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1  Economy / Scam Accusations / - SCAM? - Fake address and more on: September 14, 2018, 01:36:56 PM
What happened:: Fake address, no mention about invest4g in Team\Advisor profile

Scammers Profile Link:

Reference Link:
1. All team members and advisors have LinkedIn profiles, but have no mention about invest4g

2. Company address - fake

3. License QR code does not work

4. website stats

Additional Notes:
I did not check the whitepaper for plagiarism because I think this is enough

I contacted the advisor Conston Taylor (@conston), he did not confirm his participation in the project
2  Economy / Scam Accusations / - SCAM? - Fake team member on: September 13, 2018, 11:51:35 AM
What happened: Fake advisors, fake feedback, no team profiles. Whitepaper consists of only 6 pages. Low quality photos, poorly made website and ANN thread

Scammers Profile Link:

Reference Link:
Declarated advisors:

The project looks really weak! But advisors are too solid...
Leon Li
Jesse Powell
Changpeng Zhao
All "advisors" have no mention about genisyscoin on their social media profiles

It's almost funny

I tried to find this "feedback", but discovered nothing..

There are solid adivors there but the rest of the elements/features do not comply.

In conclusion, why with such connections weren't they able to write their whitapper properly and create LinkedIn profiles and ANN thread?
In my opinion it's because it's a scam website/project.

P.S. If you can prove the opposite, I'll delete this topic (no problem here)

UPD by SFR10: Jose R. Johnson(Developer) - Fake team member

Check this topic for information about this person

Additional Notes:
3  Economy / Scam Accusations / - not confirmed suspiction(Fake Team) on: September 12, 2018, 04:40:24 PM
UPD: Team members add mention about hetachain, pictures available in new ANN thread
Suspiction is not confirmed

What happened:: Fake Team(suspiction)

Scammers Profile Link:

Reference Link:
Co-founder Sultan Ali Lootah - IT Director of Ministry of Health, UAE
All team have no profiles or have no mention about heta project!

Co-founding Board.
Sultan Ali Lootah
Duy Phuong Nguyen
Abdulla Ali Lootah
Hong Phuc Do  
Mohammad Ahli
Ali Juma AlAjme
Rajesh Gunani
Nagesh Ananth Prabhu
Abdullah Al Dabbous
Mohammed AlNakhi
Norman Khan

All of them do not mention this project

Advisory Board
Michael Gord
Samer Obeidat
Shameer Thaha
Manish Mittal
Michael Gong
Kunal Kothari
Ismail EL Sakka
Lorenzo Giombini
Tuong Bach Luu
The Hien Dinh

All of them do not mention this project

4  Economy / Scam Accusations / - SCAM? - Fake Team on: September 10, 2018, 11:05:36 PM
What happened: Fake Team

Scammers Profile Link:

Reference Link: Webiste. No LinkedIn profiles, no social media links

Search results:
All people found here .  LinkedIn links available and their profiles have some info about "HighVibe", but have no info about "Sachio"

LinkedIn profiles:
Virginia Kastilio  
Yanik Silver  
Nick Hollins
Nikhil Kale
Liz Wald  
Jim Winett
Stef Sifandos
Jian Yian Shen
Rui Maximo

Additional Notes:
5  Economy / Scam Accusations / - SCAM? - Fake Team on: September 10, 2018, 09:20:35 PM
What happened: Fake Team(suspicion). No LinkedIn or Facebook links.  

Scammers Profile Link:

Reference Link:

Additional Notes: unavailable. and  same social media vidget on websites
6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Bounties (Altcoins) / [AIRDROP] Spheroid Universe on: September 03, 2018, 09:19:01 AM
7  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Tokens (Altcoins) / [ANN][noICO] Spheroid Universe on: September 03, 2018, 08:46:29 AM

8  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Bounties (Altcoins) / [BOUNTY] STEEL Ecosystem by SISHUB on: August 05, 2018, 12:39:41 PM

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9  Local / Работа / Создание BB-кодов для баунти кампании on: July 25, 2018, 11:36:03 AM
Добрый день! Ищу исполнителя, нужно создать BB-коды для подписной от мембера до хиро\легенды. Обсуждение в ЛС
10  Local / Разное / Быстрое заполнение гугл форм[Бинды] on: February 17, 2018, 04:10:45 PM
Приветствую Smiley Речь пойдёт о биндах.
Использовать будем AutoHotKey.
Скачиваем и устанавливаем. Создаем текстовый документ.

Коды для использования разных клавиш:
NUMPAD1:: Send, для num цифр
F1:: Send, для клавиш f1-f12
^M:: Send, ^ используется для комбинаций с Ctrl, например Ctrl+m
+M:: Send, + используется для комбинаций с Shift, например Shift+m
!M:: Send, ! используется для комбинаций с Alt, например Alt+m
После запятой пробел и далее текст бинда.

Для примера, на клавишу num1 я привяжу свой username на bitcointalk, на клавишу num2 ссылку на профиль и т.д.

NUMPAD1:: Send, Trttn
NUMPAD2:: Send,;u=911122
NUMPAD3:: Send,
NUMPAD4:: Send,
NUMPAD5:: Send,
NUMPAD6:: Send, @username
NUMPAD7:: Send,
NUMPAD8:: Send,
NUMPAD9:: Send, 0x3206ac7803a7FA75459B65d2F59D348E4e9B0

Сохраняем, кликаем правой кнопкой по файлу > переименовать, меняем расширение с ".txt" на ".ahk"
Еще раз кликаем правой кнопкой по файлу > Run script
Бинды работают Smiley
11  Other / Beginners & Help / >How to buy bitcoin with minimal fees< on: February 03, 2018, 01:17:13 PM
Hello everyone Smiley How to buy bitcoin with minimal fees?

Go to  create and verified ur account. Deposit. Fees for cards 2.6%, swift no fees.
Go to market  create ur account. Get verified ur epayments account
Buy bitcoin\litecoin\ethereum
DSX.UK have 0% fees for epayment deposit\withdraw.

I hope this helps someone! Good luck and thanks for attention Smiley
12  Local / Новости / Самсунг выпаскает асики? on: January 30, 2018, 12:21:01 PM
Прочитал после гугл переводчика, суть статьи заключается в том, что Samsung выпускает свои асики.
Конкуренция должна позитивно сказаться на цене асиков, самсунг делает хорошую память для видеокарт. Мб и асики будут топовые?

Взято с
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