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1  Other / Meta / Are these type of troll/spam post in accordance with posting rules? on: August 12, 2018, 05:53:18 AM
In one of the threads that I follow there are two accounts who recently, quite clearly, in a very obvious manner try to troll in an exaggerated adolescence kind of way. They have literally hijacked the thread.

The first account as of now has 33 posts, all low quality FUD, calling people names, like idiots, noobs and so on. It's all, "Scam, scam, you going to lose your money. Hahaha, you all lose money, noob." Here's his post history, all in one thread. All 33 posts in the same thread, as of this writing.;u=2304139;sa=showPosts

The 2nd account is of a guy whose last 21 posts are also all in the same thread, with even more hardcore, obnoxious fudding.;u=944957;sa=showPosts

And if you check out his post history beyond his last 21 posts, that's all he does. He relentlessly FUDs coins. He already has a negative trust rating for trolling, and comes to the thread every few months. I'm guessing his agenda is to drive the price down so that he could buy in cheaper and then sell later when the price rises.

Isn't such type of low quality post against the rules here? It's very low quality, if not more so than the typical, "Cool coin," "joined," type of shit posts that are not allowed here. They clearly not posting because they're into or care about the coin and their investors. Add the fact that such type of behavior can really hurt the price of a crypto. It's a type of manipulation. While most of my alts are down 5% day after day against Bitcoin, for this coin I'm seeing one day -10% then -15%, and makes me wonder if the two trolls have anything to do with that. If so, just ethically they shouldn't be allowed to hijack a thread like this. The account with the negative trust rating for trolling does it to other coins, probably with multiple accounts. Why would someone waste their life doing such things unless they have an agenda?
2  Other / Meta / Help with my formely locked account on: October 13, 2016, 01:48:05 AM
Apparently, all Bitcointalk users had to change their passwords back in May 24, 2015.

I was gone for a while, and when I tried to log in, my account was locked. I couldn't even view the website unless I cleared my browser.

On October 2nd I sent an email to a mod, because I had staked an alt coin, and signed it with the current date in order to get it back. It was absolute proof that I was the owner. But I never heard back, so assumed that my request wasn't granted because it was an alt coin. NXT.

Today I was browsing through my 2015 cell phone photos, and one of the pictures was of my computer screen showing my changed BTC talk address, last updated May 25, 2015. It was such s surprised, and I quickly tried to log in with that password.

I tried logging in with that password, and this time it didn't lock me out of the website, and took me to the wrong password screen. Very positive. It didn't lock me out.

So I clicked on the reset password, put in my user name to reset it from my email, but instead got this message, "Sorry, this account has not yet been approved. If you need to change your email address please click here."

Clicking here takes me to a page and it says that I'm not allowed there.

I checked my profile page, and it said that last activity was October 2, 2016. Which means that a mod must have unlocked it.

But what can I do about my account no being approved?
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