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1  Economy / Collectibles / [WTS] STRATIS Fine Silver .999 Ltd Ed 100 Coins only Minted by Kremnica Slovakia on: May 10, 2017, 06:01:21 AM

(No.1 No.2 and No.100 reserved)

 Please see link to tweet that has full size image of picture and certificate.

I will personally visit Kremnica Mint to collect the Silver Coins and take photos.   These beautiful Stratis pure Silver Coins are going to be the best ever seen in crypto.   Making these Stratis coins the most desirable and collectible coins ever made in this Cryptocurrency space.

Silver is .999/1000 pure Silver,  to a national currency standard.

Size will be 40mm  (so 10mm smaller than the replica coins)

Weight 31g

Packaging round, top quality plastic capsule.

will be   to:

 Europe  0.042   BTC

 and  worldwide  0.043 BTC

  (inc P&P)

The coins will be available by the end of June (approx).

People who bought the Replica coin have 7 days from now to contact me with payment to keep the number they reserved, if no payment is made within 7 days your number will be made available.

Coins Reserved for those who bought replica here >
These numbers are reserved for 5 days from now 10th May.  After 15th May, coin numbers will be open to anyone who pays for them.

To reserve your coin and number.  

Please send payment to: 19xbU4iJoQEH23X6kARoNU8CuAtundaFu2

With your Name , Address and Contact number (as coins will again, need to be signed for, contact number helps coin get delivered)

IMPORTANT: Please do so by sending me DM here with following details.

1- Full Name
2 - Full Address
3 - Contact number for delivery guy in case you are not home
4- Bitcoin Transaction ID and screen shot of payment.

I will add your name and number here.   Many thanks.
2  Economy / Collectibles / [WTS} STRATIS Limited Edition Collectible coins only 100 Minted on: January 19, 2017, 02:54:04 PM
The moment you have all been waiting for..... See video of coin below.

*Hard to photo text on shinysurface, will look much crisper in hand.

How to Purchase

Please send 200 Stratis if you live in Europe
Please send 250 Stratis rest of the world (extra for postage)


Once you have sent payment. DM me here, with your Transaction key.
Please also include your address for me to send coin to.

(i note down people who have paid and their address on spreadsheet)

And thats it.   Smiley

Hot off the press and in hand in a few weeks from now ETA 10th March

STRATIS Physical, Limited Edition, Collectible Coins.  
Only 100 minted all individually numbered.

(these are NOT the Silver coins, those will be made later, still in talks with suppliers)

Free postage within Europe.
Postage only 3 Euros to rest of the world per coin
(postage reduced if ordering more than one)

This "Futuristic" "Space Age" Design represents STRATIS and its Blockchain Solutions.
Now with added sandblasting finish to the Antique Silver side sections.

The edge of the coin has never before been seen in a Physical Crypto coin, a Beautiful and unique "Blockchain Edge"

The side have been finished in Antique Nickel plate, with an eye catching Shiny Nickel plating down the middle.
Nickel i was informed is much better to use than silver, as it does not get dull or tarnish, therefore coin
will look beautiful for many years to come and the sand blasting gives a beautiful inside finish.

The front sides Design represent the transactions on the blockchain and the middle proudly displays the STRATIS logo.

The back has the 3 founding logos of STRATIS. Test, Develop and Deploy.
Overall the spirit and essence that is the mighty STRATIS has been forever captured in this stunning Coin.

Size is 50mm wide  and 3.5mm Thick!

There are only 100 that will ever been minted, please reserve your number below.

*NOTE: For the moment only 1 per customer.

Payment to be made in Stratis

Only 200 Stratis per coin includes postage costs to europe
250 stratis for rest of world, outside of Europe

*note. There is the thread for 100 pure silver coins, here >,26.0.html
so those of you who post here and want same number you reserved for the Pure silver coins, i can reserve it for you here also.

NOTE: Numbers/Names marked in red have been dispatched

Names in RED dispatched 31st March
Names in Purple Dispatch 2nd April

1. Felix (My Son)
2. Chris Trew, Stratis CEO  (Command in Chief ) (gets a freebie)

3. Khilone Paid and ADDRESS
4. Angry Seagul - PAID
5. Slugman  Andrew  PAID and ADDRESS  
6. Sindren Paid and ADDRESS  
7. BadAssx PAID and ADDRESS [/b]

8. Chees Paid with address  (sending wed)

9. deraleek  PAIDand ADDRESS    
10. Hybridsole(ship with miner jones) PAID

12. DomainGeek PAID wth ADDRESS
13. BrainStorage PAID  and ADDRESS
14. Krushang PAID and ADDRESS

16. Maicol792  PAID and ADDRESS  
17. MinerJones PAID
18. bitcoin aliens paid address
19 Tweetious  PAID  and ADDRESS
20. Pyatr PAID with address

21. Gildwic PAID with address (post wed)
22. Maicol792 PAID

23. Pharaoh Paid with address

24. DigiCoinUser  (Ship with Miner Jones)PAID
25. Kazadar    PAID with address

28. Duchess PAID with addresss

29. Manonym  PAID with Address + tel[/color]

30. Mitchell PAID and Address

33. ZombiesTv PAID with ADDRESS
34. Revelacaogr paid with address
35. Chronicsky  PAIDand ADDRESS  

36. Buckrogers  PAID SHIPPED  11th April

37. Bailo PAID

38. Mrs Miner

40. Poloherb   PAID

41. Branduardi PAID with address
42. Hagie  PAID with ADDRESS
43. Gomen PAID with address  (and 95)

47. PP PAID with address pistol pete

48 reserved PAID address.
49 BA Paid with address


52. BB reserved PAID With ADDRESS
53. BC reserved  Paid with address




65. Jack Paid with Address
66.  Mrs Jill Paid with Address

68. Alpho2k Paid
69. blk247 (sent with Krushangs coins) (he reserved 9 on silver coin also)
70. Digdug paid with address

75. 9090  PAID with address (Sending Wed)

77. Richard IOC paid with address (sent wed)

78. Bali Joe PAID with ADDRESS
79. Sunseeker PAID with ADDRESS[/b]

80. Ben PAID with address

93. Cosimo DeMedici  PAID

95. Syrush  PAID with address

96. Abiki. PAID

97. Funin thesun  PAID with ADDRES
98. Maphistas PAID and address

100.  Greenplastic. PAID with address

Those who reserved on the stratistalk page here >,26.0.html
and have not contacted me by the end of the month i will open up their numbers.

Note: Going to be middle/end of March when i receive new coins.

Please send 200 Stratis if you live in Europe
Please send 250 Stratis rest of the world (extra for postage)

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