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1  Other / Beginners & Help / Recovering an old corrupted wallet on: June 07, 2018, 02:49:31 AM
So I managed to recover an old wallet.dat file from around year 2011 from an old hard drive (faulty but functioning one). The size of the file is 112KB witch seems normal for wallet files
Unfortunate but it won't load into any bitcoint-qt wallet (tried old ones too), it won't salvage either.

When I open the file it really looks corrupted (not like typical wallet.dat) with random characters all over the place - small snipet of few first bytes in the quote.

pNbF mTŢT#b:JE5Jf^:J".ܳ鵯ɽeu=wٓj}ld[JgwQlbyۨ[ ցr $
n5@%B6G$J1'jd8Ֆj dSR{ɢ:8   W*}NX73 š2Ý拾P@8M, %5V(ҦqAL}|A<=>̛.39Oi)3!wJI1nߎ   mYbu
7W'p)*ֻf@FJm\*+ ,A: 5&K5 Hi83 {Φ gP!e-"Rgm;F~Gkw^΋9ڐw} r#mG-y5ƘLD >jd{VNm5/_97Q"܄Ug ] ifif-c*`AŗitOM5{>#$L+m   v
7: ن ?|>Άs`Ɖ}i C|}}2s87i,4YO2Lb 9tNf/I-@qFfVF$|]pOCz3,t3aݑ"3ktrPlw}N66(MYщݵzΤk>FS2fcnWBBc IXiLTꍭҔ<@/Wq!YqƷm5 fg$Z'/t3SG_qbpte3?F4+$xfw)]/{-%}wy}$)ox+u6`{yݳ{EFhWog{3~$a ?}(XeMaVl.UCU)X
|=;ddJu EL

The system at the time was either win XP or win 7, and I'm not sure if the drive was encrypted (probably not because i saw all other files (portion of them was corrupted too) ). There's possibility it was encrypted somehow on top of the wallet encryption ( I was a real smart ass at that time ).
What I tired
  • Various tools to extract private like "python keyhunter" and similar
  • find some patterns or similarities in encoding with hex editor (manualy)
  • search for magic numbers
  • Maybe something else
  • Tracking the transactions to/from this wallet by full node IP of the broadcast address and date(8/28/2011 last modified) but most trackers have data from 2013

I mean I don't really know how much of the coins left on that address.
So that would be a good start.

If anyone figures out how I could recover rest of the wallet I would share the wallet balance generously
2  Economy / Services / Faucet creation for your altcoin on: October 10, 2017, 01:51:21 AM
Altcoin faucet creation for your coin
for only 0.05 BTC or equivalent in your altcoin if it's traded in exchange
Faucet features:
  • Referral system (can be disabled)
  • Configurable payouts / interval
  • Proxy filter (Tor / proxy ip)
  • reCaptcha support
  • Configurable Ad slots  (top x2, left, right)
  • Automated payouts (send many every x mins)
  • Material design (your colors)
  • Address statistics (balance, referral count, referral commision, total paid)
  • Recent payouts logs
  • Tweet button
Additional features negotiable for saine price

Deployed on your server with running node and faucet wallet or can be connected to remote JSON-RPC via tls connection and configured by me ( or you )
Your domain
SSL support
Your branding / colors / icons / texts / links / ads / js miner etc
Source provided

Maintenance/support and feature updates included

Front end built in materialize
Backend nginx/node.js/mongoDB
Optimized for all devices

DeepOnion faucet:
LiteCoin faucet:
(*** Both faucets runs Coinhive js miner in background! ***)

Why would you need a faucet
  • Increased altcoin exposure
  • New user on boarding
  • More coin holders

Contact here via PM
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