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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Unique Uses for Alt Coins and Bitcoin as a Decentralized Password Manager on: September 25, 2021, 10:43:54 PM

Basically having a trusted Decentralized Password Manager AND Password Generator is important.........


This is a 2-Factor NEXUS Wallet Login Password and Tidecoin PRE-Quantum Wallet.dat OpenSSL ENC Fri-Manual

Tidecoin OpenSSL Command Line Encryption Instructions for Cloud Storage (Non-Post Quantum Encryption)  Also make sure Whole wallet Encryption is Enabled also!


Encryption Command using ChaCha20 Encryption

openssl enc -e -pbkdf2 -chacha20 -md sha512 -in /home/COMPUTER-NAME-HERE/TIDE.dat -out /home/COMPUTER-NAME-HERE/TIDE.dat.enc

Decryption Command using ChaCha20 Encryption

openssl enc -d -pbkdf2 -chacha20 -md sha512 -in /home/COMPUTER-NAME-HERE/TIDE.dat.enc -out /home/COMPUTER-NAME-HERE/TIDE.dat

Hopefully Son the OpenSSL and PQ-Clean Github will support Post-Quantum Encryption Algo for the OpenSSL .ENC function for files!

For Full list of Variables type in Command Line Terminal using CTRL T to start Terminal

openssl enc --help


For OpenSSL ENC function Passwords it is encouraged to use a generated Address from Tidecoin Wallet using the RipMd180 Encryption cypher to autogenerate the RANDOM Hash PASSWORD FOR US

Tidcoin Address


This TDC address is going to be the Base for our OpenSSL Encryption PassW*RD


JUst run it through a RANDOM amount of Times AND Combine

Combine with other RIPMD180 generated Tidecoin ADDRESSES or other Crypto-Currency Wallet addresses you use for MULTI-FACTOR Authentication

This is the MINIMUM Amount of Encryption to use for Encrypting and then uploading a Wallet.dat file into the Cloud Storage or Decentralized Storage Platforms like FileCoin ect...........Chia..........

So if we used Our Tidecoin Generated Wallet with A Message Label it will become a lot easier to manage...............the Password for our Wallet.Dat file

TNzm7L9YhMQh5zaP3TRRyxcsWhBWsMaATsTNzm7L9YhMQh5zaP3TRRyxcsWhBWsMaATsTNzm7L9YhMQ h5zaP3TRRyxcsWhBWsMaATsTNzm7L9YhMQh5zaP3TRRyxcsWhBWsMaATsTNzm7L9YhMQh5zaP3TRRyx csWhBWsMaATs

So we just created a RANDOM 5 repeat Password for our OpenSSL ENC function


TNzm7L9YhMQh5zaP3TRRyxcsWhBWsMaATsTNzm7L9YhMQh5zaP3TRRyxcsWhBWsMaATsTNzm7L9YhMQ h5zaP3TRRyxcsWhBWsMaATsTNzm7L9YhMQh5zaP3TRRyxcsWhBWsMaATsTNzm7L9YhMQh5zaP3TRRyx csWhBWsMaATs

This is What is used to Set-Up 2 Facotor Nexus Password AND Pin Also

The NEXUS Wallet Username MUST be easy to remember as it's CaSe sEnSiTivE

However Remember this will TIE Permentantly your NEXUS wallet to a 2-Factor Authentication using your Tidecoin Generated Address if we used the same TDC coin Password for our NEXUS Login Password AND Pin

The only way to break the Tidecoin Wallet.dat file providing the Nexus Password is to Create a New Nexus Wallet and send the NEXUS to a Fresh Wallet this will break the Permenent Tidecoin Wallet.dat file from your NEXUS Login Password AND Pin

If you add MULTI-Factor using Tidecoin And BTC/NMC than it would be something like





TDC Address Random Amount of Times RIPMD180 x 5


BTC/NMC Address Random Amount of Times RIPMD180 x 5



BTC/NMC Address Random Amount of Times RIPMD180 x 5


TDC Address Random Amount of Times RIPMD180 x 5

MD180 x  5 =  900 Bit Long Password

After Encryption for 2-or More Onion Layers using Multi-TDC or BTC/NMC RIPMD180 Addresses for MULTI-FACTOR encryption

If your worried about torture to unfold your pass key, using MULTI-Facotor is the only way to not divulge the Key Pass.........

As once The Torture begins it's simple not possible for the Mind to Even Process it anymore as it is a matter of Stress level which cannot be achieved under torture conditions to produce the password Sequence.................................

thanks to Vlad2Vlad

Maybe someone or other noticed that the "Entry" or Tidecoin Wallet.dat requires unique way to access it...............

Vlad2Vlad sparked the idea of using Namecoin..........Basically Namecoin allows using easy to REMEMBER .bit human readable names for our First Hop Onion Encryption

Basically the idea is Namecoin Explorer and search our Human Readable .Bit domains.....

These domains don't even need to be ours to use it can be a combination of some others

Doing a search for Army

This lists all the record updates for this entry.........

The Name_New Transaction is all encoded into the Blockchain............

Here it shows the RipMD180 Address that we can use for our Password Base for our OpenSSL ENC Password

Basically we can choose from 3 different RipMD180 addresses from 2 different d/Army Namecoin .Bit entries

We could basically use the Transaction ID or Input Scripts or RipMD180 Name Coin Addresses

Obviously it can be as simple or complex as desired!

It's not hard to throw in !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! into passwords also or HuhHuhHuhHuhHuhHuhHuhHuhHuh?   

It's all a personal preference

2  Other / Politics & Society / HOW MANY TRANNIES, LADY BOYS, HOMOS, GIRLY BOYS, COULD YOU TAKE ON AT ONCE? on: November 24, 2017, 02:44:49 AM
Well, Imagine civilization going dim you are one of the few surviving alpha males left on planet earth, the Tranny apocalypse has devoured the whole earth and they are looking to finish off the last remaining pockets of true biological identity left.

You are in the wild and get jumped by a pack of Transvestites looking to rape you, How many could you fight off at once?

You are scouting a deserted town looking for supplies, all the large cities have long become desolate due to the plagues.  When suddenly a pack of Transvestites with Google Glass pop up out of a hidden bunker with handcuffs and rope to try to tackle you down.  How many could you take on at once?

3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Khatam-Al-Anbia Air Defense Base Coin..................NEW ALGO.......Techno Air on: August 03, 2017, 05:12:27 AM
Come Join the party help fortify your very own Air Defense Base...................

Techno-AIR Algo


4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / ALTERNATIVE DESIGN FOR INTEGRATED GPU/CPU IN-WALLET MINER! on: January 03, 2017, 05:52:37 PM
Can someone create a crypto-currency with an integrated GPU/CPU miner GUI built into it along with like pool mining like Bytecoin but with also integrated GPU mining?

Preferably 512 or 1024 bits as sha-256 is for 32 bit computers not 64 bit computers.

If someone could also develop it based upon the mining algo that would be what I am looking for. 

Maybe Ideally an integrated miner using a Sha-3 Keccack and or Skein as in Nexus Sha-3, but build in the Prime Gap generation into the algo hashing. 

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