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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Bounties (Altcoins) / In re: Invacio bounty. on: April 06, 2018, 05:34:16 AM

^ was not endorsed by their team.

Their telegram has a pinned message stating that they're going to honor the effort of the bounty hunters.  They also have an officially endorsed campaign manager listed.

So yeah tldr; yeah you're getting paid.  Don't deal with an unofficial campign manager   Undecided

Copy paste:

Regarding the Bitcointalk Bounty:

Hello Everyone. It has come to our attention that this bounty was started by OP without any authorization from the Invacio team. We tried to contact the person on telegram and they have refused to share the spreadsheet with us. Since the participants did their best to create awareness about Invacio, we would love to pay you guys what is owed. I will be officially taking over this bounty from here on out and do my best to collect all the data from this thread and release your tokens once the ICO ends. Please do not pay any mind to OP as she is clearly more interested in getting the tokens for herself, and not you guys. Feel free to contact me on telegram @Crypto_Minion or via email if you have any further concerns or comments.
2  Economy / Goods / [Buying] Teacup Corgi on: December 28, 2017, 05:00:39 AM
May seem a bit random but I was wondering if anyone is selling a teacup corgi.

Every time they come up for sale they go quickly, and I figured why not ask - never hurts.

Additional information:
In California would do pickup (also oregon)

Anywhere else not sure how transport works for animals.
3  Economy / Collectibles / Market question on: December 21, 2017, 10:08:38 PM
This may not be the correct place but I remember awhile back seeing either a bitcoin wine or a bitcoin scotch.
It was a limited edition collectible thing and I think that company went out of business.
Although for the life of me I can't find anything referencing it on bitcointalk (which is where I know I've seen it)

If anyone gets bored or knows what I'm referring to and can help it would be appreciated Smiley

4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Marketplace (Altcoins) / [WTS] 100k EON - Exscudo account. on: November 20, 2017, 03:30:49 AM
So I'm selling 100k EON for $0.50 cents each or a total of $50,000.
Seeing as the tokens are technically immovable they can't be portioned out. 
For details about the Exscudo project see here:

Tokens are expected to be tradable by the end of the year or Q1 2018 according to their team.

Escrow acceptable - Please be advised that Exscudo does not allow a change of password and does not currently have 2fa.
So escrow terms would be peculiar.

(Prefer XMR or Eth due to btc volatility)
5  Economy / Goods / 100 Nano Ledger S - sold on: November 01, 2017, 12:34:08 AM
Kind of curious if anyone would be interested in purchasing 100 sealed nano ledgers for around SOLD

A little bit overkill I know - purchased them during a promotional event.

Shipping would be USA domestic only, escrow's fine.
(could do international but international would be non-escrow and a you send first type of deal)

^ 100 not used in the making of that tweet.
These are limited edition ledgers (laser engraved -- obviously I haven't verified but the one I'm keeping for myself I have and seeing that they were shipped straight from ledger I have no reason to doubt them).

Nano's have been sent off to a new home, if for whatever reason they come back I'll update that status here.  Otherwise they are sold as to my knowledge.

Sold ✓
6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Bounties (Altcoins) / Finalist round of the COLX logo contest on: September 06, 2017, 02:12:01 AM
Due to the incredible volume of entries in the contest it was evident we needed a shortlist.  This round will be the final voting round.

1. Each user will be granted 2 votes there will only be 3 winners.
2. Telegram votes will be allowed from users that have been in for at least 2 days prior to this post unless a contestant.
3. Telegram votes will be counted on top of the poll votes
4. Posted votes will still not be counted

Now that we got the simple stuff out of the way - 10 picks were selected by community, 5 were selected by the developing team.
(The developing team had a few overlap choices, so those spaces were filled by community picks)

The winners will receive in order of placement:
1st place - 20m CV2 - COLX Masternode post-swap - Estimated Value of $3600 at this moment
2nd place - 10m CV2 - 1/2 COLX Masternode post-swap - Estimated Value of $1800 at this moment
3rd place - 5m CV2 - you get the idea - Estimated Value of $900 at this moment
Hidden Mystery Prize TBA
Mystery Prize was a contingency plan in the event the team DID select a design that did not make it into the top 3, that person would in turn receive 20m CV2 as a prize for becoming the new face of COLX.  If they did however wind up in the top 3, the reward would be 10m CV2 on top of their standard prize.

This meant that the team needed to decide prior to the close of this contest which design they would go with after a debate amongst themselves and a little bit of pressure from presstab for the design so it could be implemented in the brand new wallet.  They selected toom for this purpose and will use his design for the wallet and the new symbol to represent COLX

Edit: Forgot all voting will end when the poll does 9/9 - Payments sent out within two days

All Entries will have the name of the author removed and will be assigned a number, they will also be out of order from their previous post.  

Additional Information:
I am not a part of the dev team, I am a community member
I am not voting myself
Entries Below:

PM's Will be sent out momentarily, please provide a CV2 address for the prize to be sent to also ---- Please note that I keep my coins on nova, if your wallet is on nova they do have a brief delay that is outside of normal.

1st Place winner toom - 20m CV2 + 10m CV2 mystery prize - ✓ Paid

2nd Place winner is AK47 - 10m CV2 - ✓ Paid

3rd Place winner is Anyobsss - 5m CV2 - ✓ Paid

7  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Bounties (Altcoins) / COLX Logo Contest Voting Round! on: September 03, 2017, 07:58:01 PM
I will be quoting the author with their entries visible and labeling the entries as the creators name & a # assigned to the poll.
Duplicates have been removed, multiple usages of the same logo have been left with the most aesthetically pleasing version (backgrounds and such)

Someone made the suggestion on the actual entry thread
As well as on telegram -

That we may need to filter down the amount of entries to get a poll that is more viable to onlookers as well as community members because the current amount totaling 113 is quite extraordinary.

1. If you're unable to vote, please join
2. And DM me @mrbates1
3. With your top 3 selection #'s

I will update this thread with another link if the community decides to make this a preliminary round.  (10-25 advance to next round)

#1. TheRev Entry #1

This is my submission:
#2. LostWords Entry #1

#3. mihai04 Entry #1

#4. Geraldo Entry #1

#5. Eliaso Entry #1

#6. gokhagezici Entry #1

8  Local / Altcoins (Bahasa Indonesia) / [Pre-ANN] ColossusCoinXT COLX - Coin Swap - Peluncuran yang adil, Tanpa ico/IPO on: September 03, 2017, 04:32:14 AM
Ramah lingkungan
Akan diluncurkan pada 15 september 2017

Colossuscoin mengumumkan rencana peluncuran ColossusCoinXT pada tanggal 24 Agustus 2017.


Colossuscoin didirikan pada tanggal 22 Agustus 2013 dan merupakan mata uang internet hemat energi open source dari sumber mata uang peer-to-peer (P2P) yang memungkinkan pembayaran cepat instan kepada siapa pun di dunia ini dengan hampir tanpa biaya. Desainnya bersifat publik, tidak ada yang menguasai atau mengendalikan Colossuscoin dan semua orang bisa ambil bagian.
Colossuscoin didirikan sebagai mata uang Internet hemat energi dan kami ingin melanjutkan konsep kami menjadi mata uang Crypto hemat energi / ramah lingkungan.
ColossusCoinXT adalah open source, peer-to-peer, hemat energi, komunitas didorong, terdesentralisasi dan modern POS3.0 Masternode-Cryptocurrency yang memungkinkan orang untuk menyimpan dan menginvestasikan kekayaan mereka dalam mata uang yang dikendalikan oleh pemerintah.

ColossusCoinXT yang baru (COLX) akan didasarkan pada Kode Sumber PIVX dengan hadiah blok PoS yang tetap dan kami akan melakukan Pertukaran penuh dari ColossusCoin2 CV2 (nilai tukar 2: 1) di /.
Untuk 2 ColossusCoin2 (CV2) Anda akan mendapatkan 1 ColossusCoinXT (COLX).
Total uang yang beredar akan dibelah dua sampai 12 Miliar COLX Coins.
Fitur PIVX sangat inovatif (misalnya: protokol Proof of Stake 3.0 yang diperbaiki, Masternodes, Transaksi Instan SwiftTX,
Transaksi Pribadi yang diverivikasi secara instan / transaksi pribadi penuh waktu, Mekanisme Pencampuran Obfuscation, mekanisme variabel hadiah inovatif, Coin kontrol)
Kami telah dijadwalkan untuk memulai Pertukaran koin ke CollossusCoinXT COLX Blockchain baru pada pertengahan September 2017. Satu-satunya tempat Anda dapat menukar CV2 Anda untuk COLX akan berada di

Spesifikasi ClossusCoinXT (COLX)
Algo: Quark
Blok 1: 12 Miliar COLX ditambang lebih awal [dicadangkan untuk Pertukaran penuh atas (split koin 1-untuk-2)]
Coin split 1: 2 berarti investor akan menerima satu ColossusCoinXT (COLX) untuk setiap dua ColossusCoin2 (CV2) yang mereka miliki.
Dengan kata lain,suplai ColossusCoinXT akan berkurang menjadi 12 miliar setelah perpecahan.
Block Reward:
Blok 2 - 151,200: 2500 COLX
Blok 151,201 - 302,399: 1250 COLX
Blok 302,400 - Infinite: 1000 COLX
Proof of stake: 5% untuk proposal untuk semua tahap
95% didistribusikan ke dompet dan Masternode

Proof of stake
Bukti Kerja / Perubahan dari Proof of Stake Hybrid menjadi hanya Proof of stake
Blok 1 12 Miliar COLX ditambang lebih awal
Blok 2 - 10,080 (kira-kira 14 hari): 60% POS dan 40% POW (Masternode 60% | 40% untuk penambang)

Blok waktu: 120 detik dengan penargetan ulang setelah setiap blok
Biaya 10 COLX per transaction juga merupakan bagian dari Block reward di atas 2500 Coins per Block
Konfirmasi Minted: 90
Konfirmasi Transaksi: 6
Usia Minimum Stake adalah 1 minggu / Maksimum Stake 28 hari
Masternodes 10.000.000 COLX per Masternode
(banyak masternodes per dompet, membutuhkan VPS)
Ticker Baru: COLX

                        WALLET DOWNLOAD

Dompet windows
akan diluncurkan pada 15 september 2017

Dompet Mac
akan diluncurkan pada 15 september 2017

                        ROAD MAP

                     ColossusCoinXT (COLX) Roadmap2017 / 2018 (.PDF File)

Masa Depan yang Cerah: ColossusCoinXT memiliki banyak proyek baru dan menarik yang akan diluncurkan sepanjang 2017/2018 untuk meningkatkan utilitas COLX dan adopsi pengguna baru di seluruh dunia.

                        INFO TAMBAHAN
Mining Pools

Akan segera diluncurkan di sini
Pertukaran ke CollossusCoinXT COLX Blockchain yang baru akan dimulai sekitar pertengahan September 2017 dan akan berlangsung di

Bagaimana cara menukar ColossusCoin2 (CV2) saya untuk ColossusCoinXT (COLX)?
Nova Exchange akan menjalankan Pertukaran untuk kita. Ini adalah proses yang sederhana, kunjungi halaman Swap(akan bekerja nanti) Anda perlu memiliki akun dengan Nova Exchange untuk menyetorkan CV2 Anda. memiliki Blockchain ColossusCoin2 yang lama sehingga Anda dapat mentransfer ColossusCoin2 ke sana untuk Pertukaran.
Setelah Anda menukar mereka, Anda mendapatkan ColossusCoinXT (COLX) di Blockchain baru. Pertukara ini gratis bagi pengguna yang menukar koin. Satu-satunya tempat Anda bisa menukar CV2 Anda dengan COLX di Nova Exchange (segera dimulai). Tingkat Rate untuk Pertukaran adalah 1:2 /1 COLX untuk 2 CV2 (split koin 1-untuk-2)
Apa yang akan terjadi dengan Koin CV2 yang ditukar di NovaExchange?
Nova Exchange akan mengirimkan Koin CV2 ke alamat yang telah ditentukan sebelumnya setelah Pertukaran selesai.

Apa halaman di Nova Exchange yang harus saya gunakan untuk menukar CV2 saya dengan COLX Coins?
Anda perlu pergi untuk mengklik halaman Swap NovaExchange (akan segera diterbitkan) untuk menukar Koin CV2 Anda untuk COLX Coins di Nova Exchange.





ColossusCoin2.0 CV2 ANN Thread:

Forum (Mod)


                     Segera di


Anda bisa membeli ColossusCoin2 CV2 dari Yobit sekarang dan menukarnya untuk ColossusCoinXT mulai pertengahan September (Pertukaran akan bertahan 3 Bulan):

Pasar Colossuscoin2 (CV2) di

                        SOSIAL MEDIA

Bergabunglah dengan Grup Telegram COLX kami:

Yayasan ColossusCoinXT membantu memajukan dan mempromosikan adopsi ColossusCoinXT.
Kami bekerja keras di balik layar untuk memperbaiki semua bidang yayasan, sebuah masa depan yang cerah terletak di depan kita, penuh dengan potensi dan tantangan.
Colossuscointalk dan anggotanya bekerja sama untuk menciptakan platform yang diperkuat dan memperbaiki ColossusCoinXT Foundation di

Download Wallpaper ColossusCoinXT (COLX)

Alamat BTC untuk Pengembangan   18MXDWxe9Z6dEW5XV78CRomZBdiTEpeC2H

Sudo23: Pendiri Yayasan ColossusCoin, Developer, Website dan Administrator Forum, Pemasaran & Komunikasi / Hubungan Masyarakat
Th82: Pemasaran & Komunikasi / Hubungan Masyarakat, Investor, Giveaways
Heat007: Asisten Pengembang, Humas, Moderator Global di Forum kami
Cryptotech: Pengembang, Pemasaran & Komunikasi / Hubungan Masyarakat, Admin
Firerabbit: Editor film / video, Pemasaran & Komunikasi / Hubungan Masyarakat
pollforall Technical Developer (Freelancer) kami yang terampil, Coin Services

... dan komunitas relawan yang sangat cepat berkembang

Terlibat - Colossuscoin / V2 adalah perangkat lunak gratis dan pengembang dapat berkontribusi pada proyek ini.

9  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Bounties (Altcoins) / Translation Bounty: COLX - Closed. on: September 02, 2017, 01:02:59 AM
As promised on the CV2 thread:

Translation Bounties for the following languages are available and pay 1,000,000 CV2 within two days of completion.
Following Languages are needed:
Indonesian (Ahmad Gapur - Telegram) Here is the Indonesian ANN thread:
Russian (CryptoInvestor - Telegram) Here is the Russian ANN thread:
Indian (webtricks) Here is the Hindi ANN thread:
Japanese (dioulmustafa) Here is the Japanese ANN threads:
Arabic (Petros - Telegram) Here is the Arabic ANN thread:
Chinese (Reuben - Telegram) Here is the Chinese ANN thread:
Czech (Petros - Telegram) Here is the Czech ANN thread:
Polish (Petros - Telegram) Here is the polish ANN thread:
Vietnamese (petrosc) Here is the Vietnamese ANN thread:
Dutch (Roberrt - Telegram) Here is the Dutch ANN thread:
Portuguese (petrosc) Here is the Portuguese ANN thread:;topicseen#new
German (Mike1003) Here is the German ANN thread:
Italian (mondobitcoin) Here is the Italian ANN thread:
Korean (Reuben - Telegram) Here is the Korean ANN thread:
Turkish (petrosc) Here is the Turkish ANN thread:;topicseen#new

The following ANN must be translated and posted into the respective languages bitcoin talk forum:

The coin information paragraph, team information as well as the roadmap information are the key parts.
Edit: page 2 post 5 has the example, this is the requirement for the 1m bounty.

Bonus 500,000 if you take the roadmap information and overlay it on the following roadmap picture - Provided by Sudo23:

Here is the .PDF File to edit it with (Online) PDF Editors

ColossusCoinXT (COLX) Roadmap2017/2018

Thank you everyone!
10  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Bounties (Altcoins) / COLX Logo Creation Contest. Win a Masternode! on: August 27, 2017, 11:10:47 PM
So decided to start a fun little contest to get everyones creativity flowing, for those unaware or needing to find out more about the coin please come over to the CV2 thread:

Details about the swap start here:

This contest will be open from August 27th (Now) until 09/03 12 pm PST.  
At which point all submissions will be compiled into a separate thread with a poll allowing the community to select the one they feel is the best for COLX at which point all votes will be tallied on 09/10 12 pm PST (or as close to it as possible) and winners will be notified through PM.

Prizes - I'm not a dev, just a community member so not too over the top.  
Edit: Prizes are fixed regardless of the price going up or down, USD calculations were done at a price of 2 satoshi.

1st Place - 20m CV2 sent to your wallet - Equivalent of one COLX masternode.  $1600 currently.

2nd Place - 10m CV2 sent to your wallet - 1/2 masternode. $800 currently.

3rd Place - 5m CV2 sent to your wallet - 1/4 masternode.  $400 currently.

Even if the developing team chooses to not use the logo you will still win the prize if you get voted into the top 3 by the community.

Submission Count unlimited, please keep it SFW though.

Post all submissions below.


If you want to work with the community on a design ^
11  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / H.O.E. Hourly Oppurtunity Enterprise 1st Implied Consent & Completion Contract on: August 25, 2017, 12:40:38 AM
What is H.O.E.?

H.O.E. is a simple yet effective contract enabled on the ethereum network as an erc20 token.  It is the first token of its kind in the sense that you can use H.O.E.'s for any purporse you can think of! Providing the contract accepts the request of course, as this runs on a unique system that requires the contracts implicit consent.  After consent the contract will allow you to utilize your H.O.E.'s until completion providing the hourly rate is upkept.

What can I use a H.O.E. for?
Anything providing the contract accepts and can fulfill your request.

How much is the upkeep per H.O.E?
20,000 finney per hour.

What happens if upkeep is not paid?
The H.O.E. leaves you and returns back to its contract.

What are the benefits of having multiple H.O.E.'s?
By having enough H.O.E.'s you can enter a state called Processing Infastructure Management Protocol, P.I.M.P. for short.

How does being a P.I.M.P. benefit me?
By being a P.I.M.P. you can over time generate H.O.E.'s which then become bound to your contract or Ethereum address.  These can in turn be rented to other users and take priority over the cental H.O.E. distribution network.

Coin supply information:
Coin ticker: HOE
ICO supply: 100,000 H.O.E.
95,000 H.O.E.'s will be sold for .02 Ethereum each.
5000 will be used to maintain the central H.O.E. distribution network.
Annual APR for P.I.M.P's 25% first year, 2% all subsequent years.
All raised Ethereum will go to placing H.O.E.'s on every exchange possible.

About the dev team:
The original P.I.M.P. and manager of the H.O.E. distribution network in the middle with both the marketing and legal P.I.M.P.'s:

This may or may not be satire depending on the interest level of the community.

12  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Discussion (Altcoins) / security breach on: August 17, 2017, 03:54:33 AM
Hello everyone just providing a PSA as of around an hour ago this announcement was made on the poswallet dashboard:

We had a malicious intrusion into at least one wallet server. All withdrawals are pending manual review until we verify that the wallets are secure.

Initial wallet balance survey shows 9.3 BTC worth of coins have been stolen. We are already in contact with the authorities with respect to this and are providing all server information that we have.

We suggest withdrawing your coins - please understand there will be delay while we manually process.
 Your PoS Wallets

Thanks and good luck.
13  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Marketplace (Altcoins) / Closed on: June 06, 2017, 03:22:34 PM
Didn't realize the edit profile portion of boscoin does not work.

Thread closed until it does, unless an exchange opens first.
14  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN] ICO Covfefe coin on: June 04, 2017, 01:04:20 AM
Hello everyone I am creating a new coin called Covfefe coin or COVF for short.

The goal of this coin is to be the ultimate security consueloa coin, it will feature the ultimate ZK snark formula tried and tested by the NSA excluding the Wetrrgfat incident. 

How does this ultra high definition ZK snark formula work?  Well let me tell you, it works by using a few varying methods to hide its ever being used.  One of these methods is that when you view your own wallet balance there is no way you can ever view how many coins you have! Its almost like they aren't even there, this means that no matter who's looking or if your private key ever becomes compromised, no one will know.

So what is covfefe?  Well covfefe is actually an artisanal dish in my homeland and this coin will be used to raise awareness among chefs.
What this means for investors is that this coin is actually the first NON-Genetically Modified Onion coin!  Holy first of its kind.  Crazy!

What wallet will covfefe use?  Absolutely none, its so decentralized you have to call a 1-800 number sort of like a virtual bank where they'll give you a non-functioning link to a block explorer which destroys itself via privnote after 15 minutes!  Extra secure, better down a can of powerthirst because we're going to moon faster than a Kenyan.

A little about the dev:
I am a retired 14 y/o pokemon fan, with autism and I live in Bioflari or wherever there is non extradition treaty.

What does covfefe look like:
Announced later.

Coin information:
Mining algo: zero
Staking %:  zero
Premine: 100%
Coin supply: 600 trillion

ICO price per coin 50k satoshi, all unsold coins will be used to develop the ability to create an even more anonymous coin.


When the ico looks like this, please don't buy it.
15  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Marketplace (Altcoins) / Selling 100k eon - Market Test on: June 03, 2017, 04:15:45 AM
So selling an exscudo account with 100k eon.

This was entirely to see what the potential market for EON would be upon an exchange listing.

The ability to change/edit email and password has been removed since this thread was posted; therefore the account is no longer available for sale until that is reinstated.

Got red trust over this thread.  PEW PEW buzzkills.
16  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Marketplace (Altcoins) / - 600 parts. #icoselloff on: May 19, 2017, 05:44:58 AM
So some of you may have missed the sdc to part swap however I'm going to be selling 600 parts (+20% for all initial investors as stated in their bct thread so its still on the way)

So 720 parts total in the end on this ico account for .5 btc -> less than ico price.

Escrow accepted.

You get the account with the parts on it.  *I keep forgetting about it, so yeah*
17  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Marketplace (Altcoins) / Selling 600 parts - - 650 usd (numerous cryptos accepted) on: May 03, 2017, 01:07:48 AM
Hello, I'm selling a (ico account) currently funded with 600 parts.  

Escrow - your choice (must be a trusted bct member)

Otherwise -> 2 confirmations on btc and I'll send you information -> its 2fa locked at this second so I will disable that prior -> email address can be changed (will assemble a guide on how to do it if needed)

--- Alternative currencies are potentially accepted, up to my discretion and the confirmation amount may be different

Message me if interested.
18  Economy / Games and rounds / Fun little event for beginners! on: April 22, 2017, 04:31:25 AM
I was kind of bored and felt like doing a fun little event for beginners and the non-tech savvy. Also, a little free promotion for a site ( which was designed to help new people or people that don't have a computer to use for staking 24/7.

***Event Rules***
April 21st-April 29th

Step 1:  Have a twitter account

Step 2:  Create an account here:
Removed referral link.

Step 3:  After registering at poswallet, go to your dashboard and scroll down to Sprouts!

For new users it will say generate an address, click that to create an address.

Step 4:
Create a thoughtful and creative tweet about how you feel poswallet can assist newer people in the crypto community with #Mrbatesk408 and #Poswallet in the tweet.

Step 5: That's it!
Pretty simple, now let me write down a few steps for me.

Step 6: After the 28th ---> 29th-30th I'll check all tweets tagged with #Mrbatesk408 and find the top 10 tweets

Step 7:  I'll post the winners on here, and tweet at them to message me on here.

Back to the Winners!b]
Step 8: Pm me a SS proving its your twitter account and your sprouts address and I'll send you 1,000,000 sprouts; its that easy!

Step 9: Let it stake, trade it away yolo.

Extra Mystery bonus for 1 lucky winner -- 500k litedoge to the special butterfly that catches my eye

*** Will Accept a well thought out article on Steemit from experienced users, link must be provided in comments ***

*Before flame, do note; the coins may not be worth an amazing amount, but this event is designed to give new people in the crypto community a chance to play around. I have personally enjoyed working with, which is a free service. If the winners aren't satisfied with the coins, they are free to sell them for other coins if they so choose, which would give them additional experience in the trading world.*

19  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / USDT price speculation ::) on: April 05, 2017, 02:29:31 AM
Some of you have already dealt with USDT (Tether) and hows it is supposedly pegged to the US dollar; but I think if we can get enough people to band together we can defeat this peg!

We all just need to sell our btc for 1 USDT each; thus pressuring the price of USDT to 1150 each! Take that

 Roll Eyes
20  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Primecoin quiet accumulation? on: March 28, 2017, 05:17:22 AM
Was browsing through random coins and scrolled out over the last week on primecoin (at least on polo) theres random periods of a purchase shooting the price up and vanishing - once a day mostly - quiet accumulation for the next pnd?

Also side note; = increase in sdc in the next two days or so?
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