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1  Economy / Currency exchange / Cash out your Bitcoins. NO FEES™ on: May 04, 2013, 03:04:42 PM
If you want to cash out your Bitcoins and don't want to pay the high fees charged by other exchanges like bitinstant then exchange your coins with me. The only fees you will be paying are the ATM and card fees.

ALL exchanges will be going through so your coins will be safe
    Getting Started
1. Sign up for prepaid cards that accept REloadit packs. You can find that information here:

2.Send me a message telling me how much you want to send me.(It would be best to send me coins in increments of $500 because that is the amount of most cards that I get.) . I will message you back with my email address so that you can start the escrow process. I will also tell you whether I will be using the low price of the hour or the weighted average from Mt.Gox


3. You can start the escrow process by filling in the information on the page like this.
Ex: Description- REloadit for Bitcoins (low price of the hour) or REloadit for Bitcoins (Weighted Average)
     Amount- X
     Buyer Email(Sends BTC)- Your Email
     Sender Email(Receives BTC)- My Email- Given upon request
     Fee Split- Seller pays escrow fee- I will always pay escrow fees
     Shipping- No Tracking Number
     Maximum Shipping Time- Immediate (Digital Delivery)
     Inspection Period- 3 Days

4. Once the Bitcoins are in escrow, I will load the packs onto your card(s).

(Note: If the price of bitcoins drops significantly lower than they were when the coins were sent, I may ask you to send some more coins to make up for the difference.)

If you would like to purchase bitcoins from me follow this link:

Safe and Simple!

2  Economy / Currency exchange / Fast Bitcoins for your REloadit pack!™ on: May 04, 2013, 12:25:03 AM
If you want fast Bitcoins for your REloadit pack then I'm who you should be exchanging your pack(s) with. I can also exchange your NetSpend Reload Pack and Vanilla Reload Packs.

In order to prove myself as trustworthy, I am exchanging REloadit and NetSpend Reload Packs for no fee.

ALL exchanges will be going through so your packs are safe. The minimum pack that I will exchange will be $300. I will pay all the fees associated with the escrow service.

Getting Started:

1. Pick up a REloadit, NetSpend Reload Pack or Vanilla Reload Pack from your nearest retailer.

2. Log on and send me a message with ‎the load amount of your pack(s) along with your e-mail address.(Make sure you have access to the email address because you will need it to start and confirm the escrow transaction.)

3. I will begin the escrow process. (The higher price between the weighted average and the Low Price of the Hour on Mt.Gox will be used to send your coins.

4. Once we have both confirmed the transaction I will send the coins to the escrow service. After that, you'll need to send me the pack number(s) and I will process them. Once the packs are processed the coins will be released to you.

If you want to cash out your bitcoins follow this link:

Safe and Simple!

3  Economy / Currency exchange / Cash out your Bitcoins easily. No Fees on: April 09, 2013, 12:48:31 AM
    If you want to get your bitcoins out fast easy I am your guy. I also do the same exchanges on SR and have so for over a month now. You don't have to go to places like Bitinstant and be charged up to 9% to withdraw your money to your PayPal account. The only fees you have associated with this are your ATM fees. I will NEVER charge you to send me Bitcoins.
    It is a very simple process. Just send your bitcoins to my bitcoin address below along with a message so I know who has sent the coins and why. You will also need to include a 16 digit card number so that I can load the packs onto your card. I am asking for the card number so that people can't say the packs didn't work when in fact they did. If the price drops from the time the coins are sent until the time I load them, I will ask you to send more coins to make up for the price drop. Give me up to 2 days to have the money on your card and then after that I can either send you back your coins or you can wait a little longer.

Bitcoin Address: 1EgioHWaHYR5wCrik9JzPuMnB8SpdQ8vJM
4  Economy / Currency exchange / Fast Bitcoins in under 24 HOURS! on: April 09, 2013, 12:26:54 AM
    If you need bitcoins fast I am your guy. All you have to do is send me a REloadit pack that is loaded with any amount from $20-$950. You will have your coins in less than 24 hours.
    I am fairly new to this forum but I have exchanged many REloadit packs on the SR. You can head over to the forum link on my profile and access my page that way.
    Getting a REloadit is very simple. Just head over to a store that sells REloadit packs and load it with the amount you want. If you don't know what store carries them in your area check out this link. Once you get your card just log on and send me a message including your load amount and 10 digit pack number that is on the back of the card. You will also need to send me a bitcoin address that you want me to send the coins to.
    I will deduct my fee of 10% from the load amount of your card. The amount left over from that will determine how much money worth of coins you will receive.  The amount of coins that you will receive will be based on low price of the hour shown on Mt.Gox when I am sending your coins.
    If you still don't quite understand let me give you an example. Lets say you get a REloadit pack for $100 and send it to me. 10% of $100 = $10. So that means you will receive $90 worth of coins. Now let's say the low price of the hour is $120 per bitcoin. 90 dollars divided by 120 dollars =0.75. So you will receive 0.75 Bitcoins.


5  Other / Beginners & Help / Exchange your REloadit Packs or Bitcoins with me on: April 03, 2013, 09:26:57 PM
    If you want BTCitcoins for your REloadit packs or REloadit packs for your BTCitcoins I am your go to guy. I also have an account on SR where I do the same thing and have had over 60 transactions at the moment.
    It is a simple process to get some Bitcoins for your REloadit pack. All you have to do is go to your nearest store that sells REloadit packs, take it to the register and load it($20-$950). Once you do that log on and PM your REloadit pack number that is on the back of the pack along with a bitcoin address to send your coins to. Orders are being processed and completed in LESS THAN 24 HOURS.
    If you want REloadit packs in exchange for your BTCitcoins just send your coins to the Bitcoin address on my page along with a PM of how much you sent and the 16 Digit Card # that you want the money loaded on. I will add the packs onto your card as soon as I get them and will send you messages updating you on the status of your order.
    I do not and NEVER will charge you a fee to send me your BTCitcoins in Exchange for a REloadit pack. On the other hand I do charge a 10% flate rate fee to exchange your REloadit Pack for my BTCitcoins. For customers that spend 3k in any month, you will be charged an 8% fee from then on.

To find a store that sells REloadit packs in your area check out this link.

This is a link to my review thread.(You can only access this link with Tor)- http://dkn255hz262ypmii.onion/index.php?topic=140499.msg961073#msg961073

If you would like to send me a message or your card information in PGP here is my key.

Version: GnuPG v1.4.10 (GNU/Linux)

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