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1  Economy / Exchanges / Cryptsy - 2 Weeks and my deposits are STILL missing on: August 16, 2014, 03:58:32 AM
First support ticket just said it was "wallet maintenance".  Well that clearly is over (and was never mentioned, so it was in all likelihood bullshit).  Doesn't change the fact that Cryptsy still has yet to recognize over 70k WDC in deposits that have over 10,000 confirmations, and the latest support response is a complete lie and stall tactic.

"I apologize for the delay, our wallet seems to be merging inputs on incoming deposits, our wallet team is going to have this issue fixed very soon."  - This is bullshit you feed to people who have no idea how cryptocoins work.

7501 WDC - 6a26c047ec61b7532b5b89af37c3c4d42c3028f6fb352d737066abe70327ddcf
10326 WDC - 7894151ed49402cf9126765a774fa095db1359faefa7edaf8b5f8f053026e99c
9309 WDC - 72c30dbfc7ad2bf5eec3b442c868a68ee4e510b4a79ab6cb226a67c0dc9de96b
12751 WDC - 4290db138a810e5d0bfe63b6ce2ba868ef86d92b8618feb6a7e190347cd9f4a4
10037 WDC - ef72bdaaa0d3c7dd98d6eb73ff27d7f23d7976a2247bedefd7064e45a8e8cab2
6655 WDC - f71828185ba385d09758b61d1d44a76cf6223a8fc5d1ef954e2762d0ffecf2ef
10693 WDC - 80df684f3f9d8ffc217d17577409b070f0a77af6d6a98f132c4cfad6d8c08781
8380 WDC - 9c14caf78de15308ebadd678f1560d35d10ee0c0238f70a9f6257c89a74024c0

The most recent of these was confirmed over 2 weeks ago.  Ticket ID #151416.
2  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Phishing Alert: Fake emails "from BTC Guild" on: February 17, 2014, 09:27:38 PM
Looks like somebody is piggybacking on an old database leak from a Bitcoin site and sending a phishing email from "" (it is not coming from any of my servers, it is fake).  It mentions trying to contact you over a failed transfer and has a link to an "attachment" (virus).

Obviously it's a damn fake, but I've gotten over 70 email replies from people this morning, and a good portion of them are believing the contents or providing extra information.

EDIT/ADDITIONAL INFO:  This is NOT coming from a leak of email addresses at BTC Guild.  I have about a dozen replies from people stating they have no account with BTC Guild.  I'm sure if I scanned through all the email replies and compared them to my database there would not even be a 50% match rate.
3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / [CLOSING DOWN] ScryptGuild Auto-Switching Pool on: February 09, 2014, 06:12:44 PM
ScryptGuild Closing Down

ScryptGuild is going to be shutting down on September 25, 2014.  The mining servers will halt in 2 weeks, which is August 10th.  Users will have until September 25th to withdraw their balances before the coin daemons and wallets are taken offline.

I would like to thank everybody that has joined ScryptGuild to date.  The pool was a fun new project to work on, solving the problems of maintaining state within multiple coins over a single server to keep shares valid even during switches, and allow fast user switching on demand.  I am very sorry that the pool ended up entering a period of non-development for so long.  The rewrite was something I looked forward to, but the external factors which kept delaying the rewrite ended up pushing a different project into the front of the line.  I do not want the pool to become another ArsBitcoin/Deepbit, where it just continues on with no direction and no updates, dying of atrophy, and as such have decided that shutting down is the proper action to take.

At this time, I'm trying to get another non-pool related project off the ground, which is something I've been putting off for a few years (before BTC Guild even started).  These days, it looks like it's time to work on that project.  It is not only one that I have been wanting to do, but also one which I believe has a much brighter future than a scrypt-coin mining pool.

A professional multipool from the creator of BTC Guild

ScryptGuild is a project forked from the BTC Guild custom stratum implementation, with a design for proper multipool functionality.  Unlike other multipools, ScryptGuild is always mining on every coin at the same time.  When the pool switches between coins, your old work is still able to solve the previous coin that was being mined, rather than being called stale immediately.  The pool seamlessly moves between coins with no delays, no network hiccups, and no downtime.  As far as your miner can tell, it simply received a new block on the network.

ScryptGuild is designed from the ground up for stability and uptime.  The stratum server process is a custom C++ implementation.  It does not use VPS providers.  Even for beta, it is running on dedicated hardware, and for release it will be in the same 100% uptime datacenter as BTC Guild running on a half-rack of colocated hardware.

ScryptGuild currently runs at 2% fee PPLNS.  It also provides miners with the ability to have the pool automatically convert their coins to BTC at a 1% fee (plus any exchange fees required).  Additionally, miners can set "Reserves" on their coins, meaning the pool will keep a certain number of coins in their balance so they can personally speculate the altcoin market while still receiving steady income from their other converted coins.

If you're tired of the same old MPOS pools, running slow python-based stratum processes, unreliable VPS performance, and inefficient coin switching, give ScryptGuild a try today.

6/1/14 Update:  Pool has been removed from Beta status and updated to 2% PPLNS fee in preparation for the overhaul happening this month.
4  Bitcoin / Pools / Note to Pool Operators (Public / Private) -Difficulty and Your Software/Database on: January 09, 2014, 08:18:29 AM
Just posting this as a note to any body running their own pool, either for themselves, or a major public pool.  I've been redoing my Stratum server code this last week, and just noticed something that could've been a major problem in a few months.

Make sure your pool software and/or database are setup to utilize 64-bit numerical values!  We're closing in on a network difficulty in excess of 2.1b and probably 4.2b shortly after, the maximum values for signed and unsigned 32-bit integers (and/or longs) respectively.  It would not surprise me at all if this will likely cause some issues for someone else once we cross those lines.
5  Other / Meta / Bitcointalk PM Phishing Notice on: November 08, 2013, 11:21:39 PM
A new user is registered under the name "coinflipz" who is sending out phishing PMs.  They send what looks like a link to a bitcointalk thread, but the actual link is different from the text, linking instead to (actual link is a bit longer leading to a clone of the login page).

The PM I got was targeted to me as a pool owner.  I'm not sure how many others are getting something similar.
6  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / 1CfsAiYaVfk12dnZpZALcRSP9jjWDk26FX - Stop making transactions! on: September 17, 2013, 09:53:24 PM
Whoever owns 1CfsAiYaVfk12dnZpZALcRSP9jjWDk26FX - Your software is terribly broken and paying out massive transaction fees.  Over 100 BTC in the last 24 hours as best I can estimate, and a lot of it is going to pools that pay transaction fees to miners meaning there isn't an option to just ask for the money to be sent back.
7  Bitcoin / Hardware / Block Erupter Blade Support Request (ooxxxxx related) on: September 15, 2013, 05:01:44 PM
Hi Friedcat,

I bought several things of asicminer to an user on ebay called ufoman2002, i think he is an excellent seller, maybe you know him.
In the things that i bought to this user, there is a Blade.
At the beginning the blade works just fine (a week ago), but now i知 getting this message:
I was running the blade without overclocking and suddenly the hashrate become down to 9.1ghash/s and I saw the 度敗.
I did my research, i tried several things (adjusting voltage, changing clock, changing power supply, etc, etc) but I always get this five x. To compensate the losing of hashing power i overclocked the blade I知 now I知 getting 10.5 ghash/s with overclock.
Because I'm a newbie on this forum, i cannot contact direct to you, so Michael from it's helping me to contact you and i very grateful to him for what he is doing.
Coming back to the original topic, what do you think I should do with the blade?
Thank you and sorry for my english!! I知 from Argentina.

This user is having an issue related to the OOOOxOOO part on his Block Erupter blade interface and is trying to find out if there is anything he can do.  Since he's locked in the newbie forum, he can't post here where he would be most likely to get support, so I am cross-posting it for him.

The original thread is here:
8  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Results of CCTV Coverage? A chart from BTC Guild on: May 06, 2013, 10:29:43 PM
Ever since Avalon showed up on the scene, I've noticed that traffic from China was growing fairly rapidly at BTC Guild.  Through April, China was generally the #2 most visits, trailing behind the US for BTC Guild.  This week has seen a stunning change.  I've been reading about the CCTV coverage, and I must say:  It looks like Bitcoin gained a lot of new attention, far more than what many people realize.

The following is a graph of the visits to BTC Guild from around the world in the last 3 days:

In the last 3 days, roughly 50% of the traffic to BTC Guild has originated in China, more than double the amount of traffic coming from 2nd place (US).  Are any other Bitcoin services seeing similar results over the weekend?
9  Bitcoin / Pools / [ANN] BTC Guild's Mitigation Plan on: April 05, 2013, 05:02:41 PM
This mitigation plan is no longer in effect.  The first step was already done in May of 2013.  If the pool becomes a valid 51% threat again, a new plan will be put forward.

This is being posted in a new thread so that it stands out to people who do not frequent the primary pool thread, since this is about more than just the pool.

A lot of noise in the IRC, reddit, and forum yesterday related to "BTC Guild dangerously close to 51%" due to a large amount of luck yesterday -  The pool found ~30% more blocks than expected at its given hash rate.  According to the last 2016 blocks, BTC Guild is still shy of 40% (36.61% as of this post).  Obviously I can't wait until the pool is 49.9% to start taking measures, even though a 51% attack is only a true threat if the person controlling it uses it.

This is the outline for measures that will be taken.  I will not be using 24-hour pie charts from to base these decisions due to how much luck influences the charts (either good luck by BTC Guild or bad luck on the rest of the network).  Figures will be pulled from which accurately grabs each block for BTC Guild, and also uses a 2016 block window to determine percentages.

If Pool Speed is Over 40% of Network
BTC Guild will begin limiting the creation of new accounts.  Additionally, the fee on PPS will be increased from 5% to 7.5% on all new miners, and will be moved to 7.5% on old miners after the difficulty changes.  PPLNS will remain at the 3% + tx fees rate initially.

If Pool Speed is Over 45% of Network
BTC Guild will remove all getwork based pool servers within 24 hours.  This is expected to reduce the pool by about 3.5 TH/s, or roughly 15% as of this post.

If Pool Speed is Over 45% of Network After Getwork is Removed
PPLNS fee will be raised to 4%, and new registrations will be completely closed off until speed drops back under 40%.

Suggestions are welcome if you can think of a better way to make miners willingly leave the pool.  The only thing I will not consider is kicking miners off entirely (outside of getwork).
10  Bitcoin / Pools / Round of Applause - Crisis Management on: March 12, 2013, 08:37:20 AM
It's not everyday we see sanity in these forums.  During the hard fork crisis, most pool threads were kept very clean.  We did not see a mass panic that bumped off the important announcements or vital information being posted by pool operators.

We also saw many miners actively look for pools that were either moving back to 0.7, or ones that had never made the switch to 0.8 at all.  It felt great to see miners taking this matter into their own hands, and showing that even though pools are centralized, miners will still take responsibility and seek out a different pool during a crisis where they aren't sure what their own pool's status is.

Thank you all for keeping your cool (as much as possible) during this eventful day.


I didn't include this in the original post because at the time I was mostly referring specifically to this subforum.  But another round of applause to the developers.  While it was immediately clear what the reaction to this event should be (especially with a super-majority on the forked chain), the #bitcoin-dev channel was quick to come to a concensus about what the proper action should be.
11  Other / Beginners & Help / [Mining Pool] BTC Guild - PPS/PPLNS with TxFees, Stratum+Vardiff ASIC Tested on: March 04, 2013, 11:22:40 PM
BTC Guild -

Server Features
  • Stratum Mining Protocol - Use only ~1 kbps of bandwidth regardless of how large your mining farm is!  Fewer rejects, faster connection, and less overhead!
  • Variable Difficulty - BTC Guild's Stratum pool adjusts your share difficulty based on your speed, reducing the chatter between your mining software and the pool.
  • Minimum Difficulty - If variable difficulty isn't high enough for your taste, set your own difficulty even higher for lower bandwidth usage and less frequent share submissions.
  • Merged Mining - Earn Namecoins and Bitcoins at the same time without any reduction in your BTC earnings (PPLNS only).
  • Idle Warning Emails - If your workers go idle, an email will be sent (if you have set one) to notify you of the worker not submitting shares.

Community Features
  • Mining Teams - Compete with your group of friends, or create a group to compete with other collections of users.  You don't need a garage full of ASICs to find a way to have fun competition with other users.
  • IRC Chat - #btcguild on has been around since April 2011.  The pool operator is active for 12-18 hours a day, and questions are always welcome.
  • Lightning fast support - Support emails to BTC Guild have an average turn around time of just a few minutes unless sent late at night/early in the morning.

Payment Methods
  • True PPS - We pay a fixed rate per share, period.  There is no buffer, there is no limit based on good/bad luck.  If your share is valid, your account is credited for the value of that share within seconds.
  • PPLNS - Alternative payment method to PPS.  Unhoppable rewards split similar to proportional.  Offers a lower fee than PPS, for users that don't mind variance.
  • Block TX Fees - Block transaction fees are split with PPLNS users, reducing the effective fee compared to some other pools.
  • Orphan Blocks - Both payment methods (PPS + PPLNS) pay users for orphan blocks, something no other PPLNS offers at this time.
  • Automatic Payouts - Receive payouts automatically when they hit your threshold.
  • Full precision payouts - Get all 8 decimals of your balance transferred when you request a manual payout.
  • On-demand payouts - Request your balance be paid to your wallet at any time by clicking the Request Payout button on the My Account page (minimum 0.1).

BTC Guild offers both "Pure" Pay-per-Share (PPS) and Pay-per-Last-N-Shares (PPLNS).  With PPS, every share you submit is worth a fixed amount based on the current difficulty.  With pure PPS, the pool assumes all risk of bad luck/variance and orphaned blocks.  Regardless of how bad the luck is, you will make roughly the same amount every single day (only changing when difficulty changes).  We assume all the risk of block finding variance, and will purchase additional BTC to meet our liabilities if we have not found enough blocks to make payouts.

With PPLNS, users have a lower fee option if they are okay with the downside (or upside) of variance.  PPLNS is offered at a 3% fee, but also pays orphaned blocks and transaction fees, reducing the effective fee to ~1.5%.  PPLNS is a unhoppable reward method, with payments very similar to proportional.  Current settings use 30 million for "N", meaning every time a block is found, the last 30 million shares (10 completed shifts of 3 million shares each) are paid.  A share can receive multiple payments before it "expires".  PPLNS has variance, but is not quite as bad (on a per-round/shift basis) as what you would experience under Proportional, Score, or some DGM solutions.

To point your miner at the pool, you can use the following (examples for poclbm and Diablo):
poclbm.exe -d1 --port=8332 --user=[username]_[workername] --pass=[anything] -b -o -r 8332 -u [username]_[workername]

Detailed instructions and download links for GUIMiner and CGMIner can be found on our Support Section.

Stratum Mining
Stratum servers offer fewer stales, better performance, and significantly reduced bandwidth for miners.

To connect directly to a stratum server, you can connect to for US servers, or for our EU server (Germany).  Getwork based servers will provide X-Stratum redirects to users that continue connecting through other IP/port ranges.

Workers can be moved between PPS and PPLNS payment methods on the fly through the Manage Workers page.  The only requirement is that your workers are connected to a Stratum server.

Visit our IRC channel on to chat with other members or the pool operator (Eleuthria): #btcguild
12  Bitcoin / Mining / The Future of Mining on: February 13, 2013, 01:58:35 AM

I for one welcome our new terahash ASIC-powered overlords.
13  Economy / Marketplace / Requesting Input from Sellers - New Trading Platform on: January 30, 2013, 01:31:40 AM
I am looking to receive some input from users who sell goods [physical or digital] for Bitcoins here on the forums or elsewhere.  I have a new project in the works, attempting to put together a strong sales platform that is easy to approach from both the buyer and seller side for goods.  While the simple comparison would be eBay/Amazon but with Bitcoins, we all know there are certain aspects of Bitcoin which require special attention when putting together a trading platform.

There have been a few attempts at such a platform, but most have failed to capture any decent market, either due to poor interfaces, poor seller tools, lack of features, or lack of available product.  A lack of vendors means nobody bothers to look at the site.  A lack of buyers makes the process of selling feel like a wasted effort.

While very little is set in stone, there are a few features that have already been decided on to begin the project:

Feature: Escrow at no additional fee.  Escrow will be through the website, which is backed by my main Bitcoin project: BTC Guild.  BTC Guild has generated and paid approximately 1 million BTC since its inception, and has shown a history of strong security.  The buyer will be the one to decide if an escrow is to be used for the sale.
Reason: Forced escrow paired with tracking requirements will reduce the ease of a scammer using the platform to make significant gains before running.

Feature: Forced feedback from buyers.  Buyers will be required to leave feedback on completed transactions before they are able to place too many orders.
Reason: This eliminates the problem of sellers feedback only showing a small fraction of their overall history, and the ability for somebody to place many orders and claim what they received wasn't what they ordered among many different merchants.

Feature: Tracking/Delivery Confirmation required on all US-based sales.  If tracking is not included, positive feedback will not be displayed under your easily visible score.
Reason: This both ensures that buyers are able to identify the status of their order, and provides a limit on sellers being able to inflate their feedback.  Tracking information will be scraped for destination cities, which will be used as one of many criteria to determine if a seller is producing fake orders in order to fake trustworthy status.

Feature: Package verification insurance.  For an additional fee, buyers or sellers will be able to pay to have a package shipped to a trusted partner [initially myself] first.  The trusted partner is authorized to open the package and check the contents to verify that the item matches what was ordered.  Upon verification that the item matches the order, the package will be forwarded to the buyer.
Reason: On high dollar items such as computer components, this service provides peace of mind for both parties.  The buyer knows that the seller isn't shipping a USB cable in place of what they ordered.  Alternatively, the seller knows that they won't face an escrow dispute where the buyer is able to make off with a free $200+ item.

Feature: JSON push notifications for sellers.  Seller accounts can enter a callback URL which is notified whenever a listing has completed.
Reason: Some sellers utilize many platforms simultaneously for sales.  Push based notifications will allow advanced sellers to adjust inventory or remove listing from other platforms automatically immediately after a sale is completed.

Feature: Mass listing/editing API.  Sellers will be able to feed listing information to the platform, remove listings automatically, and edit pricing on fixed price listings through a JSON based API.
Reason: Similar to push notifications allowing a seller to adjust their listings on other platforms, the platform will also allow sellers to use their own custom solutions to edit listings on all platforms including this one.

Other pieces are being considered [or possibly omitted from this post].  The point of this post is to find out what killer features merchants feel a platform of this nature needs in order to fit their business.  Additionally, I am looking for larger sellers who may be interested in utilizing this platform in its infancy.  Send me a PM if you would like extra information.
14  Bitcoin / Mining / New Mining Protocol Proposal on: September 10, 2012, 08:06:21 PM
After hinting at this for months on BTC Guild, I have released a full spec of the new mining protocol I have been working on with ArtForz.

If you are a mining software developer or pool operator, please take a look at the new spec, and give any feedback/suggestions if you have them.  It is not yet set in stone, though we've gone to great lengths trying to keep it as trim as possible while providing all the features miners expect out of mining software these days.  We've also added some server management features that can greatly assist pools for load balancing and maintenance restarts.
15  Bitcoin / Mining software (miners) / New Mining Protocol Proposal - "Infinite" Scaling, Low Overhead on: September 10, 2012, 07:18:55 PM
Now that slush has released more details on  his proposal, I am withdrawing my proposal.  They accomplish the same thing, and do it in the same way, with the only material differences being data order and encapsulation (JSON vs Plaintext command verbs).  Since slush has released an open source proxy AND poold proof of concept, I am going to adopt his proposal.  Since our methods were so similar, doing so will only require a few hours of rewriting my syntax.

Mining software developers:  Please begin working on native mining support!  This is sorely needed by the network.  It reduces overhead to a fraction of what we have today, and scales infinitely.  No matter how fast you are, the data overhead will not grow using the new protocols.


Slush is preparing an announcement for a similar protocol, but has not yet posted complete details.  The two protocols are extremely similar (the main differences are the command names), in that they accomplish the same goal with almost identical methods.  I would highly recommend any mining software developers to begin implementing the protocol I've specified below, simply because the documentation is already available.  Once slush posts his protocol specification, I will withdraw this proposal and support his unless there is a significant difference in the details.  

However, if you start working on implementing my protocol proposal into a mining software package, adapting it to slush's is likely to be a few minutes of work changing command names and the order of data being sent/received.  We don't need two competing protocols, but there's also no reason to hold back starting development since the basic structure is the same no matter which one ends up being adopted.

Over the last few months, I have been working with ArtForz to address the issues with the current getwork based protocol method for pooled mining.  As chips are getting faster and faster, the overhead of the protocol is becoming obvious.  The ability to scale a pool with getwork cannot be solved by share difficulty, which only reduces the number of shares that need to be validated, not the amount of work being generated/sent.  Current getwork methods require multiple connections (since an LP connection is open and only used to wait for new work), and all work is request-based.

This new protocol corrects the issues, and would not require any change to the bitcoin standard, this would only affect pools and mining software that want to support it.

This new protocol uses a single TCP socket connection to stream data back and forth from a miner and the pool.  Work is pushed by the pool, rather than requested by the miner.  The pool providers the miner with the data needed to build it's own blocks, removing the work creation from the pool side, and pushing it to the miner, without requiring a local bitcoind.  It does this by forwarding the miner the coinbase of the pool, and the merkle branch list required to build a merkleroot, and the remaining items needed to put together a block header.

One major change however, is this new protocol also delegates a portion of the "ExtraNonce" portion of the coinbase to the miner to be adjusted locally.  The protocol allows the pool to specify the ExtraNonce portion it wants to delegate to the miner.  An example of 4 bytes would provide miners with 4 billion times more work than a single getwork currently provides.  Extending the ExtraNonce delegation to 8 bytes provides an additional 4 billion times more work than 4 bytes.  Changing this value only increases the overhead of miner submissions by the number of bytes extended to the miner.

The following is a breakdown of all currently defined commands in the new protocol:
  • Login
    • LOGIN_MESSAGE - Initial string sent by server, 'Message of the Day' type message
    • LOGIN,<username>,<password> - Login from client to server.  If no password, end after username (no comma)
    • RECONNECT,<token>,<username>,<password> - Reconnect string in case of disconnect, to avoid loss of work association.
    • INVALIDLOGIN - Sent from server to client when credentials don't match known user.
  • Server Connection Messages
    • SERVERRESTART,<wait> - Message from server to client indicating that the server will be rebooting.  Optional 'wait' to identify time to wait before reconnecting, in seconds.
    • REDIRECT,<address>,<port> - Message from server to client requesting the client connect to a different server.  Can be sent at any time.
  • Server Settings Messages
    • DIFFICULTY,# - Minimum difficulty the pool will accept from connection.  Can be changed dynamically.  # is difficulty in 2^x notation (2^32 = difficulty 1).
    • EXTRANONCEBYTES,# - How many bytes of ExtraNonce the miner can adjust locally.  Not adjusted after initial connection.
    • TOKEN,# - Token used to reconnect a lost session with the server.  32-bit Unsigned Integer.
  • Share Submissions
    • SUBMIT,<WorkID>,<ExtraNonce>,<Nonce> - Client submission of share to server.  WorkID is sent as number.  ExtraNonce and Nonce are sent in hex.
    • SHARE,ACCEPT - Server accepted the share
    • SHARE,REJECT,<reason> - Server rejected the share.  Reason is sent as plaintext.  Standard messages: LOWDIFFICULTY, STALE, BADTIME, DUPLICATE, UNKNOWN
  • New Work (all of the following come in one message)
    • NEWDATA (Sent as plaintext) - Signal of new work from server
    • ABORTWORK (Sent as 0 or 1) - 0 means this is just a work update, the client can finish its current hashing before updating.  1 signals a new block and old work should be aborted.
    • WORKID (sent as #) - ID of the work, used for matching the proper server data to the share submissions.  32-bit unsigned integer.
    • PREVBLOCKHASH (Sent as hex string) - Hash of the previous block on the network
    • NBITS (Sent as hex string) - nBits used for hashing work
    • CURTIME (Sent as hex string) - Current time to begin for work generation
    • COINBASE1 (Sent as hex string) - Raw transaction data for first half of coinbase.  Client appends ExtraNonce to this string
    • COINBASE2 (Sent as hex string) - Raw transaction data for the rest of the coinbase.
    • NBRANCH (Sent as #) - How many branches of the MerkleRoot are being sent.  If 0, no more data is sent and coinbase is the MerkleRoot.
    • BRANCHES (Comma separated hex strings) - Merkle Root branches, starting at the bottom and working to the top.

   Example communication (S = Server, C = Client)

S: LOGIN_MESSAGE,Welcome to BTC Guild!
C: LOGIN,eleuthria_fpga
S: NEWDATA,0,129,699dca00fc6490967a1c68b36c2a82e26b18fa20e868f01ac902000000000000,1a06dfbe,8e334550,01000000010000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000ffffffff0a040000000104,ffffffff0170995f2c0100000043410456579536d150fbce94ee62b47db2ca43af0a730a0467ba55c79e2a7ec9ce4ad297e35cdbb8e42a4643a60eef7c9abee2f5822f86b1da242d9c2301c431facfd8ac00000000,10,bef55fb7ccc8440a1e7ce9074597705d5102de8d7de817a21cf6a56dcb315df3,c6b9a65168ed2463bcbd05f3a06c3dc20463e3f895c26144e26d644aeb216fcb,580cff4642d62c84901e77d97d964930a3fd808b8a8eecee92e54f25c3248987,4ffcfe8121cbafea9afbd63d796aeb195ef5c37120ec7976f9eb2270280afa96,522d9ae8fed0f7161007d0e0308460112d0af64ac5ab9a13d9457cbce15b8047,1b63da8c29fe5278e4e2f276f34c99cec6d8e0a3510629a7487dc66ad5450a8b,77d77bbd3ad69ad9c0c090212f995b70a5bd83fe15666d0e1d53af83448c5f1e,bce06954e8f33eeb761542e911f63898ce0e5e3128401b8c11f5f5e52b8cb7f1,0d506f82a03bb996181c428bb5910a695f02d49ae573930e215d2626ff265100,6ffe998be56d7ac12415da1c445443a05a5d50a243e6b37c6477131c75af4eb9
C: SUBMIT,129,00000001,abcdef12
C: SUBMIT,129,00000001,21fedcba
C: SUBMIT,129,00000005,419be9cf
C: SUBMIT,129,00000005,419be9cf
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C: SUBMIT,130,00000003,ab123456

I would like to work with any mining software developers who want to support this.  I will be providing a proxy that allows old mining software to connect to a pool already running this new protocol in the next few days.  However, there is already a pool running this new protocol, so I will happily provide information on it to any mining software developer so they can begin.
16  Economy / Long-term offers / [SOLD] Selling: BitcoinMax Account Balance (partial sales possible) on: August 22, 2012, 05:24:21 AM

I'm selling my BitcoinMax account balance at 60% of the face value.  Since there are only a few people around that might be willing to buy the account outright, I am looking to sell portions of the balance.  If pirate (and BitcoinMax) pay the coins, I will forward the balances owed to buyers within 12 hours (within minutes if it happens while I'm awake and my alerts go off).  Send me a PM or respond to this thread with the amount you want to buy.  I will keep the thread updated with the currently promised amounts (censored username if requested), and remaining balance as portions are sold.
17  Economy / Goods / [WTS] Magic the Gathering (and other card game) Booster Packs on: July 02, 2012, 03:02:11 AM
I'm trying to unload some old inventory from my used game store, and have started going through some of the side items I had purchased for the store when I ran into my boxes of card game booster packs which I was using to try to spur some extra repeat business.  I'm selling the following packs (brand new/sealed):

12x Magic The Gathering: Mirrodin Besieged
34x Magic The Gathering: 2011 Core Set
5x Magic The Gathering: New Phyrexia
25x Magic The Gathering: Scars of Mirrodin
8x Pokemon Black & White (Original set, includes some type of online code)

Current asking prices (no shipping charged for orders over 5 packs):
0.5 BTC for a Magic: The Gathering pack (0.4 BTC per pack if you order more than 10)
0.5 BTC for a Pokemon pack (0.4 BTC per pack if you order all 8 )
0.5 BTC shipping if ordering less than 5 packs.

I also have World of Warcraft, Dragon Ball Z, Magic Nation, and Yu-Gi-Oh! booster packs which have not been sorted through yet.  Please let me know if you're interested in any of those.

Packs will be shipped First Class USPS with tracking provided.  International shipping can be negotiated, though tracking will not be available due to how much extra it costs to add that to USPS mail.

OTC/Trust Rating:  I do not have any OTC/WOT ratings, but I have been running one of the largest mining pools for the last year [see signature links].
18  Other / Beginners & Help / BTC Guild - [PPS Merged Mining Pool] Newbie Thread on: May 10, 2012, 08:44:19 AM
This thread is a copy of our primary thread in Mining -> Pools, so that newbie users can ask questions if they run into any problems with our pool.

BTC Guild -

  • Pure PPS - We pay a fixed rate per share, period.  There is no buffer, there is no limit based on good/bad luck.  If your share is valid, your account is credited for the value of that share almost instantly.
  • Merged Mining - Earn Namecoins and Bitcoins at the same time without any reduction in your BTC earnings.
  • Long-polling support, reducing the number of stale shares if your miner supports it.
  • SSL security - Our website forces all connections to be carried out through HTTPS.
  • Automatic Payouts - Receive payouts automatically when they hit a certain threshold (full BTCs only).
  • Full precision payouts - Get all 8 decimals of your balance transferred when you request a manual payout.
  • On-demand payouts - Request your balance be paid to your wallet at any time by clicking the Request Payout button on the My Account page (minimum 0.1).
  • No invalid blocks - PPS Guild is Pure PPS.  You get paid a fixed rate per valid share.  If a block is later invalid/orphaned, your earnings aren't affected.

BTC Guild is a Pure Pay-per-Share pool.  This means that every valid share you submit is always worth a fixed amount, based on the current bitcoin difficulty.  Each share is worth (1 / difficulty) * 47.5.  It is multiplied by 47.5 instead of 50 because we charge a 5% fee for Pure PPS.  This is because in a Pure PPS model, you assume no risk, and the only variance you will have is your luck on finding shares.  We assume all the risk of block finding variance, and will purchase additional BTC to meet our liabilities if we have not found enough blocks to make payouts.

To point your miner at the pool, you can use the following (examples for poclbm and Diablo):
poclbm.exe -d1 --port=8332 --user=[username]_[workername] --pass=[anything] -b -o -r 8332 -u [username]_[workername]
Detailed instructions for GUI Miner, cgminer, and ZTex's FPGA miner are available on our website.

Mining is enabled on Port 80 if you use or!
European and Asian users may prefer to connect to our Germany server:

Visit our IRC channel on to chat with other members or the pool operator: #btcguild
19  Economy / Trading Discussion / Mt.Gox - Skipping Sell Orders, or is it incorrect stats? on: February 23, 2012, 05:16:26 PM
I've had some sell orders placed ever since the price dived down.  Two orders of 10 BTC @ 4.9.  Not a big sell by any means.  But they were sitting there for over a week.

Today, the price is starting to recover.  The high for today (at this moment) is 4.92.  2 cents higher than my sell order, indicating that at some point there was a trade executed for 4.92, even though mine was not.  I understand how this can happen when people are trading during a spike/cliff period, where orders are queued for execution and new orders come in but due to being at the back of the queue the price goes above/below what it was before it reaches them.  But this is an order placed over a week ago.

Has anybody else noticed this happen recently?  And can ANYBODY explain why this would happen in the first place?
20  Economy / Services / Xen VPS Servers on: February 20, 2012, 07:32:13 PM
For those not aware, I am the owner of BTC Guild.  My experiences handling the servers for BTC Guild all this time have led me into branching out into other avenues, including the hosting of VPS Servers.  I have been working with the administration/billing software for the last few months, and had a few alpha testers along the way, and I'm now ready to offer servers publicly to another group of users.  Since this is a new offering, I'm providing discounted prices for all current plans.

Servers are hosted in Chicago, IL at ServerCentral on a 1 gbps link.  Virtual servers are restricted to 25-50 mbps depending on plan size, to avoid anybody overloading the network for anyone else.  All servers are running on 2x Xeon E5345 (QC 2.33 ghz), with RAID 10 10k rpm hard drives for high drive throughput and data security.

The following UNMANAGED plans are currently available.  BTC prices are 'locked' as long as the daily average exchange rate does not move more than 15% up or down.  When you setup your server, I will email you the monthly BTC price, and the USD equivalent range that it applies to:

256 MB Plan (1.4 BTC or 6 USD) - 256 MB RAM, 10 GB HD Space, 100 GB Bandwith, 25 mbps, 1 CPU core
512 MB Plan (2.1 BTC or 9 USD) - 512 MB RAM, 25 GB HD Space, 300 GB Bandwith, 30 mbps, 2 CPU cores
768 MB Plan (2.8 BTC or 12 USD) - 768 MB RAM, 40 GB HD Space, 600 GB Bandwith, 40 mbps, 3 CPU cores
1024 MB Plan (3.7 BTC or 16 USD) - 1024 MB RAM, 60 GB HD Space, 1000 GB Bandwith, 50 mbps, 4 CPU cores

Operating systems include: CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, ArchLinux, Slackware, Fedora, Gentoo.  Multiple versions are available for most operating systems, including the option of 32-bit or 64-bit distributions.  You can reinstall the operating system at any time through the control panel provided with your server.

As with most other VPS services, you must agree to our terms of service and acceptable use policy:

1) You may not use our services for the distribution or sale of any content/merchandise that is illegal within the United States of America, or the city of Chicago, IL.  This includes bittorrent software and bittorrent tracking services.
2) You may not upload material that infringes on copyright, intellectual property, or trademark rights.
3) Phishing and SPAM are strictly prohibited.  Any servers caught in either activity may be immediately suspended without notice or refund.
4) You are responsible for all activities your server is involved in, whether made by you or somebody else that can access of the server.
5) We are not liable for loss of any damage or loss of data.  You are responsible for your own offsite backups.
6) Excessive use of CPU, bandwith, or hard drive activity may result in the termination of your account.  This includes activities such as bitcoin mining, peer to peer file networks, denial-of-service software, etc.  A server found abusing the resources given will first be throttled and warned.  If abuse of hardware continues, I reserve the right to terminate services without refund.
7) You are responsible for the security of your servers.  If your servers are compromised, you will still be held responsible for any breaches to the above terms.

If you are interested or have any questions about these services, please contact me either through forum private messages, or  If you have questions which you believe may be relevant to other forum members, feel free to post it publicly.
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