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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Discussion (Altcoins) / Are Altcoin Airdrops actually email harvesting? on: October 10, 2017, 01:28:22 PM
In the last few days, have seen a flood of Airdrops in the Altcoin Service Announcement board. What makes me wonder is, one fundamental of crypto is privacy but almost all of these so called AirDrops are asking for email id, which some are even displaying them in public spreadsheet.
Not sure if these so called coins will be worth anything, but one thing is for sure, this has opened the door for mass email harvesting Grin
2  Local / 跳蚤市场 / 域名待售 域名待售 on: September 20, 2017, 11:37:21 PM
Accepting offers for the domain name:

Reg: 9th Sept 2017
Exp: 9th Sept 2018
Registrar: GoDaddy
Push to GoDaddy account only
Domain Authority: 20
Spam Score: 0
Backlinks from Wikipedia

The name zgxqs is registered in .com & .org.
Previously used as a Chinese site for long.
ZQ stands for China in Pinyin, not sure about XQS  Huh
Tag someone proficient in Chinese/Pinyin

PM me your best offer if you are interested.
3  Economy / Service Discussion / "Browser Mining" - is it worth it? on: September 20, 2017, 01:53:47 PM
Got a notification in "Use your browser to passively mine bitcoin and receive mining rewards instantly to your account, credited every 5 minutes." Anyone has any idea how this works and is it worth it? Is there any chance of laptop/PC being damaged from this sort of "mining"?

4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Marketplace (Altcoins) / PROMOTE ANYTHING IN ACTIVE FACEBOOK GROUPS on: August 26, 2017, 10:42:40 PM
I am offering to promote your service in two active facebook groups: (7000+ members) (6000+ members)

So how does this work?
- You post any service in both the groups
- I will PIN the post on top
How much will I charge?
I will charge 0.0005 Bitcoin per day per group for your post to be pinned on top. (Minimum 5 days)
How do I contact or pay you?
Once you have posted your thing in the group, send me the link of your post in Private message and I will send the wallet ID where to pay. Once payment is made, I will pin the post for the number of days you have paid for.

5  Economy / Digital goods / Accepting offers for domains: | | on: August 17, 2017, 12:31:14 AM

6  Other / Meta / Spamming in inbox - probably using bot on: July 31, 2017, 06:01:22 AM
Gor four messages in my inbox from four new accounts, if you check the timestamp, three were sent at the same time and one within few seconds. Looks like someone is using a bot bot to send them, as logging in to one account and sending the message, again logging off and signing to another account and sending another will take time.

!!! WARNING: This user is a newbie. If you are expecting a message from a more veteran member, then this is an imposter !!!

How to effectively sell bitcoins?

The answer is: [Suspicious link removed].co/btc]

!!! WARNING: This user is a newbie. If you are expecting a message from a more veteran member, then this is an imposter !!!

When to sell bitcoins?

The owners of the exchange will tell: [Suspicious link removed].co/btc]

!!! WARNING: This user is a newbie. If you are expecting a message from a more veteran member, then this is an imposter !!!

Do you want to earn money on your cryptocurrencies?

Answer from the best experts: [Suspicious link removed].co/btc]

!!! WARNING: This user is a newbie. If you are expecting a message from a more veteran member, then this is an imposter !!!

When I sell bitcoins?

Answer here: [Suspicious link removed].co/btc]
7  Local / Marketplace (India) / [WTS] Exact match dictionary word holiday/tour/vacation/tourism niche .IN domain on: July 08, 2017, 12:56:54 PM

Accepting serious offers for the domain
Registration: 30 June 2016
Expiration: 30 June 2018
Registrar: zoho (Transfer out only)
8  Economy / Digital goods / Any illuminati out there :) for domain on: July 08, 2017, 05:10:48 AM
Accepting serious offers for the domain registered with GoDaddy. Push to account only.
9  Local / Marketplace (India) / Hindustan.International on: May 09, 2017, 01:12:10 AM
Accepting offers for the domain:
Registration: Jun 5, 2016
Expiry: Jun 5, 2017
Registrar: Resellerclub
Renewal Fee: INR 1090 + 15% tax
10  Local / Marketplace (India) / Selling .in domains on: April 29, 2017, 12:17:24 PM
Accepting offers for the following Indian domains.
Registration: 29 May 2016
Expiration: 29 May 2017
Registrar: GoDaddy
Registration: 27 May 2016
Expiration: 27 May 2017
Registrar: GoDaddy
Registration: 30 May 2016
Expiration: 30 May 2017
Registrar: GoDaddy
Registration: 19 May 2016
Expiration: 19 May 2017
Registrar: GoDaddy
Registration: 10 May 2016
Expiration: 10 May 2017
Registrar: GoDaddy
Registration: 29 May 2016
Expiration: 29 May 2017
Registrar: GoDaddy
Registration: 02 June 2016
Expiration: 02 June 2017
Registrar: GoDaddy
Registration: 02 June 2016
Expiration: 02 June 2017
Registrar: GoDaddy
11  Economy / Services / Purchase £ 1 trial package from a British Site >> Pay You £ 2 in BTC on: April 17, 2017, 11:57:35 AM
I need to purchase one trial package from a site in Great Britain who only accept Card or Direct Debit, but my CC is not working perhaps because of limitations in currency conversion.
If you have any VCC which works with GB£ or a bank account in Great Britain with Direct Debit, I will pay you £2 worth of BTC (I can go first for trusted members or escrow).
Purchase the package, remove all instance of your payments (like CC or bank details) and send me the login credentials. That's it.
If you are interested, please PM me for the site as naming it may look I am promoting them  Smiley

12  Economy / Service Discussion / HELP: How to reset password of Raiblock Wallet on: April 14, 2017, 08:23:24 PM
I installed the rai wallet on my laptop and set one password which I cannot remember. I locked the wallet and need to unlock it but cannot do so without the password. Can some kind hearted person please explain how to reset the rai wallet password? I tried looking in the raiblockscommunity website but could not find anything there too.
13  Local / Marketplace (India) / Website Dev/Design : Pay after you are satisfied. on: April 10, 2017, 05:11:40 AM
Offering Website Design and Dev service with Pay after satisfaction.
  • >> PM me about your project details.
  • >> Will provide you the quote
  • >> Will develop the site om my server.
  • >> You Check everything.
  • >> Pay after you are satisfied with everything
  • >> Will transfer everything after receiving payment.

PM me all details about your website requirement. The site will be transferred to your server only after full payment.
Payment mode: BTC/NEFT
Lets start ....
14  Economy / Marketplace / FREE IDEA & DIY GUIDE : An Alternative to Faucet on: March 28, 2017, 11:04:42 PM
Having adsense banning the faucet sites and many of the faucet sites closing because of visitors not interested in the petty earnings of faucets. I am going to give a FREE IDEA and DO IT YOURSELF GUIDE about creating a website which can be a better alternative to the faucets, complying with adsense terms, more visitor engagement, more earnings for both the visitors as well as the site owners.

For this, you need not have to be a pro or purchase any single software. All you need is a domain, a decent hosting to handle your visitors, basic knowledge of WordPress and some time in promoting the site. However, this will not be fully automated, as the site owner will have to manually send the earnings. That he/she can do it once a week/fortnight/month on a specified time.

What exactly we are doing is, a website based on points, ie, user is rewarded with a point for activities on the site and we are naming the point as Bitcoin. Of Course you can name it anything other you want to.

Assuming you have the domain and the hosting ready and have basic knowledge of WordPress, follow the steps.
  • Install WordPress (in most hosting panels, it's a one click installation)
  • Chose a decent theme (chose a theme with ample ad spaces, you will need it later)
  • Install & activate a plugin called myCRED (available for free in the wordpress respiratory)
  • Once you activate myCRED you will be prompted to 'run setup' In the setup, Label Point types as "Bitcoin" (for Singular) and Bitcoins (for Plural. Now Format it with  Prefix:Ƀ, Decimals: 8 and suffix BTC. Now hit the create point type. Your basic settings is ready.
  • In the left hand side of the wordpress dashboard you will not find a tab called Bitcoins below the settings. Go to Hooks and select the available hooks you want to add and configure. Allot the bitcoins you want to reward the user for that particular hook.
  • You can also add some of the addons. For details of how myCRED works and how to tweak it to your needs, you can visit their website. (you will find it in the plugin page).
  • Add a plugin called "User Access Shortcodes"
  • Now add a page called "My Bitcoins" and add the shortcodes [mycred_my_balance] & [mycred_history]. As the content of this page should only be visible to logged in user, wrap it inside the user access code [UAS_loggedin hint="" ex=""][mycred_my_balance][mycred_history][/UAS_loggedin] For details of shortcodes available check the myCRED website.
  • Add "Cimy User Extra Fields" plugin and go the settings to add an extra field called "Bitcoin wallet" - This will help the user to add his/her bitcoin wallet.
  • Another plugin I recommend is Theme My Login for themes which does not have custom login page (If you are using bbpress, buddypress, woocommerce, you don't need this) if you do not want users to have access to the default wp-login page. Create pages as the plugin demands.
  • Another plugin I recommend is the BAW Login/Logout menu - this will add login/logout in the menu itself.
  • If you want users to post on your site, use the Frontend Publishing plugin

What can be done with this site?
  • You can use this website as a user submitted blog
  • You can use this website as a forum using the bbPress plugin
  • You can use this site as a social network site using the buddypress plugin
  • You can use this site as a quiz site using the Wp Pro Quiz plugin
  • You can use this as a poll site using Totalpoll plugin
  • You can sell products/services using the woocommerce plugin - user can pay using their balance
  • All of the above together and other ideas which you can think of and tweak the hooks to your need.

How does the site earn?
Monetisation of course. Best to use AdSense. There are thousands out there!

How do I pay the user?
If you have setup everything in order, The points (we named it Bitcoins here) will be accumulated automatically for the specified tasks (hooks). From your wordpress dashboard go to the users and find the points (named bitcoins). Manually send the users their share on a specified time using the users wallet (good to mention the time somewhere in the site) Once you send the payout, adjust it with the amount you are sending with a - (minus) sign, select 'log under custom reference' and add the reason, say ,payout for this week' and update. This will be reflected in the users dashboard also (the page we marked 'my bitcoins') Understand, this will a time consuming task if you have too many users, but you have to spend sometime for this.

This basic idea and Do It Yourself Guide should be used alongside your own intelligence and should not be treated as a Gospel!
For every plugin or theme you use, refer to the plugin/theme site/page for full details about it. I have recommended only FREE plugins, you can make it better with similar plugins or premium ones too.

Will answer to this thread if you face any difficulty or have any question. Please do not expect an instant reply. I will be replying once in two/three days. Please do not PM except involving security issues and let others to learn from your question too.

Any tip, whether big pr small will be highly appreciated and motivate me.

15  Economy / Digital goods / [SELLING] Facebook Groups Related to BTC / Cryptocurrency on: February 20, 2017, 01:00:52 PM
Accepting offers for the following active facebook groups:
No price fixed. Serious buyers can send your offer price for purchase.
Reserve the right to accept or reject offer.
16  Economy / Digital goods / [SELLING] Facebook Group Related to Cryptocurrency with 5K+ members on: November 06, 2016, 11:59:59 PM
Kickstart your facebook campaign with 5000+ active members.
Selling the following Cryptocurrency Facebook group
Current member: 5120
Expected price: 0.035 BTC.
17  Economy / Services / I will share with my 5000+ active facebook friends n followers for 0.0015 on: October 27, 2016, 09:13:21 AM
I will share your posts/websites/service/gigs/anything legal in my facebook profile with 4900+ active friends and followers for 0.0015 BTC (approx $1)
PM me for the profile. Send what to share and I will send you my BTC address to make the payment. Will share/post your matter within one hour of the first confirmation.
18  Economy / Digital goods / List of 10,000,000 (TEN MILLION)+ members Facebook groups on: September 27, 2016, 12:52:39 AM
You no longer need to buy Fb advertising, post anything you want for FREE to 10 million users!
Promote/Advertise your Business, Website, Apps, E-Books, Photo, Affiliate links, Products, YouTube, E Bay/Amazon Items and Products, Shop, Facebook page, Video or Any other Link.
I have complied a list of 148 facebook groups with average 70000+ members.
You can purchase the list from
If you add me in facebook (url supplied with list)and join those groups, I will approve your requests within twelve hours.

Vouch copies available for members at least two tears in bitcointalk.
19  Economy / Lending / Wanted 0.5 BTC against Domain valued at US$ 39,000 by Estibot on: September 20, 2016, 05:43:25 PM
Need a loan for 0.5 BTC for twenty days. Will pay back 0.6 BTC.
Collateral Security: Domain valued by estibot @ US$ 39,000 with GoDaddy.
Domain will be disclosed in PM for interested lenders.
Please send your offers with reasonable conditions that both sides be secured.
20  Economy / Web Wallets / Status: Denied when sending btc from wallet on: September 18, 2016, 10:12:13 PM
I gathered some btc (or satoshi I should say considering the amount) in wallet. I tried to send a small amount to a btc address but the transaction was not processed after one hour and the status shows denied.
Anyone faced this before or can throw some light why this happens?
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