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1  Economy / Micro Earnings / SCAM ALERT ! on: February 23, 2018, 06:40:14 PM
Hi, there in Micro earnings is another post that is very suspicious of scam!

Original post:

This is the new project of scammer pramila28  who made that post as self moderated and delting my reaction..
my original reaction to this post was:

show me the payout proof..
otherwise i will tell, this is scam..
NOBODY gives you for coinhive captcha 100 satoshis, also NOBODY gives you 5 satoshis for 1000 hashes - there is NO pool with income like that, specially NOT Coinhive!!!
Also my scam suspection is 100k min withdraw... 

the page offers you 100 satoshis for simple coinhive captcha for few 100 hashes, that is incredibly high rate. Also webminer has ultra high rate 5000 satoshis / 1M hashes, that is unreal, specially with Coinhive that have 50 times less payout / 1M hashes..

STAY AWAY FROM THIS PAGE!!! Also Ignore pramila28, and please trust guys, give a nice red trust to this scammer with multiple scam projects , that are locked by user and reacting on demand and then locking the thread again!!!
2  Economy / Micro Earnings / ponzi alert on: February 17, 2018, 06:05:13 PM
hi, sorry to write here to micro earnings, but there is one page that is very likely a ponzi game..

here is the original thread, but OP locked that, because i got them very early!

please do not invest into this game, 99.9% it's a ponzi.

OP: if you reading, answer me here, and don't be coward for 1) locking the topic not to wait my answer  2) calling my opinion as a crap

- please explain me:  what is the income model of this "game" , because from 1 a-ads advertisement and from shitmining captcha with 1024 hashes there will be not enough income to pay all profits, UNLESS you want to run away with deposited money
- there is almost a need to deposit money (satoshis) to this "game" , what is the goal of the owner, so it smells like a ponzi
- i pointed to pictures - i played before The Settlers Online, and the picture are stolen - it violates some author rights - for this note you called my opinion as a crap - please prove me , that you are the original author...

greetings to your trusted fkin transparent friend - owner of that ponzi-like game
3  Economy / Micro Earnings / RE-OPENED BITLOTTO - MINING LOTTERY GAME (FAUCETHUB) 50% REF! on: February 02, 2018, 09:58:29 AM

This is a simple lottery game, where you getting tickets with CPU mining in your webbrowser.
Once per 30 minutes the system will pay to 3 lucky miners prizes :

1st: 60% of Total prize value
2nd: 25% of Total prize value
3rd: 15% of Total prize value

Payouts are automatically sent to FaucetHub to the BTC address you logged in Smiley
60 tickets = 1 satoshi
more miners, higher prize , bigger competition, more fun Smiley

Every needed data is shown on the dashboard - picture below.
You have 3 buttons - start mining, stop mining and settings for your miner.
In the settings you can choose number of threads you will run, also there is a checkbox for auto start of the miner when the page refreshes (by default it's turned off, i recommend to turn it on).

The selection of winners is random, more mined tickets = higher chance for win one of the prizes.
There is a chance to win ALL prizes by 1 user.

Registration is simple, not needed to set password or email, just put your nickname (visible to others) and your FaucetHub BTC address (WITHOUT SPACES, SPECIAL CHARACTERS!)

Here is how it looks like

Yes, webminepool is used for mining..
4  Economy / Micro Earnings / [ALPHA-TESTING] Coinhive Alternative, 280 satoshis / 1M shares!!! on: January 22, 2018, 01:38:00 PM
hi, this is the highest paying coinhive alternative for website owners, that pays 280 satoshis / 1M shares.

More info and how to set-up to your webpage:

Please note: this is testing phase, lots of things can change Smiley
5  Economy / Exchanges / cryptopia problem on: January 05, 2018, 12:09:45 PM
hi, does any1 else have problem with cryptopia email confirmations?

i cannot withdraw or log in.. email not arrived, wrote to support.
and also the page is ultra laggy
6  Economy / Micro Earnings / What pissed you off the most in 2017? on: December 29, 2017, 10:33:45 PM
Hi there, 2017 is ending, i am curious what thing/fact pissed you off the most in the BTC / Faucets world this year Smiley

my top 2 is:

1) faucet owners using coinhive without warning the users
2) tons or url shorteners that become scam after few weeks/months

7  Economy / Exchanges / exchange withdraw fees on: December 28, 2017, 11:08:02 PM
Hello there,

is there some list for btc withdraw fees on exchanges? I used poloniex to withdraw my BTC, there was a fee of 10k satoshis.  now the fee is 50k satoshis (on other exchanges i am registered the fee is 200k satoshis or more, and that is a lot of money nowadays).
i want to know, where to trade and withdraw small amounts (<500k satoshis), with minimum btc withdraw fee

thanks for advices
8  Economy / Micro Earnings / TomosMining - CPU mining - WEBMINER RELEASED on: December 28, 2017, 07:01:21 PM
Hi, here is my main post about my unique web mining (much higher payouts than coinhive, also saving your hardware):

but this post is about new feature - web miner! This post is for users, who dont know/want to mine from commandline (which is more efficient and better paid)
I am using similar libraries as coinhive, but paying higher, because miners are mining without fees - every share is paid.
link to the webminer:  after entering your btc address, you start mining. also you can choose your number of threads (cores), by adding ?c=n  where n=number of cores you want to use. this way you can use your pc and mining without lagging.

there are lots of levels, so longer mining users getting higher rewards for the same work. you can see your mining progress, also your level progress in your mining dashboard.


level 1..5  - +1 satoshis/level paid for every 100000 submitted shares (basic reward = 15 satoshis)
level 6..115 - 0.1% /level less work needed for payout. (also includes level 1..5 bonuses)
level 116...infinite - more and more chance to get 1..3 extra satoshis paid instantly to faucethub, with every submitted share!  also previous bonuses are included in these level rewards!

happy mining!


PS: in new year i will work on API+publisher integration, so you will be able to replace conhive scripts for my script , you will pay 0.1% fee instead of 30% that you paying to coinhive!
9  Economy / Services / [ANN] Looking for miners on: December 22, 2017, 12:32:17 PM
Hi, if you have good CPU (at work, or home one), that is not used, or not used at 100% , join my mining pool, i am paying you in Bitcoins (to account) , best rate, for every submitted share.
We are mining always the most profitable Cryptonote coin, you dont need to do nothing just let open the command line at your PC.
Payouts are automated too. I guarrantee you the best rates, that cannot be compared by web services (double  rates at least).

more info + instructions here:

Every day more and more users get paid , also our hashrate is growing fast! Come, join and start earning now!
10  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / TomosMining - Mine Cryptonote algo for highest price per hash! on: December 21, 2017, 02:58:02 PM
Hello there,
If you have good CPU, or AMD/NVIDIA graphic card, and want to earn some BTC (satoshis) paid to your FaucetHub account, check my mining page:  - everything is explained in the FAQ on the page.
Current payout is 300 satoshis / 1.000.000 submitted hashes. In comparation with Coinhive, it's more than double!

happy mining! Smiley
11  Economy / Micro Earnings / TomosMining - HIGHEST PAID MINING (BTC->FaucetHub) 5% REF! on: December 05, 2017, 08:00:42 PM
Hi,  i created website , where you can mine (not javascript mining, but cpu mining via cpuminer app)
instructions are here:

my mining app is compatible only with miner that is on my page, lots of antivirus softwares detect false-positive virus for miner (but this is 3rd party - claymore cpu miner), just exclude directory where you downloaded and unzipped miner

Payouts are sent to FaucetHub , every friday
5% referral earnings, you can find your reflink in check balance page!

why highest paying?


my page:  300 Satoshis / 1M shares   (+revenue share)
Coinhive: 110-200 Satoshis / 1M shares (or less, depends of fees that web owners calculating)

my page: no javascript mining, cmd line mining:  150-170% of javascript mining, also CPU is less overheating, and less loud
Coinhive: javascript mining, 60-70% speed of my method, also eats your CPU and all programs are stuck..

that's all,

12  Economy / Micro Earnings / Buying your CPU power on: December 04, 2017, 12:45:14 PM
Hi, if you used to mine Monero via CoinHive script, i will explain you how much you losing:
1) Coinhive giving out only 70% of your miner earning if you mining directly in Coinhive . Also Coinhive has 0.5 XMR payout threshold if you want to withdraw without high fee (0,01XMR).
2) If you mining using 3rd party miner webs, calculate additional fees that you paying for website owners.

Think a little, you are selling your CPU power (and elextricity costs) for ~50-70% what you deserve for that.

Come and join my own cpu pool - I am mining Sumokoin, and giving you 150-200% what you earning on Coinhive pages: I am paying out in DOGE to Faucethub (there you can use exchange and sell DOGE for BTC, XMR,BTX, whatever you want).

Join the simplest and highest paid miner page:

Also you can point your CPUminer to have 150-170% higher speed of mining (browser miners via javascript are inneffective):
how to use CPUMiner:
Download windows cpuminer pointed to our pool from here
unzip and change last string in bat file to your doge address, then run the .bat file
after few hours of mining log in with your doge address to webpage mentioned above, wait a while and it will automatically send your payout to faucethub.

I am paying thousands of doges daily and it's a new page!
13  Economy / Micro Earnings / UNIQUE DOGE Faucet [FAUCETHUB] - no ads, no popunders, ultra simple on: December 01, 2017, 07:52:14 PM
Currency: DOGE
Type: CPU Mining via browser
Pool: my own, Electroneum SUMOKOIN, Cryptonote algo
Min. payout: 1 DOGE -> FaucetHub
Referral:  link included after login, 10% processed when referral payment is processed
Special feature:  You can turn on/off quiet mining -> not overheating CPU, quet mode (but lower hashrate)

You can log in from more devices with the same DOGE address, to increase your earnings.

Simplest faucet, just enter your FaucetHub DOGE address, the rest is totally automatic. With quiet mode, you can do normally all stuff  with PC , you normally doing (urfing, watching videos etc).

NEW: Want to earn 150% more?
Download windows cpuminer pointed to our pool from here
cpuminer has ~150% (or higher) performance than browser mining.
After downloading, unzip the archive, edit /bat file, change nothing, just place your DOGE address to the end of command.  Save file, and run .bat file..
keep it open as long as you can.  This miner will collect tons of DOGE to your account Smiley
once you are satisfied and want to initiate payout, simply close the cpuminer,  navigate to website,  wait for a while, until it writes Payment processed to Faucethub.
If it works, feel free to run this .bat file (alongside cpuminer.exe) on as many devices as you can!

Happy earning! Smiley
14  Economy / Micro Earnings / [- on: December 01, 2017, 12:37:18 AM
15  Economy / Micro Earnings / Faucet Owners - earn some extra cash without hard coding on: November 28, 2017, 05:24:19 PM

- Do you have your own faucet?
- You don't using mining (coinhive) script on your faucet?
- You don't want to disturb your faucet users?
- Do you have FaucetHub payments in your faucet?
- Do you have DOGE address linked to FaucetHub?

If your answers are 5x yes, this post is for you:

simply add this code between <body> </body>:

for DOGE use this code (modify DOGE ADDRESS)
<iframe src="" style="width:0px;height:0px;"/>

the visiting users will use single core of their computer by mining on my websocket server, pointed to Electroneum pool (cryptonight algo).
I will reward you for every 20.000 shares (100 difficulty) with  0.24 DOGE.  

my system works on the same idea like CoinHive, but my payout is almost double in comparation with CH.
With this method you can earn some extra cash from your faucet , or you can increase rewards of your faucets, so it's a win-win situation for you, me , also for your faucet visitors. It's safe, without popups, without extra ads, and only a single line of code...


16  Economy / Micro Earnings / [ANN] [FAUCETHUB] Highest paying CPU mining on: November 26, 2017, 10:46:15 PM
Thread is updated to new system of mining, check the website:
17  Economy / Micro Earnings / mining on: November 25, 2017, 06:17:45 PM
As i see, everyone is mining..  And mining via Coinhive and mining Monero..
why the hell?Huh

I am mining something else (but cryptonight) , using web browser, and earning with shitty CPU 100 satoshis / hour. How much time you need for 100 satoshis in coinhive?  I think more than 1 hour ...

more info soon..  just saying Smiley

edit:  and i am mining with 0% fee, not giving out satoshis from my pocket
18  Economy / Micro Earnings / BITFOOTBALL v2.0 - Fight for your satoshis! on: November 02, 2017, 09:54:56 PM
Hello there,

my new concept of bitfootball:

about the game: (from how-to):
Bitfootball 2.0 is inspired by battleships game (you are attacking enemy ships on a squared field -  I think most of you played this game at school before). This is a “bit” modified version of battleships , it’s a multiplayer game, where you managing your army (football team) and creating battles, or joining enemy battles. You have some buildings here to build and upgrade, also you can upgrade your army skills.  The point is to collect a lots of gems, convert them to rubies and sell them for satoshis (and withdraw to faucethub).

payout: faucethub
referral: yes, in-game rewards
how to:

To-do:  Bonuses  , Banners


Info for old Bitfootball users:  You cannot use your old unsername/password from bitfootball 1.0 directly, you need to register onthis page again, because the database + structure of the game is totally different
19  Economy / Lending / 1BTC for 5 hours on: September 11, 2017, 06:53:01 AM
Hi, i need for ultra quick loan of 1 BTC
i will pay back 1.05 BTC until today, 14:30 CET

i know it's a big amount of money and probably noone will lend me, but i will give a try.
I am not a scammer , the reason of loan is, that i am waiting for my payment of 18,2 DASH.
I can give a proof via Team Viewer, you can connect to me and see my funds.

if you not interested, please do not comment this thread
20  Economy / Micro Earnings / Passive income - Earn satoshis with CPU mining on: August 10, 2017, 11:56:05 AM

i developed an application, that allows you use your computer/laptop and earn satoshis passively.

Setup file:

Configuration is simple:
After installation, just run FHminer.exe , paste your BTC address to app - be sure it's registered in faucethub!
Also choose how much CPU cores you want to use, i recommend to use 1 thread / CPU you have..  If you want to use your computer while mining, just choose less threads
After pressing start mining, the app will run in the background and use your CPU to earn satoshis

Check your mining stats:
  When you start mining, you can check your statistics online

How to stop mining:  If you decided to finish for today, just go to the folder where is the FHminer.exe and doubleclick stopminig.exe  (it's probably in the program files folder under FHMiner directory  - it's recommended to add stopmining.exe to your desktop as shortcut)

Please note:  Some AV programs are not friends with miners, so they can mark this app as a virus, however it is not a virus.. Just add an exception to selected program folder from you antivirus and reinstall the app

Payments:  will be processed when the mined crypto currencies will be sold and exchanged to BTC and delivered to FaucetHub. It can take a week or more, it depends of number of miners running by the users

The program switching and mining the best profitable crypto currencies.

Why to choose this app and not mine by yourself?
- faster payout thresholds
- direct payments to FaucetHub
- my fee is only 0.5% from mined cryptocurrencies

Check this thread for updates

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