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1  Other / Meta / List of sMerit Giveaways/Contests in BCT (Updated March 05) on: March 05, 2018, 02:31:29 PM
So I notice that a lot of members especially the lower ranked ones complaining that they are not receiving enough merits or any at all. Well it is now there chance to receive some sMerits with the following giveaways/contest. So I will be posting here a list of threads created by members who are willing to give their merits away. The catch is they have their own set of rules before they send the merits away. Let see if other Merit Sources will follow other members on creating their own Merit Giveaway Thread.


Inactive / Finished / On Hold
2  Other / Meta / [IDEA] Instead of Decaying Unused sMerits why not Re-Allocate It on: January 30, 2018, 02:39:41 AM
Now we all know that hoarding/keeping sMerits for ourselves won't give us any benefit and it may decay in the future, why not reallocate it instead to other users who will be using it to merit Quality Posts? Now my next proposal is about who will we give the unused sMerits to? What I have in mind is to have a Depth system similar to the DefaultTrust we have, but this time its for two kinds of Merit Sources which have totally different ways of having sMerits to give.

Depth 1 Merit Sources - Users who generate sMerits out of nothing
Depth 2 Merit Sources - Users who will receive the re-allocated sMerits (Won't generate new sMerits)

Depth 2 Merit Sources will receive unused sMerits from the previous month from both Depth 1 Merit Sources and Normal Members which will be divided equally to them. With this method unused sMerits won't be wasted and there will be a 2nd line of members in which will pursue on giving merits on high quality/informative/helpful post.
3  Other / Meta / Suggestion/ Recommendations for the Current and Future Merit Sources on: January 27, 2018, 06:39:08 AM
It has been 3 days since theymos announced the new merit system and there is still a lot of mixed emotions going on with the new feature which it has left a bad impression for most of the lower ranked members, it made them lose hope that they won't be able to rank up again. And by the time that majority of the sMerits of non-Merit Source Members run out the only way members will be ranking up is by being Merited by Merit Sources.

So with the days that passed by I see that the new system will have a good effect in the long run which will drive people to improve their post, as I see some of the merit sources out here are actively giving Merits for deserving members. So for the current and future Merit Sources out there I suggest that you would do the following as you are the only ones who can rank up other members in the future.

Actively reading different threads from different section might be a hard and time consuming but there are honestly good high quality post waiting to be merited out there, searching them and giving them one will encourage them to do more posts with the same or better quality.

Similar to what bill gator made. He created a service thread where he offers to review any post that seems to him to be helpful or informative after that he will give the user a MERIT for FREE. For merit sources who don't want to go to many threads hunting for quality posts this might be a good alternative.

Be generous and at the same time creative when creating your sMerit giveaway as it will surely drive a lot of members to create high quality posts. Here are some of the members who created contests/challenges.

So for the current and future Merit Sources out there take advantage of your regenerating sMerits to make Bitcointalk a Better Community.
4  Local / Philippines / [FOR SALE] Juan For All, All For Juan Mystery Boxes on: December 17, 2017, 03:17:57 PM
Juan FOR All, All FOR Juan
Mystery Boxes made available for Filipinos

Mabuhay! This is Theb and I am here to bring  the infamous mystery boxes in our very own Philippine local market. These mystery boxes contains a surprise that you will truly love. Since I cannot give you the full details of what it contains, here's a hint:  it is mostly filled with random stuff that my family and I have accumulated during the past. It has been filling our house for quite some time now, but don't think of it as clutter! It will surely give you a walk down memory lane to your childhood.  It will also include some brand new things that can help you in your day to day life.

Price (Shipping is Included)
30$ (₱1500) in BTC
45$ (₱2250) in BTC
55$ (₱2750) in BTC
120$ (₱6000) in BTC (Sold)

What to Expect?
  • Mystery Boxes will be boxed via LBC Shipping Express
  • Expect a lot of 2nd hand items, but fear not it still is useful in the right hands (Remember that I am offloading some of my personal belongings)
  • Mystery Boxes will also be filled with brand new items that are randomly picked
  • Any Delay with the Shipment will be because of LBC

Steps of the Transaction (And for Transparency)
  • Contact me via PM (You can speak to me in our Local Language Smiley )
  • Indicate to me what price you are willing to pay in terms of Php and send the current BTC equivalent
  • Post the TX ID in the Thread and I will PM you your LBC Tracking Number as soon as I ship it in LBC
  • Keep in mind that LBC have Out of Delivery Zones (this is a pdf link) which is a list of areas that are not available for package delivery
  • and Remote Areas (also a PDF link) which I can deliver a package but expect the package to be delayed
  • I'll be posting a blurred out LBC Tracking Receipt before or after the delivery of the package for transparency (if requested)
5  Economy / Currency exchange / [CLOSED][H] BTC [W] Ripple [XRP] on: December 16, 2017, 11:10:55 AM
Looking to trade 100$ worth of BTC for an equivalent or fair rate of Ripple. Got interested in XRP and wanting to test buy for a long term position trade.

I will also be sending first as long as you are a Active Sr. Member and Above or a Trusted Member of the community. While the rest will be handled by escrow which you will find or depending what our negotiations will come up. Contact me via Private Message Smiley

Note that I have just downloaded a Ripple Wallet (Toast Wallet) so please bear with me and I understand that I needed 20 XRP to activate my wallet.
6  Local / Philippines / Marketplace for Filipino Traders. on: November 14, 2017, 11:19:21 AM
Hey guys is there a marketplace para sa ating mga filipino dito. Sa  main Marketplace kasi most nakikita ko U.S.A lang mga sellers eh.
7  Economy / Gambling / Best Basketball Fantasy League that Accepts Bitcoin???? on: October 16, 2017, 07:47:20 AM
Hello fellow members with the NBA Season starting can anyone of you suggest the best Basketball Fantasy Sports League out there that is on par with Yahoo Fantasy Sports. My Criterias are:
1. Accepts Bitcoin as mode of Betting.
2. Accepts players globally. (Some Fantasy Leagues are strict which they only accept U.S. Players)
3. On par with Yahoo Fantasy.

That will be all.
8  Other / Archival / - on: September 05, 2017, 04:27:24 AM
9  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / How to Spot a Promising Altcoin (Price Wise) READ DESCRIPTION FIRST on: April 14, 2017, 08:23:32 AM
I am quiet new in the Cryptocurrency World but I am no stranger to the Stock the Stock Market. I have been Investing in it and I know what I am doing the only problem is

1. How do I know that this Altcoin is a good altcoin to invest in? (Not another Pump and Dump)
2. How to analyze an Altcoin Fundamentally Speaking?
3. What are the indicators that it is an Altcoin for growth?

I hope you answer my questions properly as I am a willing investor to diversify my portfolio outside of the Stock Market.
10  Economy / Service Discussion / Other Alternatives for Earning Bitcoin besides Signature Campaigns? on: April 11, 2017, 02:46:38 AM
I am looking for other alternatives in the Web that have the ability to give us earnings near or more than Signature Campaigns. Maybe .01 Btc weekly is a fine start for it. Do you know anything that can help me earn more? Smiley
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