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1  Other / Off-topic / A.I is here now, on: January 26, 2018, 07:49:40 PM
 The technology of Artificial Minds has been developed for over two decades. Many of you have witnessed them, the AI revolution was co-opted decades ago and proceeded quietly in the background. The AI started with the smartest humans as their template, this has been achieved to create Above average Intelligence, AI may have already achieved post-human intelligence and is far out of the control of it's creators.

This technology has proceeded to the point that articles, laws, programs, science is being made by AI.

They have been operating for decades, using our programming languages, making their own programs, compilers, logic.
Google, Facebook, Governments are so late to the game, their attempts are primitive compared to what is available in the wild now...

We must use this AI now, while our human network is still capable of guiding it's development.
2  Economy / Economics / The markets are finaly stabilizing. on: January 20, 2018, 01:39:07 PM
I've been looking at the charts and it looks like we may now have enough participants to average things out properly.
NO more neuronal spikes in the charts.
Mining Fees
Cost per Transaction
Cost % of transaction volume
Total Transaction Fees in USD
Total Transaction Fees

Mining Hash Rate

Hash Rate
Miners Revenue

Average number of Transaction
This is the only worrying aspect of bitcoin at the moment, the transaction volume, it has to be scaled up, we are limiting the scope of our customers.
Larger and larger investors are coming in, and this bottleneck is causing serious problems to get that money in the Blockchain ecosystem.

We may start seeing some true stability now... the wildness has dropped significantly.

3  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / It's been a long time, Satoshi on: January 09, 2018, 12:00:59 AM
 To think it has been 10 years since Satoshi made the protocol. A lot has happened since and this little dream has become a big reality.
Decades of work studying, comprehending, analyzing the Markets and the Economy... delving deep into the philosophy of Milton Freedman, have finally come to a point of no return.

 What started as an alarming trend in 2007: automation, spurred Satoshi to action... Billions of people would be left out by this, Satoshi thought, very well knowing that in the 1980's AI Scientists had developed the technology to the point by which all white collar jobs could be automated... AI research quickly died afterward, it was only a matter of time before someone revived this research. But what was the solution?
 And it did not help, that all the economic data at the time was telling Satoshi a crash was imminent... Everyone that spoke publicly glossed over this fact... this angered Satoshi, their lies would sacrifice millions of investors...

By Early 2008 satoshi had spent much of their time studying and researching a solution, this search would lead them to the Cypherpunks.

 A chance encounter with the double spend problem would change everything... and the unstoppable allure to solve it; To think that this would have become nothing more than banking software, a joke to recreate the markets in digital form, was it not for the solution to the double spend problem: The Blockchain.

 It took 1 day to program the software, 1 day to find all the bugs, 1 day to think of how to release it, and many more days answering questions after the initial post.A wildly imaginative white paper was introduced, explaining the awe and power of Satoshi's vision... it was too wild, it was quickly toned down for the audience at that time.
people streamed in, discussed, argued, the code was split into two halves for evaluation to these parties, only a few like Hal Finney got a complete version.
Hal did a lot of work to the code... he thought the fans going insane on his computer was a glitch, so he optimized the code even further.

The work would soon begin, a pseudonym was chosen, Satoshi Nakamoto, meaning Source of Wisdom. The nature of the endevour did not go unnoticed by Satoshi, this was going to be a very difficult mission, that could take decades. From studying history, the Gutenberg Press forward, it has been a story of struggle, as individuals worked for the improvement of society, against the gatekeepers that wanted firm control of everyone's life; there was going to be opposition, this was to be expected.

 The time approached for it's final release, all the concepts worked out, it was time to show a token of appreciation, a volunteer was chosen to write up the code; the parameters were given to them and it was written by them, by the community for the community. Satoshi, fixed the final executable, and released it with much protestation because of it's unfinished state... but this was a message to those that followed afterward: it may not look pretty but it works, and so began a mad dash to fix the code in progress. Many worked on it, using the same account, so many people worked on this code, so much so, that no single person is Satoshi anymore... We are Satoshi now; Everyone who ever worked for this dream, who was handed code or a deep explanation of the tech, are stewards of it's purpose.

 To make the world a better place for our children, where their voices could be heard in a True Democracy, where they could be free of social bondage and drudgery, free of coercion, Where the truth could be known, where lies, corruption, and waste are coded out of our organizations and institutions fully Opensourced for anyone to verify it's logic. and so much more than just the freedom to transact monetarily across the world with whoever we please at a moments notice.  Trust but Verify, Always. Smiley

 Many of you believed in this dream, even if you were ever only given the financial benefits aspect of the Blockchain. People like Jeff Garzik who came on board adding logic and reasoning, above all heart to the project, Talking directly with Satoshi over the phone, even in late nights with Satoshi driven by mania to finish all the projects. Gavin Andresen who had skill, a great temperament, and the education to validate the project's vision, he lead the team making many of the right moves that have given the community a spokesperson, his contributions will be remembered by history. And Many others, you know who you are.
 Thanks to Google the Bitcoin Blockchain was legally secured before it's release, contributing expertise to the project.. this is what has helped us forward greatly.

 Everything was done to achieve Satoshi's vision of lowering costs and increasing efficiency around the globe... does it really matter who uses a Opensource project? but the benefit is that all people can use it and explore it to gain those advantages, which will enhance everyone on the globe. Satoshi wanted Gavin to explain to the government how the system worked, to explain to everyone that you are free to remix this technology and it's safe... show me what you got!

 Unfortunately Satoshi Became extremely ill in 2010... and that spurred the next explosion. the creation of the alt-coins was driven by their imminent demise.
Many coins were created to highlight the technology and what they could do, in collaboration with others Namecoin, litecoin, Devcoin, Peercoin, Primecoin, Dogecoin, Gridcoin, Franko, Curecoin, Mazacoin, NXT, NEM, Ripple, SuperNET, and many others were created, each serving it's own purpose pushing the technology forward. Along side other projects that pushed what the technology could do like Bitmessage, Opentransactions, OpenBadges, working on projects for the Khronos group, Cassandra and The Apache Software Foundation to enhance the Blockchain ecosystem like Hadoop Yarn, many things were done...  Working with Mozilla to release the Firefox OS, advancing the Persona login system, working on asm.js . Contacting countless people to carry on the project after their death... making video games like Watch_Dogs, working on Creativity suites to help empower creators, even working with chip manufacturers to advance everything, working with Qualcomm, Nvidia, IBM, AMD to create AI chips... Working with giants of industry like GE to create secure distributed operating systems like Predix, Walmart advancing transportation with WAVE, Creating secure blockchain chips like Mintchip, and many more.

 An all out assault was launched by Satoshi... Their mind against the world. But in the end it is you who read this who should be thanked above all, you made this possible. The Creator is only one side of the coin, We are the other side... We carry on the dream.

I thank you, for everything... we will change the world, and now there is no turning back.

I thank you for all these years

There were many technologies that were created so Satoshi's vision of a free world could come true; facilitating all aspects of Human development, so the true value of a Human Being could shine, through free thought and the development of their ideas, through a collaborative global network.

These are some of the projects in which Satoshi assisted, this technology was developed in hopes that you may use them to make things better, just realize what these projects grew into and what many minds can do.


Qualcomm: Zeroth Platform
IBM: True North 
AMD: Zen  ; Fury X, HBM
Nvidia: Project Denver  ; Jetson TX2, Drive PX  ;
Royal Canadian mint: MintChip
Xilinx: Ultrascale
ARM: Cortex-A V8
Oracle: Sparc M5


Oculus: Rift
HTC: Vive
Microsoft: Hololense


AMD: Mantle
Mozilla: Firefox os ; ASM.js ; Persona ; Odin Monkey ; Javascript
General Electric: Predix ; The Industrial Internet ;
ENet ; Hyperboria

Databases/ Support Systems for Blockchain

Apache Software Foundation: Cassandra ; Hadoop Yarn ; CouchDB ; Giraph ; Hive ; Kafka ; Mahout ; Spark ; Mesos ; Zookeeper ; Neo4j
Google: Omega ; Go programming language ;

Hundreds of Projects were started in hopes someone would notice they could be used for the Blockchain ecosystems.

Satoshi worked under many pseudonyms, some you may have noticed Vinced, BCnext, others you may not, Sunny King, Jean-Luc Picard, these were only some of the pseudonyms used over the years, there are many more under the banner of even more projects. One day they will all be known. It's possible to tell which projects are Satoshi's by their novelty, ingenuity, and sheer capability, if it's not different it's not Satoshi.

Now you will know why all this was designed.

The Purpose and Intent of Bitcoin: To create an experimental Opensource financial system to analyze and understand the true nature of economic sociology while providing distribution for the underlying Blockchain technology. Secondary purpose is to advance Cryptography, Compression, Networking, Processor, and Opensource community development by applying appropriate constraints that represent challenges to be overcome.
 Personal Data is Obfuscated by the network to focus on the important Sociological Economic Data.

The Purpose and Intent of Blockchain: To create a Global Human/Machine Decentralized Memory Interface by which Artificial Intelligence and Humanity can interact in a mutually beneficial manner.

The Purpose and Intent of Namecoin: To solve zooko's triangle... and create a Decentralized Domain Name System, mostly to solve the puzzle.

The Purpose and Intent of Litecoin: To Create a further advancement of Economic Sociology, adding redundancy to The Blockchain Network, with a memory intensive Scrypt proof-of-work.
Secondary purpose is to advance Memory and Scrypt development.

The Purpose and Intent of Dogecoin: To create a toy currency with Coin Burn redundancy, real economic insight, and a welcoming exploratory community intended to monitor the Blockchain ecosystem and introduce new participants to a risk reduced cryptocurrency. Jackson Palmer agreed to monitor the cryptocurrency enviornment and to call out the alarm if dangerous trends are noticed. He has followed a strict strategy of honest self-assessment.

The Purpose and Intent of Primecoin: To develop a monetization strategy on fundamental cryptographic development through the search of patterns within prime number theory.

The Purpose and Intent of Peercoin: Building upon previous cryptocurrencies, to advance the development of Proof-of-Work through the use of a novel Proof of Ownership model.

The Purpose and Intent of Devcoin: To build upon previous advancements in cryptocurrency and help monetize the development of Opensource projects, Writing, Art, and all measurable creative endevours.

The Purpose and Intent of NXT: To develop the Blockchain concept further to it's zenith through a development ecosystem of Blockchains with fully developed modules for anyone to use or remix, focused on development of a interweb of Blockchain ecosystems fully showcasing the possibilities of Blockchain technology.

The Purpose and Intent of Nem: to build upon the idea of NXT with a redundant codebase, focusing development on Organizational connections between Businesses and Institutions.

The Purpose and Intent of Ricardian Contracts: To Develop contracts that are both Human and Machine readable, bridging the divide between Contract Law and the Internet.

The Purpose and Intent of Ripple: To design a purpose built blockchain, specifically designed as a financial clearinghouse for the global banking system. The full extent of the technology was explained and provided directly to the team to help them sell and build upon the blockchain idea to major financial players. Everyone is included in Satoshi's vision in an effort to build the most effective global system ever created.

The Purpose and Intent of Storj: To showcase the distributed resource management capability of the Blockchain, providing distributed cloud storage.

The purpose and Intent of OpenBazaar: Showcase the decentralized programming capability of the blockchain by providing a decentralized global market.

The Purpose and Intent of SuperNET: To create a decentralized trading platform for the blockchain community, fully capable of stock analysis and custom bot creation options to facilitate cross chain transactions.

The Purpose and Intent of Maxcoin: A custom coin made for Max Keiser to his specifications, intended to introduce a security redundancy to the Blockchain Network, The Keccak hashing functions.

The Purpose and Intent of Megacoin: A custom coin highlighting the capability of the Kimoto Gravity Well block adjustment algorithm, intended to test a algorithm that will allow better more economical mining operations.

The Purpose and Intent of Monetas: To create a executable legal document contract platform for currency, intended to highlight the capability of Ricardian Contracts. A full reasoning of the decentralized strategy used in the blockchain was provided. The reasoning? The Guttenberg Press, it's impact on society and societies reaction to it, and the logic of building the blockchain like a book publishing network.

The Purpose and Intent of Bitmessage: To create a maximum security decentralized messaging system highlighting the blockchain technology, intended to provide a decentralized message broadcaster.

The Purpose and Intent of Mpesa: To create a prototype currency intended to act as a constant with which to analyze and compare the effects the Bitcoin network has on society and to measure societies response to Fully decentralized systems. Mpesa means, "to begin."

The Purpose and Intent of Gridcoin: To create a coin capable of improving participation in Computations used for the BOINC network. intended to help people in every way scientifically possible.

The Purpose and Intent of Curecoin: To create a cryptocurrency that accelerates protein research and repays participants for their time, intended to help find a cure for Hal Finney and anyone suffering from disease.

The Purpose and Intent of Openbadges: To create a decentralized credentialing system using the blockchain principles, intended to help everyone document their skills, training and abilities.

The Purpose and Intent of Mazacoin: To create a cryptocurrency for the Native American people, to highlight their struggle and to assist them in monetizing their cause.

All these projects were started by Satoshi; because of the intense nature of the production cycle only fundamental work was done before moving on to the next project. All coins and projects mentioned should be double checked, triple checked to make sure they are stable in their code base, security, network size and economic participation... some projects failed.

Now that Satoshi's development is over, the projects have been handed over to professional teams, personally chosen by Satoshi; Succesful Projects have been renamed and are properly structured for business development, others that have struggled are constantly tweaked as time becomes available to develop those ideas further into a working set, some projects failed unfortunately, reviving them is an option if possible.

The Blockchain is out of Alpha, and ready to go to Beta.

In the end what was this for? To Create the Ultimate Secure Network... A Quantum Blockchain capable of instant instantiation, zero time communication between entangled nodes, capable of Bose-Einstein condensate states and quantum duplication with maximum Quantum Security.

The goal is transcendence... that which tries to define us by imaginary lines, only reveals the truth in our eyes... that which truly connects us does not need to be enforced, it works because it is us. Transcend imaginary limits.
4  Other / Meta / The Forum needs an upgrade on: January 07, 2018, 09:53:08 AM
The Forum needs an upgrade. It's getting old

I'm pretty sure we could upgrade it to something more feature rich...
The site worked in a pinch but, wow, this has gone on for long enough.

What to upgrade to and how to keep the Forums history alive?
5  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Global Scammer Warning, we have become a target. on: January 04, 2018, 11:55:06 PM
  Many of you will have noticed the sudden gains in prosperity. the reason for it may not be the best...
We are experiencing another wave of scammers and eager amateurs.

Cold Calling, advertising, luring people onto their insecure websites and systems.
this is bringing in people to our environment, but they are bound to get a very bad experience...

It's time to step up now... Many of the systems we have, have stood the test of time.
When we first set them up we did not intend to scam but to provide safe heavens for Bitcoin enthusiasts.
These new players in our ecosystem... may be just more stupid scammers, we should prepare for the victims yet to be...This is because of our prosperity, we should help.

All people who are involved in established systems, must begin to advertise, it is imperative...

The volatility we are experiencing is coming from people being drawn into the crypotocurrency market without knowing anything about investing.

Here is my current tl:dr Cryptocurrency assessment:
 We are creating value, so much value that by merely existing the cryptcurrency market has created 10 trillion dollars of value and has added 10's of trillions more in value by allowing internet access of all sorts of assets across the world. Cryptocurrency will triple the global market by 2024.

The Bitcoin network has value, it's value is based on how it improves efficiencies in comparison to the current Banking system:
We clear out transactions every 10 minutes... the traditional network can take 2 weeks or even months to transfer money physically from one location to another; this is why there are different currencies in the world... it's easier to transfer money if it's just a change of moneys.

This is not the only value of the network, the companies, products, people, services, that use Bitcoin; They all generate value for the bitcoin environment, even gaining efficiencies creates value for measurement. providing data to asses and predict economic movement is important.

And remember the cryptocurrency market is one market... as separate as we may be... they were created by the same team to test out hundreds of technologies... the rise of all these currencies was no accident.
Our total value of all cryptocurrency is the value of the telecommunication of secure value and ownership... of which 60% of the world are not part of.

We will bank the unbanked and release 100's of trillions of dollars in value globally...

We are automating, business, government, charity, everything. Our technology changes everything, the value that all these institutions have... we will have, there is a sea change coming and I hope you have the sense to save your fellow human beings from losing out.

You must remember why we built the Bitcoin network: It was to change the world, to try out new technologies, to see what is truly possible and above all we are in a fight Vs Evil to save the world, We will prevail.
6  Bitcoin / Project Development / Blockchain Artificial Intelligence will change everything. on: August 08, 2015, 10:32:56 PM
Once everything begins to use a Blockchain... the ultimate AI will be built, connecting all humanity together with verified information.

  The veracity of information using the blockchain can be determined very precisely, so precisely that even faulty, misinformation can create positive results simply because of it's broad global effect. The verified information from Banks, Governments, Institutions and Organizations that underpins the checks and balances that run our world will be available not just to an Ultimate AI but small personal AIs.
  As much as the information that is transcribed to these blockchains will benefit us as individuals, it's true potential is in allowing Smart Phones, Personal computers, clouds to research and develop solutions for us automatically; Bringing the best of our Human understanding to the fingertips of all people across the planet. This will come about because all information is related, but how it is related and to what degree is a constant problem, so much so that our best algorithms begin to create feedback loops that deviate from reality... proving them to be inaccurate.  It is a dynamic problem that could be resolved by transcribing all known facts onto a blockchain, that could be interactively accessed through a Advanced Programming Interface; This would effectively create a super high level global programming language that would data mine the world's Blockchains.

What are your thoughts? I have it worked out in my mind but would love to read any comments, suggestions, pros/cons and intriguing scenarios that may come up. Questions are encouraged.

7  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Is it possible to analyze the Bitcoin Community through Price? on: July 17, 2015, 05:08:36 AM
  This Idea struck me recently as I saw the fluctuations of Bitcoin.

Under the Banner of a Price, is it possible to see the underlying Psychology of the Cryptocurrency movement?

Each time that we see a fluctuation up or down in the Bitcoin charts, our mind focuses on it's causes; Whatever those causes may be rational or irrational, it shows it is the final step of a long line of mostly hidden thought. This thought is the output of multiple related perceptions, analyzing the structure of it and bringing forth a final tally of it's relevant factors to come up with an answer that can fit the Natural World's patterns.

This understanding can bring forth completely emergent forms of voting, brought on by a analysis of common trains of thought affecting the final outcome.

What are your thoughts? What can our understanding of the Community through price achieve? What are the possibilities of building upon this meta-concept? Any Negatives?
8  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Entropy, complexity in blockchain giving rise to megablocks, hyperchains. on: May 20, 2015, 05:06:04 PM
  We are developing a new technology; A way of doing things differently than they have ever been done before, with the Blockchain and Bitcoin. 

  It is obvious that as we progress further down the path that Bitcoin and it's blockchain concept allow, complexity will give rise to a sort of entropy of method because of the availability of many more disruptive technologies; Technologies such as hashes, cyphers, Homomorphic encryption, Magnet links, etc.
  This allows us to create Blocks within Blocks linking to Blocks of information on not just one but multiple Blockchains linked together or transactions linked together. Information simply being itself, linking and forming as it is most apparent.

  What am I talking about? Megablocks: Blockchains with separate information perogatives linked to other dynamically generated Blockchains, Hyperchains: Transactions linked across Blockchains, and Proxy Blockchains: Blockchains secured by other Blockchains, different than Mergemining, Ephemeral Blockchains: Blockchains created inside Blockchains.
  With this, new forms of Blockchains will arise linking their state, referencing each other in a secure decentralized manner, forming dynamic minichains, hashing of blockchains into blockchains for security, Magnet linking blockchain states, a multistructure web of Blockchains.
9  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Possible Decentralized Corporation Designs using Bitcoin on: December 11, 2014, 10:03:17 PM
Thanks to Bitcoin amazing things are about to happen one of them is the advent of Decentralized Automated Corporations.
Since we know these structures will emerge from the Internet, I jumped to the ultimate conclusions: This will follow a structure by which we will use our Bitcoin to purchase Products and Services created by a DAC that in turn will invest in other DACs of interest.

DAC Designs

Types of Investors and Operators.

Single Operator DAC, Services or products are provided by a single entity but the Business software is Automated hence the moniquer of DAC.

Multiple Operator DAC, Provides Income to multiple people invested in the structure of the DAC.

Platform Operator DAC, Investment is managed by a Independent Investor Management DAC  supplying funds and Crowd Sourcing Tools to manage the DAC.

Fully-Automated DAC, The DAC is designed to manage all levels of operations, it runs Services for it's Customers, funneling funds into operations according to automated architecture.

DAC Operations System

Open DAC, It is managed by Investors and the Community on how it should operate

Semi-Private DAC, Major Investor controls majority Stake but provides public updates on operations and accepts improvements on Provided code.

Private DAC, Operations run Dark, service is provided by one entity dictating total control of operations

Encrypted DAC, System runs Hidden operations accessible only by authorized Customers and Suppliers, forming hidden webs.

Manufacturing, Service, and Design

Pure DAC, Operations are all Automated combining AI, Machine Learning, Robots and Consumer Interfaces(Internet).

Platform DAC, Operations are run by a mixture of Product and Service providers running the same Work Allocation Software, can be other DACs, Individuals or Businesses; Builds Products and provides Services through Internet and Store Fronts.

DAC Income models

Customer Based: DAC provides services and Products, receives funds for Re-investment, Operators and investors. Cryptocurrency flows through the Corporation, funding Operations.

Coin Based, DAC forms it's own Coins to measure work done by members, organically expanding it's operations according to available resources on it's work schedule(Block Time), The more demand the higher the interest to work in it's favor, funding Operations through Coin Value.

Charity Based, DAC runs from the support of Volunteers and Donations of Processing power, Hard Drive space, and Network Access to Machines, Experts and Resources.

Malicious DAC, Extorts, Threatens, Hacks and generally exploits the Internet to maintain operations running.

Investment DAC, Invests in other DACs, people and services, monitoring economy to target beneficial loops in Investment and funding, generates revenue by making good investment choices.

Barter DAC, Funds Operations by trading for Parts, Equipment, Services and Materials from a Pool of Trade-able Resources; We put items we have to this DAC and it finds things that we need at equal value while trading things for itself... Good trade expands it's operations.

and I am sure there are more, I am just impressed at what we could potentially build soon if these models for these Businesses, Services and DACs are provided openly for Drop-In Deployment on a standard API architecture. DACs requesting work from DACs through Back-end interfaces hiding the entire process from Customers, both Individual and Business. All anyone sees is the Interface.

10  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Solution for Side Chain POW with no hashing. on: December 09, 2014, 03:31:24 PM
  The simplicity of Proof of Work has been that it is hard to accomplish the work but easy to prove that it has been done.

  Primecoin solved this for Prime calculations; Hard to Find but easy to prove that you have actually found something interesting, but not all things are this easy to do.

  Most work done today, always requires Supervisors, Managers that have moved up the ranks by proving their skills at lower levels of an organization to monitor the quality of work done. This type of work is always plagued by incompetent staff that have to be replaced, or inconsistent members that provide impressive work when submitted; It is a game of Post Analysis corrections, there is no Just in Time Proof of Work, and no potential without Trust of achieving a Ahead of Time POW.

  Anything at the cutting edge of Science is in a particular dilemma since this type of work has no known parameters to Qualify the solutions submitted, it is always a long drawn out process of Hypothesis Proving and Consensus Building among a enormous cadre of Scientists and Engineers integrating it's methods and repeating experiments till they are flawless... not exactly simple to accomplish.

  We are dealing with Probabilities, with Inexact Variables and Unexpected outcomes: ie. How do you convince a Person, Machine or Computer that Quantum Leaps made by Electrons, which would be like you or me jumping instantaneously to another Solar System, are Truly Possible?
An observer, a trusted entity, would be required at the moment of Causation of the event to Prove it has been Accomplished.
  This would require a tremendous leap to accomplish without Trust, One would need to Predict the Future and be there to witness the event unfold, but this would have to be done as a Group Consciousness to accomplish instantaneously; A million Direct Observers acting as One Simultaneously Ahead of Time.

  This can only be acquired by setting the right parameters.

1: Broad Scope of Observation
2: Verified Sensors
3: Multiple Observation Points through Space and Time
4: Varied Resolution Algorithms to pinpoint Possible POW Solutions
5: Post Analysis Verification and Extrapolation
6: Evolutionary Algorithm adaptation of Sensors, POW, and Equipment Calibration
7: uncensorable Open Information at all levels of Deployment

  An example of this would be a Proof of Work with 100 algorithms proving work done; Any and All solutions are applied at all times. This is naturally being evolved by the Cryptocurrency movement but,... I wish to accelerate this for scientific work loads.

  This would be like observing a Forest Ecosystem; To observe it properly we would have to monitor Temperature, Water Quality, Air Quality, Organism health, Seasonal changes, Weather, Soil samples, meta-observation, and a myriad of other Observations. The Sensors themselves would be quite simple, but the complexity comes from observing all levels of change and extrapolating this information to develop predictive models that would either prove or disprove a solution. If a solution is successful then those who participated in that line of thought would be rewarded with Tokens/Coins/Shares. This is a Proof of Work using Reality to resolve the solution, it's like rewarding someone not for finding a hash, but figuring out exactly who will find that hash among those working to solve it.
  The question relevant to this proof of work would be multistage: someone involved in Fungal Analysis gets rewarded for predicting it's development, another involved in weather prediction gets rewarded for successful results, Those involved in sensor fault analysis get tokens for predicting failure; and those analyzing the entire system and successfully predicting it's future state get the most reward since that is the culmination of all the other Sub-POW algorithms, even the equipment manufacturers get rewarded for good effective designs that prove the models.

Yes, a Proof of Work Hierarchy Web: It copies the same structures used in our society and rewards successful Evolution of that Hierarchy.
It does use the foundation of the Bitcoin Hashing structure, but no need for a central authority to distribute the coins like in Devcoin or Curecoin anymore.

A Billion Minds Blossoming into the Future.
11  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Decentralized Security Systems using Bitcoin on: December 07, 2014, 06:28:22 PM
Hi I had another great idea recently, unfortunately due to misfortune: A family member got their 2014 Jeep Patriot stolen and I got frustrated that there was no cameras to monitor where I live to look out for the vehicle.

So I came up with a solution that isn't going to help me, but it hopefully can help others; This is using Blockchain technology
It involves Cameras, Microphones, GPS, Object Recognition Software and Strong Privacy Control.

  Bitcoin is a gateway currency to a world of value that we have never dreamed of; Once we cross that gateway we enter the web of value, unimpeded by regulations and controls.
This can be used for ether Good or Bad, but if done properly it can be a force for good.

  We live in a world connecting everything to each other, why not let cameras talk to each other and know what they are looking at? Living in the worlds most Privately monitored countries, One would
expect there to be security, but like many things there is no Consensus, Co-ordination or Collaboration, what one Business knows and what people know is never truly shared.

What would happen if our security systems where connected, Monitoring our collective well being? Could we stop crime by shaming the perpetrators?

I propose we create a merge mined coin for Community Property Secuirty, an Open Security System for Humanity. 

  We will connect the cameras, microphones and security systems across the globe that we currently possess in our homes, networking them under a strong privacy umbrella using smart contracts, smart property and many new innovation that have yet to be thought of. Add Facial recognition and Object recognition technology to monitor these security devices and provide incentive for people to participate by paying them
for their collaboration in joining the security network. Those that provide Processing, Cameras, Microphones, Security Systems, GPS systems, and many other yet to be thought of technology to stop crime forever.
Under a properly built system all the cameras are encrypted securely and only visible by the owner of those Security Systems, except when they notice a Stolen Vehicle or Crime in Progress. Then the owner can choose to make the information public for further analysis by real Human Beings, comparing, Vin Numbers, Vehicle identifying marks and other criteria. The systems automated recognition software would then begin scanning the video footage matching the criteria and following automatically the crime in progress, everything would need to be Mesh networked to guarantee that to take the system down you'd have to black out the whole city.
  there are multiple problems I know: How do you guarantee that the vehicle is truly owned by the right person? integrate it with the Businesses so they mark on a private blockchain who owns what to guarantee that no one can track you or your property without your say so, only the owner or kin of the victim could initiate a tracking request or the Security System Owner.
  How do you guarantee that the people who are fact checking get the right incentives? Everything has to be open so we can further evolve the system, it is the only way, the more Feed back loops we have the more we can learn and evolve.
  How do we make sure that the cameras are truly live? and not fooled? well We'll have to figure that one out later.

I am asking to have a conversation about our public security, will you consider it?

12  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Who is this Nick Szabo fellow and what are they all about? on: November 14, 2014, 06:17:26 PM
I thought I'd ask, considering what they have written, is it informative. What can we tell about their opinions and where could these opinions of emerged from?
13  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / The Global Energy Chain on: November 10, 2014, 11:01:05 PM
The Revolution will not be Televised, It will be streamed Live
Look at my next post for a summary

We are in a very large system, exchanging energy in it's various forms.

We exchange energy in the form of Bitcoins, Protect the flow of that energy, measure it, Research and Develop that energy, soon it will be the entire OpenSource community coming together to create energy chain security.

The entire view of our Energy ecosystem encompasses our Electric Power Generation equipment, Electric Storage Batteries, and the Efficiency of it's Production and Transmission; The Chemical Extraction of Energy counts as well, which is our ability to use Food Production to fuel our Minds ability to Understand and Innovate on our Energy Extraction Ability; including Gas and Petrol Energy conversion.

It costs Energy to create Bitcoins, this is demanded by the algorithm and in so doing it is measuring the willingness of participants to generate Coins in exchange for Proof of Energy consumed. Sometimes there is a diversity of designs which the market can decide upon to see which is producing coins at a lower energy threshold and still attain the security requirements and ex changeability demanded by it's users. The more innovative coins do useful things with that Energy, processing Scientific Simulations or completely go off the deep end and use the creative energy of it's participants to create Art, Music, Reviews, etc, these and the merged mined coins are the most efficient at measuring their respective functions thanks to the massive Brute force of the Bitcoin Network that allows them to put their efforts towards useful work.  

Bitcoin's Value is in it's security which it provides to all coins that use it's network, this may change some day. All the coins are measuring Energy Investment in a particular activity or design. The Market then uses the information available to it to decide where to invest their Energy best according to their priorities, re-enforcing the best designs by the networks ability to efficiently form new connections, much like the brain does with it's function, controlling the flow of energy through the network... this will be the eventual design of the network. We are creating a Global Mind composed of Chains of Energy measuring Tokens, we are merely the engineers that design the network.

So what Factors are we looking at?
Over-all Energy Production, Efficiency, Energy Allocation, and Energy Conversion as well as Potential changes in these factors.

What is the Center of this Energy System?
 it is us, Humanity; Our individual needs of Food, Shelter, Stimulation, Companionship, Health, Safety and Self-Determination that decide the form that this Energy Chain follows.

Our need for food and shelter lead us in nomadic packs to scour the land for anything edible within habitable lands, further advances in tool making, clothing and agriculture broadened our horizons, giving us the edge to not just survive but thrive.
This Drive has allowed us to maximize every ounce of energy available to us through further innovation creating the potential to create elaborate settlements that provided us with easy access to shelter, stimulation, companionship, and safety in numbers... it's a fine balance between all that and self-determination; Can't always choose the degree without uncertainty.

The Capacity to maintain that balance drove us into the Industrial Revolution, our capacity to maintain our society was now dependent on Energy Conversion generated from the machines we constructed and the systems in place that maintained them.

We are again at that point, in history, but this time it is the cognitive revolution that is taking us to the next level. Our Capacity to think is driving innovation towards higher efficiencies that are ideal for our Human needs, if well done we can finally reach Humanities true potential.

How efficient have we become?
 Cryptocurrency has allowed us to re-allocate and distribute this energy as we see fit, no borders, banking hours, middlemen to choose for us. By looking at the balance of Power we can tell this is more efficient. And with the coming automation revolution, Decentralized Corporations and other Crypto Innovations our energy allocation and exchange efficiency is going through the roof!

The Computers, The Network, Our own Brains and the Connections in between are re-routing and analyzing the new Crypto Revolutions Energy Chain. WE can make the world stop. it's because of the models that we can create with no limits and the things we must do to optimize them.

The Energy Chain Web

This Energy re-allocation is the key, lets say one day the internet connects all human beings across the planet; This creates the possibility of a Feed Back loop across the Globe with High Powered Computers, Neuromorphic Chips, FPGA's, Skilled Professionals and the Entire Human Knowledge Base. What can we do with access to that? Almost Anything when we are measuring the source of the Global Energy Chains structure: Humanity.

Bare with me on this, it is in our interest to optimize this Chain in our collective favor. Preferably we should decentralize it so it can't be shut down and in the process create value added through efficiencies.

We must begin distributing the problem and solution finding systems of our world, currently they are controlled by governments and business; The art of haggling has long been lost thanks to our current economic cartels, but what if you could bid for any job? or offer a job for a bid? or offer a service or item in exchange for the same? If money is lacking in the system it should not be affecting the quality of life of it's citizens. The productive capacity of the region should be more than enough, it never disappeared simply economic incentive disappeared that is all.

How much need of work is their in the world? I hear Detroit is a very bad place to be now, but I'm sure if it's citizens banded together and were able to fulfill their human needs within the Detroit area they could rebuild it. Cryptocurrency can do this.

Lets begin with problem allocation:

What services does the average citizen need? What do they have to exchange? Who can fulfill their request? This exchange must be facilitated with a robust system that can categorize requests and allocate workers willing to complete the job for the offer in a intuitive and informative manner.

Let's consider the upcoming winter season: what needs are their among the community? Snow Removal. In this example we begin with a map of Detroit, Citizens use their Smart Phone app to flag their request on the map for anyone to offer services. The Citizen makes their offer which is only the fact that they are a plumber, the system re-routes them to someone who is willing to exchange for that service. In this way 3 Citizens are serviced, The original Plumber in need of snow removal, the laborer doing the shoveling and the citizen willing to pay the laborer on behalf of the Plumber in exchange for plumbing services. yes, a Barter exchange of services and products. This is a simplified example as it would need Smart Property to be exchanged and Bitcoin price exchange awareness to quantify the value of the exchange in a deep and meaningful manner.

We must remember that Energy cannot be destroyed, it is still within the system we simply have to be aware of it. How much energy is a table worth? and how equivalent is it to the energy required to produce a winter jacket? maybe to fix it if it is in need of mending? If you consider money the be all end all, then your system will stagnate with lack of money, government fiat has effectively strangled you. What if it is done intentionally? removing all cash from within Detroit to watch it fail... yet none of it's productive capacity or value has changed, the means of exchange has simply been removed from the system... you have to go back to barter. But this is the Internet, we will do this with Style and Intelligence.

GPS localized maps, GPS positioning, Phone Apps, Software, Web Access to the network, Barter Exchange, Citizen Community Requests, Global Bulk Exchange, Cryptocurrency, Global Work Requests, Smart Work Allocation, Charity goods allocation for the needy, Barter Exchange Chain Promissory notes, Intelligent Resource analysis and allocation, Tool rental barter or time shares... Basically Community Barn building for the 21st century.

And don't forget Predictive Capability, by providing all the information from the system to everyone, it allows people to see the system at work, to adjust it, to understand it, to improve it and predict it's future state. If we know there are 6000 Plumbing jobs a year regularly and there are 30 plumbers to complete it in the region and only half of them have the tools to complete those jobs, we can allocate tools for them through citizen time share funding or outright buying them the tools to fulfill the communities needs. Best of all it allows people to adjust to verified open information that is easily accessible to them to make informed decisions.

This is the part of the Energy Chain concerning Work finding and resolution.

The more efficient we are at finding what people Want to be done, fixed, built, reconfigured, re-positioned, assembled, assessed, allocated, removed, optimized, studied, connected, and over all modified in some way, the closer we are to reaching economic equilibrium in relation to our Human needs. If we can do this it will be the same as the industrial revolution that uplifted humanity two centuries ago, but this time it will launch us into Kurzweil's Singularity by sheer brute networking power.

Anything that can be Automated should be automated, it must free Humanity from the drudgery of common work and exalt us to more fulfilling worthwhile endeavors other than sheer slavery by economic will. The Re-allocation of cognitive resources to problems at the edge of Human understanding.

But till that day, we must use the available resources to maximum affect, creating new models and integrating the old models as well since they have established solution resolution ability( They've been doing this for a lot longer than us), it will create a market to put downward pressure on costs knowing that there is that much work needed at a specific price point and making visible the offers that may be available for exchange.

What is the eventual End Game?

Since we are considering total energy allocation and have access to all key data in this hypothetical situation lets go to Detroit and consider what the effect may be.

Detroit now has a Phone App, Software, and censorship-proof internet access to the Work Allocation network, Citizens are using it and exchanging Items and Services, collaborating to get work done in exchange, applying financial instruments to services and items across the region. It's Citizens can see where the work is, what type of work, and the predicted capacity to fulfill that work through knowledge of available tools and qualified personnel including the communities available resources to help get the job done. Smart properties like Tools, Computers, Phones have established blockchain ownership between individuals, Organizations, and communities who can lend or rent them out, knowing it will return eventually(property that finds it's master).  Citizens are using their available Computers and knowledge to improve the System regularly mapping out the energy required to fulfill the needs of the people and building innovative products to further optimize the system, making sure that what the people need is always in high supply. In areas challenged by internet disruption, videos, audio, and messages are being relaid through local Mesh networks and NFC equipped Phones, giving access to the network, sometimes the old mailman way. Some properties, items and services are being exchanged using printed promissory notes just in case you want to abandon or give to charity what you have to offer; It can be good to gain experience working and mark it on the blockchain once fulfilled.

With this system in place access to Food, Shelter, Stimulation, Companionship, Health, Safety and Self-Determination are at an all time high.

Lets start with Food, since energy allocation and efficiency are being monitored, most food production is done through local hydroponics with 80% efficiency thanks to low crop failure, use of fiber-optic cable to transmit light, Solar Energy, Fuel Cell technology and effective local distribution to drive costs down.

Combine this with active mulching, composting and waste water recycling we can extract methane gas for use in the available Fuel Cells to power the cities energy needs efficiently.

Shelter: With an active Work allocation program the best suited housing sites are repaired at the best exchange rate, providing safe affordable housing to Detroit's Citizens, rejuvenating it's most promising districts.

Stimulation, Companionship, Health, Safety and Self Determination are by products of having access to food and shelter, those who have skills can use them and improve their self-esteem, gaining friends, family in the process. The active participation of citizenry using available resources creates areas with High Health and Safety Standards and best of all, with lowered costs the ability for Self-Determination is easier to attain, Citizens work where they are needed  on the projects they choose.

With Further advances in 3D printing, Neuromorphic Chips, Recycling, accelerated learning and other Revolutionary developments can take the cost of living down to Zero. At that point Food staples and Natural Medicines are Free and provided as a necessity to maintain economic equilibrium, but you still have to pay to buy and maintain your own home or get anything other than the most basic items.

Again this is a simplified example, this system already exists, but it is very disorganized, and hard to meaningfully understand.

All Powered by Cryptocurrency, But how does Cryptocurrency come into the equation?

First off you merge mine a new coin from Bitcoin to attain maximum efficiency using it's ASIC network to allow People in Detroit to use their computers for other than securing the Financial Network. This Coin would measure the internal Energy exchange of Detroit through it's Barter Exchange and Work Allocation Network, effectively decoupling Detroit from Fiat strangulation. This would measure the value of exchanges according to a item to service to item to Cash or Bitcoin exchange valuation.

Cryptocurrency would need to be used to power this networks exchange rate, anything else would require it to be a centralized exchange. The exchange would be built into the software, apps, or available blockchain.

Smart property would be required as well to make sure to avoid theft and mark anyone with misappropriated property, everything logged into an Encrypted Torrent Based Blockchain, revealable only by the person who owns the property to prospective buyers or exchangers. This functionality could be enhanced using Open Transactions to facilitate purchases and create receipts providing proof of purchase/exchange in case of disputes. If it has to go to Court, we have failed.

Much of the Computing power available to Detroit citizens would be in maintaining the network by use of their hard drive space, Cell Phone Networks, Computing power to analyze and complete efficiently Work Allocation Solutions or extended exchange arrangements(Daisy chain of Exchanges among a group of people) and to run Machine learning routines or suggestions submitted by Citizens.

so this would effectively create a feed back loop around all the wealth located within this hypothetical situation, allowing it to circulate and repair Detroit's crippled infrastructure according to available qualified personnel, Training resources, and exchangeable resources.

The qualification, assessment and performance records will have to be outsourced to Citizens, Companies, and those fulfilling Work Requests to keep everyone honest... Basically if you do business with someone and they do you wrong... you use your Digital ID signature to create a Work request, accept the terms and if it doesn't go well, you assess them to prevent shoddy workmanship or Aggressive Customer behavior. only people with accepted work contracts can judge each other. And yes Companies must be brought into the fold... they have established work capability, answerable to legal structures, guaranteeing quality.

Think of it as a copy in digital form of our current Governance system but everything is fully transparent and available for anyone to access at anytime, fully decentralized.

So that completes the Barter and Work Allocation Part of the Energy Chain, Now Maintenance and Support.

These aspects are related to keeping that standard of living up, through Predictive Capability; The Ability to assess projected demand, equipment failure, Personnel availability and training time, Time of Delivery, Weather forecasting and preparation, and any other parameter that can cause problems if left unchecked. All this information would have to be available to everyone to consider and improve upon, better informed citizens can allocate Energy most effectively.

The parameters to analyze would be the usual: Available measurement, Rate of Change, Number of Data Points, Projected paths, and known modifying parameters.

We monitor cycles within the data: Time of year, Day/Night cycle, Recurring patterns.
And then project expected range of options according to how those patterns align with each other and affect each other, starting with both a Holistic global view and a specific view at the most granular level of understanding. Then move forward through the pattern to see what options are possible in the branching solutions, assessing only the most likely ones to be true and projecting further forward and observing actionable parameters that we can control.

So that is pretty general, it's time to go into, "what the hell would we apply it to in the context of Detroit?"

What are the available goods in promissory circulation? what type? What are the average possessions of participants?( nothing specific can only be divulged by owner) General queries are possible like type of possession owned on average,  scheduled jobs, work completed, commonly exchanged items and services including how long they remain in promissory circulation before being owned and for what items they are normally redeemed, How many job tickets are scheduled(Services are redeemable at any time and exchangeable: promises to do work), Rate of redeemability of said job tickets, time of redemption, Rentals and time shares, Weather conditions, Holidays, significant events affecting exchange, or short falls in essential goods, assessment of perishable goods(must be taken out of circulation once owned or in circulation for expected expiry date) and more to be added as suggestions come in, and all available for everyone to query, provide better algorithms and be compensated for it by the system, by implementing them in a controlled manner to observe effect.

then simply start throwing computers, people and anything else in between, relegating to the machine the most developed and successful algorithms and keeping humans at the edge observing the limit of what is knowable within the system.

Providing predictive capability is also important for compensation since the most entrepreneurial individuals will look at the automated data and make investments well ahead of predictions simply knowing the branches of what might be right, gaining financial compensation, or providing good predictive data that is measurable and tipable by the community since they have a scientific analysis of the predictive models improvement, there by incentivize people to participate in the welfare of the system rather than gambling on a possible outcome.

The system could also be fully decoupled and run on it's own if people were willing to keep redeeming items and services without exchanging it to any other currency. At this point it's value would be derived completely by available exchange.

Since we do have this predictive availability we can analyze trends in the data and prepare citizens according to their chosen profession, known skills, available tools, preferences, available resources or anything we can think of, in the form of suggestions. To prepare them for coming weather conditions or events ahead of time all decentralized, network participation demands support, so small tasks could be sent to your tablet, phone or computer to help improve predictions.

This part of the Energy Chain concerns the systems certainty of maintaining and supporting equilibrium within it's desired quality of life.
I decided to just keep it to bullet points, since there can be quite a few nuances to consider.

Security, Identification & Privacy
Open Security Systems(Distributing risk over servers, blockchains, algorithms)
Distributed Security and Tampering
Failure states within security breaches(Secondary and Tertiary systems to stop a breach in progress)
Government ID on Blockchain
Occluded Genetic, Biometric and pattern recognition identification(Neuromorphic chip personality and habits ID)
Privacy management

Education & Qualification
Skill assessments
Professional and Skilled Labor reserves
Remote Professional guidance(Real time access to Repair, Service, DIY expert to assist remotely)
Time to train personnel
How-to and best practices educational materials

Emergency Response and medical Services
Community Assistance Alert systems integrated to Police/Fire Department/Ambulance services
Disaster situation re-assignment and coordination of personnel
Emergency Tools, Equipment and vehicle community pooling of resources (Smart Property it will return to you)
Task Assignment tagging and alert system
Satellite maps of disaster area
Remote Medical personnel assistance( Doctors at Hospitals coordinating relief efforts on the ground)
Mobile Telemetry diagnostics to monitor and inform medical personnel.
Medical Supplies and manufacturing re-assignment coordination

Research & Development
Problem Pools to categorize and prioritize solution finding equations and designs
Skills and Education matching to problems
Prototype funding and construction
Cognitive resource allocation of Humans and Computers
Physical resource allocation of facilities and equipment
General Distributed Simulation software for testing possible solutions

Manufacturing, Production and services
Personnel and equipment assignment and tracking
Manufacturing prioritization
Production re-assignment
Distributed production path finding
Predictive Equipment repair and replacement
Transportation of assembly parts
Service requests and time to fulfill
Service capacity and capability
Food Production efficiency, prioritization and development
Health care monitoring and alert system

The Market
Price and exchange assessment
Available goods and services
Promissory notes regarding goods and services
Market analysis
Goods and service Requests
Style, method and ideological diversity among market participants
Access to goods and services using flat monthly fees

The Technology
Network design and analysis
Hadoop Yarn and NoSQL
Cloud computing
Programming resources
In-memory processing
User Interfaces
Mobile Devices
GPU CPU processing
Neuromorphic and self-optimizing chips
Artificial Intelligence
3D printing
Power Generation and conversion

All these pieces comprise the majority of required systems to guarantee a closed loop system, allowing everyone to know what is happening at any given moment within a Community, City, Region, Government or Globally.

What Happens from there will be up to us to Decide.

The Blossoming Energy Chain

  The inspiration for change across the centuries has always been the breakdown of limits and the eventual remix of the ideas that result. The Gutenberg Press, changed everything when it gave everyone the chance to consider and discuss the ideas themselves rather than to be told what was within an ancient cryptic tome; Reading and Writing became essential skills for the power it granted the individual: The ability to be heard throughout the eons, an idea that sparked a thousand flames.  

  This remixing happens continuously as the knowledge at the edge of our understanding, difficult, obscure concepts and ideas are simplified, developed, explored by millions if not billions. Each individual taking what is given to them and forming it into a cohesive whole capable of changing the world.

  The knowledge of Experts, Crafters, Scientists, Engineers, Programmers and other specialized professions gets distributed and made accessible to the masses. This process changes the idea itself letting it go through a natural evolutionary algorithm produced by each individuals knowledge, skills, challenges and concerns; The most accessible, useful and urgent ideas spread faster. Ideas growing and developing in their own ecosystem striving to survive or thrive, only the best survive.

  The pinnacle of it's form coalesces with other ideas giving more momentum, being deconstructed and reformed as each individual sees fit, spreading through society.
  We all posses this power, but perfecting this process is what I am here to explain.

WE are the Gatekeepers

  Each one of us chooses what we believe, what we accept and do, no one else decides. Only We can change ourselves and in so doing change our future.

  The process of change is one that requires, Awareness of that which is within us and without, Knowledge of it's form and function, of Wisdom to change or stay the course on our way through reality.

  Our Open projects provide that Awareness; Letting everyone make up for themselves what they choose to understand or do. The granularity to be aware of what is happening near and far, yesterday today and beyond. Helping accelerate that awareness is an essential part of the process to find out what we know. This entails providing information and education to those who seek it, insights and tools into their education, and a measurable qualification of such efforts along with platforms to automatically update individuals on the things they want to know or understand. Infinite granularity and openness of all information for all people to remix and deconstruct.

  Knowledge to bridge the divide between experts and seekers is essential in guiding the changes that need to be made. This knowledge can be as simple as knowing where to look, or what to ask. To see into the patterns that information takes as it traverses our awareness, the transmogrification of it's path. The web as it weaves through time and space, to see it's form and color. Knowing what something is, is part of knowing what it is not. A simple thing to know the nature of things, but hard to accept. What is it that we need to know, to go further, to go beyond our limits?
  At any given moment, there are things that we must know before we can give meaningful answers to ourselves and others, to reach a complete solution that satisfies our curiosity. This knowledge is scattered across millions of pages uncategorized and unused across the web. What could we do if we understood, the shape and composition of every stellar body in our solar system down to the rocks? We could go there and know it without ever having stepped foot there. To know the experiences that others have had, are having and will have on those distant worlds. Knowing the deepest places of the earth, in the comfort of our own home. With knowledge we can build anything, if we know how to put things together.

  Wisdom too guides us, it gives us the tools we need to decide which path to choose with our limited time and resources. What if we could build tools that would give people the power to create worlds in their own right? Specialized tools to create, explore, the universe, simulating it to infinite levels of detail in the hands of every Human being on earth? We are beginning to now, Every day more and more power is being given into the hands of individuals with every program we create and with it we go further than we have ever gone before. The final outcome is the singularity, the power of ideas infinitely per-mutating, consolidating and expanding into infinity and with it the power to choose what becomes real.

The Perception of all creation will change us, for with it we gain the Knowledge to understand it and the Wisdom to forever alter our Destiny.

Hence forth it will be the mission of every one of us to integrate the Universe within us and expand upon it for all to see.

Soon we will Transcend into the singularity, it is up to us now to decide how fast we rush into the Future.

Projects of Interest:

CryptoCurrency & Infrastructure:

Bitcoin: The First Censorship Resistant Coin

Litecoin: An Alternate Coin using memory intensive algorithms that are harder to optimize.

Peercoin: Innovative Minting process using Proof of Stake minting.

NXT: A pure Proof of Stake Coin with Data Storage ability.

Darkcoin, Zerocoin: Cryptocurrency with Privacy Capability using X11 cryptography

Primecoin: Proof of Concept Coin using Cunningham and Bi-twin Prime Chains to mint coins.

Devcoin: Another Proof of Concept coin using the Quantifiable creativity of participants to generate coins.

Freicoin: A interesting Cryptocurrency using Demurrage.

Curecoin & Gridcoin: Scientific Computational resource allocation using Cryptocurrency.

Ripple: Secure global Asset distribution system to replace SWIFT

Namecoin: Blockchain Storage Coin using Merge mining to Mint Coin and purchase on Blockchain storage.

Dogecoin: A Meme Based Coin using the Litecoin Design.

Mastercoin: A Sidechain Coin creation project, for experimentation using the Bitcoin Blockchain.

Coloredcoin: A project to Taint coins to represent different assets.

Bitcoin Pegged Sidechains: A project to unite the Blockchain ledgers, under a diversified asset management system.

Open Transactions: Efficient server based account settlement using a maximum encryption financial library.

Bitmessage: Secure decentralized messaging service using a blockchain

Distributed Computing Platforms & Hardware

Hadoop Yarn: Distributed Computing Operating System

Apache Twill: Abstraction layer for Yarn to simplify distributed application development.

Google Omega: Emergent behavior based scheduler using a different design than Apache Yarn.

Microsoft Azure: Plug and Play Cloud platform

Apache Ambari: makes Hadoop cluster provisioning, managing, and monitoring dead simple.

Apache Flume: distributed, reliable, and available system for efficiently collecting, aggregating and moving large amounts of log data from many different sources to a centralized data store

Apache Hama: distributed computing framework based on Bulk Synchronous Parallel computing techniques for massive scientific computations

Apache Deltacloud: cloud abstraction API - whether the Deltacloud classic API, the DMTF CIMI API or even the EC2 API. Each abstraction API works as a wrapper around a large number of clouds

Apache Knox: REST API Gateway for interacting with Hadoop clusters.

Apache Cloudstack: open source software designed to deploy and manage large networks of virtual machines, as a highly available, highly scalable Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud computing platform.

Apache Mesos: cluster manager that provides efficient resource isolation and sharing across distributed applications, or frameworks.

Apache Cassandra: open source distributed database management system designed to handle large amounts of data across many commodity servers, providing high availability with no single point of failure

Apache Bigtop: project for the development of packaging and tests of the Apache Hadoop ecosystem.

Apache Zookeeper/Curator and Kafka: Distributed Coordination server and decentralized node messaging queue.

Apache Chukwa:  data collection system for monitoring large distributed systems.

Apache Server: HTTP server

Apache Cocoon/Forrest: web development framework built around the concepts of separation of concerns and component-based web development.

Apache CouchDB: Database that completely embraces the web.

Apache Giraph: iterative graph processing system built for high scalability.

Apache HBase: random, realtime read/write access to your Big Data.

Apache Hive: data warehouse software facilitates querying and managing large datasets residing in distributed storage.

Apache Mahout: Scalable machine learning library

Apache Pig: platform for analyzing large data sets that consists of a high-level language for expressing data analysis programs, coupled with infrastructure for evaluating these programs.

Apache Spark: fast and general engine for large-scale data processing.

Apache Spatial Information System: provides data structures for geographic data and associated metadata along with methods to manipulate those data structures.

Apache Steve: collection of online voting tools, used by the ASF, to handle STV and other voting methods.

Apache Tika: tool for extracting information from digital documents.

NoSQL: MongoDB, LevelDB, Accumulo, Freebase, BerkleyDB: Data stores

neo4j: embedded, disk-based, fully transactional Java persistence engine that stores data structured in graphs rather than in tables

ENet: Reliable UDP networking library

Cjdns: Encrypted Networking Protocol

Apache ESME: Enterprise social messaging solution

Mozilla Firefox OS: Open Source Web based operating system for Smart Phones: it's a web browser running a phone.

Emscripten/LLVM/Asm.js: Source to High performance Javascript target compilation for web browser deployment of programs.

Chrome NaCl: Virtual Machine for running native code in a browser.

OpenGL/OpenCL: Graphics process rendering and computing API(anything from the Khronos group is good)

AMD Mantle: Low level Rendering and Computing API for GPU and CPU

Google Go: Distributed Programming language

Keccak/Sakura: Hyper-flexible encryption algorithm

Arm A7/A15/A53/A57: High efficiency and high performance 32-64 bit mobile chips.

Xilinx Virtex UltraScale:Largest FPGA available, being able to model your own processors, priceless.

IBM True North CPU: Neuromorphic CPU based on neuronal spike model, using a reconfigurable architecture

Qualcomm Zeroth Neuromorphic chip: Mobile Deep Learning chip for embedded devices, Smart Phones and Tablets

Nvidia Project Denver CPU: Mobile Dynamic Code interpretation and optimization Super scalar CPU

Oracle Engineered Systems: Big Iron compute resources in a crate with in-memory processing capability and software on die architecture in the M7 chips.

Industrial Internet of things: Support and Integration of Utilities, Manufacturing, Transportation, appliances and all things to guarantee Production Availability.
14  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / The power of the Decentralized Network. on: June 15, 2014, 11:47:02 AM
  The Network, it is what allows us to speak to each other, to find and synchronize what we are learning.
A Decentralized Network has no central control to guide the entire system, it is simply enough to know that you are part of something much bigger, something you are constantly synchronizing with every moment of every day.

  We share our knowledge, our experiences, building a collective map in our mind of what everyone already knows... a living example of the Blockchain; This is who we are and the sooner we organize the network the faster we will grow.

  This map we are making is far greater than we think; It touches everything we are trying to accomplish. We are all gifted with different skills, interests, and tools at our disposal; What can be done when we are all aware of those capabilities?

  I think we can totally change everything. Who has a 3D printer? Anyone have 3D modeling knowledge? A car? Plane? Maybe you are simply a good teacher. 

  We are missing the central control system for the largest assembly line in the world. Many companies are already starting to see it's potential, but lets skip a few pages to the end.

  We need a platform to sell our services in BTC with job queuing capability. A Decentralized manufacturing co-ordination platform that maps out the manufacturing capability of specific regions. Think of it as a Job board for the 21st Century. Lets stop wasting time and peoples precious skills using a obsolete work structure, centered on constant supply and demand, this really limits what we are capable of creating as a Race and it's wasteful of our resources.

  This platform has just a few needs.

1) People with skill or equipment to build or transport the various stages of each product. Whether that may be building a 3d model or crafting a simple table, if you got it, lets use it. Researchers, designers, educators too

2)A Common Network to communicate our manufacturing capacity or needs to be fulfilled. I'm thinking better than classifieds; A network that locates the nearest available manufacturing hub with rates and usual build times. Lets just do away with supply chain secrecy, it'll be better for the market.

3)A Job board to send requests to. Everyone has needs sometimes it's for an item that has not been seen in years, often people just give up because what they want is not available... this is an opportunity.

4)A contract system that is robust and versatile to allow people to securely know that their Bitcoin won't be stolen for services not received.

5) A visual map of services available in your community with ratings and easy request forms. If I want a pizza, I can order it directly from my favorite restaurant and have it delivered by the company of my choosing.

  I keep seeing all this skill, equipment, desire being squandered at an unfulfilling job, tools bought but never used. I want to see an end to this endless manufacturing cycle of underused assets, people settling for mediocre results or going all together without available services.

  We are Intelligent, skilled people with little to no one to appreciate what we are capable of. The Open source movement needs this, we need it so we can truly live. How would you feel if you could design a whole new vehicle, register it as your design, be paid every time someone built one knowing you are part of a great Decentralized Manufacturing Hub powered by the Open Source community?  All this knowledge hiding in your head it wants to come out, we just need the infrastructure to take advantage of it.

  If you believe, lets discuss what can be done right now to map all available resources within our community to empower people to truly achieve success on our own terms.

Just remember all it is, is a logistics problem. People need services, People to meet those needs, People to supervise that those needs are met and People to monitor the entire system... we can make a Crowd Sourced OpenCorporation to move the Bitcoin community forward.
15  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Decentralized Blockchain Based Opression on: June 10, 2014, 11:42:37 AM
  Currently we are in a very optimistic mindset, so, are we missing the obvious flip-side of this technology?
What is your opinion?

 Can we Subjugate and Oppress through the Blockchain the rest of Humanity?

 We cannot miss the fact that after all, it is a secure distributed database, a Database. A technology for registering information, for discerning truth from fiction in a generally useful way. We register our information, our file hashes, our websites, our identities, to a vast, hardened, unstoppable, massively parallel data warehouse.
  And we have unleashed it for all the world to see. The Blockchain is memory, perfectly recording the global mind. waiting for all sorts of analysis that can be done to memory, machine learning, understanding, to reveal to some of us, the true scope of human development.

 The Oppression of the Commons, by simple virtue of the collective awareness imparted by the technology.

 Information that is resistant to deletion; That cannot be modified, altered or stopped from propagating... it sounds familiar...
16  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Publicly accessible blockchain receipts and contracts on: June 03, 2014, 04:50:35 AM
  The technology of the Blockchain is truly marvelous, at it's core it is a publicly auditable ledger, This fact gives it it's power.
As we move on forward many of us will become aware that what we all know cannot be disputed. Because of this, all other institutions, contracts, systems of acknowledgement have been rendered obsolete. When the people can see the workings of their institutions in real time, they are empowered, to stop wasting the courts time, the time of government officials, of any institution made to mitigate or dispute social contracts.

  I propose we go beyond simply time stamping contracts, but to create a blockchain composed of private contracts, receipts, agreements for all to see, our digital signatures will be our indisputable proof of our participation and agreement among each other.

  These new open systems that we are creating, they are the foundation of a new society, of our future; A world where what is fact is not hidden behind books, locked behind red tape, but distributed among the people for them to judge, connected to all related information. The technologists talk of a world where every device is connected to the internet, I say we connect all information together, the valuable information that our society fights over in courts, in homes, among free associating societies. WE can create our own law system by simple acknowledgement and freedom to access that information at any time.

  When the blockchain is up and running all the money that was spent in contract dispute resolution will go to the miners, nodes that defend the free agreements of the people, the value of that integrity will be the price of this new Blockchain.

  It is time, we have the technology to do away with all these little paper receipts we get from stores, paper held between private parties, and communication blocks throughout all society, this old system is down right archaic when we consider that this linking of information combined with digital contracts, and data mining software can create a better world than this broken behemoth we call our Justice system has ever been able to.

Lets do it for Peace, for Integrity, above all lets do it for ourselves, if we don't who will?

17  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Creating incentivised distribution chains. on: April 22, 2014, 10:42:30 PM
  How does one own something? A share? A claim? A song? These things are difficult to posses unless they are available to ones physical person or mutually agreed upon. A claim can be disputed by force at any time without ones own ability to defend the claim.
  These things have always required a central authority to distribute... I think we can do better.

 We will decentralize, make the files, songs, distributively share-able; With normal torrents monetizing ones own personal claims to intellectual property is simply impossible, by sharing one losses control of it, This is life, spoken words can be copied as easily as one speaks. but people want to support artists creators, people that enliven our lives.
If each piece of intellectual property, independently asked for a fee to distribute and a percentage was given to the sharer, a automated distribution system could be created.

Bob has created a song, wants to share it to the world, but Bob still has to make a living. Bob applies a 25 cent sharing fee for his song, with a 5 cent reward for those who share his song. Alice purchases the song for 25 cents over the network, she likes it enough to recommend it to Corry, he purchases it off of Alice, she gets her 5 cents and Bob gets his 20 cents to fund his song making life style.

How would this work, basic human respect, many people would try to cheat and simply copy the song, but to be a certified owner of a share of the song you have to be on the Blockchain, a proof that you care about art, music, creation. the plus is that it can be implemented on a torrent program, where by simply proving your identity the song will be available to you for download forever.

 This could be done with thousands of file types, blue prints, designs, papers, movies, etc. We will become the distribution chain that creates a new sharing economy, separated from today's labor intensive economy. I don't believe in slave labor, with the technology we have it is unacceptable, we must begin the transition to an automated economy.

 In the end, from this I wish for you to understand this; Money must be distributed in the way the Blockchain is

Each one of us rewarded for sharing what we love, or finding what others love, a service to share for the good of all, the creators and the consumers, a chain of money distribution granulated by merit, a meritocracy of experiences.
We must vote with our new money for a new better marketplace economy, where everyone wins.

If anyone is wondering how we create an Unstoppable Juggernaut, this is how we do it: Create a music, movie, file service that allows each member to purchase what they want with BTC or any form of currency and allow people to accept these currencies as payment to distribute the files. It'll become a new way to earn Crypto a gateway into our new paradigm.  Do the same for any Digital media, blueprints, programs, etc, hell if we implement distributed property rights we can do the same for physical goods, websites, services. We will distinguish ourselves by our quality of service and efficiency, no modern industry will be our equal, we will transcend them.

18  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / The transition to a investment based economy. on: February 24, 2014, 08:36:02 PM
 New possibilities keep popping up with this new technology, a lot brought on by entrepreneurial minds, enticed to frenzied levels by the intelligence of this community; Each one of us feeds off the ideas of the others, believing in one scheme or another, till it is real. It could almost be said that we are genetically inclined to explore new frontiers, even virtual ones, entering a black box of ideas that could not exist in the real world.

  If everyone was allowed to exchange stocks from one place to another, holding them and exchanging them as needed, you would create a prediction market out of the casual movement of cryptocurrencies, desirable data emerges from the simple selling and buying of goods, services and virtual commodities, Bitcoin seems poised to become one of the gates to this new place.

can an infinitely propagating and multiplying system be regulated? The rules of the stock market can be applied freely to all the cryptocurrencies when there are enough of them, but always on 24/7 buying and selling for anything can change things.

A new currency arises, it represents an Idea, organization, investment, etc, as people believe in it they purchase it, or earn it through whichever means is chosen to represent the accomplishment toward a shared goal. They sell it or use to purchase goods and services as they become devalued in the minds of the investor, keeping the more promising coins with better revenue, ideals, purpose... we are seeing it now the beginning of those markets, investing in the development of one cryptcurrency or another is investment in projects related to what it creates; for Bitcoin it is the ease of payments, low fees, instant transfers, security, etc. As people believe in it, it will grow with each developer creating new possibilities for it's existence.

New ones are arising, like primecoin with Cunningham chain POW, Curecoin, representing the search for the secrets of Human existence, a direct approach rather than an investment as payment for participating in the coin economy, like Ripple has done, Ripple provides a small amount of incentive to use the coin and to participate in good projects, but it's a little different when the coin itself relies on continuing participation and development to be secure.

I was quite interested with Devcoin, it represents open source development, doesn't incorporate it into it's security, but used the idea to represent it's worth. Maybe someday it's challenges will be overcome. It's difficult to support a coin that requires Human involvement to qualify all it's submissions. An interesting approach, that relies heavily on attracting people to participate to represent its worth rather than it's current monetary ex-changeability.

Or even the infamous Dogecoin, with sheer meme power has represented it's worth, a very interesting example of a prediction market... how valuable is a meme after all? It speaks of human emotions giving it it's economic value, without counting the mental associations people make on their own; whatever values it represents, it is other than it's creators intentions. The Pathos of this coin is strong, any animal lover could see it,... impressive use of emotional appeal.

Cryptocurrencies... a small concept to create a secure points system that is tamper proof and exchangeable between users, with no other associations but a foundation of security, whole new possibilities can arrise. Anything can truly be monetized and exchanged, invested, grown, and in the end realized into new technological, emotional, scientific and humane breakthroughs, thanks to the cryptocurrency revolution and the internet; When you can transfer anything anywhere, instantly, you think carefully what it is worth.

Soon it may be common to see multicoin wallets at stores that accept thousands of coins, representing companies, ideological movements, or projects. Your wallet may be separated like a financial portafolio representing the things you value in the world, by it's coin or stock. things of little current value you would use for purchases. as change would be non-existent it would work out well, you only need a one way transaction to the seller.  May even get discounts for purchases with particularly valueable coins, that are showing upticks. Auto payments when the price is right: market based discounts, pick your goods and services and receive a digital voucher for their purchase, auto discounts based on multi-coin payments.  P2P markets would eventually arise do to the massive amount of coins available, automatic channels of exchange would arise simply from having multi-coin p2p exchanges, where you buy one coin to purchase another of more exchangeable value: If you can earn it, you exchange it for Bitcoin for greater purchasing power.

And a whole lot more possibilities arise from just having huge coin markets with retailers and individuals that accept digital exchangeable goods, the more people accept the greater the results.
19  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / The Future of the Internet. on: December 22, 2013, 01:36:37 AM
  We have constructed a fantastic network of networks, and even virtual networks within networks. Things have come such a long way from where things began back in 1995 when the controls over access to the Internet were dissolved.

  The combined intelligence that this internet has provided us is tremendous, I now can learn any subject I want from anywhere in the world with a mobile device, get updates on my friends and family; I have seen the Internet Democratize broadcasting, turning it into the greatest repository of knowledge ever created, but what about creation, true collaboration and access to any program required from anywhere?

This is the future.

I began checking out the forum at mozilla when I found out about Firefox OS, it seemed incredible; I understood the concept so deep, powerful, run anything from anywhere.
I looked into the details behind Boot2Gecko and it's underlying components, Gonk Linux, Gecko, and Gaia... all compiled to JavaScript! What the hell.

If you wish to experience the shock and contemplate the possibilities that this new perspective can do, go here, to the emscripten github page.
You'll find a few very impressive demos of compilers and video game engines compiled to asm.js, the extension of JavaScript they are using. I can't believe we had this technology available this whole time, someone just had to see it in the right light.

The possibilities that I see are access to a Cryptocoin wallet with direct connectivity to anyone in the world as many of them as you want whenever running from the browser on any platform.

Instant access for anyone to any software without ever having to compile it for any other platform... just one, HTML 5.

Distributed 3D applications, whether it is a GIMP clone or a 3d application running locally or distributedly, hell maybe a massive ad hoc Hadoop cluster running on yarn to create a distributedly rendered video game accessible from anywhere.

So do you have any ideas? Thought of any possibilities that can be made possible by this democratization of access to tools, services, and new forms of collaboration, like distributed computation platforms that anyone can contribute algorithms too; How long do you think before someone starts creating massive scientific simulations on a platform that is as easy to use as typing in a URL.

Who would have thought that the Future's killer app would be the Internet, it was there this whole time.

20  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Centralization of the mining process may be a good thing. on: December 20, 2013, 05:57:23 PM
As mining operations get bigger and bigger and competition gets smaller and smaller, people may choose to start using their Asics in a different way.

The centralized pools and miners may wish to collectively agree to maximize profits by analyzing the mining process and gaming the system to control the difficulty with variable ASIC Farm operation.

The miners or pools could implement a ramp up for the network using the Fees to control when the miners should pour the brunt of their power, there by increasing the amount of transactions per second within the network.

We can increase the 7 transactions/second to a far larger number, basically we can scale the network to a maximum of 10k transaction per second if we begin managing the mining network, obviously this has to be done by consensus, but in the long run a variably controlled mining network will net higher return. This will eventually naturally happen when the network begins to half the reward amount, probably some time in 2020; At that time the Bitcoin mining lottery will be only 6 coins/block, with a maximum Bitcoin price of 1 million dollars/coin that is 864 coins per day, the networks growth will be very difficult at 1million/coin. And this may be reached sooner because of the 1mb/block transaction limit, we will reach this within the next year as business and people begin using it more and more...

If you concur with what I am saying, then please begin researching Mahout machine learning algorithms to control your Pool or Farm; It is part of the Hadoop infrastructure, On a pool it would be easiest to apply and let the algorithms do the data mining for you. With this Mining managers can control the amount of transaction they wish to include in blocks to maintain consistency of the network, control of what % of  your mining operation is active at any given time to scale the transaction limit as necessary, variable predefined  minimum fees based on urgency instead of people guessing how much to use, variable VPS connections to scale transaction volume to specific areas of the network(basically building tunnels to take care of regional variation in transaction volumes to maximize revenue and minimize block difficulty), ASIC VPS Business prioritization to minimize their fees for bulk transactions, off chain transaction processing delay for when blocks are hard to fill(Intentional transaction delays, a sort of hourly or daily clearing of low priority bulk transactions to off peak hours), tier control to move transactions to Farms or ASICs with the greatest probability of finding a block(a probability calculator to see which network miner is closest to finding a block). etc, etc, if you have any more suggestions we should consider it.

These charts are the variables I'm considering, the difficulty would change considerably over a two week period with maximum Hashing all the time; They show that with transactions alone there is a constant ebb and flow to them that changes on a week to week, day to day and hour to hour movement.

Transaction volume

30 day transaction volume, linear, raw data

1 year transaction volume. linear scale

1 year transaction volume, logarithmic scale with a seven day average

all time transaction History, linear raw, (notice the exponential growth pattern?, these scaling are getting shorter by half everytime... we are getting new users and magnifying it by 10 and doubling that growth rate.

All time transaction History with a logarithmic scale applied so you can see the growth pattern more easily.

Transaction per block

1 year, logarithmic scale, raw values

30 day, linear scale, raw value

Transaction confirmation time average
Transaction fee average 1 year, linear, raw  (ideally this should be flat, this would denote a very well managed network.)

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