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1  Other / Serious discussion / To infinity and beyond. Does "beyond" exist ? on: October 17, 2018, 11:47:34 PM
"To infinity and beyond" was a quote by buzz lightyear.

I have been having a discussion with my wife for a number of days now.

Her position:

There is no "beyond" infinity.

Infinity is infinite. There is no beginning and no end to infinity.
She claims the statement makes no sense.

My position:

There are multiple infinities. Each one larger than the previous infinity.

Also by defining "infinity" as having "no beginning and no end" it is limiting infinity.

It means that it specifically excludes beginnings and ends.  So "beyond infinity" would be a beginning or end.

Alternate position:

According to Aristotle, actual infinities cannot exist because they are paradoxical.

To infinity and beyond is a double paradox.

2  Other / Meta / New form of shit-posting on: October 16, 2018, 09:22:46 AM
It appears that when-ever there is a rule someone tries to find a loophole so they can continue to put in minimal effort to farm accounts or meet signature quotas.

Example 1
Example 2

Effectively copy and pasting with an attribution. Then a minimal comment to make the appearance of "discussion".

The purpose is not to start discussion. It is a case of merit and account farming.

The type of articles posted to Bitcointalk have little benefit to the form.  As if bitcoin users cannot read cnn themselves.

I doubt that the constant repeated copy and pasting falls within the category of "fair use" when it comes to copyright  - even with attribution to the original article.

I can see this becoming the next level of problem if it is not halted. - Unless others don't see this as a problem.

Perhaps tagging them with negative trust or clarification of whether it constitutes a "low quality post" or "copy and pasting" would be a solution.

NOTE: This is meant to serve as a reference/educational/informational thread, NOT a rock solid list of rules.

1. No zero or low value, pointless or uninteresting posts or threads.

23. When deciding if a user has broken the rules, the staff have the right to follow their interpretation of the rules.
This rule is meant to prevent from users exploiting possible loopholes in the rules or some interpretations that follow the literal meaning of the rule rather than the meaning of what it truly wanted to prevent.

33. Posting plagiarized content is not allowed
This includes both copying parts or the entirety of other users' posts or threads and copying content from external sources (e.g. other websites) and passing it as your own.

3  Other / Meta / Top "why I should not be banned excuses" & "it is not my alt excuses". on: October 10, 2018, 09:30:44 AM
Somebody should create a thread of all or the best "family & friend" banned excuses. Doubt any will top this one though:

Challenge accepted !

Below is the first entry (condensed to make it easier to follow)

The original thread is here:

Archived here:

Why did my "friends" account get banned ?

Hello! I do not understand what's going on with a friend's account.;u=1983411
He recently gave up some money to buy copper. and now you lock him
This morning he came in and received a message like this: " Sorry duythan1988, you are banned from posting or sending personal messages on this forum.
You have been banned by a forum moderator. You may appeal here: "
I know he's just a hunter, but that does not mean he's banned. he needs a reason. please !

TMAN totally believes it.  Roll Eyes


You broke a rule, you are a spaz for not reading the rules. Odds on it was for copy pasting.


Plagiarism proven.

The smart project makes us excited to always follow. We believe this project will work and succeed because this project is with a great team that always provide creative ideas and ideas so that this project will progressively many in coming investors

I guess it has to do something with plagiarism.

First post of person complaining that their "friend" got banned is using the same username in the the bounty post as the banned account.

Telegram Username: @YenHoang1

Reddit Username: duythan88
Link of your Post:
Campaigns you are joining: A-B-C

Quote from: duythan1988link=topic=4583211.msg46653365#msg46653365 date=1539009267


Bitcointalk Username: duythan1988
Twitter Profile Link:
Reddit Profile Link:
Medium Profile Link:
Telegram : @ndthan1988


hilariousetc finds more "friends".

Is this another "friend":

proof of authentication.
1)telegram username: @ndthan1988
2)Bitcointalk profile URL:;u=1813429

Seems you have a lot of "friends" here:

i have joined airdrop!
i analize and find myself awesome project and it will achieve very big success in blockchain plateform
telegram username : @sapanmishramca
twitter username : sapan_123

Looking very interesting project... hope would achieve big success in blockchain plateform !!
best of luck !!
suresh mishra
telegram username :: @suresh4usapan
ETHER ADDRESS : 0x8f97d118b52bef8aAD9522D50865d5f26906eb7c

Proof of Authentication

Bitcointalk Username: :sureshmcse
Telegram Username:  @sapan_123
Twitter Username:  @sapan_123
Facebook Username: sapanmishramca
Twitter post - 1 -
Twitter post -2-

Yes - I copy pasted but it is my husbands account and those alts are not mine

You are a fool in thinking. me and him are husband and wife. We can only use one account. If we use two accounts, is it wrong when we set the username the same? I admit the coppy-paste accusations. But those who are saying I use multiple accounts are stupid

"Husband" is catfishing guys as a young female for more twitter and facebook followers.


Also your "husband" lists himself on his face book as "female" and "single"  Roll Eyes

Twitter profile URL:

Facebook profile URL:


Are you saying he is cheating bounties with a fake identity ?

Is he pretending to be a young female that so more guys follow him on twitter and facebook?

This is your husband right ?

Oralie9 changes title from "I need a reason" to "The commentators in this post are a dog"

Other top excuses:

Is when you are a wanted fugitive awaiting extradition:
Yes, I bought a twitter account but also bought the site it belonged to at the same time I don't think I have ever used it since I did.
Ask any questions about MeFy and I will answer if I cant I will get the answer from the founders. I cannot be much fairer than that
My email and password changes about every couple of months that is called a security protocol.
No, I am not the owner of the Skype account it was opened by a man did some business with years ago
I think we both know where this rabbit-hole goes, but before venturing further, could you even begin to explain what you mean by saying that the skype account previously associated with the lowbander80 account "was opened by a man did some business with years ago".
Why would you even be wearing someone else's skype handle? DOXED by Cryptodevil here Then log into an alt account we don't know about yet and deny it.  Grin "Office"
Half of our office had their accounts on the forum. No one used them to spam, but in two days they all got banned from a moderator. A few people wrote an appeal to the specified email, but no answer yet. Why it happened and what to do?
List of "employees banned" didnt do anything wrong *most popular excuse
hi please unban my account i didnt do anything wrong;u=1734252 Husbands account
Hello. my husband had a problem. he was blocked on the forum. He is a very good person. He devoted a lot of time to this forum. He regrets and admits his mistake. And really wants to return the account to the whitelist. Help please him. What should I do to return?
usermane profit_online .;u=994829 Wifes account
Last week my wife's account (;u=1115064) was banned: Brothers account
My brother account is banned for posting. Can you please check what would be the next steps to release the ban? Sisters account

My sister account is prohibited I've tried to appeal to moderator and tried a few steps but still can not and the account was banned permanently.
She cried all day to start from scratch, if there is any suggestion and another way to reopen my account please someone kindly help me. Fathers account
My 70 year old father was banned form the forum.  I don't think he plagiarized as he does not do signatures. son of a single father ?
★★Need Justice★★Open question to ALL moderators★★Need Justice★★
I ain't happy to post this from a new account..
i know after sometime i will be banned again from this account also after posting this thread..
but i will not be quiet and tolerate this injustice of mods whoever did this..
if you are son of a single father please let me know why you ban me ";u=448266 " Need it to teach 1 year old son.
<snip>  I in mourning the second day. The ban reason frivolous, but I agree that I have done wrong, but there was it on ignorance, <snip> It is also worth telling that this account is very old and expensive to me, it to me as the second son. (My child is 1 year old and 1 month). In the future, I want him to teach all that I am able to do itself and to tell about cryptocurrencies <snip>  I would like to continue the further travel on a forum and to keep this account till an old age, to brag to children, to acquaintances and relatives that they saw what I have achieved. Really one message foolishly copied from the website can cross out all this at one stroke? Dear Administrator, please, give me chance. Yours faithfully, kyxap Translator
Because i am a translator and i really need my old account so i am posting this and i promise to not do any of this kind of work in future. Lists the things they did and denies it.
Quote from: elva25
do not have other accounts, did not violate the rules of the forum, do not write spam, do not write plagiarism, support crypto campaigns, do not have a red trust. Just bought the account....
My account is banned, please tell me what mistakes I made.
I think I work as usual,
account name: zakariajaki
rank full member
Copy and pasting.
I bought the account 1 week ago, as long as I use it I never copy and paste other people's posts.
I only made 2 posts per day

previous users who have done this. can it still be fixed sir? Reluctant to ask on behalf of a "relative" that taught "how and what to write"  

Thank you for your opinion, but I would love to hear from the moderator. Can I, at the request of the banned, create a topic in Meta and ask questions about his ban. So as not to be banned myself. Thank you.
Why not? You can. But, if it turns out that a banned account is your alt, you can also get a ban for evasion.
Clear. Thank you. Only we are relatives and live in the same house. What criteria will be determined? How do you want? If he taught me how and what to write, then it is quite possible that our style of bounty hunting coincides a bit. How will someone decide if this is one person or not? Thank you Innocent one banned
My account was banned , can anyone please help me out with why I was banned.
Sorry innocent_one, you are banned from posting or sending personal messages on this forum.
You have been banned by a forum moderator. You may appeal here: . My Account Was Banned (Main Account)
When I login to my account a while ago there is a message saying.
"Sorry iammichael, you are banned from posting or sending personal messages on this forum Dear Sir,
Dear Sir ,
So proud to be a member of ur great forum
But when I try to login today I get that message
<snip> This account is not mine even though I have access to it.
Hello! I was banned on the forum. The reasons ~~~~~
This account is not mine even though I have access to it. bought a hacked account
Please i'm talking with admins because i have heard good about them.
I have recently invested in bitcoin and then i came to know about signature campaigns then i have a bought 1 account in which i was a new person. Believe me I don't know about these things. Please sort out my problem as soon as possible I'm really tens.
So if you can sort out my problem please help me.
You bought a hacked account. I think you've bought many more as well. What other ones have you had banned? Since the first excuse didn't work - my account was hacked

The user for some time investigated his acc, and right now I write on his behalf:

In the period from January 2018 to July 2018, my account was hacked,
I'm sure you can check it with logs, the password has changed - the activity has changed etc / doesn't have such an old story, maybe you know where to look

I managed to restore access to it in July, through the mail, and I saw that the scammers used it under bounty
but apparently also resorted to plagiarism, in which you caught this acc
I still ask the admins to check again, maybe you have other tools to confirm my words and restore the acc ..  I was drunk

Admins, dear, I beg you to forgive me, for me it is very important!
There were New Year's holidays, I was not sober, I did not realize what I had done! We use the same wallet to save transaction fees.
I received a PM today with a typical excuse:
Hello sir,
I'm representing my friends to appeal about our accounts that you give negative trust due to this post.
I wish to inform you that those accounts not belong to a single person, we are making a community to perform bounty campaign.
Does working on bounty campaign with our own individual account against the rules?
About the those wallet that are connected to each other, we used it to safe the fee of transaction.
Some of our team today (the other member are working at home, at the moment):

here is our website :
Please kindly reconsider, and please remove the negative trust on our account.
Thank you.
I hear the explanation of what I bolded above a lot.  Transaction fees are pretty damn low, so there's really no reason why funds should be pooled--and given that blockchain transactions are the only good way to prove accounts are connected, people shouldn't be doing this.

I'm hardly swayed by this picture, either.  It shows a bunch of shitposters sitting around a shitposting table in a shitposting farm.  They deserve negative trust just for that.  Give me a fucking break.  Guaranteed the women here don't care about bitcoin in the least.  They got recruited to spam like suicide bombers get recruited by ISIS.

Thanks to suchmoon & hilariousetc  and Veleor LeGaulois for suggestions.
4  Other / Off-topic / Linux users thread. If you like Linux or are curious and want to ask questions. on: September 29, 2018, 09:38:01 AM
About three years ago I started using Linux seriously. Before that I played around with it but it was not in daily use.

It took a while to get used to but the longer I have used it the more I like it.

I still operate a couple of windows machines but most of my computers now run various variants of Linux.

My favorite desktop is Mint with Ubuntu coming a close second. (They are quite similar and a lot of features are shared)

Some of the Pi's I run on Raspian but I have a couple running on Ubuntu MATE quite successfully.

For anyone wanting to start out using Linux I recommend googling the make and model of your machine first to check compatibility. Some computers / Laptops are more suited for Linux than others. Some drivers are not readily available for some models.

Try it with an old computer that is slowing down by bloatware from windows and revive the computer by running a version of Linux. With Mint and Ubuntu being the recommendation for someone starting out. But there are a lot of other fantastic variants out there too.

Puppy Linux if you want something really lightweight.

Gentoo is better for experienced users. It can be a study in frustration - but rewarding when you can get it to finally work.

Tails is great for if you don't want to leave any trace of use behind. It is boot-able from a DVD or USB

There are other privacy oriented Linux distributions as well:

Even the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) (North Korea) has its own sanctioned version of Linux called: Red Star OS
It is closed source and watermarks media files copied to external media with the hard drives serial number. You also don't get root access.
5  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Wallet - wallet address - private key - public key - explained in detail. on: September 22, 2018, 02:27:10 PM
Explained simply:

A desktop wallet is software code that syncs with the blockchain. It manages your private and public keys. It allows you to sign messages that are transmitted to the network nodes that allow you to spend (send) your coins. It also syncronises to the blockchain and retrieves the valid balance held on the blockchain.
More details about wallets: Bitcoin Wallets - Which, what, why?

Your coins are stored as a record on the blockchain.

Your public key hashes to your wallet address. (A mathematical / cryptographic calculation creates your valid wallet address from your public key)

You can spend those coins by using your private key.

Public and private keys can be generated online and offline. Offline generation is generally more secure.

Once coins have been sent to a wallet address they appear on the blockchain allocated to that wallet address.

A wallet address won't appear in a block explorer until coins have been sent to the address or a signed message has been sent from that address.

In more detail:

A valid bitcoin address is between 26-35 alphanumeric characters beginning with the numbers 1 and 3

Altcoins will use a different prefix for example Litecoin uses:

L - Legacy, Non-P2SH (Pay to script hash) address prefix
3 - P2SH prefix that is backwards compatible to the M prefix.
M - Current P2SH address prefix

Some online wallets will prevent you from sending it to an invalid address outside of that range.
If a transaction is sent to an address outside of that range it can still be potentially recovered (For example as a cross chain recovery).
Not all wallet addresses are compatible so cross chain recoveries are not always possible because the way that the private key is generated is different.
Cross chain recoveries are done by importing the public and private keys into the wallet.dat file of your wallet software.
If a transaction is sent to a wallet address (regardless of what it is) it will by default have a private key that can potentially unlock it - regardless of whether it is known or not and regardless of whether it was initially generated from a a private key or not.

The private key and wallet address are related by a complex mathematical equation.

Coins are allocated to a wallet address and that record is stored on the blockchain. A signed message using the valid private key is needed to spend those coins (transfer them to another address) .

Regardless of what you do offline - the coins are stored online on the blockchain - every wallet has an associated private key or keys - regardless of whether they are known or not.

The blockchain is a ledger. A public record of transactions. A private key is the cryptographically related secret alphanumeric passphrase associated with the wallet address that allows you to generate a message acceptable to the blockchain that provides the ability to transfer it from one address to another.

Chart source:

Currently (under RIPE-MD160 ) there are (2^160) 1,461,501,637,330,902,918,203,684,832,716,283,019,655,932,542,976 potential bitcoin addresses and  around 2^96 private keys whose corresponding public key hashes to that address

The total size of the multiple output transaction must be under 100K bytes or it will not be included in blocks or relayed on the network.
A compressed pubkey p2pkh is 146 bytes and an uncompressed pubkey p2pkh is 178 bytes.


Comments and corrections welcomed.
6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / How does a double spend 51% attack work ? Explanation and examples. on: September 22, 2018, 01:40:02 PM
How does a double spend 51% attack work ?

BTCurious explained it brilliantly in a couple of sentences:
If I had 51%, I could mine a chain of blocks in which I transfer all my coins to my personal wallet. I'd mine this chain about 10 long, but not tell the rest of the network. At the same time, I convert all my coins to dollars on the exchange and withdraw them. This happens on the normal blockchain.
After my withdrawal has gone through. the normal blockchain is about 9 long, while my blockchain is 10 long. I announce all my blocks to the network, and lo and behold, the network confirms I am right.
But dollars can't be reverted! So the exchange takes a loss.


Monacoin, bitcoin gold, zencash, verge and now, litecoin cash.
At least five cryptocurrencies have recently been hit with an attack that used to be more theoretical than actual, all in the last month. In each case, attackers have been able to amass enough computing power to compromise these smaller networks, rearrange their transactions and abscond with millions of dollars in an effort that's perhaps the crypto equivalent of a bank heist.
More surprising, though, may be that so-called 51% attacks are a well-known and dangerous cryptocurrency attack vector.

This is the more comprehensive explanation:

When one person controls more than 51% of the mining power on a coin network they can control the concensus.

The attacker will rent ( or or use a botnet to obtain a lot of hashpower.
For instance if the mainnet has 25 Gh of hashpower a 51% attack can be done with 25.5 Gh of rented mining power.

Which would be easy and not very expensive.

How the attack works:

Using a secret pool they make a private chain that is longer than the public chain.

For example:
Say they start at block 100 000
They will build a longer private chain than the public chain.
The private chain has more hashpower so will find blocks faster.
The private chain might have found 10 blocks while the public chain has only found 9 during that time.

The Double-Spend

As soon as they start their private chain they go to an Exchange or merchant and make a large deposit.

Using 10,000 GLD as an example.
This is broadcasts to the public blockchain in block 100,001. But they don’t broadcast that transaction on their private chain, only the public chain.
On their private chain they make a transaction sending those same 10,000 GLD to another wallet address in block 100,001.

This is the “double spend” part - they spend those same GLD twice.

How they Profit

The exchange sees the 10,000 GLD deposit on the public chain and after 6 blocks of confirmations it is accepted and the balance is transferred to the exchange ledger – making it available to be traded.

The funds are now securely in the exchange wallet – right ? Because the coin network has confirmed that they are there. It appears on the block explorer as a correct transaction.

The attacker then trades the 10,000 GLD  for Bitcoin at market prices and immediately withdraws the Bitcoin.  
The exchange approves the Bitcoin withdrawal and the attacker now have the proceeds in BTC.
By now, we’re at block 100,008 or 100,009.

As soon as the BTC comes out of the exchange -  the attacker will release their long private chain of 10 blocks, broadcasting it to the public network. Their longer private chain is now public. Because the private network has a higher hashing power (over 51%) and longer than the previous public chain  it is now accepted by the public chain as the true record.
This is called “Chain Reorganization.” The 9 blocks previously on mainnet are orphaned and the 10 new blocks are put in place as the new mainnet. This is how any chain splits are resolved in the GLD coin network protocol .

The coins that were accepted origionally by the network in the exchange wallet are now rejected as invalid by the coin network.
But the exchange has already released the proceeds of the sale of the coins for BTC to the attacker in BTC.

While their wallet initially had 10,000 GLD the network has voided that transaction and approved the private chain as the “true chain”.
Suddenly, the mainnet does not include the original deposit of 10,000 GLD to the Exchange back in the original block 100001 but it does include a transfer of those 10,000 GLD to the attacker’s own wallet back from privately-mined block 100,001.

On the new version of the chain the attacker never sent them to the exchange but they sent them to themselves instead.

So the attacker took out 10,000 GLD worth of BTC from the exchange, and they no longer gave the 10,000 GLD to the Exchange in the first place.

They may have paid a lot of money for all that hashpower but the GLD they stole is worth a lot more than that.

So is it a hack ?

The blockchain didn't get hacked. But the decentralized coin node network that runs the blockchain got exploited because the network had inadequate hashrate to protect against that.

In May Bittrex was the victim of a 51% double spend attack on the Bitcoin Gold network. The Bitcoin Gold developers only offered to partially compensate Bittrex for the losses and Bittrex chose to delist Bitcoin Gold instead.
Other coins that have been targeted by 51% attacks have usually compensated exchanges for their losses.
If a coin has enough hashrate to secure their network it would be almost impossible to carry out a 51% attack.
Some coin networks have resorted to merged mining or introducing a hybrid of POW and POS.


Translations of this article:

Thank you to Lafu for the awesome German translation he has made of this topic.

Thank you to theyoungmillionaire for his fantastic Filipino translation:

Thank you to taikuri13 for a great Russian translation:
7  Other / Meta / Latest drivel on about on: September 21, 2018, 07:32:25 AM
Quote Another Uncensored Forum for Bitcoin Proponents to Freely Discuss and Debate This Innovative Technology

It is uncensored so lets have some discussions about bitcoin core on there. Shit-posters please go to

Two of the largest Bitcoin-based forums (coincidentally owned by the same individual) have been plagued with censorship in regard to the scaling debate. For instance, thousands of users have been banned on the Reddit forum r/bitcoin and the web portal for merely speaking about a different opinion concerning scaling the Bitcoin Network. Then thousands of Reddit users and users have also been banned for failing to toe the party line.


Personally I have seen no censorship on here. But they are welcome to the banned plagiarists, account farms, bots, shit-posters and other rule breakers. Maybe Theymos can include a link to their site in the "you are banned" message.  Grin

8  Other / Meta / Hunt for the no merit highest post count record. 0 Merit 3139 posts on: September 20, 2018, 08:18:37 AM;u=1463210

Does this guy hold the record or is there a higher no merit post count somewhere ?

EDIT: We have a new record:

Here's the highest you will find:
3139 posts, zero merit.

tumis is impressive too with 1 merit and 3348 posts.;u=1773383

This one, but he got that 1 merit ... I'll hunt for more...;u=1773383
9  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Zaif hacked for $60 million on: September 20, 2018, 03:28:06 AM
Exchange wallets are still big targets for thieves. These thefts make bank heists look small.

Yet another Japan-based cryptocurrency exchange has been hacked, losing a 6.7 billion yen (about $60 million worth of cryptocurrency), including 5,966 bitcoins.

The licensed exchange, called Zaif, is operated by the Tech Bureau. It said on Thursday that the exchange first noticed an unusual outflow of funds on the platform around 17:00 Japan time on September 14, after which the company suspended asset deposit and withdrawal services.

Tech Bureau explained that after further investigation, it discovered that hackers with unauthorized access to the exchange's hot wallets had stolen roughly $60 million in bitcoin, bitcoin cash, and MonaCoin. That being said, the exact amount of bitcoin cash stolen remains unknown.

The exchange added that since its own asset reserve is currently around 2.2 billion yen (or $20 million), it has reached an agreement with a Japan-listed firm called Fisco to receive a $44.5 million investment in exchange for a major share of ownership

10  Other / Meta / The bitcointalk academy awards - best shit-poster fables to obtain merit on: September 20, 2018, 02:30:10 AM
I thought I'd start this collection before some of them get banned or have their content deleted.

Meta is in a sad state and will be for a while. This is a collection of the posts that will make you smile again.

The ruses, fables and sob stories for merit:

Logo courtesy of mjglqw

Please post entries in the following format:

Marital issues caused by bitcointalk.

Confession to sins.

Banned for plagiarism. 1100 posts and 0 metrit (0 merit too)

Praise the system ! - If I say it is the best and tell them what I think they want to hear I might get some lucky merit.

Words from a shitposter with over 500 posts and no merit
11  Other / Meta / Units of Evil, copper membership & list of copper members on: September 10, 2018, 08:15:09 AM
Copper membership provides newbies with the ability to bypass some of the new member restrictions and post images.


This recent quote from Theymos makes some of the statistics quoted in this article incorrect.

The member search page only returns a maximum number of results. Currently there are 3145 copper members. Maybe I'll compile stats over time later. For now, you could search the Bitcoin block chain for transactions of the copper-member amount.


If you register with a IP that has units of Evil any payment towards unblocking the IP go towards a Copper membership.

Below the following quotes by Theymos explaining Copper membership and Units of Evil is a lits of all the current Copper members.

Currently a single unit of evil costs about 300 Satoshis.[/b][/size]

The notice you see if you sign up and are proxy banned:

Information about obtaining copper membership:

How to get copper membership:;promote

By popular demand, newbies can now pay to have some of their restrictions lifted. If you pay the fee, you become a Copper Member, and you can post images. That's the main point of this: allowing newbies to post images. Additionally (and these might change depending on how things go), Copper Members currently have these bonuses:

- Some of the same permissions as Member-rank members, such as reduced signature styling restrictions. (But none of the PM-related restrictions are currently lifted, such as the style limit or per-hour PM limit.)
- Your "you must wait ____ seconds between ___" counter is reduced by 75%. So if you're naturally of Newbie rank, you only have to wait 360-75% = 90 seconds.

If you paid an "evil IP" registration fee, then whatever you paid (in BTC terms) is subtracted from the upgrade fee. If you paid a registration fee a long time ago, you might even get a free Copper Membership due to the increase in BTC price. Just visit the link at the bottom of this post to check whether you have it already.

I am aware that for most people the benefits of this membership are pretty lame. This membership is only intended to fill a specific niche; if you don't need it, don't buy it. It is not intended to be the lower-cost Donator/VIP alternative which I've talked about before as a possibility.

I wrote the system so that I can easily add additional paid memberships in the future, but I might not ever do so. Not sure.

You can buy it here:;promote

The ban map:

The IP location map:

When someone is banned, their IP and some of their neighboring IPs receive evil points. The thought occurred to me recently that you could create a map of the Internet according to evil points, and I couldn't resist doing this right away. The result is pretty cool-looking IMO. It also seems to show that the evil score system is working as expected: the vast majority of the Internet is not being forced to pay, and in the isolated sections where a registration fee is required, prohibitively-large fees are very rare.

Here's the image (zoom in):

Each pixel is a /24 address block (ie. each pixel represents 256 IP addresses). The colors are:
Zero or nearly zero evil
A small amount of evil
At this point you actually have to pay if you register an account in this block
Pretty high
A ton of evil, more than anyone is likely to pay

This is per block, so a single IP address could have an evil score requiring payment while its block still shows up as black here. A colored pixel indicates the evil score of a typical IP in that block.

Addresses are laid out in the standard way. So you can for example cross-reference with these maps:

A /24 should almost never uniquely identify someone, but to be safe I randomly added, removed, and modified some of this data for plausible deniability.

When you register, the IP that you used when you submitted the registration form is used to calculate your evilness. The more frequently this IP or its neighbors were banned, the more evil is associated with your account. The amount of evil associated with an IP decays slowly over time, but the amount of evil associated with an account does not. You must pay or be manually whitelisted to enable posting on one of these "banned" accounts.

Here are some stats:

Evil% new users

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12  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / Utilizing waste mining resources and immersion cooling. on: September 07, 2018, 11:08:16 PM
Being a hobby miner, cloud miner and mining enthusiast I've been thinking about how to utilize the waste heat better and control the noise pollution.

There are multiple issues facing miners.

1) Miners become inefficient for generating profit quite quickly - making them obsolete.
2) Most miners are noisy.
3) Miners generate a lot of heat.

Innovation using immersion cooling is becoming more popular to reduce the noise but it also has the additional benefit in reducing running costs from fans.

Dielectric coolants:

(Non flammable coolants)

With the noise eliminated there is still heat  - (much reduced by the efficiency of immersion cooling) - and there is still rapid obsolescence.

By utilizing the wasted heat energy in industry - some of the cost savings can be offset against the cost of running the miners.

Just some thoughts:

Heating homes and offices (Radiators or underfloor) Temperature of water in under floor heating system is 122.0 - 95 °F   (35 - 50 °C)
Heating water used in hydroponics in cold climates  65 - 80  °F (  18  - 27 °C )
Swimming pool heating   77 – 82  °F (25 – 28°C)
Heat for brewing. 68 to 72 °F (20 to 22 °C)

Bitcoin bitter, Dogecoin Draft, Ethereum Dark...

Even if the mining by itself becomes inefficient - the cost savings of having the byproduct would make it efficient to remain mining.

Temperature could be controlled by over and under clocking.
13  Other / Meta / Most entertaining person on bitcointalk - POLL - 12 days - 3 votes per member on: September 04, 2018, 06:39:33 PM
Nominations closed here

There will always be people that missed out on the list but there will only be one winner anyway (and a second and third).

hilariousetc / hilariousandco
Bruno / yutucoin
The Pharmacist
Jet cash
BlindMayorBitcorn / Rosewater Foundation
Last of the V8s
Huge Black Woman

14  Other / Meta / Most entertaining person on bitcointalk ? on: September 03, 2018, 04:18:44 PM
Inspired by Jet Cash with is topic How can we stimulate Bitcoin Talk? and Vods Most recognised on Bitcointalk

I stated thinking about what posts I enjoy the most reading here. What do I find the most entertaining ? Humor certainly is at the top of the list.

Then I started thinking - who is the most entertaining person on bitcointalk ?

Only criteria is that the account is currently active.

So I've decided to run a poll - but first require some nominations.

Based on humor I nominate:

15  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / WalletSwap on: September 03, 2018, 12:25:44 PM
I'm not a developer and I haven't seen anything like it described anywhere. I believe it is a concept that could potentially solve some of the problems regarding anonymity, centralized coin exchanges, trust and cost of exchange listings for new coins and tokens. The idea would work great as an open source creative commons project.

WalletSwap could work as an alternative to atomic swaps. Atomic swaps use a method of hashed timelock transaction and is a brilliant idea and would have applications beyond what wallet swap would be capable of.

WalletSwap literally swaps the wallets and also removes the need for trust. It has one key advantage - it is super simple. It eliminates the need for actual wallets - since the keys can potentially be imported to a private wallet.

It is not intended as a solution for every situation. It would be an easy to deploy peer to peer vending machine for coins.- supplementary to other exchanges.

The users only receive the private keys if they cancel the wallet or a completed sale is confirmed by the network as well as both the buyer and the seller.

The application can be built to be part of a blockchain or a side chain.

How “WalletSwap”  works:

Each party has an client application that generates public and private keys.

Each party application sends a signed message and public key to the network to initiate the process.

A wallet is created by the network.  The wallet address is disclosed to the party that initiates the transaction and this address is used to deposit coins.
The client application allows the user to set the sale price. It also contains funtions to “alter price’, “purchase from dex (buy)”,“withdraw and cancel” and “confirm sale”. More functions could be added.

Rather than have a fee based on the size of the transaction – each message sent carries a small fee.

Party “A” sends the required amount to the wallet that was initiated by his client application and generated by the network. and “sets the price”.

Party “B” agrees to the price and sends the required amount to the wallet that was initiated by his client application and generated by the network.

The network checks for network confirrmations on each blockchain and when confirmed sends a message to the users to “confirm” the transaction. The application can be set to “auto cornfirm” and rely on the network check or the user can manually check the transaction of the other party on the blockchain. (This could be set to manually confirm as well in a simple setup)

Once both client applications confirm the transaction the client application process is locked and the transaction can no longer be cancelled.

Party “A” receives the private key to party “B”s wallet from the network.

Party “B” receives the private key to party “A”s wallet from the network.

If however prior to confirmation either party cancels the transaction – cancelling the transaction allows the party to withdraw the funds from their wallet. The process is locked and the party receives their wallet private key.

So if party “A” cancels their transaction before it is confirmed by both parties. Party “A” receives the private key to party “A”s wallet. Wallets are once only use. Once a private key is disclosed it is no longer available for use on the system.

The user can use the public key on the integrated wallet of the client application or export the private key data to an external wallet.

Funding for the Dex process can be from a user token wallet that requires payment for “generating a wallet address”, “altering price”, “confirming the sale” or “cancelling the transaction”. Each being a signed and encrypted message sent to the network.

A wallet swap dex can have a smart contract that allows coin developers to set up their own vending system. This allows the wallet swap dex to operate as a vending machine for new coins and tokens.

A coin developer would set the prefix of their wallets and nodes for their block explorer. It would make coin developers responsible for their own coin network. It would also eliminate issues for coin developers where exchanges are sometimes slow to update their wallets.

The client application could contain a custom coin wallet or it can just provide a private key that can be imported into the coins own developed private wallet.

It could be used for lots of other potential purposes as well.

Escrow of crypto securities
Derivative trading

Wallet swap would allow the “vending machine” to be integrated into any coin networks website. Allowing new coins or tokens to have their own instant exchange site.

Because the exchange only requires a wallet address to be generated – it would automatically be able to be used by the majority of coins that use a qt wallet.

WalletSwap could take the form of a clunky basic service that just swaps the private keys or more elaborate form that incorporates its own wallet for each coin it is capable of exchanging.

For the purpose of the illustration I have called the blockchain that performs the WalletSwap process "dexcoin".

I have some other variations of this model as well but I was keen to see if there was any interest in such a process.
16  Economy / Scam Accusations / SCAM - FSMsmart and fraudulent ratings site on: August 31, 2018, 11:20:03 AM
What happened::


A friend asked me about a telemarketing call he received from a company called FSMsmart. They were calling him day and night and not taking "no" ( which later progressed to "fuck off" ) as a hint that he wasn't interested.

So I looked them up for him and noticed that a website called / had raving reviews on them while everyone else was posting shite reviews.

Example: had lists and lists of dodgy sites with great reviews on it that anywhere else contained warnings about their fraudulent behavior.

Scammers Profile Link: Too scammy to advertise on Bitcointalk.

FSM Smart is an unlicensed Forex & Crypto Currency broker

FSM Smart Limited  (Reg.93905)
Phone Support: +41435084931
Email Support:
Representative Address: Hertensteinstrasse 51 Lucerne, Luzern 6004, Switzerland

Registrant Organization: FSM Smart Limited
Registrant State/Province: Luzern
Registrant Country: CH

(CH = Confoederatio Helvetica, the Latin version of "Swiss Confederation")

It is believed to be run /owned by:
Polish company; Memphis Investments Sp. zoo.


Impressive reviews right ?
I tried submitting my own review - but surprise... surprise... it doesn't show...

Interestingly far more reviews are available on this company:

But why are they so different ? - Because the company themselves didn't write those ! is a scam site showing fraudulent reviews

So I had a closer look at and why they wouldn't list my review.

I found the answer:

So they are a fraudulent ratings site PAID to display false customer reviews.

Fake and fraudulent advertising by definition is consumer fraud and thus a SCAM

Disclaimers like this won't protect them from prosecution. Their system is blatantly false and misleading.

FX Empire Network Details:

Address: 28, Ehad Ha’am St.

Tel-Aviv 6514107, Israel

Phone Number: +972-3-6911448

Email Address:

Registrant Email:
Registry Admin ID: Not Available From Registry
Admin Organization: Empire Media Network LTD.
Admin Street: Exad HaAm 28
Admin City: Tel Aviv
Admin State/Province:
Admin Postal Code: 6514107
Admin Country: IL
Admin Phone: +972.36911449

Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
Registration Number: 514641786
Rehov Ahad Haam 28
6514107 Tel Aviv-Yafo
03 691 1448
17  Economy / Scam Accusations / Pornx scam. Website domain suspended. Twitter suspended. Fake team. on: August 26, 2018, 10:49:08 AM
What happened: ICO raised funds - website down and no communication with investors.

Domain and twitter accounts suspended. EDIT: Proven fake team members

This accusation has been raised based on a report from an investor here:

Scammers Profile Link: PORN_coin

Website: <-- domain suspended Archived:

Announcement thread(s): Archived:

Advertising thread: ( also promoted another proven scam)

Bounty thread(s): Archived:

ICO Bench supposebly KYC verified the team members:

The main guy "selling" the project was Marcello Milteer

Bubbled - Advisor
Algebraix Data - Team member
PORNX - Advisor

Unfortunatley, PORNX is a well made scam! They don't answer in ours emails and there are no updates the lasts 40 days. Many people have lost their money but I don't understand why they didn't bother to make a topic about this. I have already informed FTC and SEC about this project and the participants  - inside (PORN_coin member, etc.) and outside(team members, advisors who promote it etc.) of this forum - as 'Suspected Security Fraud or Wrongdoing'. They are aware of the situation since the 8th of July. Progress has be made so now I can speak publicly. Although Ι have discovered this fraud, PORN_coin member is still uses his account in this forum nearly every day (his IP can be found somehow)! Community must be causious about this person!
I'm open to personal messages from people that they want to help me or learn more details. I will keep you informed.

[UPDATE 21/7]
I have already contacted a lawyer and as he advised me I sent an email to the only one verified person that promoted this scam project named 'Marcello
Milteer'. Here is what I have writed to him:

My name is ******* and I am an early investor of PORN_X ICO. Unfortunately, this project is a well made scam and you have participated in it, although you worked as an advisor. Acording to their site: you promoted this project and you said that you are very excited about this' etc. People including me trust your reputation and invest in this project. As a result, I have lost 1k dollars in this fraud. You may think that this is a small amount of money but for me is a month salary. I want to inform you that I have already informed FTC and SEC about this project and the participants of it(team members, advisors who promote it etc.) as 'Suspected Security Fraud or Wrongdoing'. They are aware of the situation since the 8th of July. Progress has be made so now I can speak publicly. I have contacted a lawyer and I want to inform you that -for now- you (Marcello Milteer) are the only person we have confirmed you identity. I am preparing a legal remorse for you and acoarding to my lauyer Ι can accuse you because you promoted frauds by taking advantage of your reputation. I will not withdraw prosecution until I get my money back from you or generally from someone involved in this project.""

On comming days I hope to find other members who have involed in this well-made scam

[UPDATE 23/7]
I have already contacted, and about this scam that theυ had promoted in the past. Until now, none of the three answered me.

[UPDATE 26/7] Marcello Milteer, advisor of PORNX project answered my email!

"Hey *********,

Sorry about responding late. I emphathize with you. I really do, but please don't come at me like I am a criminal. I want to assure you that I only had one encounter with the Porn-X team, to make a video read from a script to receive PORN tokens. At the time I thought they were legit because they were using the lightening betwork. I hadn't kept up with the project since the time I made that video in Feb. and learned it was a scam (I assume it is a scam because the team disappeared). I am writing you back to let you know that some team members are hired. They don’t own the project and the funds don’t go into their pocket. I want to raise this point so that in this situation, I'd like to co-operate with you to uncover the real perpetrators. I will try to reach out to the team to get any updates and relay back to you. But I have no affiliation with this project and received no money. I'm sorry you fell for a scam. I fell for it too. I am working with YouTube to remove my endorsement because hey used my name ad face without permission. I am also advising a few other projects and you really don't know if everyone has the best intentions. I hoping the ICO scams came to a halt soon. Let me know if there is anything else I can do for you, but s someone who isn't associated with the project,there isn't much I can do for you."

As you can see, he admits that this project is a scam and they fooled him! From his email I undersand that after September, he didn't even bother to check if this project is active. From the other side, PORNX team update their telegram group the last 3 days as one member of this forum informed me.

[UPDATE 30/7] Last 12 hours I see some activity:

[UPDATE 3/8] SEC has yesterday sent me an email telling that my report for 'Suspected Security Fraud or Wrongdoing' is under investigation. Good news

[UPDATE 5/8] Proof of my accusations:
Look Damian Lerner photos on Linkedin and Pornx site. Seriously, how we get scamed from these a***oles? They didn't bother to add the same person's picture.

[UPDATE 11/8] I'm preparing a lawsuit and I sent an email to Marcello Milteer, Pornx advisor about some information I need from him. Here is what I wrote:

***** again, early investor of PORNX, etc. As I have informed you in a previous email I'm preparing a lawsuit but I need more information about you. As I can see in your Linkedin Profile you live in Austin, is this true? I'm asking because as my lawyer informed me every state in America has a statute setting time limits for when you can file certain types of cases. Marcello Milteer is your legal name? Of course once I file my lawsuit, I will give you legal notice as you are the defendant.
Thank you
My previous email:
My name is ****** and I am an early investor of PORN_X ICO. Unfortunately, this project is a well made scam and you have participated in it, although you worked as an advisor. Acording to their site: you promoted this project and you said that you are very excited about this' etc. People including me trust your reputation and invest in this project. As a result, I have lost 1k dollars in this fraud. You may think that this is a small amount of money but for me is a month salary. I want to inform you that I have already informed FTC and SEC about this project and the participants of it(team members, advisors who promote it etc.) as 'Suspected Security Fraud or Wrongdoing'. They are aware of the situation since the 8th of July. Progress has be made so now I can speak publicly. I have contacted a lawyer and I want to inform you that -for now- you (Marcello Milteer) are the only person we have confirmed you identity. I am preparing a legal remorse for you and acoarding to my lauyer Ι can accuse you because you promoted frauds by taking advantage of your reputation. I will not withdraw prosecution until I get my money back from you or generally from someone involved in this project."
I have already open a new topic on Bitcointalk about my progress with this fraud and your participation of course:
At least 140 people have read it so far.

[UPDATE 12/8] Today I will show you how scammers are trying to manipulate this topic and I'm sure they are trying the same with other conversations. As you can see below I'm looking topic: [AIRDROP][BOUNTY] ⚡️ PORNX PRE-SALE solutions based on Lightning network⚡️ and more specific this two members (page 182):

As you can see they are both online the second one answer almost immediately, and they have nearly the same activity. Let's take a look at their profiles.... Check their posts:

Join Telegram

Join twitter
Join facebook

Join Youtube Channel
Can a newbie participate in a bounty?
when distribution for bounty?

As you can see on your own they both have the same style of writing and they use the same phrases (probably they copy-paste them and change a few things). So what they are trying to do? They are encouraging people to look pornx's telegram profile and persuade them that this project is still active. BE CAREFULL !!!!

[UPDATE 13/8] I sent second notice to Marcello Milteer, Pornx advisor about the lawsuit I'm preparing for him. He does not yet answer me.

[UPDATE 16/8] I sent third notice to Marcello Milteer, Pornx advisor about the lawsuit I'm preparing for him. He does not yet answer me. I wil start sharing my story with the media (ccn, cointelegraph, altcointoday, cryptonewsasia, cryptopotato, cryptovest etc). Meanwhile I want to inform you that pornx site is down!

[UPDATE 17/8] Cryptopotato ask me to describe them my story briefly.

[UPDATE 19/8] New domain for our scam!!!

I will keep you informed about any updates.
18  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Is bitcoin really a bubble ? Analysis. on: August 24, 2018, 12:29:56 PM
News media loves referring to bitcoin as a bubble but if you analyse the data it really doesn't make that much sense.

There are always adjustments in exchange rate markets market when it gets over heated.

Yeah - this is the image that everyone has been looking at recently. But lets put it in perspective. How about reversing the data.

Ouch ! That US$ bubble really popped !

A lot of bitcoin and crypto commerce is still developing. So much in its infancy.

Lets put it into a scale perspective:

Lets look at some other currencies and how they behave:

I know which one I rather own.
19  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Dead altcoins worth reviving. on: August 08, 2018, 05:18:09 AM
The list of dead coins is increasing and many of them are dead for good reasons.

There is even a project that "buys" failed coins.

But sometimes in history there is an idea that was premature and the world was not ready for it yet.

Should any dead alt coin be revived ? Or should they be left to "rest in peace" ?
20  Other / Meta / Fake conversations - same users - on different ICOs on: August 01, 2018, 12:26:14 AM
I noticed several ICOs have the same users having conversations with each other - quoting the entire conversation. It makes it quite easy to identify the other shills and other ICOs that use those same shills.

When it comes to reporting - I'm not sure which rules they have broken. It appears to be related to bountyhive.

This user is a classic example:;u=2080249;sa=showPosts

Just some of the members that consistently participate in that:
(Just look at their posting history);u=1162156 ganeshramk;u=1188361 cryptossi;u=1200802 ibininja;u=1755589 FarmFrenzy;u=934247  Ace44;u=1061974 phantam;u=1274822 Zombie259;u=1201366    Owillz;u=1182581    faulerwilli;u=1137368 nesh1;u=1296859 jamzzz123;u=1139774 CryptoBeefy;u=2080249    RyCriptoC;u=2039514    em777;u=1248811 gee777;u=1306917 Nathan01;u=1269653 Anilbg;u=2072232 chan001
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