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1  Local / Pilipinas / [Gabay] Ilipat ang inyong Bitcoin Dust sa isang Address gamit ang electrum on: January 20, 2020, 08:01:53 AM
Marami sa atin bago pa man mainvolve sa forum na ito ay kadalasang  ginagamit ang Bitcoin faucet at iba pang means para makakuha ng Bitcoin ngunit kadalasan ay mga Dust transaction ito at nahihirapan tayong ilipat dahil sa pagkakaroon ng low value output kahit na nakaipon tayo ng malaking halaga from that dust.  Kadalasan ay nagkakaroon tayo ng error na Transaction could not be broadcast due to dust output kahit na malaki na ang ating naiipon na halaga ng BTC.

Narito ang maaring gawin para maayos ang problemang ito:

1. Magdownload ng Electrum wallet

2. Buksan ang inyong wallet gamit ang dinanownload na Electrum wallet at hanapin ang mga transaction na may maliliit na balance.

3. Piliin at sa pamamagitan ng paghold ng Crtl at pagclick sa mga addresses na may maliliit na balance.

4. Pagkatapos mapili piindutin ang right click at piliin sa dropdown ang spend from

5. Kumuha ng address na pagpapadalahan sa pamamagitan ng pagpunta sa receive tab at kopyahin ang address na naroon

6. Bumalik sa send tab na kung saan ay makikita nyo ang ang pagkakabuo ng transaction at kung magkano ang halaga at ang fee na babayaran.

7. Ipaste ang receiving address sa pay to at iadjust ang Fee sa pinakamababa nitong halaga at siguraduhing naka- iclick ang replaceable para kung sakali mang magbago at tumaas ang fee ay maaring baguhin ito.

8. Iclick ang preview at tingnan ang transaction size in bytes, sa case na ito ang byte size ay 488 bytes.

9. Pumunta sa para tingnan ang current fee rate, at confirmation time

10.  Tingnan ang "delay" at "time" para malaman ang katanggap-tanggap na confirmation time.  Gagamitin natin ang 61 - 80 satoshi per byte na fee

11.  Bumalik  sa wallet at imultiply ang transaction fee size sa fee na 62 satoshi per by byte :  488B x 2sat = 30256sat at ito ang gagamitin nating fee amount. (Note: the current fee is 12 satoshi per byte this sample was created noong mataas pa ang transaction fee)

12. Ipaste ang nakalkulang transaction fee sa "Fee" field at iclick ang Max button para ma readjust ang maximum amount na ispend at iclick ang "preview"

13. Icheck ang detaly ng transaction at kung lahat ay tama iclick ang sign (kung ito ay password protected kinakailangan isign ito gamit ang iyong password)

14. Pagkatapos masign ang transaction, ito ay ibobroadcast at ang transaction ay ididistribute across sa network.

15. Tingnan ang history screen para tingnan ang naganap na transaction.

Dahil ang Bitcoin ay ipinadala sa parehong wallet, ang final amount na ipinadala ay makikitang transaction fee lamang at hindi ang buong amount na 0.082 BTC.
Laging tandaan na magsweep lamang ng Dust kapag ang mempool ay hindi ganoon kadami at ang transaction fee ay mas mababa.  Kung hindi ay maaring mas malaki ang inyong bayaran sa transaction fee at mas tatagal ito bago maconfirm.


Maari ring Bisitahin ang site na pinagmulan ng impormasyon para sa mas malalim na pagpapaliwanag
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Why consider Altcoins? on: August 26, 2018, 12:12:55 PM
There's a fierce competition among cryptocurrencies but the main headline will always sport altcoins pitted against bitcoin.

When sense of popularity dictates that people invest in bitcoin, why do we really have to consider altcoins?  How far have altcoins really outsmart bitcoin in brains and brawn in the recent years? Let's take a quick look (and for the reason of not wanting to promote a specific altcoin as the best, allow me to mention only their capabilities and not the altcoin itself).

There is this altcoin out there that took the carbon footprint of bitcoin out by periodically releasing coins instead of mining them (which was a happy news to the eco conservatives).

Then there is also an altcoin that could create a block way faster than bitcoin. When bitcoin confirmation takes an hour on an average, this altcoin can confirm your transaction in minutes.  And to outweigh that speed, another altcoin promised instant transactions with payment confirmation in less than a second.

We also have altcoins that guarantees complete privacy hiding all substantial private data safely (best for those who want to keep their anonymity in place), and an altcoin even promised ring signatures, a unique technique to keep transactions untraceable.

And just as with bitcoin, there exist altcoins that allows global payment with no need for any central authority.

Altcoins, in one way or another, did outsmart bitcoin. Offering new or better features that may or may not be an integral part of bitcoin in the future.

But perhaps, we will only see an altcoin surpassing bitcoin should we find all of the abovementioned features rolled into one single altcoin. And such thought is really exciting in every aspect.
3  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Blockchain's gift of Pseudonymity and how we lost it on: August 24, 2018, 02:17:01 AM
I'm not to tell that the people behind bitcoin & the blockchain was anti-government and central control, but i'm pretty sure they are pro-privacy.

Thus, we were gifted a wonderful treat of pseudonymity where transactions are public yet remained disconnected from our real world identities.  Yes, the world may know the origin (sending wallet), the amount that was transacted and even the destination (receiving wallet).  But that's all there is to it.

Pseudonymous transactions are actual safeguards for us not to be under anyone's surveillance (for whatever purpose it may serve).  The reality of our personal welfare being compromised by watchful eyes that has been proven mischievous over time is evident.

Take for example the "cache & cookies disclaimer" that you have to often agree to when you go online. Disguised as helpful tools to make your browsing experience more relevant but in reality, records your every move, your every activity. And only the gods would know how these information can be used for or against you. Nonetheless, your privacy was breached.

Breach of privacy was a problem of great concern, and great minds understood that it has to be addressed. And as many of us loved the Incognito Mode of Google Chrome, Blockchain brought us pseudonymity for crypto transactions.

The original design was for transactions to remain pseudonymous from end to end, and the public records remained as such until you cash-out.  It is here that we lost the pro-privacy gift of the blockchain.

The moment you cash-out your bitcoin to a bank or an exchange or to any other means that requires a real world identity, pseudonymity is lost. Satoshi's rally for privacy goes down the drain. Your identity is uncovered. They can already trace your bitcoin wallet address and all other wallet addresses you transacted with.

The effort of pseudonymity is lost. But is there really a way out? Can we really remain pseudonymous to continue the blockchain's rally for privacy?
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