount of Bitcoins wagered: 2.39
Amount of Bitcoins withdrawn: 1.72
Amount of Bitcoin Transaction per day: ~100
Contact email:

What are ponzi sites?
Ponzi sites are a kind of gamling sites that uses investor's money to pay more money to others.

I didn't really understand what is a ponzi site. Can you give me an example?
For example:
Investor A invests 1 BTC to the website with 150% Payout
The Website waits until another investor invests at the website.
Investor B invests 0.7 BTC to the website.
The total funds of the site is now 1.7BTC
The site sends 1.5BTC to Investor A and charge a fee which leaves the site's fund to 0.2BTC
The site again waits for another investor.
Investor C invests 0.3 BTC
The site's fund is now 0.5BTC
Investor D Invests 0.55 BTC
The site's fund is now 1.05 BTC
The site gives 1.05BTC to Investor B which leaves 0 BTC for the website balance.
And the loop goes on until no one invest anymore.

Is this method risky?
Yes. It is really risky to invest your BTC in these kind of sites but that guarantees a very high profit when user invests

If you have a ponzi site or you want to promote a site and it is not here, just put it reply below and indicate the following information:
Site Name:
Status: Scam or Trusted

If you want this status in your site: Verified, you must provide the following information:
Amount of Bitcoins wagered:
Amount of Bitcoins withdrawn:
Amount of Bitcoin Transaction per day:
Contact email (Will be verified):
Instant Messaging Account:  
27  Economy / Securities / GamblingInvest - Invest Bitcoins - High Profitability - Low Risk on: February 23, 2014, 07:58:16 PM
Hi Bitcointalk!

I'm now presenting to you our Gambling Group:

Where gambling have no risks

*No risk in investing
*Daily Payouts
*High Profitability

Who we are?
We are a group of 3 statisticians that fomulated a Low-Risk gambling algorithm with high profitability

What we do?
We use that gambling algorithm that we formulated to make more money!

Why not just use it for yourserlves?
It is primarily because to increase the profits we made.

When I invest, how much do I make?
Currently, our group already invest 200,000 dogecoins and for example you invested 100,000 dogecoins
Previously, Our share of the profits is 100% but after you invested, it would be:
Your investment/Total investment
which will make 100,000/300,000 = 0.33 --> 33%
So for every 10,000 dogecoins we make, you get 3300

When do you payout?
We will payout everyday 7:30PM +9:00GMT

What is the minimum investment?
Just to try us out, the minimum investment would be 100 Dogecoins

I'm interested. How can I contact you?
Just submit a private message to this account and we will send an address where you can send your money.

Note: For those who are interested to invest with bitcoins, you must exchange it first before contacting us.

Current Investors-
GamblingInvest - 200,000 Dogecoins - 100%
28  Economy / Lending / Short Term Loan - 150% after a week on: February 23, 2014, 03:45:43 PM
I need a loan for the testing of my gambling algorithm. I formulated this algo few days ago using tons of formulas in statistics. My new algo needs a high amount of dogecoins (which I will be using because they have bigger quantity which makes more bets = lower lossing odds). I'm looking for a 0.3BTC loan or more. I have tried this algorithm in smaller amounts and caused me to get 150% of my initial balance in only a day. This algorithm is not martingale but it is inspired from it. You can PM me for more information about the loan. Thank you.

Edit: I know that I'm a new member but to those who are interested, I can pm you the algorithm (trusted members only that can lend me money)
29  Economy / Services / Programming Services - Cheap - Fast - As low as 0.01BTC - Dogecoin Accepted! on: February 22, 2014, 01:37:10 PM
Hello Bitcointalk!

I am offering programming services for different kinds of programs. From simple automation to complex programs, I can make all of them.

Prices depends on the type of program but here is the price ranges-

Automated Form submission, which involves proxy, captcha solving etc. - 0.01BTC -0.1BTC depends on the complexity of the program

Systems, like voting systems, database fillers, APIs etc. - 0.07BTC - 0.5BTC

Trading Bots, like cryptsy trading bot, bter trading bot etc. - 0.2BTC - 2BTC depending on the trading algorithm used.

Gambling Bots, like just-dice bots etc. 0.1BTC-0.5BTC depending on the betting algorithm.

To get the ability to resell my bots, Just add 0.5BTC and Just add another 0.5BTC for serial making system (allows you to make serials that is unique and can be monitored)

Just give me a private message for more information.

Edit: If you are looking for my portfolio, for some reasons I cannot provide it. (Almost all of my works are private bots)
Regarding with the dogecoin price, I will depends it on the current price in cryptsy.
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